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Do You Capitalize Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology

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‘bachelor’s Degree’ Or ‘bachelors Degree’

What Can You Do With Your Psychology Degree? | College and Careers | The Princeton Review

You just got your degree, but how should you write it? Grammar Girl clears up the misunderstanding.

Degrees are singular and possessive: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and associate’s degree.

Dawn wants to know how to write that someone was awarded a degree. Is it “bachelor’s degree,””bachelors degree,” or “bachelor degree”?

If youre getting a college degree, heres one final bit of information that wont be on your finals but will still be good to know: how to write about your achievement. It is singular and possessive.

Can I Get An Online Criminal Justice Degree

Many schools understand the new challenges that face students as the prevalence of working students is on the rise, and therefore have made criminal justice degree online programs more accessible and affordable. Some offer 100% online and some offer a hybrid solution, which is a combination of online and classroom work. An online criminal justice bachelor degree is an ideal solution for working people already in the criminal justice field who need a degree for advancement.

The best online criminal justice degree programs are geared towards educating students on every phase of the criminal justice system from when a person enters the system to the trial. The professors have courtroom or corrections field experience and bring that knowledge to the classroom. The online criminal justice degree offers various specializations to allow students to tailor their degree to their career goals.

What about criminal justice accreditation? With reputable colleges and universities everywhere offering online criminal justice degree programs, its easy to find an accredited criminal justice degree online from some of the most trusted criminal justice schools in the US.

College And University Names

Generally avoid placing The before the name of a college or university. Some colleges and universities have added The to their names . Do not use The with the name of any institution in PSU publications, regardless of the institutions preference:

  • Right: Tony is a graduate of Ohio State University.
  • Right: Charlie holds a doctorate from the University of Alabama.
  • Wrong: Tony is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

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Examples Of When Fields Of Study Are Capitalized

Now that we have discussed the proper English grammar nuances behind capitalizing fields of study, here are some examples to further aid you in your understanding of this:

  • I studied religion at the Department of Religion, Westminster College.
  • I studied English at the Department of English.
  • Im excited to be taking a history course this summer.
  • This summer Ill be taking History 101 at the university.
  • Ill be studying Russian at the local college this summer.
  • I studied the history of France at the Department of History.
  • While I was in college I majored in Language Arts.
  • I studied mechanical engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Penn State.
  • I studied English literature at the Department of English, Duquesne University.
  • I studied the history of America at the Department of History.

Do You Capitalize Fields Of Medicine

careers with a bachelors degree in psychology  What Type ...

The different fields of medicine are also considered common nouns . As such, there is no need to capitalize them.

When Sue graduated from medical school she had to choose between specialties. Her favorites were neurology and cardiology.

This is also true when youre making reference to a section of a medical institution.

  • The hospital is well-known for its cardiology department.
  • I have a friend who is a doctor of cardiology.

The reason why it is written this way is because it isnt a title, its merely a job description. With this in mind you may be wondering if theres ever a case when you should capitalize the specialty and yes there is. Youll obviously want to make sure that its capitalized at the beginning of a sentence but you should also make sure that its capitalized when its being used as a title.

Fred Franklin, M.D., Doctor of Endocrinology

But if youre being less formal:

Fred Franklin is the facilitys doctor of endocrinology.

While this grammatical rule isnt commonly understood, in short there are only a few times when you should capitalize a medical specialty. These same rules also apply to academic fields, which you should only capitalize on rare occasions.

Dr. Stone is a geology professor.

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Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term

Do not capitalize. Do not use semester. Do not use quarter, unless you are distinguishing between a quarter schedule and a semester schedule:

  • The course is taught during fall term.

See Summer Session below.

Lowercase, except when referring to the architectural style or to a proper noun:

  • Federal Housing Administration.

Lowercase except when using as a proper noun. Note the hyphen:

  • Harold is a work-study student.
  • Lucy qualifies for financial aid through the Federal Work-Study Program.

How Do You Sign Your Name With A Masters Degree In Education

How to Abbreviate a Masters of Education

  • Abbreviate a masters of education degree as M. Ed. if the degree name is specified as a masters of education, not in arts or science first.
  • Abbreviate a masters of science in education degree as M.S., M.S. Ed., M.S.E. or M.Sc.
  • Abbreviate a masters of arts in education degree as M.A. or M.A. Ed..
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    Capitalization Of Academic Degrees

    Perhaps youve wondered if and when academic degrees should be capitalized.

    If you read through our Capitalization rules, you will notice that capitalization is sometimes a thorny area. We do not always have hard-and-fast rules to rely on some areas are open to interpretation. This is evident in the area of capitalization of academic degrees as you will see from the different approaches of two of the leading American English reference books:

    The Chicago Manual of Style recommends that names of degrees, fellowships, and the like are lowercased when referred to generically, but to capitalize the name of a degree when it is displayed on a resume, business card, diploma, alumni directory, or anywhere it looks like a title rather than a description. Proper nouns, of course, should still be capitalized.

    Examples:Orlando is pursuing a bachelor of science in civil engineering.Orlando is pursuing a bachelor of arts in English.He introduced Jennifer Miller, Master of Fine Arts.He introduced Master of Fine Arts Jennifer Miller.

    The Associated Press Stylebook recommends no capitals when referring to degrees in general terms but always capitalizing specific degrees . AP is in agreement with CMOS that the field of study be written in lower case except when it contains a proper noun.


    Our recommendation is to pick your resource and then be consistent.

  • The keynote speaker tonight will be Juris Doctor/juris doctor Michael Abercrombie.
  • doctorate in history
  • MS OR M.S.
  • Why Do Komodo Dragon Babies Live In Trees

    Majoring In Psychology: 5 tips every psychology major needs to know

    Baby Komodo dragons are vulnerable to cannibalism by adults, which comprises 10 percent of its diet from comsuming its species young ones. As a result, juveniles spend the beginning of their lives living in trees. Their claws make them ideal climbers, but only when youngthey become too heavy to climb trees as adults.

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    Do You Capitalize Fields Of Study And Majors In College

    In the English language there are some specific rules for capitalization. One of them has to do with whether or not you should capitalize fields of study.

    Do you capitalize fields of study? The simple answer to this is that academic degrees are capitalized only when the full name of the degree is used . When youre discussing the subject matter, the field of study in an informal way, you do not capitalize it.

    Is Doctor Of Philosophy Capitalized

    General references, such as bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, are not capitalized. … Abbreviations such as BA, MS, and PhD should be used in text only when there is a need to identify many people by academic degree and use of the full names would be cumbersome. Note: Do not use periods in these abbreviations.

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    Why Dont We Generally Capitalize Associates Degree

    Remember the basic rules of capitalization that you learned in middle school? Well, they will apply here. The rules of grammar require that we do not capitalize common nouns such as school, house, hospital etc. as they are general names. The term associates degree is also a common noun. There is no particular degree by the name of associates degree. It is simply a generalization. However, when giving the degree a name, then it earns an identity. These are referred to as proper nouns and should, thus, be capitalized.

    Academic Colleges And Departments

    careers with a bachelors degree in psychology  What Type ...


    • Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
    • Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Department of Mathematics and Applied Science
    • Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry
    • Department of Biology


    • School of Social Work
    • Department of Health and Human Performance
    • Department of Psychology
    • Graduate School of Clinical Psychology



    • Portland Seminary


    • Department of History, Sociology and Politics
    • Department of English and Theatre
    • Department of Art and Design
    • Department of Music
    • Department of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts
    • Department of World Languages and Applied Linguistics


    • Department of Business and Economics
    • Graduate School of Business

    A program to assist students who do not meet regular admission standards.

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    Do You Capitalize Bachelors Degree In Psychology

    According to the Associate Press Stylebook you should never capitalize anything that refers to a degree in general terms. However, when you are making reference to a specific degree you should always make sure that its capitalized. It doesnt matter if the phrase directly precedes or follows a name or not. The rule still stands the same.

    Departmental And Office Names

    Departmental and office names are capitalized when written out completely in a formal manner .

    Words such as school, department, office and other common, generic terms are not capitalized when used alone.

    The UTC School of Rock thereafter, the schoolThe Department of Mathematics thereafter, the mathematics department or the math department or the departmentThe Individualized Education Program thereafter, the programThe Center for Economic Education thereafter, the centerThe Office of Registrar thereafter, the registrar office

    Elected Officials and Governing Bodies

    Senate, Congress: Governing bodies are always capitalized:Most Senate incumbents are in favor of the change.

    Capitalize when used as the proper name:U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Congress.

    Capitalize and abbreviate in reference to a member and his or her title:U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann.

    Do not refer to members as, nor use as titles, Congressman or Congresswoman.

    Tennessee General Assembly: Capitalize, but dont capitalize the informal name, Tennessee legislature.

    Capitalize the proper names of the two legislative bodies:Tennessee Senate Tennessee House.

    Capitalize and abbreviate a members title in reference to a specific individual, but otherwise lowercase:

    • We met state Sen. Todd Gardenhire.
    • We met the newly elected state senator.

    Federal, State Lowercase:The program is awaiting state and federal funding.

    G.I. BILL


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    Bachelor Of Science In Psychology

    Do you capitalize bachelor’s degree in psychology?watch more videos for more knowledgedo you capitalize bachelors degree in psychology. To complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you must. General references, such as bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, are not capitalized. Learn more about yourself and how to help others with a bachelor of arts in psychology. Bachelor’s degree programs in psychology offer a range of classes in many different topics. Bachelor’s degree programs in psychology. Clinical psychology bachelor’s programs examine the history of psychology and the many afflictions that clinical psychologists treat.

    Colleges Departments Schools And Offices

    What to do after a PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE (bachelorâs edition)

    Capitalize the formal name of Portland State departments and offices:

    • Jack is walking to the Department of English.
    • The College of Urban and Public Affairs is located in the Urban Center.
    • The Department of Athletics is in the University Center Building.

    But lowercase subsequent references:

    • The School of Business has a superb faculty. Established in 1960, the school is well known for…
    • The Office of Business Affairs is an excellent resource. The office is located in …
    • Millar Library was remodeled in the early 1990s. Since then, the library has …
    • The Department of Geology is located in Cramer Hall. The department has several faculty members.
    • The College of Urban and Public Affairs has established a national reputation. The college is located in the new Urban Center.

    Capitalize informal references:

    • Stan Bronkowski is chair of the Geography Department.
    • Sandra Smith is dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
    • Donald Law is director of Business Affairs.
    • Faculty members from Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, and Political Science formed a weekend basketball league.
    • The Psychology Department is hosting a careers night next week.

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    Geographic Directions And Regions

    Lowercase north, east, south, and west when referring to points on the compass:

    • Cramer Hall is south of Lincoln Hall.
    • Walk east from campus and youll eventually reach the Willamette River.

    Capitalize when referring to specific and well-recognized geographic regions or to a particular regions culture, people, or history:

    • Bill really enjoys living in the West after all those years in the East.
    • I just love these dark and gloomy Pacific Northwest winters!
    • Amy is flying to the East Coast on Saturday.
    • I like the weather in Southern California.
    • I prefer the lifestyle in the south of France.
    • Andy is going to the coast this weekend.
    • Andy is going to the Oregon Coast this weekend.
    • Judy speaks with a Southern accent.
    • Atlanta is a southern city.

    What Is The Use Of M Ed Degree

    A degree in Master of Education opens up ample career opportunities for students in the fields of teaching and education. A postgraduate in MEd can find promising jobs at places such as education consultancies, publishing houses, schools, colleges, coaching centres, research and development agencies, and so on.

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    Criminal Justice Education Requirements

    A bachelors degree in criminal justice at the best colleges for criminal justice and law enforcement is usually a 4-year degree that requires 120 credits. A criminal justice certificate or degree can be the starting point for many careers. A bachelors in criminal justice covers research to criminal law and gives students working knowledge of the court system. This degree also gives the student a deeper understanding of corrections institutions and law enforcement agencies. Students also learn the tools, methods, and institutions deployed within the criminal justice system.

    Some criminal justice degree schools stress theory and research while encouraging scientific inquiry, abstract logical thinking, and critical analysis. Students gain an understanding of the problems of crime and the justice system. Other programs study the issues of crime and justice and how their proper functioning is critical to a healthy society. Students will understand the patterns and causes of crime, along with the challenges that criminal justice agencies face as they attempt to balance control with honoring civil liberties. Students will also study the need for security management as society is facing new safety risks every day and how that impacts the community.

    All students will take general criminal justice courses in areas like

    • Crime scene investigation
    • Ethics
    • Law enforcement procedure

    Capitalizing The Term Psychology

    should you capitalize bachelors degree  What Type Degree

    According to the American Psychological Association , psychology is the branch of science that studies the mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior and emotions. The study of psychology supports itself by statistics and experiences that explain how human beings interact. These statistics and symptoms are found in the Diagnostic & Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders .

    Although the term psychology refers to a science field a branch of studies that deals with human cognitive processing, it is referred to as an overall noun and a common one, so it is written in lowercase.


    • Aaron disagrees with his brothers idea of studying psychology.
    • Meredith decided to apply inverse psychology when training her puppy.
    • Whenever there is a group of people, one can identify psychology principles in action.

    However, just like any other grammar rule, when capitalizing, there are exceptions. In the following sections, we discuss edge cases. These are occasions where one should write the term psychology in capital letters.

    Whenever writing essays, articles, homework, letters, emails, it is best to understand that there are style references that establish those words that one must write in capital letters and under which circumstances.

    These guide references like APA, MLA, AP have had changes in time. Before starting a written work, make sure you are up to date with those changes they could be additions or rules that have become obsolete.

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    Do You Capitalize Majors

    College majors are not capitalized because they are not proper nouns . Only proper nouns are capitalized. For instance youd say, I majored in physics, but flunked Physics 101. In this sentence, the word physics is a generic word but the phrase Physics 101 is used in referring to a specific class.

    This is different when referring to languages because languages are considered to be proper nouns.

    Some people do consider the rule pertaining to whether or not majors should be capitalized to be optional saying that its more of a judgment call. This is why sometimes youll see a person capitalize their field of study or profession and typically nobody will find it objectionable for them to do so. Doing so does help the reader to distinguish what form of the noun the writer is using.

    Heres another way to look at this. When youre discussing the biology of a specific ecosystem you should use the term in whats known as its first definition form. However, if you were to say that your interest in ecosystems led to your career in Biology the capitalization here would be fine.

    Its also important to note that when you see someone create a bulleted list of college majors theyll typically be capitalized.

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