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Is Chemistry Or Physics Harder

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What Is The Hardest Job In The World

How hard is AP Biology? Tier list ranking for ALL AP science exams

Lets take a look at the top 30 hardest jobs in the world.Military. All military roles have their difficulties, but challenging roles such as a marine and mercenary are among the hardest in the world.Healthcare worker. Oil rig worker. Alaskan crab fisherman. Cell tower climber. Iron and steel worker. Firefighter. Roofer. More itemsOct 28, 2020

Which Is Harder Math Or Physics

mathharderphysicsmathphysicsphysicsmathThe 10 Easiest A-Level Subjects In 2020

  • A-Level Law. Up first on this list is A-Level Law, the 10th easiest A-Level.
  • A-Level Drama. Next up, we have A-Level Drama.
  • A-Level Film Studies.

Top Ten Hardest Physics Topics

  • Quantum Mechanics. I love physics but to say some of itâs laws are just too much hard.
  • Electromagnetism.

The Hardest Science Degrees

1. Chemistry

Chemistry is famous for being one of the hardest subjects ever, so its no surprise that a Chemistry degree is fiercely challenging. Just one topic in Chemistry is incredibly complex. As well as involving huge amounts of memorisation, organic chemistry covers more than 15 million compounds, and there are an infinite amount of organic chemical reactions to investigate.

Then, take the fact that Chemistry has multiple topics as well as organic chemistry, including inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry , and you get the picture.

If you were to study Chemistry at a top university like the University of Oxford, your weekly schedule would look something like this: 12 hours of labs, 10 hours of lectures, 1 Chemistry tutorial and tutorials in Maths, Biochemistry or Physics, where youll learn things, you can apply to Chemistry.

Chemistry is one of those subjects where you have to have advanced knowledge of maths and physics because these subjects tie so much into Chemistry. If you struggle with mathematical and logical thinking, Chemistry may be the degree to avoid.

Also, theres a lot of practical learning involved in Chemistry, which means that when youre not trying to get your head around macromolecules and redox reactions, youll be spending the rest of your time in the lab. This brings with it a whole new skill set, including writing lab reports and carrying out complex experiments, to put your learning into practice.

2. Astronomy

5. Neuroscience

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Is Marine Biologist A Good Career

Most marine biologists do their jobs because they love the work. It is a benefit in itself, even though compared to some other jobs, they dont make a lot of money, and the work is not always steady. You will need to be good at science and biology to complete the education necessary to become a marine biologist.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Science Major

Which is harder: physics or chemistry?

Theres a lot to think about when choosing a science major, as programs range from broad-based subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry to more focused areas such as animal behavior, botany, and geophysics. Because science encompasses such a wide variety of interests, many students struggle to identify the aspect they want to pursue. If youre struggling to select a science major, here are a few things to consider.

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The Five Hardest Classes In College

Aug 24, 2020 | Casper College News

What are the five hardest classes you can take in college? Determining the five hardest classes is very subjective. If you have always been good at math, for example, then you might not find college algebra that tough. On the other hand, if you favor classes like English and literature, you may find math in general, let alone college algebra, hard.

Of course, any class can be a stressor if you dont keep up with the homework, the assigned readings, and ask for help when you need it. Casper College, as well as all other colleges, provide help for their students. None of us wants to see anyone fail a class! If you are a Casper College student, check out the Student Success Center. Center staff can help you with general studies advising, career services, testing, and more.

Casper College also has plenty of tutoring and study resources, including the STEM Learning Center, the Writing Center, and the statistics lab.

Now, on to those five hardest classes. After checking many sources, here are the five college classes that overall seem to give the most people a tough time.

  • Thermodynamics:
  • ~~~~~

    What Do You Learn In Organic Chemistry

    Organic chemistry requires you to learn a lot of reactions and mechanisms. Youll be drawing these out, recognizing the patterns, and applying them to practice problems. Repeatedly.

    A typical 101 , will look something like this

    • General chemistry review
  • Synthesis
  • More advanced courses can also cover things like spectroscopy, redox reactions and protecting groups.

    Something that can make your course easier is obtaining a copy of the syllabus or curriculum beforehand.

    Having just a little extra time to Google some of these weird-sounding topics , can do huge things for your confidence.

    Youll see even advanced things can be broken down slowly and explained step-by-step.

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    Physics Can Often Transcend Reality

    One of the other reasons many people find physics difficult is its often at odds with reality.

    You probably associate physics with concepts that we often dont really understand, like time, space, speed, gravity, and astronomy.

    These concepts are far from simple.

    While there are some real-world applications, these concepts are often well outside the realm of what we can perceive.

    In many instances, thats the point of physics.

    While we cant necessarily make an object move 10,000 miles per hour, physics can predict the outcomes of experiments we dont have the means of conducting.

    Physics allows us to scale ideas to proportions that far exceed what we see in normal circumstances on Earth.

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that physics is difficult.

    In some ways, physics is the most basic building block of science.

    That might sound simple, but many people actually find the microscopic view much more difficult to grasp.

    Most people are pretty intimidated by chemistry, which is understandable.

    Chemistry is all about experimentation with chemicals, the periodic table, and atomic weights.

    However, what is chemistry ultimately?

    Chemistry doesnt exist without physics.

    What makes chemicals react and form heat?

    That happens through movement, which is driven by physics.

    While you can see the result of an experiment in a chemistry lab, that might not be so easy with physics.

    If youre a visual learner, physics might be a real challenge for you.

    Whats The Best Way To Prepare

    5 Things You Should Review Before Taking Chemistry or Physics

    Besides being disciplined in your study, putting in the hours and focusing on attempting as many practice problems as you can, choosing good resources is going to help succeeding in organic chemistry all the more easier.

    Because of the popularity of the subject, there are a lot of good ones out there and something destined to fit your preferred learning style.

    Ill run through some of are the best ones here

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    What Are Your Strengths

    Since science majors cover a broad spectrum of fields, they also require a diverse set of skills. For example, a major such as physics calls for a deep understanding of mathematics, while the study of biology will still require strong, but less complex, math skills. Figure out where your strengths lie and look for science majors that match them.

    Which Is More Difficult: Physics Or Chemistry

    Between those two, which do you find the most difficult to grasp?


    Physics is such a broad field, encompassing so many kinds of science that it isn’t really an apt comparison in my book.

    “I’m planning to live forever. So far, that’s working perfectly.”Steven Wright

    In practice, physics is easier. Jump and you get results. Chemistry requires baking and stuff.



    It really depends what you find difficult. When I was studying physics I was dating a chemist and we had this ‘which is more difficult’ debate a few times. There wasn’t an answer. Physics perhaps required a larger mathemtical toolkit, more long derivations from basic principles. Chemistry perhaps required you to remember more rules, do more long calculations and to have a better sense of spatial relationships. That said you could opt to memorise more rules and do physics, or work more out from basic principles with chemistry. It is totally dependent on what the person studying finds easy.Which is harder? Physics or Art? I can do physics to a degree, I draw with less skill than some zoo animals.

    The harder one is the one you like less.

    Information about American English usage here. Floating point issues? Please read this before posting.How do things fly? This explains it all.Actually they can’t: “Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” – Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895.

    The beautiful north coast
    The beautiful north coast

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    Is Organic Chemistry Harder Than Medical School

    O-Chem is certainly a tough subject but compared to medical school, and the quantity of information youre expected to learn and master at that level, it could be a little easier.

    Med school certainly involves more memorization however and your typical exam questions are centered on clinical cases rather than chemistry-based problem-solving.

    Theres more room for error on your typical med school exam than there would be a dedicated organic chemistry test. You can also infer many of the answers via a process of elimination.

    Organic chemistry doesnt work like that.

    How Much Time Will You Need To Successfully Pass Organic Chemistry

    Which subject is harder? Chemistry, physics or biology?

    Youre going to need at least 5-10 additional hours a week, on top of your class and teaching time, to really make progress in organic chemistry.

    Thats a couple of hours dedicated to reviewing, one for pre-reading/topic preparation and the rest for working through practice problems.

    Your priority should always be on attempting as many questions/exercises as you can.

    That way youll identify areas you need to work on, topics youre already familiar with, and benefit from the recall of concepts and facts.

    Getting questions wrong is probably one of the best ways to make good progress in organic chem .

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    What Makes Biology Hard To Study

    Most students find Biology hard to study due to the vast amount of information required to study and remember.

    Remembering all this information makes it difficult when it comes to exams and being able to regurgitate it when answering questions.

    If you have a solid understanding of physics and you have a good memory, then you probably wont find biology classes very difficult.

    Reason being biology makes so much sense when you understand the fundamental principles well enough.

    If you are not very strong at physics and chemistry dont despair.

    It is just a matter of performing extra study and the good news is there is plenty of affordable material online.

    If you are still in high school suggest you study the most complex biology, physics, and chemistry subjects you can.

    This will help you once you arrive at college, giving you an advantage in making Biology Major less difficult.

    If you are trying to learn biology by rote memorization, then yeah youre probably doomed to have a difficult time.

    Further to this, do have a more detailed article to why Why Is Biology So Hard?

    Is It Better To Take Physics Or Chemistry First

    The traditional approach is to take chemistry first and then physics. In high school I took chemistry my junior year and physics my senior. But after seeing how knowledge of physics makes understanding the reasons why chemical reactions occur the way that they do, I would strongly recommend taking physics first.

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    Which Is Harder Chemistry Or Physical Science

    I need one more science class in order to graduate and It has to be chemistry or physical science which of the two is harder.

    Edit. I meant physics vs chemistry.

    Do you mean physics? Bc chemistry is a branch of physical science

    Yeah thats what I meant.

    The first few general chem courses are not too bad. You may even get an A with enough studying. Physics on the other hand ripped me the fuck apart. Also I heard O Chem is the class that weeds out a chunk of the students.

    I really loved O chem, still gotta take physics tho

    Physics will have more calculus which is usually a tough subject for people.

    Often times, the difficulty of a class is dictated by the professor, not necessarily the material. Good professors can adjust the tests to be easier, be more lenient with final grades, and be more willing to help with individual questions. I would strongly recommend using this as a metric for choosing your class, especially now when many courses are online.

    Check out ratemyprofessors.com and see what students say about the professors. What is your major?

    Which Is Easier: Physics 1 Or Chemistry 1

    Confusion between Physics & Chemistry Thermodynamics | Physics | JEE | ATP STAR |

    Isaak DeMaio said:Which is easier for someone who is absolutely terrible in any sort of Science.


    Physics is ALWAYS easier than Chemistry in all aspects, but it can depend on the teacher…

    eXorikos said:Nice arguments! Care to elaborate?


    eXorikos said:Actually you can solve chemistry problems with math and there is an overlap with physics in physical chemistry. You basic chemistry course is no indication of what chemistry is, I guess. Also I would like to stress that physics is more than math.But I’ll leave you to your bitter self.

    flyingpig said:Chemistry is not like Physics, you can’t solve it with Math. It is just memorizing formulas and applying them properly. There is a hell lot of memorization especially in solubility and Organic Chemistry.If you are good at Math you are good at Physics, for Chemistry it’s just a pretentious subject that will always be in the shadows of Physics and Mathematics.

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    Is Organic Chemistry Hard In High School

    Organic Chemistry is sometimes offered as a single or double semester in high school. At this level its fairly basic and designed for keen science students who are already getting good grades.

    Expect more memorization than problem solving at this level, something that can make it a little easier.

    A lot like AP Biology.

    It Depends On The Course You Take

    No two courses are alike in college.

    Therefore, answering the question of how hard college physics is can be a real challenge.

    If youre taking introductory physics, you may find it completely manageable.

    Take a 200- or 300-level physics course and you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed.

    If you find yourself in a quantum physics or astrophysics class, you could be transported to a different world.

    Unfortunately, its impossible to provide a simple answer to the question of how hard college physics is.

    The particular course you choose will determine how challenging a time youll have.

    Some courses may be more general in nature, and thus more manageable.

    Other courses will be highly specific and require prerequisites and special permission just to enroll.

    It should also go without saying that every professor is different.

    There are a number of different teaching styles, and each professor will have his or her own unique approach to teaching physics.

    You might find that the same Physics 101 class can completely change based on whos teaching it.

    Some professors will have a reputation for allowing students to coast through with a perfunctory effort.

    Fair warning: youre not likely to find many of these in the physics department.

    Some professors will be wonderful teachers, leaders, and mentors, and will seamlessly impart information to their students.

    Other professors seem to take pride in watching students suffer, seldom awarding anything higher than a B+.

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    Biology Vs Chemistry Vs Physics

    In the 21st century, technology is gradually becoming an integral part of our daily life. Various technological advancements have improved the quality of life through the enhancement of different educational resources. It is evident that without the development of specific techniques or equipment, scientific fields, including but not limited to Biology, Chemistry, or physics, would not have been as promising as they are nowadays.

    Since the scientific areas mentioned above play one of the critical roles in our daily life activities, it is of crucial importance to give individuals the enthusiasm to become successful scientists. Unfortunately, students at an early age usually consider scientific subjects as too hard to understand, so they simply refuse to study but this is true only for those who do not have any interest or background in such subjects.

    Usually, topics for Advanced-Level courses are pretty much the same as the topics that are covered throughout the classes one has already taken. The significant difference is that the points and concepts that were covered throughout the beginner courses are expanded and explained in greater detail.

    And The School You Attend

    Which is harder, a BSc in physics or a BSc in chemistry ...

    Lastly, the institution at which the course is taught will be an important determinant of how hard a course is.

    It goes without saying that a school like the California Institute of Technology is going to be hard.

    Some schools specialize in physics or have a reputation for academic rigor.

    They got those reputations for a reason, and they likely intend to keep them.

    These schools will go to great lengths to make their physics courses challenging.

    Of course, a class that is designed to be hard will most likely be hard.

    You can also expect that if youre taking a physics course at a school that is known for the subject, theyll have professors who have high expectations and will push students to make sure everyone is adequately challenged.

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