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Common Core Geometry Unit 8 Lesson 1

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Common Core Algebra 1 Unit : Functions

Common Core Geometry.Unit #8.Lesson #1.Similar Right Triangles

Four lessons make up Unit 8 in the Flipped Math Algebra 1 module. Each lesson contains an instructional video, practice sets, and corrective assignments. The first lesson looks at function notation, domain, and range. The video presentation uses grocery store prices as an example to explain the concept of a function. Pupils determine whether mappings are functions or not and find the domain and range. They evaluate functions with different inputs expressed in function notation. Next, pupils watch a video presentation starting with vocabulary on properties of a graph of a function. They then use the vocabulary to find key features of graphs of a function. The third lesson in the series teaches viewers how to graph and determine the equation and values of piecewise functions. The fourth has scholars using a graphing calculator to find the solution to an equation in one variable. The Unit 8 review has pupils work through 31 items to review the concepts learned in the unit. Scholars determine whether a mapping is a function and identify the domain and range. Using function notation, individuals then evaluate functions to solve problems. They also use graphs to find key features of functions, solve equations, and display piecewise functions.

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