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Where Can I Take The Gre Psychology Test

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Structure Of The Gre Psychology Exam

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In most editions of the GRE Psychology test, there will be around 205 multiple-choice questions that provide candidates five options to choose the best answer. All questions are drawn from the core of knowledge that is typically encountered in undergraduate psychology courses. Questions may require examinees to analyze relationships, apply psychological principles, remember facts, draw conclusions from graphics, or evaluate research designs. Within the exam, completed over two hours and 50 minutes, there are three broad categories that cover experimental science, general psychology, and social science material. Questions ranging from perception and language to personality and statistics can be found distributed throughout.

Gre Subject Test Preparation Tips

The GRE subject test materials prepare the candidates for the subjects they have chosen like the GRE subject test biology or Math, but there are certain GRE preparation tips that are to be followed before and after the test:

  • Thoroughly go through the courses of the colleges youre applying for, it is only after studying the content of the subject one will be able to get hold of the knowledge the colleges expecting
  • There are numerous GRE subject test practice test that the candidates need to be accustomed to know the question types
  • Carefully go through the questions like while practising the GRE English subject test questions focus on the sentences, vocabulary and grammar
  • While correcting an answer erase it in a complete manner and fill it again
  • The answers should only be written in the answer sheet and not the test book.
  • Additional Tips For Test Day

    Taking the GRE can be an important step on your path to fulfilling your career goals, so its important to be as prepared as possible on test day. Follow these tips to make sure youre as ready, confident, and comfortable as can be:

    • Arrive 30 minutes prior to testing time.
    • Double check that you have your ID. You wont be able to take the test without it.
    • Get a good night sleep and eat a healthy meal beforehand.
    • Bring a snack or beverage to have in case you need it during the break.
    • Dress in layers so you can adapt to any room temperature.
    • Leave jewelry at home except for wedding or engagement rings.
    • If youre taking a paper exam, bring at least three No. 2 pencils and a good eraser. These wont be supplied at the testing center. Pens and mechanical pencils arent allowed.

    If for any reason, you have health-related needs that require you to take extended breaks, bring a prohibited item into the testing room, or otherwise go against the testing regulations, youll need to follow the procedures for submitting an accommodation request.

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    The Gre Subject Tests

    It is rare for a graduate program to make this requirement. This is because, unlike the GRE General Test, the GRE subject tests only highlight an applicants ability in a specific area. Such areas could be Maths, Literature, Biology, physics, etc.

    The few exceptional cases where a GRE subject test may be a requirement are if the institution you are applying for is a top-tier university. Some of these universities include Yale, Stanford, NYU and University of Notre Dame. To be sure whether or not the graduate program you wish to apply for, do value a GRE subject test score, you should contact the school for more information.

    Psychology Test Gre Scores Breakdown


    One final thing test takers should know when they prepare for the GRE is how test scores are calculated.

    All the questions you answer correctly are converted to a total reported scaled score.

    On the score reports, youll see a subscore. Subscore is made up of questions you answered correctly in one area and questions you answered correctly on the whole test.

    Because questions arent tied to only one area, but other areas as well, they contribute to each subscore.

    When the subscore total is reached, its converted to a scaled subscore.

    Finally, both the total score and the subscores are converted to ensure that the scaled score is comparable to the scaled score that you earned on any previous editions of the same test.

    The scores are shown on a scale ranging from 200 to 900 in 10-point increments.

    Subscores are reported on a scale ranging from 20 to 99 in 1-point increments.

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    What Gre Test Dates Are The Best

    When you should take the GRE is entirely up to you. The test results are good for up to five years, so its tough to take it too early. But under most circumstances, youre probably taking it in the last year of your undergraduate education.

    The operative question, then, is when your grad school application is due. This can be different depending on the school, and sometimes even on the program. Do your research, and make sure your exam results will get to the school before the application deadline. Remember that even with the online test, it takes up to 15 days for the school to receive your results.

    It is best to not rush into a GRE test date. You will need time to study and prepare. In addition, if you do badly, you may want to re-take the test, which requires a wait of 21 days. This can put you in a bind. Look at your schools application deadline, and plan accordingly.

    If youre planning to enter grad school in the spring, one option is to give yourself until the end of the year, so youll have as much time as possible to prepare. That said, you might want to take the GRE in fall instead of winter. This way, youll have plenty of time to retake the test if youre not happy with your score.

    How To Prepare For The Gre Psychology Subject Test

    Learn how to best prepare for GRE Psychology test with this step-by-step study guide. We cover everything you need from purpose to format and content.

    If you’re planning to go to graduate school for psychology, there’s a strong chance you’ll need to take the GRE Psychology Subject Test. It sounds challenging, and it is. We’re not here to sugar-coat it.

    But like all exams, it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Especially with the right guidance from us at Brainscape, the makers of the world’s best flashcard learning app.

    There’s a ton of content that’s covered in the GRE Psychology. During our decades of discovering the best ways to study effectively, we found that large amounts of content are best learned when broken down into smaller steps. And flashcards are one of the most effective tools for helping you do exactly that.

    Brainscape’s GRE Psych flashcards are, therefore, your best tool for learning.

    Some universities require or recommend that prospective masters and doctoral students take the GRE Psychology, while some do not. So, we recommend double-checking whether you even need to take the exam. For example, Michigan State University recommends that students take the test, but they do not require it.

    Let’s dive in by first looking at the purpose, format, and content of the GRE Psychology test to help you to become more familiar with the exam.

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    How Does The Gre Work

    Most candidates will take the computer-delivered version of the GRE. Youll be able to use preview, editing and tagging features in this format, changing your answers to questions within a section and marking others to return to later.

    There are three main sections to the GRE:

    • Analytical Writing During two 30-minute essays, youll analyse an argument and an issue. This section assesses your critical thinking skills and not your general knowledge of the essay topics.
    • Verbal Reasoning The questions in this section measure your ability to comprehend and critical analyse different kinds of information.
    • Quantitative Reasoning Youll need to demonstrate your problem-solving skills, interpreting and analysing data in a variety of forms. This section will test your knowledge of mathematical subjects including algebra and geometry.

    There may be another unscored section in your GRE, which will be used by the tests administrators to trial questions for future exams.

    The GRE lasts three hours and 45 minutes.

    Paper-delivered GRE

    If you live in a region or country where the computer-delivered GRE isnt available, you can take the paper-delivered version of the test. This exam is typically offered on up to three dates a year.

    You can find out more by visiting the ETS page on the paper-delivered GRE.

    Take A Gre Practice Test

    All you need to know about the GRE test | iSchoolConnect

    Before you start studying for the GRE, you might want to know where you stand. A free GRE practice test will give you a baseline score. Youll also know what areas of study you need to beef up on. If youve got enough time to prepare, you might even want to periodically take a new practice test.

    This will keep you aware of your progress, and hopefully soothe any butterflies youre experiencing.


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    What Does The Gre Test Consist Of

    The GRE exam consists of three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The Analytical Writing section is an essay section that measures how well you can articulate your thoughts and responses to complex ideas. The Verbal Reasoning section consists of two sections that both contain 20 questions each. The Quantitative Reasoning section also contains two separate sections with 20 questions each and you are given 35 minutes to complete each section.

    What’s The Difference Between Your Scaled Score And Your Percentile Rank

    The ETS breaks GRE scores down into two groups: the scaled score and the percentile rank. Percentile rank measures how well a test taker does in comparison to other students. Schools value the percentile ranking over the scaled score. Currently, the average scaled score for the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections is approximately 150 on a scale of 130-170 therefore, approximately 50% of students score lower or higher on these sections.

    Both scaled score and percentile rank appear on the student’s score report.

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    Gre Psychology Study Guide

    If you want to go to graduate school for psychology, chances are youll need a Graduate Record Examination psychology test.

    I wont lie, the psychology subject test isnt easy. But, its not impossible to get a good score either.

    In my academic career, Ive taken the GRE test myself, and Ive helped countless students get a good score as well.

    Today, Ill talk about everything you should know about the GRE psychology subject test – from what it is and what the best ways to get ready for it are to how the scoring works.

    How The Tests Are Taken

    Gre Exam Format Pdf

    Subject Tests can only be taken with paper and pencil while the general GRE is almost always taken on the computer. This creates some differences in the registration processes for both types of tests. Iâll go over the registration process for the Subject Tests in detail below.

    Additionally, the general GRE is section-level adaptive, which means your score on the first sections of Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning influences the difficulty level of the questions on the second sections. GRE subject Tests, because they are taken on paper, are NOT adaptive.

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    Utilize A Gre Prep Course

    Serious students should consider preparing for the GRE exam by using a GRE prep course. GRE prep courses can be online/self-paced, online/instructor-led, in-person or a combination. You should consider purchasing a GRE prep course if one or more of these factors apply to you:

    • You are applying to a highly competitive grad school program
    • You scored lower than the the 70th percentile on your ACT or SAT exam
    • You have been out of school for more than a year
    • You don’t feel confident in your test-taking abilities
    • You need structure and feedback in your exam prep

    If you feel you need more help than what these resources provide, please check out our review of the best GRE prep courses.

    scroll right on mobile to see entire table

    GRE Prep
    T-G Choice

    Choose When And Where To Test

    The GRE® General Test offers a variety of convenient options for testing so that you can choose the testing location and date that works best for you.

    When selecting a test date, make sure your scores will be reported in time for your application deadlines. Score reports are sent to your designated score recipients approximately 1015 days after your test date. Please allow time for delivery of scores and processing by the institution.

    You can take the GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period . This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously.

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    Get Good Study Sources

    You should start by getting a study guide book.

    A word of caution: dont blindly follow the guide, especially because study guide books sometimes focus too much on the theory, while subject tests are more about the application of the theory.

    However, a study guide is useful for getting some test-taking tips and general information about the actual test.

    Moreover, study guide books include practice tests that come in handy when taking the GRE.

    Apart from the study guide book, psychology majors should get test prep books from reputable sources to prepare for the test.

    Some of the most common ones are Princeton Review and Kaplan GRE course, and Barron’s GRE Psychology 7th edition.

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    Gre Exam Dates When Should You Take The Gre

    Solved GRE Psychology practice Test part 1/4| Most Important MCQS of psychology

    The GRE Exam can be attempted at most five times in a rolling year, with a gap of at least 21 days between the two attempts. You can take the GRE at the test center or at home. There are 1000+ GRE test centers worldwide in more than 160 countries, and you can take the computer-based or paper-delivered exam.

    GRE subject test can be taken as many times it is offered and is available in a paper-based format.

    To finalize your GRE date, the first step is to know the application deadline for the colleges you wish to apply to. These deadlines would help you decide the latest date before which you need to attempt the GRE.

    Know what all topics are covered for the GRE Exam in 2021.

    Once you decide the date of your latest attempt, you can accordingly plan for the exam preparation. However, to factor in the uncertainties that could affect your first attempt, you can certainly consider a second attempt in order to plan your GRE Timeline.

    As per the ETS data, 62% of people score higher on GRE Quant the second time, and 59% score higher on GRE Quant.

    Considering a retake and the fact that there should be a gap of 21 days between 2 attempts, you can book your first GRE date 30 days before the application deadline.

    Further ahead, you can give yourself around three months to study for the GRE. This period shouldnt include any breaks or halts, as it could further delay your exam date.

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    Get Comprehensive Reputable Study Resources

    You should start studying specifically for the exam at least 6 weeks before you take the test. How? Make a study plan and find the right resources.

    Choose one or more of the following study resources that will help you to become well-prepared for the test:

  • GRE Psychology study guides from Princeton Review and Kaplan are available from Amazon.
  • Brainscapes GRE Psychology collection gives you over 1,200 smart flashcards to prepare you for each subject covered on the test. Brainscape is the fastest, most efficient way to study for the test, because it is tailored to you personally with its innovative Confidence-Based Repetition algorithm. In addition to being fast and efficient, you can study anytime, anywhere, in bite-sized chunks that work for you, on your phone, iPod, iPad, or computer. With Brainscape, you can be confident that you are spending exactly as much time as you need to on each subject to prepare you for the test, until you have mastered all of them.
  • How Is The Gre Scored

    The ETS uses the system of equating to generate test scores for both electronic and paper format tests. First, the system calculates the student’s raw score by computing the amount of questions answered correctly. The equating process helps raters evaluate scores based on the difficulty of each section. For the computer-delivered test, the ETS employs a section-level adaptive system, which adapts to the student’s performance on each section of the test. Once the computer evaluates each section, it calculates a raw score using the 130-170 GRE scale.

    Two trained raters grade the essay portion with the 0-6 scoring scale. Both raters review one of the test taker’s essays and assign scores. If the scores differ by more than one point, a third rater analyzes the essay. The system calculates the final score by averaging the scores for both essays.

    GRE Section

    Source: ETS

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    Cracking The Gre Psychology Subject Test By Princeton Review

    Cracking the GRE takes a strategic approach to the GRE psychology test. It will teach you information that you need to know and doesnt include any unwanted detail. This book is not meant to be a comprehensive guide but is more concerned with tackling the different questions using strategies.

    Key Features:

    • Practical strategies to help you beat the test and hit your top score.
    • Specialized tactics to avoid the trick questions that trap most students.
    • Alternative approaches to enable you to tackle the most challenging questions with confidence.
    • Charts, figures, diagrams, and bulleted lists provide strong GRE Psychology content presentation and review.
    • Subject review for all exam topics.

    Get it here.

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