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Is The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Accredited

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Psychology & Behavioral Sciences

Department Spotlight: International Psychology Online Campus

For over 40 years, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology has been known for training multi-culturally competent, sophisticated, and passionate professionals in the field of psychology and related behavioral and health sciences. With campuses across the country and online, The Chicago School offers more than 20 programs and a wealth of opportunities for one-of-a-kind international experiences.

The Chicago Schools unique Engaged Professional Model of Education leverages the talents and experience of its faculty practitioners, who work with community partners to provide students a rich spectrum of high-quality, clinical training. Graduates become empowered and are driven to utilize their skills to become leaders in the field and expand services to underserved communities.

With campuses in Los Angeles, Irvine, Calif., Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Dallas, and online, The Chicago Schools metropolitan locations offer a vast range of opportunities for clinical training, professional networking, field research, and community service.

The Chicago School is a nonprofit institution regionally-accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Senior College and University Commission and is an active member of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology .

Writing Assessment And Requirements

Believing that academic preparedness is a key to success in graduate school, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology requires new students to complete its innovative program, Foundations for Scholarship and Practice. This program, offered by the Center for Academic Excellence , reinforces the skills new students need to achieve their career goals. Foundations is an integral part of the first semesters curriculum and all students are required to complete the program successfully and in a timely manner.

Foundations for Scholarship and Practice consist of three elements:

  • Writing Assessment Process In this component of Foundations, each student writes an essay in response to an assigned question and submits it to CAE for scoring. CAE returns the scored essay with constructive feedback. Based on the students performance, the school may waive the Academic Writing Course requirement . Essay submission by the given date is considered successful completion of this element of Foundations.
  • Academic Writing Course This online course in professional writing is taken before or during the first semester at The Chicago School. A final grade of pass is considered successful completion of this element.
  • Academic Focus Program Academic Focus is an online, tutorial-driven orientation to graduate academics. A final grade of pass is considered successful completion of this element.
  • The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    more than 5,600

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a private university with its main campus in Chicago, Illinois. It has more than 5,700 students at campuses across the United States. The university offers more than 30 academic programs in a variety of professional fields such as psychology, business, health care, health services, education, counseling, and nursing.

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    About The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a small school system that offers graduate programs in psychology and related fields. Usually called The Chicago School, it opened as the result of a group of psychologists working in Chicago during the 1970s. They believed there was a need for a professional school that could offer doctoral and graduate programs for working students. The group began working on the plans for the school in 1977 and saw it open two years later. It would move one year later into the historic Fine Arts Building, which gave it more room to expand. Citing the needs of students outside of Illinois, the school opened a second campus in Los Angeles. The success and popularity of that campus led to the school establishing new campuses in Texas, Washington DC and other parts of California. The Chicago School now offers online graduate and doctoral programs for psychologists and similar professionals.

    Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Reviews

    The Chicago School
    • 95 Reviews
    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2023


    • Degree:Clinical Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2024


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2022


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2021


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2016


    • Degree:Forensic Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2012

    Big Mistake

    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2021


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2022

    Made A Fool

    • Degree:Forensic Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2020


    • Degree:Clinical Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2022


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2018


    • Degree:Counseling
    • Graduation Year:2020

    Ebony Wilson

    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2022


    • Degree:Clinical Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2022

    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2019


    • Degree:Forensic Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2020


    • Degree:Clinical Psychology
    • Graduation Year:1993


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2019


    • Degree:Forensic Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2021


    • Degree:Psychology
    • Graduation Year:2020

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    Online Certificate Program In Applied Behavior Analysis At The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

    The online graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology can be completed in one year, depending on the availability of the field supervision component. The program prepares students to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Students are guided by practicing faculty members and are encouraged to share their work experiences in discussions to help develop real-world techniques of solving psychology-related challenges.

    Students seeking a career in applied behavior analysis, which is most widely known as one of the best evidence-based treatments for autism, can apply their skills in a number of environments, including gerontology, sports and fitness, quality of life enhancement, parent training, day and residential treatment settings, regular and special education in schools, and consulting in businesses, schools, and homes. The convenience of the online program ensures that the students life remains intact, and they use the online dashboard to ask questions from instructors, interact with fellow students, and complete coursework and assignments.

    Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Organizational Psychology Degrees

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers a Dual Degree Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology which trains students in the essential diagnostic and consultative skills that allow them to address challenges in the workplace. Students develop an understanding of the design and implementation of assessment centers as well as 360-degree feedback tools. The Industrial/Organizational Psychology track is combined with a Master in Legal Studies designed for those who wish to work in fields that routinely intersect with the law. Students gain an understanding of legal challenges that may arise in any field. The degree does not qualify graduates to sit for the bar or to practice law in California. The dual degree is available online and on campus.

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    What Are The Benefits Of A Cacrep Accredited Program

    A CACREP accreditation demonstrates that the program meets national standards for counseling education. This helps students choose a distinguished counseling program that will help them embark on a counseling career.

    Its important to note that CACREP accreditation is not legally required. States do not mandate all counseling programs to be CACREP accredited in order for individuals to apply for licensure.

    However, while its not mandatory to attend a program with CACREP accreditation, a counseling program with this accreditation stands out from the crowd.

    For example, The Chicago Schools Washington D.C. Campus boasts a CACREP accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, providing those in the region who want to pursue an education that can positively affect mental health a program that has been nationally recognized.

    Primary And Secondary Schools

    Articulation Agreement M.A.Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online Campus

    Public schools

    The city is served by the within the portion of the city and the within the portion of the city. Despite that name, however, most of the Richardson Independent School District lies outside of the municipal boundaries of Richardson: 60 percent of RISD is in Dallas, with 35 percent in Richardson and 5 percent in Garland).

    The RISD and PISD have many Blue Ribbon Schools. The is a United States government program created to honor schools. The Blue Ribbon award is considered to be the highest honor that an American school can achieve.

    Zoned RISD high schools in Richardson include ,, and . The Christa McAuliffe Learning Center is also in Richardson. is part of the but is located in , an area in Dallas just south of Richardson.

    Sections of Richardson in the are served by several schools. Aldridge, Haggar, Miller, Schell, and Stinson elementary schools are within Richardson and serve Collin County portions of Richardson. A section of Collin County Richardson is zoned to Mendenhall Elementary School in Plano. Otto, Frankford and Wilson middle schools in Plano and Murphy Middle School in serve separate sections of Collin County Richardson. Vines High School and T.H. Williams High School, 9-10 schools in Plano, serve separate sections of Collin County Richardson, along with McMillen High School in Murphy. Plano Senior High School and Plano East Senior High School also serve separate sections of Collin County Richardson.

    Charter schools

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    The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Application Requirements

    Like other schools today, The Chicago School has an online application with an account creation feature that lets students fill out their applications with an internet connection. The account creation feature gives students the chance to go over that application several times before they submit it and to make sure that they filled out each section. This application has a $50 fee that students must pay too. The main requirement for psychology and counseling students is a recent resume. This resume should show that the student has a bachelors degree in a social sciences field and that he or she has at least two years of field experience beyond the college level.

    An essay of between 500 and 750 words is also due. This essay should explain why the student wants to study one field and any experience he or she has in that area, what diversity means to the applicant and the professional goals that the student has. The school recommends that students write about how their studies will help them achieve those goals. Though the school does require official transcripts, it gives students the option of sending a valid GRE score too. That score can compensate for a lower grade point average or less experience.

    Are There Cacrep Accredited Online Programs

    Yes, CACREP does grant accreditation to online programs as well.

    For example, the Chicago School of Professional Psychologys online Clinical Mental Health program is a CACREP accredited online program. In February 2018, the program received an eight-year accreditation, which will last until March 31, 2026.

    This online M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling takes three years to complete part-time and includes hands-on residency experience.

    Learn more about The Chicago School

    Any questions about online counseling programs or accreditation? Our expert team is happy to help, or you can request more information by filling out the form below.

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    Is Chicago School Of Psychology Accredited

    I guess the school you are talking about is The Chicago Schoolof Professional Psychology. It is accredited by the Higher LearningCommission of the North Central Association of Colleges andSchools. The accrediting agency is also listed on CHEA and the online school directorywhich pre-screens schools and only lists accredited school has therecord of this school as well, so it should be a legitimateschool.

    You can double check with the accrediting agency to see if thisschool is really accredited by them.

    About The College Of Professional Psychology At Chicago

    The M.A. in Counseling Psychology Program at The Chicago ...

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a graduate school that offers degrees in different fields of psychology. A group of psychology professionals working in Chicago saw the need for a training college in the city. They created plans for the college in 1977 and opened its doors two years later. Enrollment grew so quickly during its first few years that it had to build a new campus and move there by 1980. Most of the courses offered during those early years were more practical in nature and help students become better practitioners. It took many years before it added programs for those not yet practicing. Students can now earn graduate and doctoral degrees in psychology and some certificates through the college.

    Better known as The Chicago School, it now has a campus in Chicago called its Midwest campus. Most of the campus is in an old building that dates back to 1914, but some courses are available across the street in another building too. The college has other campuses in the east and the south in Washington DC and New Orleans, Louisiana. After announcing plans in 2008 to move west, the college opened campuses in Los Angeles and Irvine, California. All campuses offer some of the same programs, though The Chicago School also offers its more than 4,500 enrolled students access to online programs.

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    About The College Of Nursing And Advanced Health Professionals

    At The Chicago Schools College of Nursing and Advanced Health Professions, we know that health care doesnt begin and end with a visit to the doctor, so weve developed vocational, undergraduate, and graduate-level academic programs that reflect this, encompassing various aspects of health carenursing, hospital administration, policy development, and integrated mental health services. These programs prepare students to work in a modern and integrated health care environment, improve patient outcomes, enhance administrative functions, and advance effective public policies, practices, and systems in health care.We must always remember to think of our patients and clients as people first. Through programs that integrate mental and physical health, our students are learning to care for a person holistically. The more we continue to recognize this and advance education models to reflect this, the healthier our society will be.Michele Nealon, President, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

    Tuition And Financial Aid

    The cost of tuition at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology is the same for students entering a master degree program. Whether you take classes online or off, the college charges just over $1,000 per year for its certificate and programs. Students will find that the school charges other fees too, including a $100 lab fee and an institutional fee of around $275 per semester. The Chicago School also charges fees for students who transfer credits from other colleges and for those who register for classes late or pay their fees late.

    Students who received admission to the school may qualify for some scholarships. The merit scholarship awards students up to $10,000 for scoring high on the GRE and maintaining a high grade point average in college. Students can apply for any of the scholarships available immediately after receiving an acceptance letter from the school.

    Those who do not qualify for a scholarship can apply for traditional financial aid. After submitting the FAFSA, the school will receive a copy and begin determining the type of aid available to the student. Online students qualify for unsubsidized student loans from the government and alternative student loans from private lenders. Those who are still dependents of their parents may qualify for PLUS loans, which let their parents borrow money with a lower interest rate.

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    Variety In Degrees And Certificates Available

    Because this school mainly offers psychology-centered degree programs, the diversity in the degrees allows students to explore many career avenues.

    There are a few bachelors programs that you might earn online. These are: The B.A. in Psychology, generalist, which can be completed in four years full time. If you choose this degree, you will have courses like Fundamentals of Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Neuropsychology. There is also a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with concentrations in and Children and Adolescents or in Business Psychology. All of these are online degree programs that can be completed in four years of full-time study.

    Online Master of Psychology degrees are available as generalist programs or with a Child and Adolescent specialization. There are Masters in Public Health degrees offered online as generalist degrees or with concentrations in Mental Health and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health Public Health Policy and Advocacy Health Informatics or Senior services. The school offers an online masters program in Behavioral Economics, which is an advanced psychology degree with an emphasis on business, and several Masters and doctoral degrees in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the Chicago campus.

    Organizational Degree Programs At The Chicago School Of Professional Psychology

    TCSPP: More Than a Degree, Online

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online.

    Industrial and organizational psychology looks at the issues that impact workers and their lives in different settings. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is one of the main graduate institutes for psychology majors today and offers a variety of degree programs in this area. Students can earn a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology through its campus in Washington DC or Irvine or Los Angeles, California. This program is also available in Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas.

    Graduate students will spend two to three years in the program depending on whether they enroll part-time or full-time. The courses they take will help them look at workers and determine their needs as well as how to design products to address those needs. These classes include Training: Theory, Design and Evaluation and Organizational Attitudes and Survey Development. While the first course shows them how to identify and evaluate the needs of workers, the second course teaches them how to create surveys to find those needs.

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    Faculty Administration And Governing Board Information

    As an independent non-profit school, final authority for all matters is vested in the Board of Trustees. Dr. Michele Nealon is the President and CEO of the school. The board delegates to the President responsibility for daily operations of the institution. A list of the names of the schools senior leadership may be found here. A list of the names of the governing board of TCSPP may be found here. A list of faculty may be found here.

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