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Why Do I Like Being Spanked Psychology

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Is It Always Sexual

What is School Psychology? Why Did I Become a School Psychologist?

No, says Taylor. Theres an intimacy there, of course, but it isnt necessarily sexual.

They offer an analogy: You dont go see your physical therapist because you want to have sex with them. You see them for a specific kind of release.

So even though the exact same kinds of contact and touch could be sexual in one context, during the therapy session, its not, they say.

Really, though, it comes down to your individual definition of sexual and sex.

Does spanking feel like sex to you? Does sex only occur if theres genital contact? Is spanking sex if the spankee is bare-bottomed? These are questions all spankees and spankers will have to contend with themselves.

Are Humans Getting More Intelligent

Do women like to be spanked?

Certainly, not all ladies love to be spanked, however many of them love to be spanked as part of their sex lives. If the spanking is properly done, it is worthy of note that it can lead to an orgasm. When a woman is being spanked, it can lead to the release of endorphins in the same way it would in vaginal orgasm. When endorphins are released, the effects can be quite minimal or quite high in terms of quality. This is the reason why some orgasms are much better than others. This may not be a universal concept but its quite common with men and women to enjoy being spanked during foreplay.

It is, however, vital to point out that people who enjoy spanking during sex doesnt enjoy it the same way and for the same reasons. For example, some people enjoy spanking simply because it is linked to masochism. Such people may enjoy undergoing heavy punishment spankings which may leave red marks on their bodies.

Spanking is a personal thing. What this means is that you could spank two people the same way and the interpretation from them would be different. It should be noted that each of the consenting recipients will react to it based on their reasons.

Spanking Can Be A Catalyst For Pleasure And Excitement

When we’re enjoying a certain sex act, whatever that sex act may be, our brains are flooded with feel good chemicals, most notably the neurotransmitter dopamine. How pain plays into this game is pretty rad. According to an article from the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience , there are far more similarities between how our brains process pleasure and pain than we ever knew before.

“Spanking can enhance excitement and physical sensations increase adrenalin, endorphins, and oxytocin explore and maybe push the line between pleasure and pain increase intimacy and bonding,” explains Dulcinea Pitagora, a psychotherapist, sex therapist, and founder of the series, KinkDoctor.

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Are There Women Who Like To Be Spanked

Although it may hurt, there are women who like to be spanked. Why? The sexual desire is pretty evident as it simply oomphs up your actions in bed.

Ever since Nicki Minaj posted her song Anaconda, more and more women have given special attention to the power of their booty. Women have started wanting to look curvier and add more volume to their buttocks. Needless to say, it is one of the sexiest body parts for men and simply make women look more desirable.

Here, we will give you reasons why there are women who like to be spanked and other things they expect. It is time you know all that your lady wants from you.

  • Final thoughts
  • How Is It Done

    According to Science, Spanking Children Has a Severe Effect on Their ...

    Most of the time the bum is the only part of the body spanked during a spanking therapy session. Why? Because its fleshy AF.

    How do you spank someones tush? Think about each cheek as being split up into four different quadrants.

    The lower, innermost quadrant is the most sensitive. This is where the spanker will aim for the greatest response. But you need to get the bottom and body a chance to warm up to the sensation first.

    In fact, More says, if someone doesnt warm up with you first, its a red flag to get out of dodge.

    Do you use your hand or ? If youre new to spanking, you should start with your hand, says More.

    As you become more advanced, you can invest in paddles, which will offer different sensations. For example, a silicone paddle = stingy, while a wood paddle = thuddy.

    The rhythm is the most important part, says Taylor. The speed can vary, but you want the spanker to get into some sort of rhythm.

    Actually, all sessions should, more or less, follow the same general structure.

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    Is Spanking Therapy Always Sexual

    Spanking therapy is not necessarily sexual, and some people may see it in a similar way to other forms of physical therapy. Others may see it as a more ritualistic experience.

    According to a 2015 article, people may take part in BDSM activities such as spanking for nonsexual reasons.

    Individuals may find it provides a new experience and a release from their everyday selves and responsibilities.

    Control Plays A Big Role In The Sexual Release Of Spanking

    The sadomasochistic practice of sexual spanking is about more than just the brain converting feelings of physical pain into a rush of delightful dopamine. There’s also the psychological release of power. According to Psychology Today , “The essential component is not the pain or bondage itself, but rather the knowledge that one person has complete control over the other, deciding what that person will hear, do, taste, touch, smell, and feel.”

    “It feels good to be totally in control, and sometimes it’s nice to be totally submissive. Power play is a way to break free from the roles we’re trapped in during our everyday lives, and it can be a powerful release,” says Sandra LaMorgese , PhD.

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    Why Might People Like Being Spanked

    People may enjoy spanking for several reasons, such as:

    • the release of power and responsibility
    • relaxation
    • the release of trauma or negative emotions
    • altering their state of mind

    A 2019 study looked at how Canadian university students thought about BDSM practices, with 60% of male participants and 31% of female participants having positive thoughts about whipping or spanking.

    This Excitement Likely Stems From A Sense Of The Taboo

    Do Girls Like Being SPANKED Brutally Honest Answers

    Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist and author of Single But Dating , says that we are inherently excited by anything that seems naughty and different. “It’s not rocket science when we consider this is how we also get enjoyment out of life. We like to push the boundaries and especially when sexual boredom could be at play, any sexual act that is even a bit different excites us.”

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    Why Exactly Do Women Feel Good When Spanked

    One begins to wonder why exactly women like being spanked during sex. Could there be psychology behind it? The simple truth is that there is a psychological link between pleasure and pain in the sexuality of human beings. It is a complex and profound thing.

    It is an expression of the polarity which exists within each of us and thus elicits our curiosity. The truth is that pain, sex, love, and violence all have a way of stimulating the release of hormones and chemicals in our body. Endorphin which gets released when we experience pain is often taken as pleasurable.

    Biologically speaking, spanking has a way of releasing norepinephrine and epinephrine which are both pain chemicals that have a way of triggering pleasure. There is also the angle of submission and dominance which both run deep into the concept of human sexuality. Also, the part of the human body where several people like to be spanked is a tender region that stimulates the flow of blood and as such arouses the region that surrounds the genitals. It thus makes much sense that the person being spanked feels good about it.

    One thing we should all know regarding our sexuality is that we ought to get comfortable with the changes we experience over the years. We should thus never be forced into doing things we wouldnt want to.

    Sex Toys Arent A Bad Idea

    Your hands should suffice as far as spanking is concerned, but they shouldnt necessarily be the only tool you are to use. This does not mean you should go extreme in a bid to spice up your sex lives. The real key to maximizing the experience is to be creative. You could use the spatula in your kitchen or an old newspaper. Starting this way could be the first step towards driving her into an orgasm.

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    They Enjoy Letting Go

    Women like being spanked not because they have issues held over from their childhood, or because they have secret self-loathing and think they deserve to be treated badly or abused.

    Women like being spanked because for just a few, precious seconds they are transported by a pain of their own choosing away from the strictures of control that we have to exercise to survive and be female at the same time.

    For overthinkers, this is one of their biggest reasons why they like being spanked. Because when they let it all go and put themselves in the protection and pleasure of their partners in this specific way, it allows them to leave all their troubles behind.

    It lets them have a blank space in their minds where they don’t have to think about anything except their own pleasure they are receiving. It makes them feel good.

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    Adults Who Were Spanked Have More Family Violence And Disfunction

    Psychology Explains Why People Feel Disappointed In Their Partner

    When spanking fails, parents who rely on it tend to increase the intensity of its use rather than to change strategies.

    In Canada, 75% of physical child abuse cases involved spanking.

    In the U.S., child abusers admit that 66% of their abuses began with spanking.

    Compared to children who are not spanked, children who are spanked are:

    • 7 times more likely to be violently abused
    • 2.3 times more likely to need medical attention due to abusive injuries

    Studies suggest that spanking communicates to children that aggression is normative, acceptable, and effective and leads to greater acceptance of interpersonal violence.

    Individuals who were physically punished during childhood are

    • more likely to engage in physical and verbal aggression with their spouses: 6% is attributed to spanking
    • more controlling with their spouses: 6% is attributed to spanking
    • less able to understand their spouses perspective: 10% is attributed to spanking

    A study of the dating relationships of students at 33 universities in 17 countries show a .44 correlation between being spanked as a child and assaulting a dating partner in college:

    • When 10% of students were spanked, 21% of students hit their dating partner
    • When 80% of students were spanked, 34% of students hit their dating partner

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    Spanked Children Develop Less Gray Matter

    Children who were spanked at least 12 times a year for at least 3 years have less gray matter as an adult than children with very minimal exposure or no exposure at all to harsh spanking.

    Spanking = spanking with an object, on occasion, for the purpose of disciplining a child, provided it did not extend beyond the buttocks, was not conducted out of anger, and did not result in injury.

    Gray matter reduction in young adults who were spanked as children:

    • Right medial frontal gyrus: 19.1%
    • The ability to differentiate the self from other objects.
    • The ability to recognize ones own attributes and preferences.
    • The ability to understand another persons perspective
    • The ability to judge and predict the behavior of others.
  • left medial frontal gyrus: 14.5%
  • The ability to pay attention and retrieve memories
  • right anterior cingulate gyrus: 16.9%
  • The ability to monitor ones own actions to ensure that they are consistent with intentions.
  • These regions have been linked to:

    • addiction
    • PTSD
    • dissociative disorders

    These regions are part of the medial rostral prefrontal cortex which plays a crucial role in social cognition as well as functional organization.

    Even when controlling for education levels, spanked children scored 10 points lower on IQ tests. 75% of that is explained by spanking. In other words, stop spanking your kids and they will score 7.5 points higher on the IQ test.

    Results controlled for:

  • Avoidant:
  • Obsessive compulsive:
  • Why Are People Interested In It

    Spanking has a reputation as being all about pain and punishment.

    But spanking can be incredibly erotic, freeing, and powerful when done in a controlled and consensual environment, says More.

    When youre feeling flattened by life, spanking therapy can be a way to remind you of the fullness of your humanity and the joy of life, they say. It can bring you back to your inner fire.

    So why are people into it? Because those are some pretty damn powerful feels.

    Depends on the spankees objectives!

    It can provide a number of things, including:

    • stress relief
    • power
    • trauma processing

    How spanking has these effects comes down to the release of feel-good endorphins and hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, and adrenaline.

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    What Is The Purpose Of Spanking Therapy

    According to an article in The Journal of Sex Research, people may engage in spanking therapy for a range of reasons, such as :

    • Power play: People may find it sexually arousing to play with power roles, such as becoming dominant or submissive. Others may also find it freeing to release responsibility and power in a controlled environment.
    • Spiritual experience: Some people report that SM practices alter their state of consciousness, providing them with a sense of connection, wholeness, and mind expansion.
    • Stress release: Individuals may find similar benefits from spanking therapy as those from mindful activities, such as meditation.
    • Escapism or sense of adventure: People may find spanking therapy a way to change their routine and elevate their experience from mundane or everyday matters.

    The authors also note that some scientific theories suggest that SM practices, such as spanking, may help some people heal from trauma.

    Reclaiming or relinquishing power through the act of spanking may help some people regain psychological control over past traumatic events.

    However, a person may wish to consult a mental health professional before engaging in spanking therapy to help heal from trauma.

    Why Do Girls Like To Be Spanked

    Psychology Behind why People get AROUSED from HUMILIATION

    When a woman surrenders her body to the man shes dating, it allows for an experience where pleasure can feel free without feeling guilty. The deep sense of unity between them makes this act more than just physical release rather its spiritual essence is felt in how connected both parties become during sex while theyre experiencing such intense feelings one another.

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    Do Women Like To Be Spanked

    A study surveyed 1,500 women from all corners of the world to find out what it is that men should do in bed. More than 95% agreed on one thing: more oral action!

    The survey found that very few respondents disagreed with this statementin fact only about 4-6 percent said they didnt care for fellatio or cunnilingus at all while some 32%. To put things into perspective there are likely many reasons why someone might want their partner take pointy probings inside them.

    Who Does It What Do They Do And How Does It Affect Them

    • Research suggests that a substantial minority of women and men fantasize about or engage in BDSM.
    • BDSM activities may involve physical restriction, administration of pain, and sexual behavior.
    • BDSM has been said to produce pleasurable altered states of consciousness, which might be one of the motivations for those who practice it.

    A pervert is anybody kinkier than you are. .

    The novel Fifty Shades of Grey introduced BDSM into polite public discourse. Since its publication, hallowed papers such as TheNew York Times have published articles on bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. Harvard University now hosts a student group for undergraduates interested in consensual S& M. And Cosmos sex tips have taken a distinctly kinky turn.

    With the Fifty Shades movie now coming to theaters, it seems like a good time to take stock of what we know, scientifically, about BDSM: Who does this stuff? What do they do? And what effects do these activities have on the people who do them?

    1. How many people are into S& M?

    According to researchers, the number likely falls somewhere between 2 percent and 62 percent. Thats right: Somewhere between 2 percent and 62 percent. A pollster who published numbers like that should be looking for a new job. But when youre asking people about their sex habits, the wording of the question makes all the difference.

    2. Are they sick?

    But recent research tells a different story.

    3. What do they do?



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    It Sure Does Feel Good

    One thing you will realize is that your body may react positively to being spanked. When our body encounters unpredicted stimuli, it has a way of firing up our dopamine receptors. This, in turn, have a way of triggering our sexual pleasure levels. Getting an orgasm sure does feel good and a little spanking wouldnt hurt.

    Spices Up The Role Play

    5 Things You Must Tell Yourself When You

    Even people who are heaven in bed can become stagnant when they have the same routine. Both men and women like to try new things, especially when they only get intimate with one person.

    To spice up the excitement, you need to try kinky things and bring a variety with every move! It is not just about trying a different position while doing it. Its also about how you build the move.

    Women love to be seduced and hate people who think that they are the ones to lead in this case. Spanking can be an interesting way to spice things up and you never know where it heads!

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