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How To Tutor 6th Grade Math

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Grade 6 Math Tutoring Services

Teaching Tennessee: 6th Grade Math Lesson 1

The 5th grade was spent practicing multiplication, decimals, fractions, and how to identify angles. This year, your child will work more with decimals and be introduced to percentages, converting measurement units, and how to use protractors to measure angles. Our 6th-grade math tutors are ready to help your child understand new concepts and succeed this school year.

Get the grade 6 math help your child needs to build confidence and achieve results that matter with Scholars Education Centres.

Kaitlyn: 6th Grade Math Tutor

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

…to work towards a MBA while completing my undergraduate degree. While finishing up high school I volunteered as a tutor for the AVID program at my school and throughout the past three years have tutored several classmates in a wide range of subjects. While I tutor in several subject areas, my favorite is math. I believe that education is crucial in the world that we live in today, but I also believe that each student…

Use Graphic Novels With Developing Readers

Graphic novels help struggling readers and also help with writing. Meaghan G.

Some great graphic novels to use with sixth graders are Bone: Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith, Drama by Raina Telgemeier, and Lewis & Clark by Nick Bertozzi. Also, check out our full list of middle school graphic novels.

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Lesson Feedback & Planning

After each tutoring session, your tutor emails a lesson summary. This lesson summary keeps both parents and students informed about your progress.

The lesson summary explains which topics were covered, assigns homework, and plans for future lessons. In addition, lesson summaries will explain any areas of weakness or improvement.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or address your concerns. We are always available to speak with a student, parent, or teacher. When necessary, we will communicate with their teachers to discuss the curriculum and areas of concern.

Th Grade Math Tutoring Program

Middle School: 6th grade math and 7th grade math worksheets and quizzes ...

Our tutors use a comprehensive approach to teaching Math. The tutor will make sure your child understands all the prerequisite material before moving on to a new topic. Our students begin to enjoy Math with our fun and interactive activities. By the end of Grade 6, your child should be able to:

  • Order the whole numbers from 0 to 1 000 000
  • Compare fractions with different denominators
  • Multiply and divide decimal numbers
  • Relate fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Apply the orders of operations to mathematical expressions
  • Measure angles up to 180 degrees
  • Solve simple linear equations
  • Find the mean, median and mode for a list of numbers
  • Represent relations using tables of values and ordered pairs

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Online Vs Offline Math Classes For 6th Graders

There is often a long debate concerning the benefits and drawbacks of online and offline classes. The methods and approaches to learning have changed with the expansion of technological possibilities.

Many offline private and public schools incorporate online courses into the regular schedule. Offline and online classes work together to give your child proper knowledge.

Distance is the primary distinguishing feature between online and offline math classes for 6th graders. Online classes can be taken from almost any location with access to the internet and a serene environment. So, students are flexible to study 6 grade math from wherever they are. On the contrary, students must attend offline lessons in person or they are not able to learn.

In conventional classroom settings, students can get tired and sleepy while learning. When that occurs, there is no salvaging the situation. Tutors who handle online math for 6th graders know kids have a special love for gadgets, so they take advantage of that passion to foster learning.

Start The Movie Projector

Films are a great way to make history come alive or present another representation of a favorite novel. Some middle school movie recommendations from our community: Remember the Titans, The Color of Freedom, Pay It Forward, Rudy, Mad Hot Ballroom, , Stand and Deliver, Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken, and Mr. Hollands Opus. All these films clearly present characters and themes that your students will remember long after middle school. Also, check out this big list of educational Netflix shows.

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Sixth Grade Math Curriculum

This is a resource page for parents who want to teach their sixth grade kid some math. It covers the content of an average grade 6 curriculum. Read through the sections and download the workbooks provided. Remember to keep practice fun and challenging, and your child will thrive!

Miss the grade 5 math fun? Check out our Grade 5 Math Curriculum resource page. We also love to write blogs about learning. check out our blog on 6 free back to school math activities to get to the next level.

Give Students Choice In Literature Circles

6th Grade Math – – 1000 Online Math Lessons

Sixth graders love literature circles, which encourage strong discussion and ownership over reading. Build choice into your literature circles by providing them with a few novel choices and a blank calendar to plan out their reading. Check out these life-changing books for middle school and classic middle-grade books.

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Is 6th Grade Math Hard

If you’re concerned about studying 6th grade math, you’re not alone. There are thousands of students just like you who want help understanding the more complex terminologies and subject matters that will be introduced throughout the school year. Though it does seem like a daunting challenge, the subjects within 6th grade math, aren’t too hard to get your head around once you have a firm understanding of the basics. Remember, you’re not expected to know everything on your first day. Learning math takes time and a good foundation of math knowledge will greatly improve your chances of getting into college/university and finding a job later in life.

If you want help understanding 6th grade math or would like additional 6th grade math tutoring ahead of your upcoming quizzes and exams, our online content will walk you through even the toughest of 6th grade math problems. We currently offer step-by-step lessons within the following popular topics:

  • Understanding Numbers and Number Theory
  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Integers
  • Ratios, Rates and Percentages

The content we deliver across each topic of 6th grade math has been designed by experienced teachers who have a deep understanding of the subject matter. We have also worked to ensure that each lesson mirrors what you’re being taught in school so that they address the concerns and content that matters most to you.


Greg: 6th Grade Math Tutor

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

…and middle schools as part of Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science. I am passionate about tutoring math and science, and even though these subjects are often considered “dry,” the right teaching style can spark any student’s interest. When it comes to standardized test preparation, I’ve found that knowing the intricacies of a test can improve a student’s score just as much as knowing the subject material can. Different students learn in different ways but that…

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Adam: 6th Grade Math Tutor

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

…an aptitude for analogies that helped students learn the material. I tutor a large variety of subjects, including LSAT, SAT, and ACT. I also tutor various academic subjects, primarily in the fields of math and science. My favorite subject to tutor is Chemistry, followed closely by Physics. I feel that anyone can learn anything as long as it is explained in a way that is conducive to them, and I aim to achieve that in…

Rumit: 6th Grade Math Tutor

6th Grade Math Reference Sheet

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

…taught several subjects including Math , Physics , SAT Writing, and Economics . I am extremely passionate about teaching and have taught students of several age groups . I would love to continue this passion by tutoring you! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to helping you out in any way possible!…

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Conduct Appropriate Science Experiments

Like kids of every age, sixth grade students love hands-on science! Teachers do, too, because when youre teaching sixth grade, the learning is a lot more meaningful when students see concepts in action. This roundup of sixth grade science projects and activities has a little something for everyonefrom biology and ecology to physics and chemistry.

Alina: 6th Grade Math Tutor

…In the past, I volunteered at a community college academic support center as a math and science tutor and would have been hired on a professional basis, had it not been for some age-related hiring restrictions. Through the college tutoring center I received professional training on the best methods to help students learn and attended weekly workshops to improve my teaching skills….

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Give Students Choice In How To Present Their Work

Sometimes youll want a traditional writing assignment to build students analytical skills. Other times, you may want to give students options. I let my students work in groups and read part of a chapter and then teach it to the class. They do various things such as present graphic organizers, skits, raps, acrostics, etc. Brittney R.

How To Help Your Sixth Grader Succeed In Math

Get Ready For 6th Grade Math!

This article was co-authored by Daron Cam. Daron Cam is an Academic Tutor and the Founder of Bay Area Tutors, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area-based tutoring service that provides tutoring in mathematics, science, and overall academic confidence building. Daron has over eight years of teaching math in classrooms and over nine years of one-on-one tutoring experience. He teaches all levels of math including calculus, pre-algebra, algebra I, geometry, and SAT/ACT math prep. Daron holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and a math teaching credential from St. Mary’s College. This article has been viewed 14,374 times.

Math can be a challenging subject to master. Help your sixth grader succeed in math by being proactive. Know what topics your sixth grader will be mastering, and talk with their teacher on a regular basis about how your child is doing in class. If your child is having extra difficulty, try hiring a tutor. Dont forget that you can also help your sixth grader succeed in math by making math fun.

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Include Other Poetry Too

It can be hard to know which poems will spur your middle and high schoolers into deep, meaningful discussion and which will leave them yawning. So we asked experienced teachers to share their favorite poems that always get a reaction, even from teens. Check out the list of poems for middle school here.

Andrea: 6th Grade Math Tutor

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

I am looking to help students understand and learn whatever materials they are having trouble with. I have tutored for roughly 2 years while I was in high school. I’m currently in my third year of studying Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University. I would like to aid students in any way possible…. I teach students through examples and problem solving…. I would ask the student to go over what topics he/she needs help on. I would…

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Word Problems With Decimal Numbers

Many math problems will asked with words. The key to solving these problems is to read the question and underline the numbers and write them down. When you have extracted the numbers from the sentences, then the puzzle is to figure out what to do with them. You will need to do some kind of operation. The operation could be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. It could be some other trick you learned in class.

If the questions is asking for the total or sum You may have to add decimal numbers. If the question is asking for the difference or distance you may have to subtract them.

Try to apply something that you learned in class to the problem and see if it makes sense.

Justin: 6th Grade Math Tutor

6th grade math worksheets, games, problems, and more!

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

…problems fully. My first official experience tutoring was in college where I was part of a tutoring program at my culture center where I worked. I would go to local Piscataway and Charter Schools to tutor mathematics ranging from grades 6-12. I’m really confident in tutoring any kind of mathematics from grades K-12. My teaching philosophy is generally to practice practice practice until a concept is down. I always try and make sure that anyone…

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Why Math Can Be Difficult For 6th Grade Students

Math can be challenging for 6th grade students when they do not have a strong foundation in the subject. Kids without basic knowledge may consider math a combination of numbers and memorized formulae. This opinion can turn out to be a terrible experience. Sixth grade math is quite different from elementary school math, so kids may have a challenging time.

Kids may also face difficulties interacting with teachers in conventional schools on a personal level, which may disrupt the learning of math for 6th graders. Since there are other children in conventional classes, teachers may not have time to interact with kids one-on-one and provide them with necessary assistance. Learning can only be achieved when there is a free flow of communication between a learner and a tutor.

It is possible that before getting into sixth grade, kids may not have gotten a hack of the basic math concepts since the previous approaches did not work. As they get into 6th grade and study more complex math concepts, they could get confused, feel less motivated, and develop math anxiety. Finally, kids learn using different methods, and tutors sometimes have to explore e few options before getting the one that works well.

Skills To Get Ready For Grade : Mathematics

By the end of fifth grade, students are expected to understand place value and to work with decimals up to the hundredths place. Theyre also expected to know how to add, subtract, and multiply fractions. Fifth grade is also a year for building geometry and measurement skills.

Here are some math activities kids do to get ready for sixth grade:

  • Compare two decimals and figure out which is greater or less than the other.
  • Solve word problems using multiplication, fractions, or mixed numbers.
  • Represent math problems on a graph.
  • Measure volume and relate volume to multiplication and addition.

Download graphic organizers to help your child with math. Get tips on helping your child with tricky math homework. And learn more about math skills kids typically develop at different ages.

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Quality Grade 6 Math Tutoring & Help

As teachers move through new concepts quickly, your child may fall behind or not fully grasp previous math concepts that are essential to his or her success.

Many students struggle in math. As Grade 6 math introduces larger numbers and more complicated formulas, these issues can often emerge around the end of elementary school. A Grade 6 math tutor from Oxford Learning® can set your child up for math success!

With the customized Grade 6 math help offered at Oxford Learning®, your child will learn abstract concepts with visual representations. Students gain more than just improved math skillsour 6th Grade math tutors help your child develop increased focus and attention-to-detail so he or she can succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Mrunal: 6th Grade Math Tutor

Dividing Fractions – 4th Grade Math Tutor

…assistant for 2 classes in college. I also tutoring elementary school students in math. I currently work at Wells Fargo as an analytics consultant and enjoy tutoring students in math! I think the key to being a great tutor is having patience and remembering to smile! Students enjoy learning more when the teachers are also fun and happy. Outside of work, I love traveling, cooking, and playing Candy Crush on my phone!… Making it enjoyable for…

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Kat: 6th Grade Math Tutor

Certified 6th Grade Math Tutor

…I enjoy english, science, and history. I try to make subjects relatable to everyone, using cooking, sports, or other analogies to break down complicated principles. I began as a teaching assistant my sophomore year at Brigham Young University. Since this time, I have performed as a teaching assistant for 14 University-level courses. I have also tutored students at all grade levels. I like to spend time with my husband, 4 rescue cats, and two bunnies….

Emily: 6th Grade Math Tutor

…discovering what method works best for you, and hope to help you succeed in overcoming whatever difficulties you may have. As for my background, I have been tutoring since high school. I have extensive experience tutoring in math, both as a private tutor and with a company. My BA and M. Phil. degrees are respectively in Creative Writing and in English, and as such, I have a strong background…

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Learn At Your Own Pace

Online Math Tutoring gives you the freedom to progress at your own pace. Your 6th grade math tutor will take as much time as you need to understand the material.

While in class, students might be scared to ask questions. With that in mind, our tutors ask clarifying questions to help you think critically about the topic.

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