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How To Write Research Proposal For Phd In Chemistry

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How to write a research Proposal ?

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V Common Mistakes To Avoid In Proposal Writing

With rejection rates reaching as high as 97% at prestigious journals, it is only prudent to ensure that you are not making any of these customary mistakes when submitting your research proposal:

Submitting lengthy proposals. When writing research proposals, be to the point. Your submitted document must be focused and concise. Dont diverge into irrelevant tangents without a clear sense of purpose.

Covering too much research ground. It is common for students to fail in delimiting the contextual boundaries of their studies, be it the topic, time, place, etc. As with any research paper, the proposed research must clearly inform the reader how the study will investigate the problem. Look for some research paper thesis examples so you would know how to clearly communicate the scope of your inquiry.

Not citing major works in a literature review. While it is advised to keep everything in the proposal at a minimuma few milestone research studies must already be included. Proposals should be grounded in landmark studies that provide the groundwork for appreciating the growth and scope of the issue.

Too much focus on minor issues, yet very few details on major issues. A proposal must focus only a few key study questions to clearly argue why it should be conducted. Mentioning minor issues is acceptable but they should not overpower the major ones, which should control the overall narrative.

Research Proposals Chemistry Texts With Correct Structure & Formatting

Writing a decent research proposal for any chemistry subfield is indeed a challenge for each student. To make it properly, a student needs several attempts to arrange a biology research proposal or another according to the academic rules and content suitability. So, when dealing with a research proposal organic chemistry text, we offer students to follow such a balanced and considered structure:

  • Thought-out and catchy title.
  • Research core with key ideas.
  • Main issues & goals determined.
  • Value of research defined.
  • Complete bibliography list.

Besides adhering to the reasoned chemistry proposal structure that will facilitate smooth content creation, our impeccable writing service guarantees correct formatting in writing your chemistry research and its proposal.

An original chemistry research proposal should preserve the following demanding to its format and style that are predominantly used there:

  • Writing in the third person passive voice to save neutrality.
  • Preserving consistency when chemical processes analysis.
  • When citing, using ACS format.
  • Making footnotes by putting superscripts for proper referencing.
  • Saving proper symbols, punctuation, removing shortcuts.

All the mentioned formatting peculiarities will promote a research proposal in chemistry by making it appealing and more accessible to the audience. So, readers will comprehend the content easily and get engaged in your paper from its beginning.

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Outline The Proposed Mode Of Research

Research objectives phd thesis proposal example

Your mode of research is essentially the type of research youll be doing.

Think of it as a format or style of research field research, written work, data studies all of these are modes of research. Different sciences, disciplines, and problems require different types of research, so this will usually be closely linked to your field.

This is usually not needed for research in the sciences field but you should consult with your supervisor to learn how to formulate this section.

Its also important not to go too deep into describing your research at this point then youre going into the methodology. Here, you just need to briefly describe whats the nature of your proposed project.

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B Key Questions To Be Asked

At this stage, it is good to ask these preparatory questions to help you steer your research in the right direction:

  • What is the topic I want to study?
  • Why is it worthwhile to study it?
  • What practical or valuable problems will it help solve?
  • How does it build uponand possibly improveexisting research already done about the topic?
  • How is it important within the subject areas covered in the course/program?
  • What are the specific tasks that I must plan to do?
  • Can I get those tasks done within the time and resources available?

Generally, a compelling research proposal is one that effectively captures your knowledge about the topic and shows your deep interest to conduct the research. Handle it with the purpose of making your readers engaged about the study and what the outcomes will be.

In case youre still unsure about your topic or in the process of exploring possibilities, it is good to consider how funding agencies across the world are allocating their budgets for research grants. For instance, in the field of market research, the top topics that won the most study grants in 2018 were market measurement , media audience/research , usage and attitude studies , and CRM systems . If you are considering , these are good references. Also, you can search for cutting-edge or controversial debate topics in your field. This way, you will also touch on the current interests of other researchers in your field.

General Layout For 4th Year Orp

Overview. The goal of the ORP is to have students come up with an independent research proposal. Your ORP should focus on a big picture problem in chemistry. You should pull from multiple areas outside of your area of expertise to address a contemporary and unsolved problem. Each specific aim should be independent on each other . The scope of the project should be that of a postdoctoral fellowship something that can be accomplished in 2-3 years by one postdoc.

Specific Aims PreORP. You must first submit a one-page, single spaced description of the Specific Aims of your proposal . Consider it an executive summary of your planned proposal. It should include significance , innovation, and summary of research plan broken up into 2-3 specific aims. The aims should all focus on solving the problem you laid out, but should be independent of each other . This must be approved before writing the full proposal.

An excellent guide for writing specific aims can be found here.

ORP. Once your Specific Aims are approved, you must submit a max 12 page double spaced proposal . It should contain the following sections: Significance, Innovation, and Research Plan. The research plan should be broken up into each of your specific aims, and should describe how you will accomplish them. At the end of each specific aim, you should describe potential problems and how you will address them. Include a concluding paragraph indicating what will be accomplished if the proposal is successful.

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Introduce Your Research Supervisor

Right after your project title, you have to state the name, department, and faculty of your supervisor.

Your research supervisor will also cooperate with you to review and improve the proposal before submission to ensure it meets all the criteria of your subject area.

These details are sometimes included right on the first page, with your project title and description.

Pro tip:

You can send a draft of your proposal to the supervisor. Theyve likely seen their fair share of proposals and will be able to consult you in the early stages.

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How to Write a Great PhD Research Proposal
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Iii Revisions And Proofreading

As with any other piece of academic writing, it is essential to redraft, edit, and proofread your research proposal before you submit it . If you have the opportunity, ask a friend, colleague, or supervisor for feedback and writing suggestions before handing it over to the evaluators.

The peer-review process, whether for professional or student research, was designed not to reject submissions but actually as a quality control system to help researchers improve on their craft . Proposal revision can entail careful rewriting, which, in itself, can be a fruitful experience that can be used for the long term.

In academic publishing, proposal rejection is a reality, even for the most seasoned scholarly writers. In fact, the success rate of reapplied proposals is considerably higher compared to the first submissions. For instance, at the European Research Council, new applicants have a success rate of 9-10%. Repeat applications tend to have better success rates, from 14-15% .

To really boost your chances of getting an approval, you might want to consider seeking the help of professional proofreading services to remove grammatical errors, examine your proposals structure, and enhance your adherence to the required academic style.

E Research Design & Methods

This part should be written properly and organized logically since you are not yet conducting the actual research. However, it must build confidence among your readers that it is something worth pursuing.

The underlying purpose here is to convince the reader that your research design and suggested analytical strategies will properly address the problem/s of the study. It also aims to assure the reader that the selected methods offer the means to efficiently interpret the likely study outcomes. Simply put, your research design and methods should be directly connected to the particular objectives of your research .

An effective way to frame your study design is by drawing good examples from your literature review. Emulate the good approaches used by other researchers. Be particular about the methodological techniques you intend to use to gather data, the strategies you will utilize to analyze your data, and the external validity measures you will employ.

Make sure to cover the following when describing the methods you will utilize:

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect method for any type of research endeavor. However, if you rigorously follow the best practices employed by those who conducted relevant studies and provide the corresponding rationales why you selected them, then you can readily address any critique that might come your way.

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What Is A Phd Research Proposal

First things first, is a research proposal actually necessary for your PhD? It depends on the kind of project you want to do:

  • If your PhD is advertised by a university, you probably won’t need to submit a research proposal for it. The broad aims and objectives for your PhD will already be defined: you just need to prove you’re the right person to do it.
  • But, if you’re proposing your own research topic to research within a university’s PhD programme, you will need to write a proposal for it

As a rule, advertised projects are very common in STEM subjects, whereas Arts, Humanities and Social Science students are more likely to propose their own PhDs.

Some PhD programmes actually wait and ask students to develop their research proposal during the degree . This is normal in the USA, but it’s becoming more common for some UKRI-funded UK PhDs.

For the purposes of this guide we’re going to assume that you do need to write a good research proposal as part of a successful PhD application. So let’s explore what’s involved in that.

What Should A Phd Research Proposal Include

Research proposal chemistry

It’s natural to be a little intimidated at the thought of structuring a PhD proposal, particularly if you’ve never written anything like this before.

But here’s the thing: a research proposal isn’t a fiendish test designed to catch you out and stop you ever doing a PhD. It’s actually much more boring than that.

All a research proposal really is is a document that demonstrates three things:

  • Your PhD is worthwhile
  • Your PhD is feasible
  • You are capable of completing it at this university

Or to put it even more simply: the PhD is worth doing, it’s doable and you can do it.

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Second Year Exam Committee

  • Summer, before Year 2 – Students submit faculty committee preferences
  • Fall – Students receive Department Exam Committee assignment

The Second Year Exam Committee will consist of three faculty: two inside the students research track and one outside the students research track. Students will have the opportunity to submit preferences on faculty to serve on their Second Year Exam Committee. Students must consult with their advisor on this step. The Graduate Affairs Committee will then work to finalize each student’s Second Year Exam Committee, which will factor in the student/PI’s preferences. Several factors may need to be considered while formulating the committee assignments, but it is the goal of GAC to make every effort to accommodate at least one of the student’s preferences. Students will receive their Second Year Exam Committee assignments by the start of Year 2 of the PhD program. Second Year Exam Committee members will continue to serve on the student’s Doctoral Committee.

Before You Start Writing Your Proposal

A thesis proposal is different than most documents you have written. In a journal article, your narrative can be post-constructed based on your final data, whereas in a thesis proposal, you are envisioning a scientific story and anticipating your impact and results. Because of this, it requires a different approach to unravel your narration. Before you begin your actual writing process, it is a good idea to have a perspective of the background and significance of your research, a set of aims that you want to explore, and a plan to approach your aims. However, the formation of your thesis proposal is often a nonlinear process. Going back and forth to revise your ideas and plans is not uncommon. In fact, this is a segue to approaching your very own thesis proposal, although a lot of time it feels quite the opposite.

Refer to Where do I begin article when in doubt. If you have a vague or little idea of the purpose and motivation of your work, one way is to remind yourself the aspects of the project that got you excited initially. You could refer to the Where do I begin? article to explore other ways of identifying the significance of your project.

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Chemistry Proposal Must Follow Certain Steps

Chemistry departments will not allow for poor research from graduate students. A chemistry research proposal as well as architectural thesis proposal or biology thesis proposal, must have a well-defined topic and a thesis statement that offers the possibility of advancing knowledge in the field. A graduate student must have a good literature review, and outline a methodology that is acceptable to the graduate committee. This is in addition to following guidelines for the actual writing. They can all be a very challenging prospect.

C Review Of Prior Studies And Literature

How to write a research proposal | 7 Hacks for success

Your study background and significance is directly related to this section, which primarily offers a more deliberate review and synthesis of existing studies pertinent to your proposed research problem. This part aims to properly situate your proposed study within the bigger scheme of things of what is being investigated, while, at the same time, showing the innovation and originality of your proposed work .

Because a literature review often involves heavy information, it is important that this section is smartly structured to allow a reader to comprehend the major contentions that underlie your proposed research vis-a-vis those of other scholars. An effective way to do this is to separate the literature into major themes or conceptual strategies. This is a better approach instead of chronologically or methodically describing sets of studies one by one.

As there are many efficient ways in framing your review of existing related studies, many scholars are following the use of the five Cs in writing a literature review :

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