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Change The Office Background For The Application To Geometry

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Native Widgets Vs Alien Widgets

How to change the office background in Microsoft Word 2013.

Introduced in Qt 4.4, alien widgets are widgets unknown to the windowing system. They do not have a native window handle associated with them. This feature significantly speeds up widget painting, resizing, and removes flicker.

Should you require the old behavior with native windows, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Use the QT_USE_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 in your environment.
  • Set the Qt::AA_NativeWindows attribute on your application. All widgets will be native widgets.
  • Set the Qt::WA_NativeWindow attribute on widgets: The widget itself and all of its ancestors will become native .
  • Call QWidget::winId to enforce a native window .
  • Set the Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen attribute to enforce a native window .
  • QWidget::DrawWindowBackground 0x1 If you enable this option, the widget’s background is rendered into the target even if autoFillBackground is not set. By default, this option is enabled.
    QWidget::DrawChildren 0x2 If you enable this option, the widget’s children are rendered recursively into the target. By default, this option is enabled.
    QWidget::IgnoreMask 0x4 If you enable this option, the widget’s QWidget::mask is ignored when rendering into the target. By default, this option is disabled.

    The RenderFlags type is a typedef for QFlags< RenderFlag> . It stores an OR combination of RenderFlag values.

    Bool Qwidget: : Isvisibleto Const

    Returns true if this widget would become visible if ancestor is shown otherwise returns false.

    The true case occurs if neither the widget itself nor any parent up to but excluding ancestor has been explicitly hidden.

    This function will still return true if the widget is obscured by other windows on the screen, but could be physically visible if it or they were to be moved.

    isVisibleTo is identical to isVisible.

    See also show, hide, and isVisible.

    Custom Widgets And Painting

    Since QWidget is a subclass of QPaintDevice, subclasses can be used to display custom content that is composed using a series of painting operations with an instance of the QPainter class. This approach contrasts with the canvas-style approach used by the Graphics View Framework where items are added to a scene by the application and are rendered by the framework itself.

    Each widget performs all painting operations from within its paintEvent function. This is called whenever the widget needs to be redrawn, either as a result of some external change or when requested by the application.

    The Analog Clock example shows how a simple widget can handle paint events.

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    Void Qwidget: : Grabkeyboard

    Grabs the keyboard input.

    This widget receives all keyboard events until releaseKeyboard is called other widgets get no keyboard events at all. Mouse events are not affected. Use grabMouse if you want to grab that.

    The focus widget is not affected, except that it doesn’t receive any keyboard events. setFocus moves the focus as usual, but the new focus widget receives keyboard events only after releaseKeyboard is called.

    If a different widget is currently grabbing keyboard input, that widget’s grab is released first.

    How To Change The Color Theme Of Microsoft Office

    Apply a Shape Style to a Chart Object : Chart Format Style « Chart ...

    Marshall is a writer with experience in the data storage industry. He worked at Synology, and most recently as CMO and technical staff writer at StorageReview. He’s currently an API/Software Technical Writer based in Tokyo, Japan, runs VGKAMI and ITEnterpriser, and spends what little free time he has learning Japanese. Read more…

    If youre getting bored of the default theme in your Office desktop apps, you can change the color and background to give it a more personalized feel. Its simple and only requires a few simple steps, so lets get to it.

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    What Is The Concept Behind Your Designs That Ended Up Winning The Grand Prize At The Fashion Show

    Is there a story to the designs? Where did you draw inspiration? Did you have a goal in mind when conceptualizing these designs?

    I express visual story with my collection. I had just won the Most Marketable category with my Controlled Chaos collection from ARC in 2017 and I wanted to showcase the Entropy collection at SCC the following year. Both collections were about an array of emotions that I was experiencing during my journey. The idea was to tell a story of how emotions always fluctuate and that one moment you are feeling all of these negative emotions and the next you are calm and rational. I worked with real leather, lace and textured fabrics. Four pieces were mainly black with hints of white which was my color story of how dark my emotions were with hints of white which represents serenity and hope. The middle garment was a simple A-line dress which was color block with diagonal seams and a square neckline. The bodice was made out of corded lace and the skirt was a black and white woven wool textile. The white was more pronounced and evoked innocence. The Entropy collection focuses on the strong sensual female. My goal is to have my client feel empowered and beautiful when they wear my designs.

    Foreign Elements And Attributes

    OpenDocument extended documents may contain elements and attributes not defined by the OpenDocument schema. Elements and attributes not defined by the OpenDocument schema are called foreign elements and attributes. Foreign elements and attributes shall not be associated with a namespace that is listed in tables 1, 2 or 3 of section 1.5.

    If a foreign element has a < text:h> or < text:p> ancestor element, and is a child element of an element for which the OpenDocument schema permits the inclusion of character data, and if the OpenDocument schema permits the inclusion of character data for all its ancestors up to the < text:p> or < text:h> element ancestor element, then the element’s content may be interpreted by conforming OpenDocument consumers, and the document itself shall be valid against the OpenDocument schema as if the foreign element’s start- and end-tags or its empty-element-tag are removed.

    For a foreign element that occurs at another location, conforming consumers should not interpret the element’s content, but may preserve its content.

    Foreign elements may have an office:process-content attribute 19.377 attached which controls the processing of the element content.

    Note: In OpenDocument 1.0 and 1.1, the content of foreign elements should be processed unless there was an office:process-content attribute with value false.

    Conforming extended producers shouldnot use foreign elements and attributes for features defined in the OpenDocument specification.

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    Bool Qwidget: : Iswindow Const

    Returns true if the widget is an independent window, otherwise returns false.

    A window is a widget that isn’t visually the child of any other widget and that usually has a frame and a window title.

    A window can have a parent widget. It will then be grouped with its parent and deleted when the parent is deleted, minimized when the parent is minimized etc. If supported by the window manager, it will also have a common taskbar entry with its parent.

    QDialog and QMainWindow widgets are by default windows, even if a parent widget is specified in the constructor. This behavior is specified by the Qt::Window flag.

    See also window, isModal, and parentWidget.

    Mica Effect In Microsoft Office

    How to change your background in Microsoft Teams, a demo tutorial

    Microsoft is working on adding a Mica background effect in Office apps. It is coming in a future update, and A user, Win11Observer spotted the Mica effect in Office 2021.

    Mica is specifically designed for app performance as it only samples the desktop wallpaper once to create its visualization. You can apply Mica to your application backdrop to delight users and create a visual hierarchy, aiding productivity by increasing clarity about which window is in focus.

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    Void Qwidget: : Setfixedsize

    Sets both the minimum and maximum sizes of the widget to s, thereby preventing it from ever growing or shrinking.

    This will override the default size constraints set by QLayout.

    To remove constraints, set the size to QWIDGETSIZE_MAX.

    Alternatively, if you want the widget to have a fixed size based on its contents, you can call QLayout::setSizeConstraint

    See also maximumSize and minimumSize.

    The Beautiful Home Office Background

    For the more adventurous of you out there, a bright wall makes for the perfect virtual background. Following the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report: 2020, we analysed Instagram hashtags to discover which colours are currently trending for each room in the house. Pink turned out to be the most Instagrammable colour, from dusky rose hues to bright salmon-pinks.

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    Qpixmap Qwidget: : Grab Qsize

    Renders the widget into a pixmap restricted by the given rectangle. If the widget has any children, then they are also painted in the appropriate positions.

    If a rectangle with an invalid size is specified , the entire widget is painted.

    Note: This function can be invoked via the meta-object system and from QML. See Q_INVOKABLE.

    This function was introduced in Qt 5.0.

    See also render and QPixmap.

    Qwidget *qwidget: : Createwindowcontainer

    Set a Transparent Background : Picture « Wordart Clip Art Shape Picture ...

    Creates a QWidget that makes it possible to embed window into a QWidget-based application.

    The window container is created as a child of parent and with window flags flags.

    Once the window has been embedded into the container, the container will control the window’s geometry and visibility. Explicit calls to QWindow::setGeometry, QWindow::show or QWindow::hide on an embedded window is not recommended.

    The container takes over ownership of window. The window can be removed from the window container with a call to QWindow::setParent.

    The window container is attached as a native child window to the toplevel window it is a child of. When a window container is used as a child of a QAbstractScrollArea or QMdiArea, it will create a native window for every widget in its parent chain to allow for proper stacking and clipping in this use case. Creating a native window for the window container also allows for proper stacking and clipping. This must be done before showing the window container. Applications with many native child windows may suffer from performance issues.

    The window container has a number of known limitations:

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    Changing The Office Background

    The Office 2013 background is inextricably linked to your Microsoft account. This means that if you are not signed in, you wont see the Office background. If you are signed in, the background is viewable in a variety of different places. When you first start Word 2013, for example, you can see the Office background in the top right corner. You can also see it in the top right of the ribbon. OK, its viewable in the top right of the workspace.

    To change the Office background, click the File tab > Account, and change the Office Background selector.

    You dont need to make your selection to see what it looks like you can just hover over any of the options to see the background update immediately. There are quite a few backgrounds to choose from:

    If you decide that you dont want a background at all, you can select the No Background option at the top.

    You can also change the Office Theme, but this has minimal effect. The choices on offer are White, Light Gray and Dark Gray.

    The Office Theme affects things like the File tab and the background to the backstage options. There are three options:

    For all the difference changing the background and theme makes, you might be wondering why bother? I cant answer that question. I just wouldnt bother changing the background or theme.


    Microsot Word is used for creating and updating documents in more and more offices around the world. Don’t get left behind – start the journey to becoming an expert now!


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    Void Qwidget: : Wheelevent

    This event handler, for event event, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive wheel events for the widget.

    If you reimplement this handler, it is very important that you ignore the event if you do not handle it, so that the widget’s parent can interpret it.

    The default implementation ignores the event.

    Building Your First Python Gui Application With Tkinter

    How to Change Background Color of an email in Outlook – Office 365

    The foundational element of a Tkinter GUI is the window. Windows are the containers in which all other GUI elements live. These other GUI elements, such as text boxes, labels, and buttons, are known as widgets. Widgets are contained inside of windows.

    First, create a window that contains a single widget. Start up a new Python shell session and follow along!

    Note: The code examples in this tutorial have all been tested on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux 20.04 with Python version 3.10.

    If youve installed Python with the official installers available for Windows and macOS from, then you should have no problem running the sample code. You can safely skip the rest of this note and continue with the tutorial!

    If you havent installed Python with the official installers, or theres no official distribution for your system, then here are some tips for getting up and going.

    Python on macOS with Homebrew:

    The Python distribution for macOS available on Homebrew doesnt come bundled with the Tcl/Tk dependency required by Tkinter. The default system version is used instead. This version may be outdated and prevent you from importing the Tkinter module. To avoid this problem, use the official macOS installer.

    Ubuntu Linux 20.04:

    $ sudo apt-get install python3-tk

    This installs the Python GUI Tkinter module.

    Other Linux Flavors:

    With your Python shell open, the first thing you need to do is import the Python GUI Tkinter module:

    > > > importtkinterastk
    > > > window=tk.Tk

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    Column And Row Range Addresses

    Column and row addresses are cell range addresses that reference entire rows or columns.

    The syntax of a row address is the same as a cell address, except the alphabetic values that indicate the column are omitted.

    The syntax of a column address is the same as a cell address, except the numeric values that indicate the row are omitted.

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    Void Qwidget: : Mousedoubleclickevent

    This event handler, for event event, can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive mouse double click events for the widget.

    The default implementation calls mousePressEvent.

    Note: The widget will also receive mouse press and mouse release events in addition to the double click event. And if another widget that overlaps this widget disappears in response to press or release events, then this widget will only receive the double click event. It is up to the developer to ensure that the application interprets these events correctly.

    Returns the widget that is currently grabbing the mouse input.

    If no widget in this application is currently grabbing the mouse, nullptr is returned.

    See also grabMouse and keyboardGrabber.

    Void Qwidget: : Changeevent

    Apply an Effect to WordArt Text : WordArt « Wordart Clip Art Shape ...

    This event handler can be reimplemented to handle state changes.

    The state being changed in this event can be retrieved through the event supplied.

    Change events include: QEvent::ToolBarChange, QEvent::ActivationChange, QEvent::EnabledChange, QEvent::FontChange, QEvent::StyleChange, QEvent::PaletteChange, QEvent::WindowTitleChange, QEvent::IconTextChange, QEvent::ModifiedChange, QEvent::MouseTrackingChange, QEvent::ParentChange, QEvent::WindowStateChange, QEvent::LanguageChange, QEvent::LocaleChange, QEvent::LayoutDirectionChange, QEvent::ReadOnlyChange.

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    Void Qwidget: : Setwindowstate

    Sets the window state to windowState. The window state is a OR’ed combination of Qt::WindowState: Qt::WindowMinimized, Qt::WindowMaximized, Qt::WindowFullScreen, and Qt::WindowActive.

    If the window is not visible returns false), the window state will take effect when show is called. For visible windows, the change is immediate. For example, to toggle between full-screen and normal mode, use the following code:

    w-> setWindowState ^Qt::WindowFullScreen) 

    In order to restore and activate a minimized window , use the following:

    w-> setWindowState & ~Qt::WindowMinimized) |Qt::WindowActive) 

    Calling this function will hide the widget. You must call show to make the widget visible again.

    Note: On some window systems Qt::WindowActive is not immediate, and may be ignored in certain cases.

    When the window state changes, the widget receives a changeEvent of type QEvent::WindowStateChange.

    See also Qt::WindowState and windowState.

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