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What Is Fg In Physics

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How Is Information Related To Energy In Physics

Physics Flip Class – Forces (General) and Fg

I recently attended a talk by Dr. Ravi Gomatam on quantum reality, where the speaker suggested, that conservation of energy is not a fundamental law, and is conditional, but the conservation of information is fundamental. What exactly is the meaning of information? Can it be quantified? How is it related to energy?

If one measures lack of information by the entropy , and equates it with the entropy in thermodynamics then the laws of thermodynamics say just the opposite: In a mechanically, chemically and thermally isolated system described in the hydrodynamic approximation, energy is conserved whereas entropy can be created, i.e., information can get lost.

The main stream view in physics is that on the most fundamental level energy is conserved , while entropy is a concept of statistical mechanics that is applicable only to macroscopic bodies and constitutes an approximation, though at the human scale a very good one.

$H=-\sum_j p_j \log p_j$

If the base of the logarithm is 2, H is in bits. How this relates to the smallest defining document for the string is defined in Shannons noiseless coding theorem.

$S_ = S_ + M$

See also this answer, for an excellent description of entropy changes an irreversible change. The question is also relevant to you.

Physics Of Archery: The Science Explained

Here, were going to look at the physics of archery. Well do that by looking at what it takes to become an archery superhero. You see, being a superhero is more than just having a cool outfit, you have to know some basic physics. For those advanced physics students, I think youll also find this explanation useful.

For Illness Pain Inflammation Stress Energy Clarity And More Quantum Physics Frequency Healing

Imagine your doctor scanning your body with a device to detect illness, disease, and energy blockages. This may sound a little futuristic but, the concept of quantum, spiritual, energy healing is centuries old. Bioenergetic meditation is one of the methods that has culminated from this beneficial collision of quantum physics and ancient healing.

Looking for spiritual energy healers near me? Want to learn more and understand the benefits of energy healing? From quantum physics to bioenergetic fields and meditation, plus who to contact are below.

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Fel And Fg Interaction


Praestrigiator said:The biggest problem i see is that in replacing protons with electrons reduces both repulsive Fel and attractive Fg

Praestrigiator said:I did the math and figured that Fel between two protons at 1 mm is 2.307E-22 N, and the Fg at the same distance is 1.867E-36 obviously these values change with the number of protons, and distance. this is an issue because I’m trying to imagine a hypothetical object as charged as possible while still held together by gravity. Assuming uniform distribution of protons and electrons, how many electrons are needed to make The repulsive force of Fel less than the attractive force of gravity on an object primarily comprised of protons?

Bear With Me Were Almost Therea Few More Facts First

Fe vs. Fg for 2 Protons

The bottom line is this. Everything that exists, whether nature, sound, colors, oxygen, the wind, thoughts, emotions, the chair your sitting in, your house, your car, your physical body, the stars, your dog, your ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, etc. etc., exists and is only made possible as a result of this verysame energy.

ONE and the same energy.

Now before I reveal and get to the granddaddy discovery of ALL the potential benefits, lets get back to the disagreement between Einstein and Young regarding energy being waves or particles.

This since resolved disagreement is known today as wave/particle duality.

This is where Quantum Physics gets REALLY exciting, potentially transformational and what some might perceive to be either REALLY REALLY AWESOME, or REALLY REALLY weird!!

If it seems weird to you, its ONLY because the perception of weirdness stems from what weve been taught in traditional education venues. Ill assure you, that form of education only provides, at best, a very limited world view of a much greater and far more PROFOUND picture of how life unfolds.

And because it is so limited nature, its also WHY so many believe that the events, conditions and circumstances that we each experience in life happen in a less than profound kind of way!!

Quantum Physics is FAR different and far more expansive than ANYTHING learned in traditionalschool to this pointno doubt.

Were getting there I PROMISE.

Ok, back to wave/particle duality.

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Calculating The Force Of Gravity On Earth

  • 1Understand Newtonâs Second Law of Motion, F = ma. Newtonâs second law of motion states that any object will accelerate when acted upon by a net or unbalanced force.XResearch source In other words, if a force is acting upon an object that is greater than the forces acting in the opposite direction, the object will accelerate in the direction of the larger force.
  • This law can be summed up with the equation F = ma, where F is the force, m is the mass of the object, and a is acceleration.
  • Using this law, we can calculate the force of gravity of any object on the surface of the earth, using the known acceleration due to gravity.
  • 2Know the acceleration due to gravity on earth. On earth, the force of gravity causes objects to accelerate at a rate of 9.8 m/s2. On the earthâs surface, we can use the simplified equation Fgrav = mg to calculate the force of gravity.
  • If you want a more exact approximation of force, you can still use the above equation, Fgrav = /d2 to determine force of gravity.
  • 3Use the proper metric units. For this particular equation, you must use metric units. The mass of the object needs to be in kilograms and the acceleration needs to be in meters per second squared . You must convert to these units before continuing with the calculation.
  • Letâs use the same equation from above and see how close the approximation is. Determine the force of gravity on a 68 kg person on the surface of the earth.
  • Write your equation. Fgrav = mg = 68*9.8 = 666 N.
  • Case : A Hollow Spherical Shell

    The gravitational force acting by a spherically symmetric shell upon a point mass inside it, is the vector sum of gravitational forces acted by each part of the shell, and this vector sum is equal to zero. That is, a mass \text within a spherically symmetric shell of mass \text, will feel no net force .

    The net gravitational force that a spherical shell of mass \text exerts on a body outside of it, is the vector sum of the gravitational forces acted by each part of the shell on the outside object, which add up to a net force acting as if mass \text is concentrated on a point at the center of the sphere .

    Diagram used in the proof of the Shell Theorem: This diagram outlines the geometry considered when proving The Shell Theorem. In particular, in this case a spherical shell of mass \text exerts a force on mass \text outside of it. The surface area of a thin slice of the sphere is shown in color.

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    Which Bow Is Best

    Todays superheroes in the movies equip themselves for their super adventures using one of these three styles of bows. So how does Hollywood or the superhero choose which bow is right for their super adventure? Each bow has its own combination of advantages and limitations. Thats a function of their design and the physics of how the bow shoots an arrow as they relate to our human anatomy. And understanding all that is the key to understanding why a superhero, or you for that matter, would select a certain type of bow to use in different types of archery.

    The differences in how these three types of bows store and release energy in shooting an arrow present interesting series of questions for us to explore and answer in our quest to understand which bow is best. Here is a short little video where Hazen and Rob practice shooting with both types of bows.

    Calculating The Force Of Gravity Between Two Objects

    Fg = mg Practice Problem | Finding the mass of an Object using Fg = mg | Educational Physics Video
  • 1Define the equation for the force of gravity that attracts an object, Fgrav = /d2.XResearch source In order to properly calculate the gravitational force on an object, this equation takes into account the masses of both objects and how far apart the objects are from each other. The variables are defined below.
  • Fgrav is the force due to gravity
  • G is the universal gravitation constant 6.673 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2XResearch source
  • m1 is the mass of the first object
  • m2 is the mass of the second object
  • d is the distance between the centers of two objects
  • Sometimes you will see the letter r instead of the letter d. Both symbols represent the distance between the two objects.
  • 2Use the proper metric units. For this particular equation, you must use metric units. The masses of objects need to be in kilograms and the distance needs to be in meters . You must convert to these units before continuing with the calculation.
  • 3Determine the mass of the object in question. For smaller objects, you can weigh them on a scale or balance to determine their weight in grams. For larger objects, you will have to look-up the approximate mass in a table or online. In physics problems, the mass of the object will generally be provided to you.
  • 4Measure the distance between the two objects. If you are trying to calculate the force of gravity between an object and the earth, you need to determine how far away the object is from the center of the earth.XResearch source
  • Write your equation: Fgrav = /d2 = /2
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    All About What Is Fg In Physics

    For a ski with a huge side cut to carve, it has to be pressed a very long way to the snow before the edge is Discover More in fact on the snow surface. Occasionally it will become essential to study the motion of a single body relative to some other body thats also moving relative to the ground. A roller coaster gets dangerous when the body goes through a increased quantity of gs then they can handle through an elongated time.

    To create the distinction clear, consider the flow rate of a river. All sound waves travel with the exact same speed in air no matter their frequency. After the speed doesnt change its constant.

    Your browser URL address line will let you know the origin of the website and its material. So as to effectively utilize completely free body digram to analyze a human bodys motion you have to be accomplish four skills. Consider the next example.

    The slope of the graph offers you information, like the velocity. Graphs are essentially pictures of equations. Within this circumstance, two equations could possibly be utilized to address the issue.

    There are 3 key kinematic equations. Displacement is measured with reference to a particular point. Based on the frame of reference, the velocity can be defined with a number of mathematical concepts necessary for making the right analysis.

    Objects Fall At The Same Rate

    The most outstanding characteristic of gravity is the fact that all objects fall at the same rateassuming the effect of air resistance is negligible. This is because the acceleration due to gravity, g, is a constant for all objects, no matter what their mass.

    This seems counterintuitive, since you would expect a heavy object to fall faster than an object that weighed less. But it is a fact. Try dropping two objects at the same time, from the same height, making sure they are heavy enough not to be affected by air resistance. You will see they hit the ground at the same time.

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    Energy Healing Yesterday And Today

    This is not an entirely new discovery only the application is new. For centuries, energy healing has been a fundamental aspect of good mental, physical, and spiritual health. Ancient people, such as the Indian Brahmin, South American shamans and traditional Chinese healers have all worked with the bioenergetic field of the human body.Take, for example, Indian Brahmin priests. They conducted rituals and energy healing with the use of chanting, bells, drums, fire, water, and chakra meditation. What they were doing was activating the human bodys energy field the bodys life force energy .

    Chakra mediation cleanses the life force in a similar way, which is why these two methods pair well together. Learn more about chakra meditation here.

    How To Calculate Force Of Gravity


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    Gravity is one of the fundamental forces of physics. The most important aspect of gravity is that it is universal: all objects have a gravitational force that attracts other objects to them.XResearch source The force of gravity acting on any object is dependent upon the masses of both objects and the distance between them.XResearch source

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    But It Gets Even Better Than That

    With that being the case why havent you become aware of it until now? If Quantum Physics has existed and these facts known for that long of a period, why wouldnt you already know about it?

    WellUnless you have taken an advanced college course in quantum physics you couldnt know about it. Why? Simply because you have been inundated with many partial truths and in many cases, programmed, conditioned and limited by totally false beliefs and understandings of how things truly work since you were a child.

    In fact as mentioned above, most public education systems today in many parts of the world still teach the long since outdated Newtonian Physics theory in their schools.

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    Weight And Mass On The Moon

    The value for gm is approximately 1/6 of the value for g on Earth. Thus, an object on the Moon would weigh about 1/6 of its weight on Earth.

    Using a spring scale, if you weigh 60 kg on the Earth, you would weigh only 10 kg on the Moon. However, using a balance scale on both Earth and the Moon, your mass would be the same.

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    How To Use The Gravity Formula

  • Find out the mass of the first object. Let’s choose Earth – its mass is equal to 5.972×1024 kg. You can enter this large number into the calculator by typing 5.972e24.
  • Find out the mass of the second object. Let’s choose the Sun – it weighs 1.989×1030 kg, approximately the same as 330,000 Earths.
  • Determine the distance between two objects. We will choose the distance from Earth to Sun – about 149,600,000 km.
  • Enter all of these values into the gravitational force calculator. It will use the gravity equation to find the force.
  • You can now read the result. For example, the force between Earth and Sun is as high as 3.54×1022 N.
  • It Explains The Universes Large

    Fg_Force due to gravity_ Fnet example 1 part 1

    Our best theory of the universes origin is the Big Bang. Yet it was modified in the 1980s to include another theory called inflation. In the first trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second, the cosmos ballooned from smaller than an atom to about the size of a grapefruit. Thats a whopping 10^78 times bigger. Inflating a red blood cell by the same amount would make it larger than the entire observable universe today.

    As it was initially smaller than an atom, the infant universe would have been dominated by quantum fluctuations linked to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Inflation caused the universe to grow rapidly before these fluctuations had a chance to fade away. This concentrated energy into some areas rather than others something astronomers believe acted as seeds around which material could gather to form the clusters of galaxies we observe now.

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    How Do You Find The Weight

    Weight is a measure of the force of gravity pulling down on an object. It depends on the objects mass and the acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.8 m/s2 on Earth. The formula for calculating weight is F = m × 9.8 m/s2, where F is the objects weight in Newtons and m is the objects mass in kilograms.

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    Acceleration Due To Gravity

    The acceleration due to the force of gravity on Earth is designated by g. Its value is:

    g = 9.807 meters per second-squared in the metric or SI system of measurement

    g = 32.2 feet per second-squared in the English system of measurement

    Note: Since most textbooks use g = 9.8 m/s2 and 32 ft/s2, we will also use the rounded-off version in these lessons.

    In the equation F = mg, you must use the same measurement system for mass, m, as you do for g.

    Note: Some textbooks carelessly define g as the acceleration of gravity. That is incorrect and misleading, since gravity does not accelerate. The expression should be the acceleration due to gravity, which is correct description of g.

    Care must be taken in defining scientific terms.

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