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What Does Disposition Mean In Geography

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The Social Production Of Symbolic Spaces

What does geography mean to you?

18Across the world, an appreciable part of the power of public authorities and institutions has been used to develop symbolic spaces, the prime function of which is to identify and form the group that gives legitimacy to those authorities or institutions. In Latin America, a good example of this trend is the rapid production of a symbolism of citizenship in the course of the 19th century, by way of street furniture and monuments intended to pay tribute to civic virtues in the form of allegories , or by way of human heroes: the formation of a citizen body was at the time an urgent need for the new Latin-American republics . An overview of the interventions by authorities and institutions in the production of symbolic spaces shows three scales of intervention, articulated through the Americas according to differing temporalities: 1) the creation of new cities; 2) the definition of the public space ; 3) the erection of monumental buildings .

The Key Concepts Or Big Ideas In Geography

Geographic concepts allow for the exploration of relationships and connections between people and both natural and cultural environments. They have a spatial component.

They provide a framework that geographers use to interpret and represent information about the world.

The development of understanding of these concepts will allow students to participate as critical, active, informed and responsible citizens.

The geography achievement objectives in The New Zealand Curriculum are based on conceptual understandings.;A concept is a general idea, thought, or understanding. Conceptual understandings are what learners know and understand about a concept. When the concepts are elaborated into generalisations, they become conceptual understandings.;The key concepts are all derived directly from the;Level 6 to 8 achievement objectives;for geography.;

It is expected that students will develop their understanding of concepts through time.

Teachers may also choose additional concepts that may connect with the local environment or the circumstances of their students. Such concepts must be geographic in nature;;they must have a spatial component.

Spatial components relate to how features are arranged on the Earths surface. For example, an understanding of ‘environments’ will be supported by students also developing an understanding of additional concepts such as location, distance and region.

Choose The Right Synonym For Disposition

disposition, temperament, temper, character, personality mean the dominant quality or qualities distinguishing a person or group. disposition implies customary moods and attitude toward the life around one. a cheerful dispositiontemperament implies a pattern of innate characteristics associated with one’s specific physical and nervous organization. an artistic temperamenttemper implies the qualities acquired through experience that determine how a person or group meets difficulties or handles situations. a resilient tempercharacter applies to the aggregate of moral qualities by which a person is judged apart from intelligence, competence, or special talents. strength of characterpersonality applies to an aggregate of qualities that distinguish one as a person. a somber personality

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Definition Of Deposition In Chemistry

  • Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Hastings College

The settling of particles or sediment onto a surface. The particles may originate from a vapor, solution, a suspension, or a mixture.

Deposition also refers to the phase change from gas to solid.

Symbolic And Hierarchical Differentiations In Time And Space

Erosion and deposition with river cliff and slip

8This is why the symbolic dimension of space is both a power issue and a power instrument: the person who manipulates symbols can also manipulate processes of identification, and thus have influence over the constitution of the group that legitimises the exercise of power. The history of the construction of nation-states since the 16th century can provide a wealth of examples of this process: state authority defines the symbols that are to define the nation, which is supposed to correspond to the social reality over which the said authority is exercised. This is how all the American republics were formed in the course of the 19th century, and the absence or the weakness of this process of symbolisation could explain why Canada, whose head of state is still today the British sovereign, has not stabilised as a unified nation-state.

11The Pre-Columbian sites of the Americas, such as the Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico, proved a good example of the career of symbolic places. It can reasonably be thought that these places have symbolised at least seven different things:

  • Little or nothing is known about the meanings that the Teotihuacan site had for the society that erected it .

  • It can reasonably be postulated that the site represented something rather different for this society’ neighbours ,

  • and also that it meant something different again for the indigenous societies that developed on the spot after the sites were abandoned .

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    What Does Disposition Mean In Court

    In legal use the word disposition may have several possible meanings. It may refer to the sentence given to a convicted juvenile defendant, or to the final determination of a matter by a court. It may also be defined as “transfer to the care, possession, or ownership of another” as well as “the power of such transferal.”

    Data Collection And Analysis

    Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to collect and analyze data on participants dispositions toward using GST in their future classrooms. Pre- and postsurveys administered at the beginning and end of the semester constituted quantitative data. The survey questionnaire included eight items to assess preservice teachers beliefs, attitudes, and dispositions related to the uses of GST in the classroom and education of spatial thinking. The questions were extracted from the Teaching Spatial Thinking through Geography Disposition Inventory, which has 40 items across five item categories: Teaching thinking skills, teaching spatial thinking, spatial thinking in geography, explicit teaching of spatial concepts, and adopting spatial representations and geospatial technologies .;Reliability and validity of the instrument have not yet been established, but this is the only available instrument in the literature to assess teacher disposition related to teaching spatial thinking.

    Each participants disposition score was calculated as a sum of the responses to the eight items . Mean scores were then calculated across the pre- and postsurvey administrations by item as well as by category and analyzed using a paired samples t-test.

    Qualitative data were collected through participant reflections on activities ;completed throughout the semester. The guiding questions for reflection and the data used for analysis are presented in Table 2.

    Table 2

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    What Is A Case Disposition

    The term “case disposition” is used within the legal system to describe the resolution or the outcome of any case. A disposition may occur at any time during a court proceeding, though it is subject to the law and also to the rules of civil or criminal procedure. The Administrative Office of the United States Courts provides a glossary of legal terms pertaining to case dispositions and civil and criminal procedures on the website.

    Case disposition is a general legal term. To “dispose” of a case means to clear the case from the court’s docket by reaching a resolution. According to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, a court case is disposed of in a number of ways. Parties to a case may engage in negotiations to arrive at an agreement without going to trial. Once the parties arrive at an agreement, the judge must determine if the proposed case disposition is lawful and just. If the case disposition is accepted by the court, the judge rules on the disposition on record, making the agreement recognizable in the eyes of the law.

    What Is The Difference Between Disposition And Predisposition

    What is Geography? (2/7) Geography’s Most Basic Question

    Sometimes disposition and predisposition mean the same thing, and sometimes they do not. When refering to a person’s usual mood or attitude you would speak of their disposition, not their predisposition. However, when referring to a person’s tendency, or inclination, the two words are largely synonymous . An exception to this synonym comes in medical use, where it is far more common to use predisposition .

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    Longitude And The Prime Meridian

    Longitude denotes the east/west position of a geographic location. Longitude lines run north and south across the Earth, between the two poles. The prime meridian is the zero line for longitude. It runs between the North and South poles, through Greenwich, England. The prime meridian splits the Earth into the Eastern and Western hemispheres; the International Date Line divides the Earth opposite the prime meridian. The International Date Line is not straight due to social reasons, but all other longitude lines are parallel to the prime meridian.

    Analysis Of Pre And Post Disposition Surveys

    The results show an increase in disposition scores from pre- to postsurvey of 1.125 , and a paired samples t-test revealed that the mean difference was statistically significant . Average disposition score changes were analyzed also by item category. Table 3 shows average scores increased for both categories on the postsurvey, and a slightly greater increase was observed in the spatial thinking category than in the GST category .

    Disposition Score Changes Between Pre- and Postsurveys


    Table 3 also presents item level changes in the mean disposition scores, but the results were visualized for easy comparisons . Score changes were smaller for Item 1. This result can be ascribed to a ceiling effect in which the presurvey score was already high . The largest mean increase was observed on Item 3.

    Figure 1Pre and post disposition scores: Use of GST category.Figure 2.Pre and post disposition scores: Teaching spatial thinking category.

    In the spatial thinking category, two items showed a large increase on the postsurvey: Item 5 and Item 8 .

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    Analysis Of Participants Written Responses

    Discourse analysis offers a means to a systematic analysis of written text, and analysis of written text of students is often useful to assess their prior knowledge, beliefs, and feelings . In this study, participants written responses to guiding questions during some of the Web-based GIS activities were collected and analyzed using a discourse analytic approach. In order to identify dispositional characteristics suggested in the participants written statements, I looked for words, phrases, or statements that reflect participants beliefs, feelings, thoughts, or dispositions. For each of the guiding questions, the disposition-indicating words, phrases, or statements were grouped to form categories of salient features of dispositions toward the use of GIS for teaching. Total numbers of disposition-indicating comments on each question and percentages by category are shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4a.Categories of responses to What would be potential of using GIS to facilitate geographic and/or spatial thinking? .Figure 4b.Categories of responses to How do you feel about AGO as a tool? What did you like or dislike? .Figure 4c.Categories of responses to What would be benefits of using GIS in this physical geography lesson for students to achieve the learning objectives? .Figure 4d.Categories of responses to What would be benefits of using GIS in this human geography lesson for students to achieve the learning objectives? .

    Applications For Coastal Planning And Management


    The null point theory has been controversial in its acceptance into mainstream coastal science as the theory operates in dynamic equilibrium or unstable equilibrium, and many fields and laboratory observations have failed to replicate the state of a null point at each grain size throughout the profile. The interaction of variables and processes over time within the environmental context causes issues; “a large number of variables, the complexity of the processes, and the difficulty in observation, all place serious obstacles in the way of systematisation, therefore in certain narrow fields the basic physical theory may be sound and reliable but the gaps are large”

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    The Symbolism Of Place And Market Rationality

    23There is no doubt that the skyscraper was originally a technical solution to an economic constraint a means to obtain more square metres of functional space per surface area of land, in settings where land prices were rising and where there was a need to gather large numbers of staff in the same place. This explains the appearance of skyscrapers in Chicago and later New York at the start of the 20th century, but certainly not their appearance in Mexico City after the Second World War. The two highest skyscrapers in Mexico are La Latinoamericana , and the Pemex tower . The sole cost of the land could not justify building towers more than 40 storeys high in Mexico City, all the more so because the seismic risk increases construction costs. The existence of these building can only be understood in reference to the symbolism of modernism and power associated with the skyscraper since it has been linked to the economic success and political power of the United States in the 20th century.

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    Examples Of Disposition In A Sentence

    GenomeGuns, Germs, and SteelAmerican AmbitionsBothers and Keepersdispositiondispositiondispositiondispositiondispositiondisposition Los Angeles TimesdispositionThe New Yorkerdisposition Dallas NewsdispositionAnchorage Daily Newsdisposition San Diego Union-Tribunedisposition Star Tribunedisposition NBC Newsdisposition Dallas News

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    The Occurrence Of Null Point Theory

    “What does disposition mean?”

    Akaroa Harbour is located on Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand, 43°48â²S172°56â²E / 43.800°S 172.933°E / -43.800; 172.933. The formation of this harbour has occurred due to active erosional processes on an extinct shield volcano, whereby the sea has flooded the caldera, creating an inlet 16 km in length, with an average width of 2 km and a depth of â13 m relative to mean sea level at the 9 km point down the transect of the central axis. The predominant storm wave energy has unlimited fetch for the outer harbour from a southerly direction, with a calmer environment within the inner harbour, though localised harbour breezes create surface currents and chop influencing the marine sedimentation processes. Deposits of loess from subsequent glacial periods have in filled volcanic fissures over millennia, resulting in volcanic basalt and loess as the main sediment types available for deposition in Akaroa Harbour

    Kirby R. takes this concept further explaining that the fines are suspended and reworked aerially offshore leaving behind lag deposits of the main bivalve and gastropod shells separated out from the finer substrate beneath, waves and currents then heap these deposits to form chenier ridges throughout the tidal zone, which tend to be forced up the foreshore profile but also along the foreshore. Cheniers can be found at any level on the foreshore and predominantly characterise an erosion-dominated regime.

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    Symbolic Places And Public Spaces

    12Symbolic places that are developed by public authorities are among the commonest symbols in a given society. They are common in two senses – they are understood by all, that is to say their symbolic dimension does not escape anyone inside the group, and they are shared by all, that is to say that their symbolic dimensions gathers all the spectators of the symbol into a whole. They are thus in every sense commonplace . In societies where the institutional religious authority is strong, churches thus rank as places that are symbolic of public power. In Western societies churches today are a widely present heritage rather than a currently operational power in the organisation of space on the national, regional and urban scales .

    14The action of public authorities in space almost always exhibits a symbolic magnification of the authority itself:

    • in the register of strength or power

    • in the register of an incarnation in the public authorities of the group identity

    • in the register of ideals and values

    15The public processing of the public space shapes that space as an incarnation or expression of the power of the authorities. It is moreover possible to measure the actual limits of public power by observing the limits of its power or will to act in abandoned quarters, following logics that take different forms across the Americas: ethnic ghettos in the United States colonias proletarias in Mexico, favelas in Brazil , etc.

    Deposition Of Cohesive Sediments

    The cohesion of sediment occurs with the small grain sizes associated with silts and clays, or particles smaller than 4Ï on the phi scale. If these fine particles remain dispersed in the water column, Stokes law applies to the settling velocity of the individual grains, although due to seawater being a strong electrolyte bonding agent, flocculation occurs where individual particles create an electrical bond adhering each other together to form flocs. “The face of a clay platelet has a slight negative charge where the edge has a slight positive charge when two platelets come into close proximity with each other the face of one particle and the edge of the other are electrostatically attracted.” Flocs then have a higher combined mass which leads to quicker deposition through a higher fall velocity, and deposition in a more shoreward direction than they would have as the individual fine grains of clay or silt.

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