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How Does Geography Shape Culture

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How Was Lincoln A Product Of The Midwestern Landscapes Where He Was Raised

How does Geography shape culture

If you are from the Midwest at this time, you believe that the union gave birth to the states. If youre from Virginia, you believe the states gave birth to the union. Virginia was up and running since the 1620s, so its 150 years old by the time the American Revolution comes along. So, of course, Virginia comes first.

But if youre from Illinois or Indiana, these were federal territories in the wilderness before the government created them as states. You are likely to be more of a nationalist for that reason. You are also going to believe that the federal government should create railroads and canals to connect you to the rest of the world. So youre going to be in favor of infrastructure projects. Youre also going to oppose slavery, because these lands were proclaimed free from slavery back in 1787. So thats Lincoln in a nutshell.

Robert E. Lee, by contrast, his family had been in Virginia forever. Hes Virginian first, American second. But Lincoln, born in Kentucky, then moved to Indiana and Illinois, hes an American first.

What Gave You The Idea Of Studying Law Through The Lens Of Geography

Many summers when I was growing up we basically did a version of the “Great American Road Trip.” We all piled into the station wagon and off we went. Im now doing something similar on vacations with my wife and kids. So this book grows organically out of my boyhood experiences.

Another inspiration was actually National Geographic. My sixth grade teacher in California would have us do reports by reading the magazine and cutting out photographs. Our family would sometimes choose places to go based on those reports I did: Olympia National Park, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies.

More broadly, as a political scientist, I cant help but notice that many of the divisions today between red and blue states correlate sharply with geography. Isnt it interesting that Barack Obama, a tall skinny lawyer from Illinois, basically won all the states that Lincoln won and lost all the states Lincoln lost? One of the major issues in constitutional law is federalismwhether we want to be one country or a loose confederation of statesand that has been influenced by geography as well.

Essay: How Did Geography Shape Greek History

Greece is known to be the cradle of Western Civilization inasmuch as the cultural, political, economic and social roots of the UK, the USA, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, etc. are found in Ancient Greece.

Every well-educated person who lives in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia knows about the greatest Greek philosophers and poets whereas they established the background for the development of the entire European Culture. Therefore, everyone should know at least something about the history of Ancient Greece and its contribution into Western Civilization. Why was Ancient Greece so successful? What factors influenced its cultural, philosophical, political and economic growth?

Without question, geography is supposed to be the most influential factor of the original development of Greece. Why is geography important? When you pay attention to the culture and worldview of different nations, you will notice that their values, lifestyle and traditions are determined by their geographical position. For instance, look at such northern countries as Norway, the UK, Sweden, Germany and Russia. These nations have always lived in severe climate conditions.

The sea is another important geographical factor that influenced the development of Ancient Greece.

This is only a sample academic essay on Greek History topic. If you need a totally original paper written from scratch by experts, why not to visit this site: .

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How Does Physical Geography Affect Culture

4.4/5how does geography affectculturesimpactphysicalculture

Also asked, in what ways does geography affect culture?

Answer and Explanation: Geography influences but does not determine human cultural development in broad and deep ways. As the cultural aspects of human societies change over time, they are affected by everything from changing climate to the introduction of new ideas brought by people from other cultures.

Additionally, how does environment affect culture? Culture is greatly affected by environment. Climate is a huge factor in different cultures. If a group of people live in a cold place, they will most likely wear thicker clothes, opposed to the thin clothes worn by people in warmer places.

Furthermore, how does physical geography affect human life?

Physical geography is the study of natural features and phenomena on the planet’s surface and our interactions with them. Geography doesn’t just determine whether humans can live in a certain area or not, it also determines people’s lifestyles, as they adapt to the available food and climate patterns.

What are 4 factors that help shape culture?

4 Critical Factors Influencing Culture in the Development of an Inaugural Strategic Plan

  • Organizational involvement.
  • Clear expectations.

How Does Religion Shape Culture

  • The German philosopher and sociologist Karl Marx thought of religion as a result of various different economic and social structures.
  • Max Weber firmly believed that the only reason why the economic system we live in is at all possible is because of organized religion and its factors.

Religion is an extremely important factor when it comes to shaping culture. Religion itself is always related to multiple factors, including the economy, politics, and the family lives of people living in a country. Religion interacts with all of these factors, and together they help shape the culture of a specific group of people.

Many people tried to approach religion and its influence on culture throughout history, but two approaches remain the most successful and well-received by the majority of experts. Both have their roots in philosophy and sociology, and those are the Marxist approach and the approach of Max Weber.

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How Does Geography Shape The Culture Of A Country Explain It Giving Examplesanswer It < 33

How does geography shape the culture of a country? Explain it giving examples.

Answer it < 33

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The Affect Of Geography On Political Beliefs

In a work looking at political beliefs and leanings, researchers demonstrated how geography, rather than what one person states as his or her political identity is, has a greater influence.

In fact, it has been shown that in the United States people who identify as having a set of political leanings, such as supporting a left-leaning candidate, may actually have political beliefs or leanings that are more closely aligned to right-leaning candidates.

In other words, people are generally more heavily influenced by their surroundings in their voting or political behavior rather than what they think they identify with.

This is true despite the presence of online communities and virtual interactions that many people now have.

For instance, in more conservative regions of the United States, left-leaning voters may more closely align with right-leaning candidates, even if they self-identify as being more left-leaning.

Such work demonstrates that pollsters should depend less on political identify and look at proximity of voters to others who tend to vote in a given direction to identify likelihood on what someone believes a candidate should characterize.

Interestingly, the results also show that animosity voters sometimes feel towards others with different political identity is often misplaced and many voters, even those who vote for very different candidates, share more common beliefs then they realize.

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What Are The External Factors

External factors are those influences, circumstances or situations that a business cannot control that affect the business decisions that the business owner and stakeholders make. The are a large number of external factors can have a direct impact on the ability of your business to achieve its strategic objectives.

Presentation On Theme: How Does Geography Shape Cultures Presentation Transcript:

How Geography Shaped Japan

1 How Does GeographyShape Cultures?

2 Does where we live influence how we live?How are we connected with each other and the world?Does geography affect where we live?

3 Geography & Cultures: How Are They Related?By:Rosalyn Ford

4 Overview What is geography? Elements of geography What is culture?Elements of culture

5 Geographia What is Geography?Geographia Geography is the study of the natural features of the earth’s surface and its various climates, countries, peoples, and natural resources.

6 Six Essential Elements of GeographyThree defining questionsWhat is located where?Why are things located where they are?What is the significance?1. The World in Spatial Terms2. Places and Regions3. Physical Systems4. Human Systems5. Environment and Society6. Uses of Geography

7 Five Themes of GeographyTools geographers use to study features on earth.

8 Culture is the way of life of a group of people.What is Culture?Culture is the way of life of a group of people.Culture is the specific traits, behaviors, attitudes, and traditions passed on through the generations of families. It can also include beliefs and any other things that have come from your family specifically.

9 Elements of Culture Language Shelter Clothing Economy ReligionEducationValuesClimateGovernment/LawsRecreation/Entertainment

14 For more information visit these websites:ml

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How Did Geography Impact The Development Of Early Mesopotamia

The Euphrates and Tigris Rivers are important landmarks of ancient Mesopotamia. The two rivers are fondly referred to as the cradle of civilization and as such, they had a huge impact on the culture of ancient Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamia valley was a rich agricultural hub, thanks to the presence of the two rivers.

The two rivers also acted as a source of water for irrigation, besides aiding in trade and transportation . In addition, these geographical features helped connect the region to India, Egypt, and China. Mesopotamia is at a crossroad, connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa. This is an indication of cultural openness of the region, and perhaps a mirror of the regions geography.

Because the area did not have natural boundaries such as large rivers and mountain ranges, Mesopotamians remained quite receptive to external influences. Mesopotamia thus became a multicultural and multilingual region at an early age. The culture further impacted on some of its neighbors including the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians.

Innovation: Discovery And Intervention

Innovation refers to an object or concepts initial appearance in society it is innovative because it is markedly new. There are two ways to come across an innovative object or idea: discover it or invent it. Discoveries make known previously unknown but existing aspects of reality. In 1610, when Galileo looked through his telescope and discovered Saturn, the planet was already there, but until then, no one had known about it. When Christopher Columbus encountered America, the land was, of course, already well known to its inhabitants. However, Columbuss discovery was new knowledge for Europeans, and it opened the way to changes in European culture, as well as to the cultures of the discovered lands. For example, new foods such as potatoes and tomatoes transformed the European diet, and horses brought from Europe changed hunting practices of Native American tribes of the Great Plains.

Culture lag can also cause tangible problems. The infrastructure of the United States, built a hundred years ago or more, is having trouble supporting todays more densely populated and fast-paced life. There is a lag in conceptualizing solutions to infrastructure problems. Rising fuel prices, increased air pollution, and traffic jams are all symptoms of culture lag. Although people are becoming aware of the consequences of overusing resources, the means to support changes take time to achieve.

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The Political Reference Point: How Geography Shapes Political Identity

  • ¶ These authors are co-first authors on this work.

    Affiliation Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • ¶ These authors are co-first authors on this work.

    Affiliation Department of Psychology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States of America

  • Affiliation Department of Psychology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States of America

  • Affiliation Department of Psychology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States of America

  • Affiliation Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, CA, United States of America

In The Book You Give An Interesting Interpretation Of The Infamous 1857 Dred Scott Decision By The Supreme Court How Did Geography Play A Role In That Case


So you have this disgraceful decision proclaiming that … the entire Republican Party platformno slavery in the territoriesis unconstitutional. The Constitution itself says nothing in this direction its a preposterous ruling. So where is the court coming from?

Quite literally, theyre coming from the South. Five of the nine justices come from slaveholding states, even though the South accounts for less than a third of population. One reason the court is so malapportioned is that the South had fewer cities and they were farther apart and connected by crummy roads.

At the time of this decision, Supreme Court justices had to ride circuit between different cities. Because transportation is so much more difficult in the South, as a way of equalizing the burden the South has more circuits than its population might warrant. The geography is simply more challenging. This means the South is going to be overrepresented on the Supreme Court. So there you see some simple geographic facts about roads, swamps, rivers, and transportation driving the decision in what was the most important case in the antebellum period.

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How Geography Shaped Societies From Neanderthals To Iphones

This weeks episode of Generation Anthropocene discusses efforts to quantify social development and the cultural retention of the Navajo

The very concept of the Anthropocene suggests that humans are actively shaping the planet in ways that will resonate through geologic time. But how has the planetin this case, geographyshaped human societies since the days of our earliest ancestors?

In this week’s episode of Generation Anthropocene, producer Mike Osborne talks with Ian Morris, a professor in the Stanford Archaeology Center and author of the 2010 book Why the West RulesFor Now. Morris developed a social development index to try to quantify the way societies and cultures have grown and changed with time. The index is based on four key factors: urbanization, information technology, war-making capacity and energy capture per capita, or how much food, water and other natural resources each person consumes.

Graphing this data between 14,000 B.C. and A.D. 2000 revealed an exponential rise in global social development around the 1800sa startling parallel with the time line for the Anthropocene, which many people argue started around the onset of the Industrial Revolution. But as Morris is quick to point out, human activity is rarely that simple:

Hear more from Morris, including his predictions for future social development, here:

Ongoing Evolution Of Cultural Geography

Since the 1980s, a “new cultural geography” has emerged, drawing on a diverse set of theoretical traditions, including political-economic models, feminist theory, post-colonial theory, post-structuralism and psychoanalysis.

Drawing particularly from the theories of Michel Foucault and performativity in western academia, and the more diverse influences of postcolonial theory, there has been a concerted effort to the cultural in order to reveal that power relations are fundamental to spatial processes and sense of place. Particular areas of interest are how identity politics are organized in space and the construction of subjectivity in particular places.

Examples of areas of study include:

Some within the new cultural geography have turned their attention to critiquing some of its ideas, seeing its views on identity and space as static. It has followed the critiques of Foucault made by other ‘poststructuralist‘ theorists such as Michel de Certeau and Gilles Deleuze. In this area, non-representational geography and population mobility research have dominated. Others have attempted to incorporate these and other critiques back into the new cultural geography.

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Origins And Diffusion Of Religion

universalizing religionsethnic religions hearthsChristianityIslamBuddhism.

  • Culture is often the manifestation of core belief systems determined by the interplay between language and religion.
  • Universal religions try to appeal to the many, whereas ethnic religions focus on the few in a specific region.
  • Cultural landscapes or language and religion are often represented in the physical landscape. When opposing forces come and threaten the physical landscape, it threatens the cultural landscape.
  • Universal religions require adoption of values that make conflict with local traditions and values. If the universal religion is forced upon another universal religion or ethnic religion, conflict may ensue.
  • Migrants tend to learn and simulate the language of the region they migrate to, but keep the religion they originated from. This can be viewed as a threat to the people the migrant moved to.

So How Did This Overrepresentation Of The South Shift Over Time

How Does Air Temperature Shape a Place? Crash Course Geography #7

We abolished circuit riding. Now the Supreme Court justices dont sit on any other courts. So with the Supreme Court today we talk about demographic seats rather than geographic seats. Now we dont talk about the southern seat like we used to we talk about the Jewish seat, or the female seat, or the Catholic seat.

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