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What Schools Offer Sports Psychology

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Are There Online Sports Psychology Programs

Introduction to Sport Psychology

Sports psychology graduate programs can be found online or in the traditional campus format. allow students to access coursework anywhere with an internet connection. This may increase the number of potential programs available, as well as provide an additional degree of flexibility and convenience.

How Do Psychologists Motivate Athletes

Psychologists understand that one of the best approaches to motivating anyone is making them feel valued and skilled. This idea largely applies to young athletes looking forward to learning strategies and skills necessary for a sport. Motivation is important in teaching athletes the needed skills and in encouraging them to improve on their performance. As a psychologist, many strategies can be involved when it comes to motivating athletes and some of the key ones are:

  • Encouraging teamwork and rewarding athletes even on the slightest improvement or new achievements.
  • Monitoring the kind of feedback and response one gives the athletes.
  • Minimizing criticism but never ignore the mistakes made by the athletes. Using encouragement and instruction to help athletes work on themselves and improve their weaknesses is much more effective than using criticism.
  • Responding to athlete mistakes based on their skills and abilities is key to ensuring that an athlete maintains a positive attitude towards a sport.

The Attributes Of A Successful Sports Psychologist

Empathy is very important. Sports psychologists need the ability to step into the shoes of clients to identify and understand mental blocks. The challenge is then to figure out the best way to remove these issues. The solution usually depends on the personality of the client.

Becoming a sports psychologist takes more than just an interest in football or hockey. It involves years of hard work and study. Like most psychology roles, advanced academic credentials are required. For example, if you want to become a licensed sports psychologist you need a doctoral degree.

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Is It Possible To Earn These Sports Psychology Degrees Online

It is possible to achieve your entire undergraduate and a substantial portion of a masters degree online, depending on your chosen school. Because this profession has a physical sports component, hybrid learning will likely be preferable at higher levels. In-person learning is sometimes preferable in performance coaching, but with the advent of additional options for online medical treatment and therapy, the profession may yet transition to a more virtual focus.

Sports Psychology Masters Degree Concentrations

physical education charts for the classroom laminated gloss paper

There are several opportunities for students to pursue specializations within the field of sports psychology. For instance, Oregon State University allows students to select from specific concentrations in motivation in physical activity, psychosocial factors in physical activity, and lifespan sport and exercise psychology. Alternatively, Florida State University, while also allowing students to choose elective courses also affords a limited number of students with the opportunity to participate in a practicum experience rather than taking specific and predetermined academic track.

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Ms In Kinesiology With Emphasis In Psychosocial Aspects Of Sport And Exercise

The Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation offers a Master of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport and Exercise Psychology. The MS program requires a total of 36 hours, including 15 hours of core kinesiology courses . In addition to the core curriculum, students can take 21 hours of additional coursework that will allow for the development of an area of expertise such as sport and exercise psychology.

Degree Requirements :

Should I Attend A Traditional Or Online Sports Psychology Program

For a doctoral degree in sport psychology, a traditional program is highly recommended because of the applied nature of the coursework. An online masters degree in sport psychology can be a good option for working students who need flexibility and who want to add to their knowledge base. In either case, make sure the program you select is accredited, especially if you aim to become a licensed clinical psychologist.

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Education For Sports Psychologists

You need a sports psychology degree, counseling degree, or sport sciences degree as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Most graduate schools admit students either with a sports psychology or sport sciences undergraduate degree, or a general psychology degree with courses or independent study in sports psychology.

Some master’s programs require Graduate Record Examinations scores, while others do not. Some waive the GRE requirement for students with a GPA above a certain level.

A master’s degree often takes 2-3 years to complete. A doctorate takes an additional four years at minimum, plus time spent meeting internship requirements.

You can earn either a doctor of philosophy in psychology or a doctor of psychology for your doctorate.

A Ph.D. focuses on research and prepares you for sports psychology careers in academia. A Psy.D. prepares you for sports psychology jobs that emphasize practice. Your final year includes an internship and doctoral thesis.

If you are interested in sports psychology careers, but not in earning a doctorate or becoming a clinical sports psychologist, there are other options. For example, you can still earn an undergraduate or master’s degree in sports psychology and become a counseling sports psychologist, sports administrator, or related occupation.

Degrees In Sports Psychology

The Psychology of Working with Elite Athletes | Dr. Joel Fish | TEDxGoldeyBeacomCollegeSalon

While many requirements vary by state, all clinical sports psychologists must have a doctorate. Other jobs available to sports psychologists include coaching, working as a sports agent, or team administration.

You don’t have to specialize early in your sports psychology education. Some schools offer a sports psychology bachelor’s degree or minor, but most sports psychology master’s programs accept students with any applicable major, such as general psychology.

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Bachelor Of Science Sport And Exercise Psychology University Of Portsmouth Portsmouth Uk

This degree is an ideal first step to becoming a BPS-Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist or Health and Care Professions Council-Registered Psychologist.

The psychological grounding, theories, and psychological principles learned will be highly applicable to elite athletes and the public goal of achieving good health and fitness.

Find out more about the program on their website.

Typical Degree & Career Paths

The typical path to becoming a sports psychologist begins with a 4-year bachelors degree in the same or related field. Starting with a 2-year associates degree can also save you time and money if you transfer those credits into a bachelors program.

Following completion of your studies at the bachelors level, you can then begin working on your masters. Some schools may even offer dual degrees that let you work on your masters at the same time as your bachelors. During your program, you should seek out an internship specific to sports psychology at a medical clinic, athletic facility, or with a university sports teams.

The next step, if you choose to do so, is to earn your doctorateeither through a PhD, PsyD, or EdD program. There are very few doctoral degree programs specifically for sports psychology, so you might opt to pair your masters with a doctorate in fields like general psychology or physiology.

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Top 5 Sports Psychology Masters Programs

Corvallis, Oregon

Sports psychology is also a niche, and finding sports psychology masters programs that are right for you can prove challenging. There are plenty of online, affordable options. However, some of the countrys most prestigious universities also offer sports psychology programs that combine aspects of psychology, kinesiology, and counseling to provide truly unique academic experiences. Ask yourself, what do you want to do? Pursue an academic career? Coach? Choosing the right program will largely depend on your own career goals.

Below we list some of the best sports psychology programs in the country. We tried to provide a wide swath of options from prestigious schools such as Stanford to online-only options that provide an affordable alternative.

What Does A Sports Psychologist Do

Sports Psychology Courses

Sports psychology jobs often involve working with schools, athletes, and sports teams. You can help athletes with:

  • Assessing performance and determining which tools can help
  • Addressing psychological issues, such as performance anxiety, substance use, or imposter syndrome
  • Using different psychological techniques to improve performance
  • Providing personal psychological advice
  • Using mind-body techniques, such as biofeedback, mindfulness, and visualization
  • Counseling athletes on work-life issues and helping them prepare for when their athletic career ends

Sports psychologists also work closely with coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and physicians. You can help a team and individual athletes with psychological ways to improve team performance. You may also help athletes overcome personal conflicts.

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Bachelor Of Science Sport And Exercise Psychology Bangor University Wales Uk

This program, accredited by the British Psychological Society , comes from a university with one of the largest performance-focused psychology researcher groups anywhere in the world.

Learn what sports psychologists do, how they do it, and why. Understand the motivation behind sports performers and exercisers and the ground-breaking research being performed at Bangor University to uncover how to improve sports performance.

Find out more about the program on their website.

Careers In Sports Psychology Degree

Here are the jobs that are available if you earn a sports psychology degree. Take note that the sports jobs below request at least a masters in sports psychology.

  • Health program coordinator
  • Sports psychologist for a club, Olympic, or a professional
  • Professor or lecturer*
  • Sports psychologist for a performing arts group*
  • Clinical sport psychologist*
  • Certified mental performance consultant

Lets dive into the list of colleges that can assist you to make a smart career choice. We have arranged them according to the enrollment of full-time undergraduates.


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Graduate School Of Education

With a total headcount of over 33,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate level, Boston University is one of the nations largest private non-profit research institutions. BU sits on a 133-acre urban campus along the Charles River in New Englands largest city. As an elite member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, it is no surprise that BU is ranked as the 41st best college and 14th top up-and-coming school in the United States by the U.S. News and World Report. As the countrys 51st best education school, the Graduate School of Education is also acclaimed for having the 46th best graduate psychology programs.

Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology: Concentration in Sport/Performance Psychology


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Contact Information

How To Pick A Degree Program

How to Become a Sports Psychologist

Choosing to earn your masters is a big decision and there are many factors to consider. Figure out which of these are the most important to you and select your program accordingly. Ask questions such as:

  • Does this program offer classes in the specific areas Im interested in?
  • Does the school offer the learning format that fits my schedule?
  • Is an internship or fieldwork required?
  • Whats the graduation rate?
  • Does the school offer job placement services?
  • What types of positions have recent graduates gone on to have?
  • What type of financial assistance is available?

Its also important to remember that any school you choose should be accredited. This ensures that your program meets the highest-quality standards set in place by regional, national, and professional organizations, and can properly prepare you to enter the workforce or pursue a doctoral degree. Attending an unaccredited program can make it hard to secure financial aid, find employment, or earn any necessary licenses. You can check accreditation through the U.S. Department of Educations database.

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Sports Degrees Onlines 2022 Sport Psychology Masters Program Rankings

Sports Degrees Online has done extensive research into all of the Sport Psychology Degree programs currently offered in the U.S. to make the process of choosing the right program a bit easier. Our matrix includes a variety of criteria including program flexibility, internship opportunities, AASP/CMHP preparation, and more. While choosing the best Sport Psychology Masters Program is a personal decision, we hope that this list will help you on your journey.

Master Of Arts In Performance Psychology National University California Us

This next online offering from National University focuses on sports science and performance psychology techniques and how to apply them to enhance sporting performance and counsel athletes.

The programs elements include organizational behavior, performance consulting skills, behavioral research, ethics, and theories of behavioral change.

Find out more about the program on their website.

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University Of The Southwesthobbs New Mexico

Average Graduate Student Tuition: $22,500/yearPoints: 4

The University of the Southwest is a regionally accredited online university offering an affordable online masters in sports psychology. Students can complete the degree on their own time and schedule. The curriculum focuses on the theories and principles of the psychological and physical effects of playing sports. Students will learn methods to:

  • help their athletes improve their performance
  • recover more quickly from injuries
  • overcome emotional barriers

How Long Does It Take To Get A Sports Psychology Bachelors Degree

Online Sports Psychology Doctorate Degree

Obtaining a sports psychology degree online is a popular option due to the flexibility and option to take accelerated courses. If you attend full time, you can graduate in about four years. If you are dedicated and opt for eight-week accelerated courses, then you can cut this time in half.

On the other hand, part time students that stick with the traditional 16-week courses take longer than four years to complete the degree. In fact, you could spend as long as seven years in a program if you take on a partial course load every semester.

If you already have your associate degree, then the program takes two years or less as a full-time student. Again, this time requirement increases if you attend in a part-time capacity.

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Lock Haven University Lock Haven Pennsylvania

School ProfileAverage Graduate Student Tuition:$9,288/year in-state and $13,932/year out-of-state

Lock Haven University offers a low cost online masters in sport psychology with a fully online curriculum. This 30-credit hour program can be completed in just one year by full time students. The sport and exercise psychology track studies the psychological factors that impact sport performance and the interaction between sport and psychological well-being. Course offerings include:

  • Sport and Exercise Psychology for Performance Enhancement
  • Psychology of Athletic Injury/Recovery
  • Stress Management for the Physically Active

Graduates are prepared for a variety of professional roles in both sport and non-sport settings.

Best 16 Sports Psychology Masters Programs In 2022

If you are interested in helping athletes of all ages better their performance, mental health, and physical condition, then a career as a sports psychologist is all you want. For you to be a top-of-the-line sport psychologist, you will want to combine both medical principles and clinical psychology Above all, holding a masters degree will, at best, prepare you for diverse roles in this field.

Sports psychology is a rapidly growing field. In fact, it was named a Hot Career choice by The American Psychological Association. For those with a passion for sports, seeking to get into sports management, personal training, or coaching, a degree in sports psychology can help open doors.

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American Military University Charles Town West Virginia

School ProfileAverage Graduate Student Tuition:$6,660/year

Our top choice for an online masters in sport psychology is offered by American Military University, a member of the American Public University System. AMUs online masters in sports and health sciences with concentrations in:

  • Exercise Science and Human Performance
  • Health and Wellness Management

Students will gain an understanding of relationships between psychological behaviors that impact athletic performance including motivation and stress. Core required courses include:

  • Sport Psychology
  • Advanced Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Critical Thinking in the Sports and Health Industries

All students complete a culminating research project that showcases the students understanding of concepts and applications covered in the program. New courses start monthly and there are no on-campus residency requirements.

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What Is Required For Acceptance Into A Masters In Sport Psychology Program

Win the Game of Life with Sport Psychology | Jonathan Fader | TEDxRutgers

The vast majority of universities and schools require a bachelors degree with a GPA over 3.0 to be considered for a masters degree in sport psychology along with GRE test results. Prior fields of study are not restricted to be accepted into most programs, though some schools do have some prerequisite courses. Professional experience in a related field is generally preferred but not required. Keep in mind that some programs are highly competitive while others are able to accept the majority of their applicants.

A bachelors degree in psychology or a related field with similar core courses is required to be considered for a masters. However, even if you did not complete a bachelors degree in psychology, it is not too late to pursue an advanced education in the field of sport psychology. Like any other masters degree, there are prerequisite courses for a sport psychology masters program, and a bachelors degree in fields like exercise science or kinesiology would likely provide you with most if not all of the prerequisite courses.

A sport psychology masters program together with a CMPC Certification could be the ideal capstone to help get you break into a meaningful career working with teams and athletes as a sport psychology professional.

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Certified As A Sports Psychologist

Four elements typically form part of becoming a certified sports psychologist :

  • Earn an appropriate doctoral degree in psychology or directly in sports psychology
  • Perform field research and gain supervised clinical exposure
  • Take relevant state board licensure exams
  • Apply for certification through the Association for Applied Sports Psychology

The exact requirements will vary across countries therefore, it is worth inquiring before beginning to practice.

What Is An Applied Sports Psychologist

Applied sport and exercise psychology brings both theory and research into the field to educate athletes, parents, coaches, fitness professionals, and athletic trainers about the psychological aspects of their sport or activity. However, AASP Certified Consultants are not necessarily titled sport psychologist, .

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