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How Long Is The Ap Human Geography Exam 2021

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Go Through Your Mistakes

2021 Live Review 7 | AP Human Geography | Examining Common Mistakes & Misunderstandings

If you decide to begin the rest of this process now, go through your mistakes on the Human Geography practice test and categorize them. This is how you’ll decide which content and skill areas to focus on in your review.

There’s no point in studying concepts and terms you’ve already mastered. If you want to see real improvements, this is the most important stage of the study process. You can’t fix your mistakes unless you know what they are first!

Pay Attention To Important Models And Theories

Human Geography is mostly considered a humanities subject, but there are some scientific elements to it. These show up in the form of demographic models that are introduced throughout the course.

It’s important to know how to read models and understand what they represent. You should also know how they connect to major theories in human geography and what those theories say about the development of society.

I’ll give you a link to a comprehensive list of models and theories at the end of the next section.

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When & How Can We Register

The AP EXAM FALL Registration window is now open!

  • If payment is not received by due date, you will NOT be registered for the test.
  • No late registrations accepted.
  • To have a test ordered, you MUST COMPLETE ALL 3 STEPS
  • STEP #1- Declare their intent to test in their College Board account.
  • STEP #2- Register at:
  • STEP #3- Pay for the Test
  • Payment Methods
  • Cash Paid directly to the LSW Bookkeeper (print off & bring email confirmation receipt with payment
  • Check Paid directly to the LSW Bookkeeper , made out to Lincoln Southwest Address: Southwest High School 7001 S. 14th St. Lincoln, Ne 68512
  • Paid directly to the LSW Bookkeeper- we cannot accept payments over the phone
  • For an additional fee you can pay online through your StudentVue account or directly at: Please give our bookkeeper 24 hrs from the time you complete step 2, the LSW Testing Google Form, for payment owed to show up online in your account.

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Is Ap Human Geography Easy What Can Make It Hard

When compared to a regular human geography course, the AP® Human Geography course is definitely more difficult. This is because AP® courses are designed to teach students at a college level, so the exams are designed to test a higher level of content synthesis and critical thinking.

When you compare AP® Human Geography to other AP® courses, it is one of the most difficult to pass, for reasons outlined in this section.

For the 2021 AP® exam season, about half of the students who took the AP® Human Geography exam passed with a 3 or better. The mean score for this exam was 2.69. AP® Human Geography exam is more difficult to pass than the average AP® exam.

The statistics included above are based on the number of students who take the AP® Human Geography exam each year. This exam averages approximately 220,000 test-takers each year, which is in the average range for the AP® exam offerings. In 2021, there were a total of 211,735 AP® Human Geography test takers.

To make the best use of your study time for the AP® Human Geography exam, it is important to understand how the units covered in the course content are weighted on the actual exam. Knowing the weighting of each unit will allow you to focus your attention on the areas that carry a higher weight.

The AP® Human Geography exam covers seven total units. Units 2-7 all carry the same weight at 12-17% of the exam. The first unit, Thinking Geographically, carries a lower weight at 8-10% of the exam.

Do You Offer A Shorter Duration Or Custom Packages

Cultural Geography Ap Human Geography

We do not offer custom duration or combination packages other than those outlined on the website. Please refer to our purchase page for currently available subscriptions .

Self-Assessment exam subscriptions are for 14 days each. Subscribers whose active subscription have not expired can purchase renewals from 7 days or more at any time before their active subscription expires. Please refer to the respective course description page for renewal options.

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Unit : Population And Migration Patterns And Processes

  • Understanding where and how people live is essential to understanding global cultural, political, and economic patterns
  • Changes in population are due to mortality, fertility, and migration, which are influenced by the interplay of environmental, economic, cultural, and political factors
  • Changes in population have long- and short-term effects on a place’s economy, culture, and politics

Best Ap Human Geography Prep Books

The AP Human Geography Exam consists of free-response and multiple-choice questions based on seven curriculum topics. Students are required to explain and apply main and supporting geographical concepts. You need to explain, define, apply concepts, and interpret data.

The exam takes two hours and 15 minutes. The two sections are further divided into two parts. With the free-response section, you need to interpret and analyze literary texts by creating effective essays, while the multiple-choice section tests your critical reading skills.

Youll need to read passages and answer questions about the style form, and content of each. If you are about to sit for your exam, you need the right books.

The best AP Human Geography prep book provides the much-needed tips to help you achieve a high score. It also contains a content review for all test topics. Whats more, you get tried and true strategies to help you pass your exam.

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What Are My Other Options For Preparing For The 2021 Ap Human Geography Exam

If you dont have an AP Human Geography review book already, check out TUNs Textbook Save Engine to compare prices and get the best deals.

If you would like to get one-on-one instruction to help you prepare for the AP Human Geography exam, the Princeton Review offers private tutoring, available both in-person or online, for a fee starting at $167 an hour. If you decide to go with this personalized option, expert tutors will work with you to make a plan, set goals, and exceed them. The Princeton Review guarantees that if youre not 100% satisfied, you will be matched with another tutor and get your next lesson for free.

If youre taking more than one AP exam in 2021, check TUNs AP Exam Review for details on other AP exams.

Varsity Tutors Diagnostic Tests

2021 Live Review 8 | AP Human Geography | Test Strategies & AP Exam Preparation

Famed test-prep company Varsity Tutors offers four diagnostic tests for AP Human Geography, each with 75 multiple-choice questions.

The tests have automatic scoring, and each is given a preliminary difficulty level rating. There are also tons of mini-quizzes listed by concept if you want to practice topic-specific questions, as well as flashcards that will help you learn all the course terminology.

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What Does Ap Human Geography Cover

AP Human Geography links math, data, and statistics to patterns in migration, human population, and geographical evolution. People study human geography to understand how their existence has changed the Earth’s surface.

Course topics include cultural patterns and processes, population and migration patterns and processes, and cities and urban-land-use patterns and processes. Here are the course’s main units:

  • Thinking Geographically
  • Political Patterns and Processes
  • Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes

Additionally, students develop skills in thinking geographically, understanding spatial relationships, and interpreting data. AP Human Geography expands on existing skills many humans use every day, like identifying patterns and connecting concepts to real-world scenarios.

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Subscription Purchase

You may request to upgrade or downgrade your subscription purchase as long as it has not been activated. If you purchase a combination package, all included subscriptions must be unused. Please be advised that current subscription pricing will apply.

If your subscription has been activated, unfortunately, we cannot upgrade it retroactively. If seeking to downgrade, please refer to our refund policy for available options.

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Unit : Political Patterns And Processes

  • The political organization of space results from historical and current processes, events, and ideas
  • Political boundaries and divisions of governance, between states and within them, reflect balances of power that have been negotiated or imposed
  • Political, economic, cultural, or technological changes can challenge state sovereignty

Unit 7 Industrial And Economic Development Patterns And Processes

Ap Human Geography Chapter 3 Quizlet

The Unit 7 focus is Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes which is intended to be taught over 19-20 class periods and has a weighted score of 12-17%.

7.1 The Industrial Revolution7.2 Economic Sectors and Patterns7.3 Measures of Development7.4 Women and Economic Development7.5 Theories of Development7.6 Trade and the World Economy7.7 Changes as a Result of the World Economy7.8 Sustainable Development

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How To Use This Ap Human Geography Study Guide

This guide will help you review for assessments in your AP Human Geography class by providing links to practice resources and tips on effective study strategies. I’ll also give advice that’s specific to preparing for the final AP exam.

In the first section, I’ll detail a step-by-step process you can follow to create and execute a customized study plan for the test. This process includes taking a diagnostic test, evaluating your weaknesses, studying the content areas you struggled with the most, and taking additional practice tests to check your progress.

To follow up the study plan, I’ll list a few key study tips to remember as you revisit the course content and take practice exams. I’ll also give you notes for each topic area that you can use to study for in-class tests and review for the AP exam.

Having all this information in one place will hopefully make studying for AP Human Geography much less stressful!

What Is The Ap Human Geography Exam Format For 2021

The 2021 AP Human Geography exam will be split equally between 2 sections: multiple-choice and free-response questions. Each section is worth 50 percent of the exam score. You will have 1 hour to answer 60 multiple-choice questions and 1 hour, 15 minutes to answer 3 free-response questions.

For free examples of free-response questions, check here for the actual questions posed in the 2019 AP Human Geography exam and here for those posed in the 2018 AP Human Geography exam.

You can also practice multiple-choice and free-response questions within the digital exam app starting early April.

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Ap Human Geography Overview

AP Human Geography introduces students to the study of concepts and practices that have shaped human understanding, alteration, and use of the Earths surface.Its typically taught as a year long high school course, and is equivalent to a 1 semester introductory college course on human or cultural geography.AP Human Geography has no pre-reqs, but students who have studied world history, geography, or earth sciences may have an easier time.

Well cover the course, exams, and our picks for the best AP Human Geography books, Flashcards, and Review Guides for test year 2022 below, but if you just cant wait, heres the short list:

Ap And Higher Education

AP Human Geography Last-Minute Review

Higher education professionals play a key role in developing AP courses and exams, setting credit and placement policies, and scoring student work. The AP Higher Education section features information on recruitment and admission, advising and placement, and more.

This chart shows recommended scores for granting credit, and how much credit should be awarded, for each AP course. Your students can look up credit and placement policies for colleges and universities on the AP Credit Policy Search.

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Unit 5 Agriculture And Rural Land

The Unit 5 focus is Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes which is intended to be taught over 19-20 class periods and has a weighted score of 12-17%.

5.1 Introduction to Agriculture5.2 Settlement Patterns and Survey Methods5.3 Agricultural Origins and Diffusions5.4 The Second Agricultural Revolution5.5 The Green Revolution5.7 Spatial Organization of Agriculture5.8 Von Thünen Model5.9 The Global System of Agriculture5.10 Consequences of Agricultural Practices5.11 Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture5.12 Women in Agriculture

Ap Human Geography Crash Course By Christian Sawyer

Best short-term review book

If you are looking for a quick prep book in the weeks before the test, you should check out the AP Human Geography Crash Course by Christian Sawyer. Its the perfect book if you need to study for an exam in a short period of time.

The easy to read content comes with quick strategies and tips that help you answer your questions like an expert. You get various types of questions in the form of free-response and multiple-choice. The book provides further resources by adding an online practice exam. Its an affordable book that gives you value for money.


  • A crash course that delivers useful content when short on time
  • Covers the content in a compressive and quick manner


  • You may need to use other books as this is not as detailed

Publisher: Dr. Chrstian Sawyer

Number of Pages: 304 pages

Final Grade: B+

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Ap Human Geography Tips And Tricks To Study And Prepare

  • Flashcards are your friend! There are a LOT of terms and concepts in this course, and the last thing you want is to be scrambling to remember the difference between ethnic and universalizing religions when youve only an hour to answer 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • Speaking of scrambling you dont have a ton of time. Practice writing timed essays, because you will only have 75 minutes to write three detailed essays.
  • Brush up on your understanding of charts, graphs, maps, tables, and even satellite images youll need to understand how visual stimuli convey information if you want to do well on this exam. AP® Human Geography is becoming increasingly stimulus-based, and many multiple-choice questions will contain a stimulus.
  • Get interactive! With so many terms, vocabulary, and different models to remember, youll want to really cement that knowledge in there. Doing a project, building a diorama, interacting with others, and getting hands-on can really help you remember the tough and specific concepts that make up this exam.
  • Take advantage of all the resources available to you from online review sessions to office hours with your teachers to Albert practice questions. Youve got this!
  • Unit 6 Cities And Urban Land

    Which keywords would be most effective to find research on the ...

    The Unit 6 focus is Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes which is intended to be taught over 19-20 class periods and has a weighted score of 12-17%.

    6.1 The Origin and Influences of Urbanization6.2 Cities Across the World6.3 Cities and Globalization6.4 The Size and Distribution of Cities6.5 The Internal Structure of Cities6.6 Density and Land Use6.7 Infrastructure6.10 Challenges of Urban Changes6.11 Challenges of Urban Sustainability

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    Many Students Really Enjoy Ap Geography

    I thought the course content was interesting but it really depends who your teacher is and what your class environments like. AP Geography Score: 5

    Fun class, and Interesting Material. AP Human Geography Score: 5

    Even though many say this is one of the easiest AP classes, from my experience, it was probably my favorite of the 6 Ive taken so far! The material is very interesting and easy to grasp, even for a freshman or sophomore. Studying isnt even necessary unless youre pushing for a 5. AP Human Geography Score: 4

    I love politics and social science in general, so I really enjoyed this class. I also do not struggle with memorization so take this advice w/ a grain of salt. This class is very easy if you are dedicated and pay attention. If you have a great teacher like me, studying a lot isnt required. AP Geography Score: 5

    Loved taking this class in school! I didnt read the textbook much at all, but I paid attention, did my school work, and earned a 5! AP Human Geography Score: 5

    This course is fun. Dont stress about it! I loved learning about things that are applicable to everyday life, and I left the class with so much information. The exam was easy, and that is coming from someone who never studied or paid attention in class half of the time. If you can take this, take it. AP Human Geography Score: 5

    Ap Human Geography Multiple Choice Tips

    20. Dissect the question and let the process of elimination guide you to your answer.

    Before making an abrupt decision, read the questions and the answers thoroughly. Use your knowledge of vocabulary and concepts to eliminate the answers which seem incorrect and arrive at the best fit. Look for keywords in the questions which will aid you in know what to put down as your answer. Words like all, except or negation words will help you in determining what the question is asking. Also, pay attention to the use of time and specific places within the questions. This will be a giveaway in specific responses for choosing an answer.

    21. Whatever you do, do not skip questions.

    There is no penalty for answering a question incorrectly. If you are unsure and cannot arrive at an answer by process of elimination, make an educated guess. Skipping a question could only hurt you in the long run.

    22. Review and memorize models.

    Models and graphs are a large part of the AP Human Geography exam. To adequately review make sure you are aware of how to define and identity models based on specific characteristics and charts. Use this list to go over all models covered in AP Human Geography, although it may be excessive it is imperative when preparing for the AP Human Geography exam.

    23. Keep your map and chart skills sharp.

    24. Study with friends.

    25. Manage your time effectively.

    26. Mimic test conditions.

    27. Use as much as possible.

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