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2017 Cannondale Supersix Evo Geometry

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Cannondale Supersix Evo Geometry

RCUK 100 2017: Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc Ultegra – review

‘Flat backs for flat out rides’ is the way that Cannondale describe the geometry on their SuperSix, and it’s a bike created for racing.

This means a fairly long top tube, with a short stack and a short wheelbase to create nippy handling. The stack and reach on a 56cm measures 56.7cm/39.3cm.

The women’s versions share the same frame – a size 54 with a stack of 55.1cm and reach at 38.7cm, but the women’s models feature compact handlebars and women’s saddles.

The Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 Uses Classic Looks To Disguise Its Throughly Modern Tech Resulting In A Sublime Overall Package

One of the few remaining proponents of traditional, non-compact geometry, Cannondales bikes instantly stand out in the peloton, with the top end SuperSix favoured by the eponymous WorldTour squad. It looks about as simple as you could imagine, with no funny tube shapes, aero profiles, or oversized whatnots. However, with a host of big wins to its name, it doesnt seem to feel the lack of them. In its top-flight build the SuperSix is a hard-punching lightweight and we couldnt wait to see if this more temperately priced version would provide the same hit.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Road Bike

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Recommended Rider Height:5’7″ – 5’10” Sizing Guide

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Why We Love It
  • Power2max NG power meter for accurate power measurements.*
  • New Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Graphene 2.0 tires for performance training in all conditions.
  • New FSA chain for crisp shifting.
  • New handlebar tape for improved comfort & control.
  • Cannondales ultralight race bike
  • Aggressive geometry is fast and nimble
  • Classic BallisTec carbon or premium Hi-MOD carbon frame is light, aero, and responsive
  • Built in SAVE frame compliance offers a smooth ride
  • Recent models have internal cables to reduce drag, and clearance for 30mm tires
  • Small scratches on the top tube, down tube, & inside of the drive side chainstay.
  • Small scratches on the frame, rims, handlebar & seatpost.
  • Small paint chips on the drive side chainstay.
  • Moderate paint chip on the non-drive side seat tube.

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There’s Very Little To Fault In Cannondale’s Super

The Cannondale SuperSix has always been a lightweight frame and the latest Evo Hi-Mod definitely continues the trend.

Lifting the bike up is a definite wow moment as the 6.5kg full bike feels so incredibly light. It makes you wonder if it can possibly be strong and stiff enough to be responsive, but from the first pedal strokes we realised there was no need to worry on that score.

The wireless SRAM Red eTap groupset means no gear cables and Cannondales gone as far as making a bespoke frame that will only work with the new Red eTap groupset, with no drilling for wires.

That shouldnt be too much of a concern, though, as the groupset performs fantastically. Although the shifting is different to what most are used to, its surprising how quickly you adjust to its intuitive system click the right lever to shift up, click the left lever to shift down.

Gear shifts are quick and smooth, and while the battery capacity isnt as high as the Di2 system, the claimed 2,000km range should equate to several weeks or even months for most riders.

We also found the gear shifting very positive, with a clear click providing solid feedback with every button press, while also remaining very light compared to mechanical systems a difficult balancing act to perform.

Braking is good, especially in dry weather, although in the wet performance suffers due to the carbon braking surface.

Race Bikes Average Price

Cannondale Supersix Evo CRB Ultegra Di2

According to our calculations, the average cost of a Race bike that is reliable is 3164$. However, even though the average price of a Race bike is lower, you might still be able to get a top-quality bike. In short, before purchasing your ideal bike do some research about its components, and also check for reviews online.

Furthermore, if we have a quick look at this models cost, we can see that at its release date the price was 3499 USD. Doing a quick comparison, we notice that SuperSix EVO Ultegra Di2 price its 10.59% more expensive than the average cost of a Race bike.

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Putting The Ride Quality Of The Caad12 Disc Into Context

At this point, some readers may be wondering how the CAAD12 compares to other aluminium bikes. Unfortunately, I cant offer any direct comparisons but the fact that the ride quality of the CAAD12 wasnt very far removed from that of the SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD is quite significant.

In absolute terms, Id classify the ride quality of the SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc as reasonably compliant for a race bike, matching Scotts Addict, Canyons third-generation Ultimate CF SLX, and Colnagos C60. Ive come to think of these as riders bikes that are well suited to any terrain with an edge in performance that should satisfy experienced road cyclists.

When shod with stock 25c tyres, the CAAD12 Disc sits just outside of this category, with a ride quality that essentially matches a variety of less compliant race bikes such as BHs Ultralight EVO, Canyons Aeroad CF SLX, and Giants latest iteration for the TCR Advanced. Thats not to say that the CAAD12 is equal with these bikes in every other way, just that the amount of vibration and shock travelling through these bikes is roughly equivalent.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Range

Light, strong, powerful and quick to handle: the race frame in the Cannondale stable available dressed in everything from Shimano 105 to Dura Ace

Race numbers, chequered flags, last lap bells and the Cannondale SuperSix Evo: all quintessential components of traditional road race.

The Cannondale SuperSix Evo aims to be lightweight, whilst still offering race winning power transfer, and the geometry to put the rider in a fairly aggressive stance.

The SuperSix Evo won a place in our Cycling Weekly 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards, as well as winning the 2017 Women’s Bike for the Year title and it was a runner up for Lightweight Bike of the Year in 2016, too.

The flagship race model from Cannondale is now available in a wide range of different iterations.

There’s the most expensive Hi-Mod choices before the standard SuperSix Evo and women’s models – with disc brakes available on a smattering of the choices.

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Will A Mechanic Come To Assemble My Bicycle

Cannondale Supersix Evo 2017 Cut up and Review updated

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Do Road Bicycles Require Regular Service

Road Bicycles can be easily self-maintained at home, with regular cleaning of the Bicycle and greasing of the chain.

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Out On The Road: Comparing The Caad12 Disc With The Supersix Evo Hi

The prospect of comparing the performance of Cannondales finest aluminium and carbon race frames side-by-side was an exciting one. After all, these materials are generally viewed as occupying opposite ends of the ride quality spectrum, even though there is no hard data to support this notion. Nevertheless, popular opinion and anecdotal evidence continue to favour carbon fibre for its exceptional damping capabilities while criticising aluminium for its unnecessary harshness.

Over the course of several weeks, I went from one bike to the other, always making sure that the tyre pressures were consistent, and to keep the variables to a minimum, I swapped one saddle and post combination between the two bikes. Each bike was subjected to a variety of routes and road surfaces, and as the comparison progressed, I started to assess the influence of different tyre widths and wheelsets.

Overall, both bikes proved to be pragmatic race bikes with a great combination of sure and steady handling with sharp and precise steering. Going from one bike to the other, I never noticed a difference in either aspect, so the difference in fork materials and front axles had no obvious effect on the steering and handling. In short, both bikes were well suited to fast and aggressive riding.

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Two Different Frame Materials But Identical Frame Geometry

Buyers looking at the CAAD12 Disc and SuperSixEVO Disc will find that there are nine frame sizes on offer. Those riders that are either very short or tall will be pleased to see 44cm and 63cm frames. Importantly, the geometry for the two bikes is identical, plus it matches the rim-brake versions, as set out in the table below:

With that said, there is one minor difference between the two bikes: the CAAD12 Disc has a horizontal top tube for all frame sizes by contrast, the top tube of the SuperSix EVO Disc has a very subtle slope, and hence the seat tube is a little shorter for some frame sizes as shown in Cannondales detailed geometry charts for the CAAD12 Disc and SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc.

Otherwise, the two bikes share the same short rear end and relatively short head tube for a reasonably aggressive fit. That fit is moderated a little by the 25mm tall headset bearing cap that is supplied with each bike, though in the case of the SuperSix EVO Disc, there is a second essentially flat cap included , so buyers have of choice of using one or the other.

Almost all of the weight difference between the two bikes can be attributed to the framesets. Cannondales numbers show that the SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc frame is 267g lighter than the CAAD12 Disc frame, leaving just a handful of grams to be shared amongst the fork and components. Interestingly, the FSA SLK crankset was actually lighter than the HollowGram Si crankset .

Cannondale Supersix Evo Componentry

2017 Cannondale SuperSix EVO

Cannondale doesn’t just do frame technology – it created the now industry wide BB30 and it makes its own Si chainsets and HollowGram wheelsets.

The Si chainsets are known for being stiff, and on the upper end of the range they become Si HollowGram, at which point they’re stiff and incredibly light. The bikes at the top of the tree come with the Cannondale HollowGram SiSL2 crankset, which retails at close to £1k on its own, so it’s a component of note with a claimed weight of 483g vs a Dura Ace version which comes in at 609g.

For 2019, Cannondale has added a pre-installed Power2Max power meter to some of the top end models.

Cannondale uses its own HollowGram wheels on some models, but speccing Mavic and Fulcrum hoops where they better fit the overall package and price.

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Cannondale Supersix Evo Disc Ultegra Review

New disc equipped race machine from Connecticut

Latest deals

Our review

Ben Healy/Immediate MediaBen Healy/Immediate Media

We got to try out the Hi-Mod disc back in the summer of 2016, and came away mightily impressed. For 2017, Cannondale has trickled down the tech to a non-Hi-Mod chassis, which adds 201g to the frame weight , while the addition of flat mounts, hydraulic routing and material reworking only adds 50g over the non-disc version.

Where Cannondale has got it so right with this disc incarnation is that its retained the geometry from the superb standard Evo, so you get that same sharpness at the front end.

On fast stretches, corners, and barreling down descents the front end feels totally planted, its unwavering nature enables you to hold your line and really exploit every bit of speed of your terrain.

Under pedaling the frame is rock solid, so you feel every bit of effort at the wheels with no losses. Some will bemoan the Evos lack of a rear thru-axle , but I honestly couldnt feel any discernible difference between the back end of the Evo and any of the thru-axle equipped bikes tested as part of this years Road Bike of the Year.

In fact, the Evos back end feels as tight and solid as anything Ive tried, and you get the bonus of simpler rear wheel removal and refitting.

Ben Healy/Immediate MediaBen Healy/Immediate Media

Latest deals

Supersix Evo: Making Way For Disc Brakes

The SuperSix EVO owes much of its DNA to the work done by Peter Denk leading up to the launch of the bike for 2012. With a background rich in composites experience, Denk set about overhauling the SuperSix, Cannondales first all-carbon race chassis. The result was an ultralight frameset boasting significant improvements in almost all regards.

The company revisited the SuperSix EVO for 2016 this time without the help of Denk, who had moved on to establish his own composites consultancy and managed a variety of refinements. These included a 21% increase in the compliance of the fork, 36% increase in saddle deflection , and an extra 15% vertical deflection was added to the rear triangle.

At the same time, the torsional stiffness of the frame was increased by 12% at the head tube and 11% at the bottom bracket .

All of these refinements were achieved without any weight penalties. Indeed, Cannondales engineers managed to trim 65g from the combined weight for the combined frame, fork, headset, and seatpost. At the time of release, however, there was no disc brake version of the SuperSix EVO like there was for the CAAD12, but the company was working on it.

Coming up with the disc brake version of the SuperSix EVO was a fairly major undertaking. The frame and forks had to be re-engineered to contend with the braking forces associated with disc brakes and new moulds were required to accommodate the change in rear hub spacing and new cable routes.

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Caad1: Saving Weight And Adding Compliance To An Alloy Road Chassis

Cannondale is proud of the CAAD12, boldly proclaiming that it is the finest alloy racing bike ever made. Given the companys devotion to the material and the history of its accomplishments, Im not inclined to argue with them. But as a niche market that has largely been ignored by the majority of major manufacturers, theres room for the cynics to argue that there isnt much competition for that title.

Nevertheless, there is no indication that Cannondale has been resting on its laurels or is about to give up on the potential of aluminium alloy. The new chassis continues with 6069 aluminium alloy that was first adopted for the CAAD10. Its a relatively new formulation that is significantly stronger than 6061. As a result, Cannondales engineers were able to save 200g by adopting 6069 for the CAAD10.

This time around, the weight savings are ~50g for the frame and up to 200g for the so-called system compared to the CAAD10. What is more interesting is that the weights for rim- and disc-brake versions of the CAAD12 are essentially identical: 1,098g for the rim-brake frame versus 1,094g for the disc version .

Cannondales engineers also managed to increase the stiffness of the CAAD12 in key areas. Subtle changes to the shape of the headtube increased front-end stiffness by 10% while a switch from a BB30 bottom bracket shell to BB30A improved stiffness in this region by 13%.

Average Price For Race Bikes

2017 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi Mod Bike Check

If you want to purchase a solid Race bike, it is important to know that the average cost its 3164$. However, paying less money than this amount doesnt mean that you couldnt get a great Race bike. To sum up, when you purchase your bike, make sure to check if it has reviews, and also do some components research.

At the moment of the release date, Cannondale SuperSix EVO Disc Ultegra price was 2999 USD. Comparing the average cost of a Race bike to this one, you will see that SuperSix EVO Disc Ultegra price its 5.5% lower.

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