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How To Prepare For Geography Bee

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Interactive Spelling Bee Practice

How to Prepare for the Geography Bee

Parents and kids are always looking for fun ways to practice for spelling bee competitions, and we’ve got a great way for your child to practice and improve easily online. Traditionally, kids have used flashcards to memorize words. That can be part of your strategy, but why not take it up a notch by having a multisensory approach to practicing for your next spelling bee.

How To Win The Geography Bee

Printed in Practical Homeschooling #35, 2000.

Ever wonder which US state capital, founded as a gold-rush town, is not linked to the rest of its state by roads? Or can you tell which African country borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea? How are you at naming the large island country off the east coast of Africa that is one of the world’s leading producers of natural vanilla?

If you’re curious about such things, you’re made for the National Geographic Society’s Geography Bee. Our family is a Geo Bee family, and I hope you soon will be too.

At our old farmhouse, we decorate with maps. And I don’t just mean I post a nice world map in my dining room on a bulletin board. No, we wallpaper with maps in this house. We have the whole ceiling of our living room papered with old National Geographic maps, two bathrooms covered in maps, and quite a few maps as “wainscoting” in the dining room and all hallways. Basically, any wall without a bookshelf covering it gets the map treatment around here.

So way back in 1989 my kids weren’t surprised when I was eager to find out how homeschoolers could take part in the new Geography Bee. National Geographic, the sponsors of this new competition,were surprised at how many homeschoolers all over the country there were asking about taking part. They’d never even suspected homeschoolers existed as they planned the Bee!

Homeschooler David Biehl accepts top Geographic Bee award
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Why Was The Geography Bee Discontinued

In 2020, recognizing the difficult circumstances school communities found themselves in to safely educate students during the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020-2021 GeoBee and instead focus on reimagining what a global geography experience for young people could look like entirely.

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Retrocession And The Civil War

In the 1830s, the district’s southern territory of Alexandria went into economic decline partly due to neglect by Congress. The city of Alexandria was a major market in the American, and pro-slavery residents feared that in Congress would in the district, further depressing the economy. Alexandria’s citizens petitioned Virginia to take back the land it had donated to form the district, through a process known as .

The voted in February 1846 to accept the return of Alexandria. On July 9, 1846, Congress agreed to return all the territory that Virginia had ceded. Therefore, the district’s area consists only of the portion originally donated by Maryland. Confirming the fears of pro-slavery Alexandrians, the outlawed the slave trade in the district, although not slavery itself.

The outbreak of the in 1861 led to the expansion of the federal government and notable growth in the district’s population, including a large influx of freed slaves. President signed the in 1862, which ended slavery in the district of Columbia and freed about 3,100 enslaved persons, nine months prior to the . In 1868, Congress granted the district’s male residents the right to vote in municipal elections.

How To Study For A Geography Exam

TOP 10 TIPS to Prepare for the GEO Bee

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Geography exams can be difficult to study for, especially since they require memorization skills. Maps and cities can be tricky to visualize. There are lots of specialist terms that can become confusing and mixed-up in your head, especially if geography isn’t your best subject. Lots of techniques for studying for any exam can be useful for geography too. By combining the general principles of good studying, with some specific steps to improve you geographical knowledge and help you remember terms and information, you can give yourself the best chance to get a good grade in your exam.

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S To A Successful Spelling Bee

  • Memorize the words that might be asked in the spelling bee by using Home Spelling Words. We recommend the practice or spelling test sections of our website to get started. Then try our Word Chopper Game, Memory Game, or our other spelling games for kids. Tip: Have your student type in the lists to become more familiar with the words. We recommend lists of 10-15 words per list.
  • Have a friend or family member give you words to spell in a mock spelling bee style so you can get used to how it feels to spell out loud in front of people. Some kids get nervous on stage, so it is important to prepare for how it feels to be in the spotlight.
  • Enjoy the process of learning! Practicing for a spelling bee or other educational competitions can be a fun experience for students. If you enjoy the spelling bee, why not try a Geography Bee, a Chess Competition or perhaps a Science Bowl!
  • Getting To Know Your Words

    For most students, practicing lists of common spelling bee words is where they start. Some students take it a step further to try to find patterns between words. Others learn more about the history or root of a word. Learning the etymology of the word can actually be a lot more interesting than you might think. It can also help you understand other similar words, even if you’ve never heard them before. Learning about a word’s history might also help you remember how to spell it!

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    Is The Geo Bee Cancelled

    After many conversations and reflections with students, educators, and community members, weve made the decision to permanently discontinue the National Geographic GeoBee to make way for new, transformative, and innovative geography education opportunities in which students around the globe can more equitably

    Preparing For A Middle School Geography Bee

    How to Prepare for the National Geographic Bee by Pranay Varada


    A geography bee seeks to connect kids to the world by making them more aware of different lands, cultures and people. Furthermore, a geography bee pushes students to work to learn map skills, geography and history, subjects sometimes overlooked in elementary and middle school classrooms. For the National Geographic Bee, students must be in grades four through eight in order to participate. However, any school or classroom can incorporate a geography bee to encourage a love for social studies and map skills.

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    Prepping Yourself For The Bee

    What follows are tips and techniques to help you prepare for the National Geographic Bee .

    • Start with a world map, globe, and atlas and become very familiar with the continents, countries, states and provinces, islands, and major physical features of our planet.
    • Use Outline Maps of the world and continents to test yourself on this information. Knowing the relative location of countries, islands, major water bodies, and major physical features is very important for the Bee. Be sure to also have a good understanding of where the major lines of latitude and longitude lie.
    • Take as many practice quizzes as possible. There are hundreds of multiple-choice Geography Quizzes that will definitely help. National Geographic offers a daily GeoBee Quiz online. Be sure to use an atlas to look up or understand the questions that you’ve missed.
    • Prepare flashcards or use some other technique to memorize the capitals of the countries of the world and the capitals of the fifty United States.

    How Can I Study Geography

    Here are tips and tricks for geography which you can best use to achieve 100 in the subject.

  • Revise as many times as possible.
  • Make flow-charts for quick revision.
  • Revise and read from NCERT textbook as the main book.
  • Practice maps.
  • Exercise separate questions related to maps.
  • Practice data-based questions.
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    Why Geography Is Called Mother Of All Science

    Geography is often times called the mother of all sciences because geography is one of the earliest known scientific disciplines that date back to the original Homo-sapiens who migrated out of eastern Africa, into Europe, Asia, and beyond. A cartographer is someone who is skilled in the science and art of map-making.

    What Do Year 8 Learn In Geography

    How to Prepare for the Geography Bee: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    In year 8 students learn Geographical skills and study geographical issues. Students will develop Geography Skills including statistics, map skills and graphs. Human and physical factors influencing the global geographical landscape. An awareness and knowledge of geographical issues locally, nationally and globally.

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    Study Aids For Geography Bee Preparation

    MapsCurrent Events Source of InformationGeography Reference MaterialsNational Geography Standards1. The World in Spatial Terms

    • Knowing how to use maps
    • The ability to organize people, places and environments into spatial terms
    • The ability to analyze the spatial organization of people, places and environments

    2. Places and Regions

    • Physical and Human Characteristics of Places
    • That People Create Regions to Interpret Earth’s Complexity
    • How Culture and Experience Influence Perceptions of Places and Regions

    3. Physical Systems

    • Physical Processes That Shape the Patterns of Earths Surface
    • Characteristics and Spatial Distribution of Ecosystems

    4. Human Systems

    • Characteristics, Distribution and Migration of Human Populations
    • Characteristics, Distribution and Complexity of Earths Cultures
    • Patterns and Networks of Economic Interdependence on Earths Surface
    • Processes, Patterns and Functions of Human Settlement

    5. Environment and Society

    • How Human Actions Modify the Physical Environment
    • How Physical Systems Affect Human Systems
    • Changes That Occur in the Meaning, Use, Distribution and Importance of Resources

    Civil Rights And Home Rule Era

    1960s Washington DC, 4K from 35mm Kinolibrary

    The was ratified in 1961, granting the district three votes in the for the election of president and vice president, but still no voting representation in Congress.

    After the , on April 4, 1968, , primarily in the U Street, 14th Street, 7th Street, and H Street corridors, centers of black residential and commercial areas. The riots raged for three days until more than 13,600 federal troops and D.C. Army National Guardsmen stopped the violence. Many stores and other buildings were burned rebuilding was not completed until the late 1990s.

    In 1973, Congress enacted the , providing for an elected mayor and thirteen-member council for the district. In 1975, became the first elected and first black mayor of the district.

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    What Do You Get If You Win The Geobee

    The ten finalists are guaranteed $1000. The third-place finisher receives a $5,000 college scholarship, the second-place finisher receives a $10,000 college scholarship, and the National Champion receives a $25,000 college scholarship, as well as a lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society.

    International Geography Bee & International Geography Championships

    Studying for the Geography Bee

    For students in the USA, International Academic Competitions organizes two separate geography competitions: the exam-based US Geography Championships and the buzzer-based geography quiz tournament known as the International Geography Bee. IGB is a worldwide geography quiz competition that is contested in different regions of the world , and then the top students win the right to play in the International Geography Bee World Championships which are held in conjunction with the International History Olympiad on a biennial basis. The inaugural IGB World Championships was held in Berlin, Germany in 2018 and the next IGB World Championship will be held in 2022.

    The US Division of the IGB consists of the Qualifying Exam, and the National Championships. The same age divisions and the same definitions for these apply to the US Division of the IGB as they do for the US Geography Championships.

    The 2022 Varsity/JV National Championships of the International Geography Bee will take place during the IAC Varsity/JV National Championships, happening April 21-24, 2022 in Arlington, VA, while the 2022 Middle/Elementary School Championships of the IGB will take place during the IAC Middle/Elementary School National Championships, happening June 17-20, 2022 in Orlando, FL.

    US Varsity and JV students qualify for the National Championships of IGB, as well as USGC, by qualifying on the USGC/IGB qualifying exam.

    Good luck!

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    Burning During The War Of 1812

    On August 2425, 1814, in a raid known as the , British forces invaded the capital during the . The , , and were burned and gutted during the attack. Most government buildings were repaired quickly however, the Capitol was largely under construction at the time and was not completed in its current form until 1868.

    Study Guide & Past Questions

    Please see the link to our Guide for New Schools, Students, and Teams which has valuable study tips and other information that can help you in your preparations. This has helpful information for everyone, including veteran players and schools too.

    The above Study Guide can help you prepare for the National History Bee and Bowl, especially when used in conjunction with the past NHBB question sets available at

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    How To Prepare For The Geography Bee

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    The official National Geographic Bee started in 1989, a time when the world was changing rapidly. Today, over ten thousand schools12% of the nations totaland approximately four million students participate.XResearch source With such stiff competition, the eventual winner will have to be prepared!

    How Does The Geobee Work

    The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook: 1,001 ...

    State and national competitions. The winner of each school-level competition takes an online test, and the top 100 in each state or territory qualify for the State Bee. Instead, after winning the school bee, school champions from around these territories take a series of online tests to determine the territory champion

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    Is Geography A Discipline

    Geography as a discipline is related to space and takes note of spatial characteristics and attributes. It studies the patterns of distribution, location and concentration of phenomena over space and interprets them providing explanations for these patterns. Geography is a discipline of synthesis.

    How Do You Spell National Geographic

    In addition to the GeoBee Study Toolkits, National Geographic offers many more geography resources: Our Resource Library includes thousands of activities, videos, maps, infographics, and fun facts including our Geography Collection, Fun with Geography, Introduction to Human Geography, geography-themed Kahoot!

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    How To Take The National Geographic Geobee Test

    National Geographic Societys website features an online study tool that helps prepare participants for the annual event. INSIDER has compiled a sample test of 10 questions from topic areas that frequently appear in the Geobee, courtesy of the National Geographic Society and theyre surprisingly difficult.

    Th Grade World Geography

    How to Ace the Nat Geo Bee

    2020 James Swenson – Qualified for WI State Bee

    2019 James Swenson* – 5th place WI

    2018 Ben Collela*

    2009 Jacob Shermer*- 3rd Place WI

    2008 Jonathan Hewitt*

    2007 Joe Pendleton*

    *denotes WI State Bee Qualifier

    Records for SIS school champions are not available prior to 2007 due to change in teacher staffing.

    What is the National Geographic Bee?

    Each year thousands of schools in the United States participates in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. Schools with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge.

    Here at SIS all 7th and 8th grade students participate in the Geography Bee in their 7th Grade World Geography and 8th Grade Social Studies classes in the month of January.

    After the students participate in their classrooms, room champions are gathered to compete at the school-level bee which takes place after school in Ms. Kopplinâs classroom.

    The individual SIS Bee Champion will take a written test to try to qualify for the State Bee in Madison in March. If a student wins the state level bee they will fly to Washington D.C. where they will compete in the National Bee for a chance to win thousands of dollars in college scholarship money to the school of their choice.

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    Is A

    A-Level Geography is a nice, easy A-Level, and is taken by lots of students in many colleges. This A-Level is not only easy, but it pairs well with lots of other subjects too. A-Level Geography doesnt have a lot of content in the grand scheme of things and the content you do have to learn isnt too hard.

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