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How To Read Geography Ncert For Upsc

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How To Read Ncert For Upsc

How To Prepare Geography From NCERTs for UPSC CSE/IAS 2017 by Arpita Prakash (Educator)

There is no one way to read NCERTs for UPSC. You can adopt any of the approaches that you deem fit and start with your UPSC preparation.

  • You can choose any subject first and then, start from class 6 to 12 for that particular subject book. However, according to the weightage and simplicity of the syllabus, it is best to start with Indian Polity NCERT books for UPSC.
  • In your first reading, try to understand the basic concepts, and then in the second reading, you can make your own notes.
  • You can also skip the note-making process of NCERT books for UPSC. Just supplement your NCERT reading with the CL-NCERT compilations and make necessary notes right there. In that case, youâll have succinct NCERT revision notes ready with you for multiple revisions!
  • Generally, for history, the old NCERT books are recommended and, for geography, new ones. However, our NCERT compilations are in tune with the UPSC preparation needs. So, even if you are not able to get the NCERT books for UPSC, you can rely on these.
  • Once youâve curated the list of books, then prepare a time schedule to finish your NCERTs reading in about 2-months time. It is imperative to understand the NCERTs are the basic foundational books that are a must-read. However, make sure to finish at least two readings of NCERT books for UPSC in 2 monthsâ time

How To Read Ncert Books For Upsc Preparation Heres The Complete Guide You Should Follow

NCERT Books for UPSC form the major part of the syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services Examinations. So every aspirant falls back or should fall back on the basic NCERT books. However, though each aspirant reads the same books, there are some top rank holders and then there are others who dont even make it through the first stage or Prelims. So what differentiates these two sets of candidates? The difference, therefore, is not in what they are reading, but how they are reading it.

So what exactly is expected out of you in the UPSC Exams as far as the knowledge on the subjects is concerned? It is expected that you have a thorough understanding of the subject, that you understand the reasoning associated with each topic and that you remember the important facts of the subject. It is also expected that you are able to reproduce all this in the answers as required during the examination.

Upsc : Why Are Ncerts Needed

NCERTs are said to be a must-read for all the UPSC aspirants for the following reasons:

  • These books consist of everything in short giving the candidates an idea of what lies ahead.
  • The NCERTs are the books on which UPSC has based its syllabus.
  • NCERTs contain the most authentic information on the subject they are of.
  • The basic information in the NCERTs provides a basis for the students to study in the textbooks.
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    What To Read From Ncerts

    • In the history books, read it from the prelims and mains perspective in different ways, however, common to both is the TIMELINE. Therefore here factual knowledge is very important along with some contextual memory.
    • Geography NCERTs: Treat them as the bible for the geography section of the prelims and the mains examination. Learn all the maps, rivers, mountain ranges, passes etc.
    • Art and culture NCERT of the 11th standard is very important for the mains examination and it covers the art and culture section of the GS-1.
    • Polity NCERT: Dont make notes from here just read it as an important book for the Essay writing exercise of the Mains examination. It is more on the philosophical lines that the factual one and UPSC asks mostly factual questions.
    • Sociology NCERTs will provide the idea that how our society is continuously evolving into new moving equilibrium and there are many conflicts, may perspectives and the explanation to the many social factors especially issues related to the women, children, caste, class, deprived section of the society etc. Therefore read them according to the GS-1 mains syllabus and its society part.
    • Environment and Biology NCERTs are important because every year there will be 10-15 questions will be from this area.

    How To Read Ncert Effectively For Upsc Cse Ias Preparation

    How to read NCERT Geography Books for UPSC civil service ...

    In the last post, we discussed that it is important to complete NCERTs in the first phase of preparation. So here in this post, I will tell you how to read NCERTs effectively for UPSC.

  • First, we will discuss > Do we need to read NCERTs for UPSC IAS Preparation?
  • Secondly, we will talk about which NCERTs we have to read for which subject?
  • Thirdly, we will discuss how to read NCERTs, i.e. what will a be method to read?
  • Fourth, we will discuss how to make Notes from NCERTs?
  • And finally, do we have to read all the topics from a book or selective reading?
  • If you are here without watching the video I would highly recommend you to watch the video first

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    Ncert Books For Upsc In Hindi & English

    UPSC CSE Books 2022: UPSC CSE Notification 2022 has been released. Candidates can now apply for UPSC IAS Prelims Exam 2022 from February 2, 2022. Aspirants preparing for the IAS Prelims Exam must be well versed with the syllabus and exam pattern of the Prelims Exam.

    A clear understanding of the UPSC Exam pattern and IAS Prelims Syllabus will help you prepare a comprehensive study plan for the upcoming IAS Exam 2022. The most important resource for your UPSC CSE Exam preparation is NCERT Books for UPSC, Below mentioned is the list of NCERTs for UPSC along with the details about which NCERT books to read for UPSC and download link for NCERT books in both English & Hindi.

    Here is the full list of NCERT Books for UPSC in Hindi and English. NCERT Books are essential for the preparation of all competitive exams. These books are considered as the most authentic source for any information which is asked in the government examination like IAS, UPPSC, RAS, MPPSC, BPSC, and other govt exams.

    Most of the students find difficulty in searching for NCERT solutions of the books which are important for their UPSC exam preparation. They always look for a platform where they can get all the important books for UPSC Exam Preparation in one spot. As per students’ request, we are providing subject-wise old and new PDFs of NCERT Books for UPSC in Hindi & English below.

    Are Ncert Books Important For Upsc Which Ncerts Books Should I Read

    There is a saying that a strong building cant be constructed on a weak foundation. NCERT books are the foundation for a strong and thorough preparations for CSE.

    Why is reading NCERT books important for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

    In sync with UPSC syllabus: NCERT books extensively cover the syllabus of UPSC civil services exam. On an analysis of UPSC previous years question papers, one will also find that many questions have been asked directly from the NCERT books. Also, the simplicity of their writing style and language is to be learnt to answer questions in UPSC Mains.

    Lend conceptual clarity: NCERT books are written in a very simple and easy to understand manner which makes understanding concepts easy. That is why NCERT books are considered the first step in UPSC Civil Services exam preparation.

    Authentic source of information: NCERT book are prepared by experts after extensive research and that makes them error free. Facts and information contained in NCERT books is to be considered as true and correct.

    But it is also to be kept in mind that every book and every chapter of NCERT is not relevant for UPSC Civil Services Exam. The approach to read NCERT books should be subject wise in accordance with the prescribed UPSC syllabus . Look at the UPSC syllabus, identify the list of topics to be covered and then do a systematic reading of NCERT books.

    Here is a list of NCERT and other standard reference books which will help beginners form a strong foundation:

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    Geography For Upsc: Books

    To ease your research for preparations, we have curated a list of important books you must have on your table while preparing for Geography for UPSC.

    Geography for UPSC: Books
    NCERT Class XI Fundamentals of Physical GeographyNCERT Class XI India-Physical Environment
    NCERT Class XII Fundamentals of Human GeographyNCERT Class XII India-People and Economy
    Certificate Physical And Human Geography Indian Edition by Goh Cheng Leong

    You can also read our blog on NCERT Books For UPSC Exams.

    Subject Wise Upsc Preparation Books From Ncert Books Catalog For Ias

    How to read NCERTs & the approach to study them | UPSC CSE/IAS | Let’s Crack UPSC CSE | Roman Saini

    The UPSC Syllabus for Civil Services Prelims and Mains examination is comprehensive and requires a lot of information sources to address the challenges of the UPSC question paper adequately. Here, we are giving the list of NCERT books for IAS 2021 Prelims & Mains Examination. This UPSC book list drawn from the NCERT Book Catalog will help the aspirants to prepare for the exam thoroughly. This list includes books for UPSC prelims and books for IAS mains. The download link for all essential NCERT books for UPSC IAS is given at the end of the article.

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    How To Read Ncert Books For Upsc

    Now that we have covered why you should read NCERT books, lets move on to how you should read NCERT books:

  • Class Wise: The first method is reading all the books class-wise starting from Std. 6th. This is an excellent way to read specifically for the exams when you have a time constraint.
  • Subject Wise: The second method is to read the NCERT books subject-wise. In this method, you pick up one particular subject and read all the books from class 6 to 12.
  • Which is the best method?

    According to my experience and many others, the best method is to read them subject-wise as you will get your concepts clear and also retain the information much longer.

    Read NCERT books subject wise for exam preparation- swim with the flow. If you read NCERT books subject wise you will understand the subject quickly, and your basic knowledge gets more substantial, and concepts get clearer. In contrast, if you read NCERT books by the first method, i.e. class-wise, you will get less knowledge because this method creates gaps between the same subject.

    To understand the above question understand this simple logic-

    More time =more memory loss

    Less time =more memory

    • Start your IAS preparation from class 6 NCERT books.
    • Choose any subject of your interest.
    • Complete all chapters from the chosen subject in the targeted time.
    • Move on to another class.
    • Then, in the same way, read all the books up to class 12 and complete the subject.
    • Repeat the same process with another subject in the same way.

    Optional Paper Ii: Geography Of India

    Paper-II for Geography for UPSC can be said to be slightly more comprehensive though the difficulty level does not vary. Broad concepts tested are:

    Physical Setting Indian Monsoons, Disaster: Floods, Cyclones, Climatic Regions etc
    Land, Water, Energy, Minerals, Forest, Wildlife, Conservation etc
    Infrastructure, Industry, Land, Cropping Patterns, Green & White Revolution, Agro-climatic Zones etc
    Industry History of Industries, New Industrial Policy, Special Economic Zones, Factors of Occurrence of Jute, Cotton, Paper, Fertiliser, Textile, Iron, Cottage, Agricultural Industries, etc.
    Export Processing Zones, Contemporary Roles in Regional Development, Indian Space Program, etc
    Cultural Setting Indian Society, Linguistics, Minorities, Tribes and Tribal Areas, Cultural Regions, Population & Demography, etc
    History of Planning, Five Year Plans, Rural Development Programmes, Panchayati Raj, Decentralised Planning, Regional Planning, etc
    Political Aspects History of Reorganisation of States, Inter-state Issues and Acts, Geo-Politics of South Asia & Indian Ocean, International Borders, Cross-border Terrorism, etc
    Ecological Issues, Environment Impact & Assessment, Food Security, Sustainable Growth,

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    Ncert Books For General Studies Paper I

    • UPSC Preparation Books from NCERT History Books:
    • History: NCERT Class VI Our Past
    • History: NCERT Class VII Our Past -I
    • History: NCERT Class VIII Our Past II and III
    • History: NCERT Class IX India and the Contemporary World I
    • History: NCERT Class IX India and the Contemporary World II
    • History: NCERT Class X Themes In World History
    • History: NCERT Class XII Themes In Indian History I
    • History: NCERT Class XII Themes in Indian History II
    • History: NCERT Class XII Themes In Indian History III
    • NCERT Books about Indian Society for UPSC exam:
    • Indian Society: NCERT Class VI Social Science: Social & Political Life I
    • Indian Society: NCERT Class VII Social Science: Social & Political Life II
    • Indian Society: NCERT Class VIII Social Science: Social & Political Life III
    • Indian Society: NCERT Class XI Sociology: Understanding Society
    • Indian Society: NCERT Class XII Indian Society
    • Indian Society: NCERT Class XII Social Change and Development in India
    • IAS aspirants can also refer the class 12 book for Sociology.
  • NCERT Indian Art and Culture books for UPSC:
  • Art & Culture: NCERT Class XI An Introduction to Indian Art
  • Art & Culture: NCERT Class XI Living Craft Traditions of India
  • UPSC Preparation Books from NCERT Geography Books for IAS:
  • Geography: NCERT Class VI The Earth Our Habitat
  • Geography: NCERT Class VII Our Environment
  • Geography: NCERT Class VIII Resource and Development
  • Geography: NCERT Class IX Contemporary India I
  • How To Prepare Geography For Upsc

    Complete list of NCERT books needed for UPSC preparation ...

    Heres a time-tested strategy to begin your preparation for geography UPSC:

  • Prepare from NCERTs: Start your preparation with NCERT books of class 8th to 12th. It will set your base strong. Also, questions straight from NCERT are being asked in the UPSC exam.
  • Relevant Books: Books like Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong and Geography of India by Majid Hussain are some suggested books.
  • Previous Year Question Papers: Go for solving questions from previous papers. This will help in identifying vital topics and for revision purposes.
  • Mock Tests: Mock tests allow students to assess the preparation and identify the areas of weakness you must work on.
  • Current Affairs: Read newspapers and for that matter have online applications of current affairs to keep yourself updated.
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    About Legacy Ias Academy

    Legacy IAS Academy , best IAS academy in Bangalore, had its inception with the synergies of a group of efficient tutors, which included veteran IAS/IPS/IRS officers, Academics and extraordinary tutors. LIA, as the name suggests, is an outcome of some inspiring work in the field of Civil Services tutoring. As an abode of knowledge, LIA today intends to build on the legacy of its successes and continue to help aspirants realise their dreams of becoming a part of Civil Services community. It is considered by many as the best IAS coaching in Bangalore.

    Is Ncert Geography Book Sufficient For Upsc Preparation

    There are ample benefits of going through the NCERT books for the UPSC preparation of Geography. It is foremostly important to opt for the NCERT books to have better preparation levels. All the important topics of the subject are covered perfectly in the NCERT books.

    The candidates for the UPSC exam have to purchase these books and study them thoroughly. It will increase your knowledge in every field and concept. It will give you the learning of every topic from class 6 to 12 which will prove to be profitable for your scores. This article contains NCERT books for you.

    Geography NCERT Books for UPSC

    Here is the list of the significant NCERT books that you must have to grasp every bit of the topics.

    #1. Geography: NCERT Class VI The Earth Our Habitat.

    #2. Geography: NCERT Class VII Our Environment.

    #3. Geography: NCERT Class VIII Resource and Development.

    #4. Geography: NCERT Class IX Contemporary India I.

    #5. Geography: NCERT Class X Contemporary India II.

    #6. Geography: NCERT Class XI Fundamentals of Physical Geography.

    #7. Geography: NCERT Class XI India Physical Environment.

    #8. Geography: NCERT Class XII Fundamentals of Human Geography.

    #9. Geography: NCERT Class XII India People and Economy.

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    Is Geography Hard For Upsc

    Read more on UPSC Geography Syllabus:

    Geography Optional for UPSC

    Studying Geography requires a thorough understanding of the structure of the earth and how natural processes interact with the Earths crust. Based on this knowledge, aspirants should build up knowledge on various aspects of geography such as the location of geographical features, climate, flora and fauna and their interaction with humans, along with related topics such as soil and resource distribution.

    To get important UPSC Notes for civil services, visit the link now!

    IAS General Studies Notes Links

    What To Do While Reading Ncert For Upsc:

    NCERT Geography Class 7 – Explained through MCQs for UPSC CSE/IAS Exam – Part 1 – By Roman Saini
    • Give multiple readings so as to be well known with the concepts.
    • Dont try skipping any chapter, as each of the topics is related to one another.
    • Underline or highlight the concepts you find important in accordance with the UPSC Syllabus and Previous year papers.
    • Also, solve the exercises given at the end of each chapter.
    • You should read the chapters smoothly and make yourself comfortable with the concepts you read.
    • Make short rough notes while you read so that you can retain for long and interlink the concepts as you go on reading.
    • Interlink and correlate daily events like reading newspapers, listening to the news, Government schemes, poverty alleviation programs, latest developments in all the spheres mentioned in the syllabus.
    • Cement the learning from reading these NCERTs with the current affairs.
    • Internalize the concepts than just reading. A deep, clear, and interlinked understanding of concepts with the real world is what UPSC expects from the aspirants.
    • The civil servants need to be very patient, preservative, and innovative so is the requirement of UPSC preparation. The UPSC preparation required preservation, innovation It might be hard for anyone to keep reading for long, so have power naps in your study plan while you read NCERTs.

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