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What Causes Chemistry Between Two People

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Dont Panic If That Intense Initial Attraction Wanes Over Time It Can Be Recharged

Introduction to Electrochemistry

Chemistry with a long-term partner can fade, Dr. Lehmiller says. If it does, that doesnt mean theres a problem with your relationship. Theres also no need to panic if you experience chemistry with someone outside of your relationship, Dr. Fisher says. You can simultaneously be deeply attached to your partner, madly in love with someone else and sexually attracted to others, she explains. Thats because companionate love , romantic love and lust are orchestrated by three different brain systems, which operate in tandem.

Instead of panicking about a decline in chemistry, reinvest in your relationship by trying to rebuild that spark, Dr. Lehmiller says. To do so, focus on how you and your partner first met and what brought you together and try to relive those initial moments. When couples tell me how they first met, they light up and turn towards each other, Cole says.

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Then, carve out regular rituals that encourage your connection, whether theyre weekly date nights or five-minute chats each evening to review your days, Dr. Navarra says. In fact, Dr. Lehmiller suggests spending some of this time asking each other deep questions, as with Dr. Arthur Arons 36 questions that lead to love, as published in The New York Times. Getting to know each other better on a deep level can actually help build chemistry. The more couples turn toward one another, the more theyll want to turn towards each other, Cole says.

A Mutual Desire To Be Together Throughout The Day

Whether it is being together in person, talking/texting on the phone, or email exchanges when there is chemistry couples find a way to connect daily. They share what is going on with one another as well as possibly flirt or tease each other.

A day without being in contact with each other in some way is like a day without sunshine. In essence, they miss not being together!

What Causes Romantic Chemistry Between People

Is chemistry something we have to wait for or something we can create? Rosie Ifould investigates

By Psychologies

What causes romantic chemistry between people? One of the answers could lie in how we smell. According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, one of the most important modern scientific studies in the field of human relationships involved a sweaty T-shirt.

Biologist Claus Wedekind asked female students to smell mens clothes, which had been worn without deodorant, in order to discover whether our attraction to someone was influenced by their scent. He found that it was. We overwhelmingly prefer the smell of people who have a dissimilar immune system to our own. Wedekinds study proved what many evolutionists had been claiming for years our attraction to others is physical. The shape of someones jaw, their scent, or the pitch of their voice might attract us because chemistry is all about finding a good genetic match.

But there is another important kind of alchemy at work the pull of a deep emotional connection. The feelings of affinity that we share with certain people in our lives are often more intense than our reaction to their looks. This is what causes romantic chemistry between people and influences not only which people we are drawn to, but also which people will push us away. Crucially, it is also something we can enhance. It isnt about pretending to be something were not, but about changing the way we let people know who we really are.

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You Cant Stop Flirting With Each Other

Chemistry is an important factor in a relationship.

Its the spark that keeps things going and makes people want to spend time with one another.

When you have chemistry, it can be obvious from the amount of flirting you do because when two people are attracted to each other they often flirt more than usual.

Flirtation has been a part of human interactions since prehistoric times when it was used to attract potential mates for courtship and dating purposes.

There Are Pleasant Sounds Of Silence

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Usually, when youre getting to know someone new, the worst thing that can happen is running out of topics to talk about.

You know exactly what Im talking about- youre on a first date and there comes a moment of awkward silence. This is when you get the desire to escape this embarrassing situation.

Nevertheless, every relationship expert and matchmaker will tell you that the biggest sign that youve found your soulmate is the fact that you are comfortable spending time in silence next to them.

This is exactly what is going on with you and this person.

Even when you are in situations where there is no need to speak, you feel relaxed, and what bigger proof do you need that this is true love ?

There is no need to force conversation if you dont feel like talking. You might be tired or drained from a hectic day or you might be experiencing some difficulties.

Whatever it is, the silence between you is never awkward and your chemistry of love can be felt in the air. Even when you dont say anything, you feel each others presence and that brings you both peace and joy.

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What Is Chemistry Between People

Chemistry is a pull between two people. It is an intense feeling of connection, an overwhelming desire to know this person more. You see the person, your eyes meet, you freeze in time, and your body feels warm. A smile is making its way across your face, and you are calm. All the nervousness you had just seconds ago is now gone, and you feel so at ease.

It is not loving, nor is it lust. It is an amazing place in-between that leads you down the path. Although you have no idea where it is taking you, you follow it anyway, almost as if you have no other choice. It is a click you never expected, but you are so happy feeling it.

The chemistry between two people causes them to talk till dawn, text all day every day, and wonder about the other person when they are not around. This chemistry leads you to a second date, and it is exciting to see if this could be your forever person.

Miss Each Other When Youre Not Together

Youve just met and hung out together once. Now you cant wait to be together again. You already miss the person, their smile, their laugh, the way their eyes twinkle when they look at you. Its all there-its a sure sign the spark has been charged up if you miss each other when apart. Missing each other when youre apart should last in your relationship.

Even couples who have been together for years experience this when they spend time apart. So, if this spark is there and seems to last over the first days, weeks, or months, that could be a sign of a long-lasting relationship developing.

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You Look Like A Couple

How many times have people remarked Hey, but we thought you were dating on seeing you with a friend? It means that even if you havent begun dating officially, there is something about your body language and the way you behave together that makes it seem like you are a couple. That clearly indicates the growing chemistry between man and woman.

You care for each other way too much. You bring lunch for this friend, take notes for them in class, and literally do everything together. It is one of the signs that youre transitioning from friends to lovers. Even if youre both in denial about your feelings, the mutual chemistry signs are too obvious to not be noticed by others.

You Have The Same Sense Of Humor

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Another reason they can spend so much time together when theres strong chemistry between a man and a woman is that both of them share the same sense of humor ?

While this may not seem like much, knowing how to make your partner laugh is one quality that keeps every relationship new, exciting, and fresh for a long time. One significant way of achieving this is to discover that you have the same sense of humor.

Then again, having the same sense of humor makes it easy to have long conversations and hang out for a long time without being bored to death.

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The Body Language Gives It Away

The chemistry between people does not always manifest verbally. In fact, our bodies do most of the talking. Crossing legs a few times, playing with hair, leaning towards each other when talking can be the signs of chemistry. Scooching closer to show the other person something on the phone is how we express chemistry without words. These are natural and often subconscious reactions when we feel a strong attraction to somebody.

You Desire Each Other

If the chemistry is strong, your sexual desire will be strong as well. When our partner talks, we may be looking at their hands and lips. We can see their lips moving, but we cant hear a single word because we imagine them in bed naked, and we cant help it. The attraction is there, and it makes us want to act upon our instincts. We know both the good and the bad about the other person, and we still want to be intimate with them. Although intimacy is important in any relationship, it is even more powerful when we have chemistry on both emotional and physical levels.

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Can A Relationship Coach Help You Too

If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to a relationship coach.

I know this from personal experience

A few months ago, I reached out to Relationship Hero when I was going through a tough patch in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me a unique insight into the dynamics of my relationship and how to get it back on track.

If you havent heard of Relationship Hero before, its a site where highly trained relationship coaches help people through complicated and difficult love situations.

In just a few minutes you can connect with a certified relationship coach and get tailor-made advice for your situation.

I was blown away by how kind, empathetic, and genuinely helpful my coach was.

Theyre Very Silly With Each Other

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Many of us get silly and giggly when were with someone we have great vibes with.

We joke around more, we play up to things, and were generally in a good, fun mood.

You might notice that these two people are always having a great time and messing around with each other a lot.

This is a clear sign of strong chemistry between them theyre comfortable enough being silly and obviously enjoy each others company.

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Signs Of Sexual Chemistry Between Two People


Undoubtedly, the chemistry between a man and a woman exists, such as the humanity that knocks people together. A man is interested in a woman, a woman is looking for protection and care from a man. Some of our connections lead to serious relationships, while others dont even flare up, or remain at the level of a short-term fling.

Everyone understands that nature arranged us in such a way that we are interested in each other. The global goal is clear – this is propagation. Our instincts crave us to meet our loved ones, unite with them and continue to live on this planet. And the fact is that a man is simply incomplete without a woman nearby. He lacks certain qualities, without which his existence will be rather deplorable . And the same thing happens on the part of a woman – she can certainly exist without a man, but it will be more like “existence”, not a full-fledged happy life.

Chemistry Can Cause Negative Feelingsrecognize Them And Move On

Feelings such as insecurity, doubt, fear, jealousy, judgment, and contempt will appear with the people we desire most. Because of this, many of us categorize these highly attractive relationships as “bad.”

When we remember that relationships are meant to teach us growth, we approach the “bad” very differently. Acknowledge these feelings, understand why you are feeling them, and understand that the emotions are fundamentally normal.

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Signs Of Sexual Chemistry Between A Man And A Woman

Chemistry has a strong impact on sexual relations. In its absence, a couple is doomed to boring, emotionless sex. And in the presence of strong chemistry, there’s a high possibility to spend incredible nights , that will stick in your memory for life.

There are some primary signs to tell if there’s chemistry between two people. Certain gestures and demeanor often demonstrate our true thoughts and feelings. Being very careful, it’s easy to understand that a representative of the opposite sex has a sexual interest in you.

Bashful blush

This sign is most characteristic of girls – men blush less often, although this also occurs. If a girl becomes red having made eye contact with a man or being with him, it speaks about the fact that she wants physical intimacy with him. That’s why women use blusher to look more seductive.

Enlarged pupils

Enlarged pupils are a sign of arousal. If a person’s pupils become enlarged when they communicate with you, they may be attracted to you. However, a person can be excited about other reasons, so you should draw conclusions about their attitude to you only on the basis of several sexual signs.

Gentle touch

Such a touch can be an expression of simple sympathy or support between friends or close relatives, but with people of different sex, they are usually sexual signals.




Visual direction

Touching the hair

You Have A Lot Of Respect For Them

The science of smog – Kim Preshoff

Respect is a vital part of every successful relationship as relationships where there is a lack of mutual respect do not stand the test of time. One of the signs of chemistry between a man and a woman is that both of them have much respect for themselves.

This isnt one-sided, with one person always deferring to the other. In this case, both parties respect themselves.

Before making decisions, they take each others feelings into account. If they arent sure how the other person would feel about a particular issue, they ask and obtain permission first.

This mutual respect is not a front. It is genuine.

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You Both Lose Track Of Time

Time flies when we are having fun, especially when we have a strong allure toward one another. It can feel as if six hours was only one. Those long deep conversations and all the things we are willing to learn about this person are meaningful. When the date ends, you feel sad, as if you didnt spend enough time together. It may be difficult to say goodbyes because you have enjoyed your time with that person so much.

They Keep Touching Each Other

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but sometimes, you can just tell by looking at two people that they have a connection. They might not even be looking at each other, but you can feel the electricity in the air.

Maybe they’re standing a little too close, or their body language is just screaming “attraction.” They might be constantly touching each other, whether it’s a light brush of the hand or an unavoidable leg tangle.

If they’re really into each other, you might even see them engage in public displays of affection, like holding hands or kissing. So if you see a couple acting like this, it’s likely that they’re experiencing some chemistry.

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Your Heart Beats Faster

Whenever the signs two people are in love are discussed, the matter of racing heartbeats comes into the picture. Once again, the oldest and the most potent sign of intense chemistry between two people is that your heart starts beating faster when you see them. Its a wonderful feeling and something you dont want to end. Ever.

Chemistry is natural and something that cant be planned or controlled. While it would be foolhardy to presume it is love, it can definitely be the first step toward a meaningful and long-term relationship. Enjoy the process, the feeling, and take cautious steps toward the next chapter in your book of relationships!

How To Create More Chemistry In Your Relationship

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The formula of chemistry between people, in a nutshell, is passion mixed with interest. People experience it in different ways. One thing for sure: having chemistry isnt just about physical attraction. It is also about that connection we have when we are not in bed. Ultimately, romantic chemistry means being comfortable with the other person and enjoying sharing our life with them. However, at times life can get in the way.

Even though chemistry may be very strong initially, as a relationship progresses, it may start fading. Just like fire needs attending to continue burning or a plant needs watering to keep growing, the chemistry between people also needs some effort to stay strong.

Here are a few ways to create more chemistry and keep it going in your relationship:

  • Spend some time apart. Distance does make the heart grow fonder.
  • Recreate your favorite dates. Nostalgia brings out happy memories.
  • Spice it up a bit in the bedroom. Talk dirty via text during the day. By the time you are home, you will be ready for a fun time!
  • Play couples games. Getting to know each other on a deeper level will bring out feelings you may have forgotten about.
  • Go on a weekend getaway. Bring some fun toys and some wine!

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