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Is Physics Hard In High School

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What Ap Passing Rates Tell Us

Should I take Physics in high school?

You might think that the best way to tell which AP classes are the hardest is to look at the national data about how many students pass each test each year. We’ll start our discussion here, but beware that the passing rates don’t automatically tell you which classes are hardest.

How far away are you from a 4.0? Use our easy GPA tool to pinpoint how well you have to do in future classes to get your GPA up to that magical number.

This is a complete list of passing rates on each AP exam with the most recent data.

Exam Name
Physics 1 42%

Source: College Board. For language rates, “Total Group” includes all students, while “Standard Group” includes only those students who didn’t indicate they speak this language at home or spent more than four weeks studying it abroad.

*These scores are based on score distribution data from 2020 AP tests. Preliminary data on these AP test score distributions is not yet available for 2021.

You might be tempted to look at this table and say the tests with the lowest passing rates are hardest, and the ones with the highest passing rates are easiest. After all, if not many students can pass an AP test, doesn’t that mean it’s one of the hardest tests?

But when you look at the data, the exams with some of the highest passing rates are often considered among the hardest. We’re not including AP Seminar and the AP Studio Art scores in this assessment, since those grades are all portfolio-based, rather than exam-based.

How We Made This List

Just as there are numerous factors you must contemplate when choosing a science major, we also took into consideration an extensive amount of elements when building our list of the hardest and easiest science majors.

Although we name our easiest science majors, its important to note that earning a science degree is inherently difficult. From learning the vocabulary of a biologist to acquiring the skills to solve complex mathematical problems, a science degree is a time-intensive endeavor that challenges even the best students. If youre looking to coast through college, a science major isnt for you.

We took the following factors into consideration when building our list of the easiest and hardest science majors.

General Reputation: Some science majors are known for offering an easier/harder path than others.

Course Requirements: Weve accounted for the unique course requirements of each science major, looking at the amount of math, physics, and other advanced topics covered.

Study Time: While all science majors will spend a lot of time hitting the books, some will require more time than others. This is especially true for classes that involve extensive lab work.

Its important to remember that this list is subjective. For example, students with superior math skills might find earning a physics degree less challenging than others. Similarly, a student with impeccable attention to detail might cruise through coursework that others are befuddled by.

Physics Topics: Read And Start Writing Today

Are you spending hours on end looking for exceptional physics topics to write your essays on? If this is the case, you are one of the thousands of students who are trying to do everything themselves. But did you notice that many of your peers dont seem to be struggling much to come up with excellent physics topics? How do they do it? The answer is simple: they are getting help.

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Organize Information Time And Study Areas

Your physics exam will last for just a few hours on one particular day, but your preparation for the exam should begin when youre buying your school supplies before you attend your first physics class.

There are a number of decisions that you need to make before purchasing school supplies.

  • Where are you going to store your notes, the handouts that your teacher gives you, your assignments, your lab reports, your practice problems, and your practice exam questions? Are these all going into the same binder or will it be more efficient to separate them into more than one binder or notebook?
  • Do you need dividers for your binders? They can make searching for information more efficient.
  • Where will you store miscellaneous information like useful web addresses, names of other resources that your teacher recommends, and test and exam hints?
  • Do you have an agenda or planner to record important dates, facts, a to-do list, and your study schedule?
  • Even if your teacher requires you to set up your binder in a specific way, consider setting up a second form of storage if you think that this will help you. You can organize a second binder or a file box in any way that makes sense to you.

You also need to create a neat and organized study area at home, with adequate lighting and no distractions. Your desk or table needs to have enough space for your writing supplies and calculator, your open textbook, your notebook, binder or paper, and your agenda and study schedule.

Which Exam Is Available To You

Image result for difficult math equations

Many schools do not have the resources to offer all four classes, and if they dont, they are more likely to offer AP Physics 1 or 2 than AP Physics C, and more likely to offer Mechanics-based classes over E& M-based classes. Additionally, AP Physics 1 is widely considered significantly easier than AP Physics 2, so even if you already took and enjoyed AP Physics 1, make sure you look over some topics and problems from AP Physics 2 before signing up for it.

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Is Physics Harder Than Chemistry

Physics is the branch of science that focuses on the nature and properties of matter and energy. The major topics in physics include mechanics, heat, light, radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and other structures of atoms.

Chemistry is the branch of science that is involved with the study of properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds and how they can change from one form to another, and the transfer of energy during a chemical reaction.

In this article, we will compare the difficulty of studying physics and chemistry at the middle school, high school, college, and post-graduation levels. This comparative analysis will help you determine whether physics or chemistry is harder.

Be Able To Describe Things In Your Own Words

Albert Einstein once famously said, If you cant explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough. Nowhere is this more true than in physics.

Students who have trouble with physics tend to approach the subject as something that they can just memorize and regurgitate. As a result, they never take the time to really understand whats going on. When this student attempts to define any physics phenomena, they sound like theyre reading directly from a textbook or dictionary.

They can recall the words, but they have no idea what they mean. I often noticed this when I began tutoring physics. Richard Feynman described this as fragile knowledge.

Fragile knowledge occurs when a person can understand something in a textbook setting, but theyre unable to apply it to anything in the real world. When students have fragile knowledge, they cant effectively use what theyve learned. For many students, studying physics is the first time theyre unable to rely on memorization and regurgitation.

The students could tell me the exact value of the gravitational constant, but theyd get confused when I asked them what is the acceleration of an object due to gravity. Most students memorize the former G = 9.81 m/s-1, but they dont realize its the same thing as the acceleration of an object due to gravity.

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Physics Can Often Transcend Reality

One of the other reasons many people find physics difficult is its often at odds with reality.

You probably associate physics with concepts that we often dont really understand, like time, space, speed, gravity, and astronomy.

These concepts are far from simple.

While there are some real-world applications, these concepts are often well outside the realm of what we can perceive.

In many instances, thats the point of physics.

While we cant necessarily make an object move 10,000 miles per hour, physics can predict the outcomes of experiments we dont have the means of conducting.

Physics allows us to scale ideas to proportions that far exceed what we see in normal circumstances on Earth.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that physics is difficult.

In some ways, physics is the most basic building block of science.

That might sound simple, but many people actually find the microscopic view much more difficult to grasp.

Most people are pretty intimidated by chemistry, which is understandable.

Chemistry is all about experimentation with chemicals, the periodic table, and atomic weights.

However, what is chemistry ultimately?

Chemistry doesnt exist without physics.

What makes chemicals react and form heat?

That happens through movement, which is driven by physics.

While you can see the result of an experiment in a chemistry lab, that might not be so easy with physics.

If youre a visual learner, physics might be a real challenge for you.

High School Physics Is Too Easy

Problem #16 Difficult High School Physics
  • Schools

High School physics is too easy 🙁

We even study the history of AC and DC and have to write an essay about the conflict between Westinghouse and Edison LOL.

XtremePhysX said:I hate rote learning 🙁

Rote learning is for biologists !

XtremePhysX said:I did biology as well, you literally just have to memorise the textbook, so I dropped it.Now I do Maths, Physics, Chemsitry and English, even though chemistry involves a lot of rote learning it is much better than subjects like economics, history etc…

Ryan_m_b said:How is writing an essay rote learning? You have to research into the issue, develop understandings of the topic and construct either a review or argument. These are skills that are very useful, you wont get a good mark for just repeating the subject.I’m a biologist and I contend this.Your school was teaching/grading the subject incorrectly if all you did was memorise rather than understand.

Ryan_m_b said:What’s wrong with that

I assume all these subject are taught completely differently at university so excuse my lack of knowledge 🙂

nicholls said:While I agree that learning a little bit of physics history is useful , and learning to write essays is useful, I would have to agree that in a high school physics classroom, these types of things should not be the focus.


Why is it that the maths involved in High School physics very simple?

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Taylors Career Path: How He Landed In The Classroom

In high school, Taylor was always good at math and science and this sparked his interest in STEM. After high school, Taylor entered college and enrolled as an engineering major. Although he was fascinated by the science, he remembered one day sitting in an advanced circuits class staring at circuit boards and thinking, This is not my life I cant imagine doing this the rest of my life

What he did love however, was his tutoring job where he helped others in their math and science courses. Additionally, he knew that teaching would be a great way to give back to his community. During our interview, he said,

I kind of knew the surrounding area in Greeley and wanted to give back to the community a little bit. I knew the work that my teachers put in there and I wanted to pursue something like that.

From there, Taylor enrolled in a teacher prep program , completed his student teaching, and eventually ended up at Greeley West where he has been teaching for four years now.

Is Physics A Difficult Class

Many students find physics difficult, as compared to say Chemistry or Biology. The general perception is that more girls find this subject difficult as compared to boys. Sure, there is a lot to explain and understand, but generally students find that they can manage to score well in biology by memorization.

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Taylor Recommends Teaching As A Career To Math And Science Majors

Teaching is mentally engaging, personally rewarding, and has great benefits. Taylor described teaching as extremely hard and always changing there is always something in this career to keep your attention.

Taylor views himself as the lead learner in his classroom and feels so satisfied with joining his students on a journey of progression. When comparing teaching to other jobs you may get as a scientist, Taylor described the full circle nature of teaching when he said,

Its this really cool group journey you get to go on that so often you are just stuck in the lab doing experiments over and over, where with teaching it gives you that experimentation but you also get to see that turn around almost immediately.

Taylor is also a big fan of the benefits he gets as a teacher. He spoke about how teachers get to influence others, have a great schedule, get two and half months of unscheduled time in the summer, and have great retirement benefits. He has also had the opportunity to chaperone trips abroad essentially free of charge. Recently, he went with a group of 17 students to Costa Rica where he spent a total of $75. He loved being there with students as they explored somewhere outside their hometown for the first time in their lives.

What Questions Have No Answers

Learning Physics Is Tough. Get Used to It

17 questions that are impossible to answer

  • If God exists and he revealed themselves, would people who believe in God actually accept God as God?
  • If the Universe was born at the Big Bang, what existed before then?
  • Why do cats purr?
  • What is the purpose of death?
  • Why do women go through menopause but men do not?

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Whats The Stupidest Question Ever Asked

The 30 Dumbest Questions Ever Asked Online

  • Should I tell my parents Im adopted?
  • Do midgets have night vision?
  • If i eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?
  • Does it take 18 months for twins to be born?
  • Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles?

Visualize Everything And Relate It To Your Experience

Although physics requires a lot of mathematicsso much so that everyone who has a physics degree automatically gets a minor in mathematicsit always models reality. This means that its very easy to visualize everything you study in classical physics.

Impulse and circular motion are areas that tend to be challenging until you really take the time to visualize real-world experiences and examples of these forces. This is especially effective if you make the examples personal to you.

The typical case given for a real example of impulse is how an airbag works. That was helpful, but I gained a much deeper understanding of the principle when I thought about how you roll with the punches in boxing to lessen the force you experience.

Physics is unique to the other sciences in that it quantifies the experiences you already have.

You may not fully understand the mathematical differences between velocity and acceleration, but you know that you can walk on a bus when its moving a constant speed versus when its moving up a hill. You may not know the exact formula for figuring out the coefficient of friction, but you realize that ice is more difficult to run on than asphalt.

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Are Our Topics In Physics Free

Of course, you are probably wondering why we are giving away physics topics for paper to everyone reading this post. The simple reality is that we want to help. Our physics essay topics can be used by anyone and they are absolutely free. You can use them as they are or modify them to suit your needs. Moreover, we are constantly updating our physics topics list to make sure as many students as possible can take advantage of them. We will keep this list of physics topics original by updating it frequently with new topics. And yes, it will remain free.

Small Schools Small Budgets

Solution Problem #16 – Difficult High School Physics

For small schools, perhaps the biggest hurdle to offering physics is being able to fit such classes, which just a few students might want to or be eligible to take, into the budget.

Steven Maier, a physics professor and the chairman of the department of natural science at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, said more than a dozen counties in his statemost of which are ruraldont have any high schools offering physics. In small districts, theres often one science teacher teaching high school and maybe some middle school courses, he said. Districts cant justify paying someone to come in and just teach physics.

In Alaska, the large high schools tend to offer physics. But of the 250 schools that serve high school students across the state, about half enroll fewer than 25 high school studentsso creating a stand-alone physics course is often just not feasible.

We have village K-12 schools that have literally two or three high school students, said Eric Fry, an information officer for the Alaska education department. Teachers may teach all subjects and all grades. Those small schools do not have the capability to offer physics.

According to Jim Bradshaw, a spokesman for the federal Education Department, schools were allowed to include virtual courses in reporting to the federal government whether they offer physics, but its unclear whether schools did so consistently.

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