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How To Think Straight About Psychology

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SPP 67: Unmuddled Measurement: Thinking straight about psychological test scores

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One of the rare college texts I enjoyed reading…I liked it enough not to sell it back to the book store.Read full review

Review: How to Think Straight about Psychology

Required reading for my Senior Project in Psychology class. Not a bad book, author provides way too many examples for each concept. The book does a great job breaking down the scientific process.Read full review

How To Think Straight About Psychology

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How To Think Straight About Psychology By Keith E Stanovich

There exists a body of knowledge that is unknown to most people. This information concerns human behavior and consciousness in their various forms. It can be used to explain, predict, and control human actions. Those who have access to this knowledge use it to gain an understanding of other human beings. They have a more complete and accurate conception of what determines the behavior and thoughts of other individuals than do those who do not have this knowledge. Surprisingly enough, this unknown body of knowledge is the discipline of psychology.

For a more detailed discussion of the general characteristics of a science, see the works of Bronowski, Haack, Medawar, Popper, and Sagan.

The APA database PsycINFO summarizes articles from over 2,000 different journals. Most of these journals are peer reviewed. Virtually all halfway legitimate theories and experiments can find their way into this vast array of publication outlets.

There is voluminous evidence that, contrary to commonsense folk belief, readers and academically inclined individuals are more physically robust and are more socially involved than are people who do not read.

Having children turns out to be a case where the two perspectives are very different. Looking back on having children from old age does indeed make people happy. However, in terms of ongoing, moment-to-moment happiness , children actually make people less happy.

The heart of the experimental method involves manipulation and control.

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