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What Can I Do After Geography Honours

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What Can You Do With A Geography Degree

Explained the model questions of Geography Honours (2nd Semister-Human Geography).

Geography majors learn about the physical features of the earth including climate, soil, and topography and how people relate to the land. Learners study both physical and social science.

Geography careers include geoscientist, geographer, and cartographer. Below, readers will find more information about pursuing a career in this field, including salary potential and links to helpful resources.

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Geographic Data And Technology

To study geography, you need to conduct research and that requires the use of geographic information systems and other types of technology. Gaining hands-on experience using geographic information system equipment can help you prepare for a variety of high-paying jobs in geography.

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Why Pursue A Career In Geography

Careers with a geography degree offer the opportunity to work indoors or outdoors. Geographers and survey and mapping technicians spend time out in the field collecting data and studying the land. Careers like postsecondary teacher include more desk work and less time spent outdoors.

Geography students need excellent analytical thinking skills and attention to detail. Some geography professionals work alone, while others work as part of a team, meaning students should develop the ability to both work individually and compromise with others.

Careers for a geography major also require a deep understanding of the earth and how humans interact with it.

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Communication Data Gathering And Organizational Skills

  • The ability to present your thoughts clearly and intelligently in written statements and written opinion pieces
  • Deduction of information from various sources and the ability to concentrate on relevant resources
  • The ability to learn new information and apply this to professional demands
  • The capacity to critically analyze problems, think creatively and make sound decisions while considering different sides of an argument
  • The ability to explain complex ideas clearly to others and to apply complex theoretical concepts to everyday practice and professional dilemmas

Career In Geography In India


Naief Khatri

The word Geography originates from the Greek words âGeo or Gaeaâ both meaning âEarthâ, and âgrapheinâ meaning âto describeâ or âto mapâ. Hence, it can be inferred that Geography is the science of the earth i.e., the study of the surface of the earth, the location and distribution of its physical and cultural features, the aerial outlines of places, and also the interrelation of these features as they influence human population.

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What Can I Do With A Geography Degree

With its opportunities for hands-on learning, as well as its interdisciplinary and holistic approach that spans the natural and social sciences, a degree in Geography will prepare you for many types of careers in private industry, government, non-profits, research, and higher education. For example, a geography degree will prepare you to become an environmental consultant, work in industry, join or start a non-profit, start a career in international development, or put your education to work in the US Geological Survey or US Forest Service, among many others. Because few geography jobs have the job title geographer, these resources describe some of the job titles and career paths for geographers.

  • Account Manager
  • Managing editor, series on geography and world cultures
  • Municipal government professional
  • Project Manager, commercial remote sensing
  • Project Scientist, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Senior Manager in Information Technology
  • Air/Water Quality Control Manager
  • International Development Project Officer, Facilitator

Jobs After Ba Geography

As the name implies Geography is the study of earth and its associated processes. The subject also identifies the demographic features, soil proportion, climate, and so on. The study of the subject can offer a rewarding and promising career to aspirants. The students can have specialization in a specific area of geography after graduation. This helps them to become expert in a particular area and to get employed in that field of industry.

Some of the specializations offered in Geography are

  • Behavioral Geography
  • Quaternary science

Career prospects after BA Geography

Candidates after finishing a course in Geography can find employment opportunities both in governmental as well as private sector. It is possible to work under different government departments as well as in aided Colleges and Universities offering academic courses in geography. The aspirants can work in government and research organizations as

  • Agricultural Specialists
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Specialists
  • Regional and Urban Planners
  • Environment Manager
  • Transportation Manager etc

Individuals can work in similar profiles in private sector also. They can also find job openings in applications of satellite technology and in developmental agencies involved in demographic studies, rural uplift, and in other environmental issues. In private sector the graduates can work as Real estate appraisers and also in marketing of demographic information.

Organizations providing jobs after BA Geography

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Ba Geography: Career Prospects

Graduates in this field have several career options in various specializations. Professionals can work in areas like Colleges/Universities, travel and tourism, solid waste disposal, rural development departments, oil drilling, mining industry, government research institutions, gas exploration companies, environmental protection agencies, agricultural research, and Indian civil services.

Graduates may work in positions such as:

  • Agricultural specialist
  • Mining supervisor
  • Tourist guide translator

Further Study: After completion of this course, graduates may also join the post graduate course in this field or related field.

Given below are the major job positions, their descriptions, and the Average annual salary for each position:

What Does A Geography Degree Involve

B.A. English Hons., Eligibility, Syllabus, Admission, Career, Fee, Top Institutes

Geography is the scientific study of the Earth’s physical features and how humans affect and are affected by these features. A geography degree teaches you about the natural and physical sciences and provides you with analytical and mathematical skills.

Geography courses also teach students how to study, interpret and create maps. Students who receive a degree in geography can work in different fields of research, planning and consulting, using their knowledge of geography to collect and analyze data.

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Ba Geography: Admission Process

For seeking admission for this course students have to secure the marks required in the merit list or get high scores in the entrance exam conducted in the respective college. Admission process varies from one state to another. Eligible students have to fill application forms and submit at the time of admissions.

  • Application process
  • Merit-list or entrance exam scores
  • Most of the colleges select students through the marks obtained in their 10+2 examinations. Some colleges conduct entrance exams like:

    Career Prospects And Job Scope For Ba Geography Hons

    The scope of BA Geography Hons in India is rewarding and high owing to the emergence of many private and public organisations that employ graduates of this course. There are many BA Geography Hons job opportunities available to the students in a wide range of career roles. The BA Geography Hons course aims to ensure that students have access to all the infrastructure they need to succeed in their chosen field. Listed below are some of the jobs graduates can start with after BA Geography Hons course:

    • Teacher & Lecturer
    • GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist
    • Regional and Urban Planner

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    Associate Degree In Geography

    During an associate program in geography, students gain foundational skills in human and physical geography. Students complete courses in GIS technology, mapping sciences, geographic distribution. The program also includes broad education in other topics, including English and mathematics. Graduates can pursue careers as surveying and mapping technicians, drafters, and geological technicians.

    These fields require training in geographic techniques, including the software programs used for surveying and mapping. Graduates can also transfer into a four-year program to complete a bachelor’s degree in geography or a related field.

    What Can You Do With an Associate in Geography?

    Ba Geography: What Is It About

    Emma : Honours Geography graduate from Trinity College. I can tutor for ...

    In BA Hons Geography course, candidates study earths surface and its discipline. This discipline leads to planning, mapping, or environmental protection. This course mainly focuses on the specific areas like Geographic Information System , and environmental geography.

    Some of the major concepts available in this course are:

    • Physical geography
    • Human geography

    Human geography: This topic focuses on the worlds population impacts of the globe and further study in this field. Some of the other topics covered include economic development, population growth, urbanization, geopolitics, land use, and resource allocation.

    GIS: In Geographic Information System classes, students learn about applications of GIS, digital mapping, spatial analysis, data collection and mining, and usage of GIS in public policy.

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    What Are The 10 Best

    Some examples of high-paying jobs for graduates of geography degree programs include the following occupations.

    A Note About Geography Career Salary Data

    Every effort has been made to present the salary data included in this article in comparable ways. However, due to the different ways data sources categorize job titles and calculate salary data, it isnt always possible to retrieve salary data from the same source. For each job, the source of the data and the type of data are noted.

    Generally, the salary data listed below is either the median or average salary, rather than the top salary, to better provide guidance on the sort of earning potential that most workers in the field can expect.

    Job Roles And Career Areas You Could Work In

    There are a broad range of careers open to a geography graduate. You could seek work in the private or public sector or in a non-governmental organisation or charity, specialising in an area connected to housing, property, land management, the environment or international development. Alternatively, you could train to become a teacher, take a law conversion course, or apply for the Civil Service Fast Stream or NHS graduate scheme.

    Traditionally, employers such as housebuilders have only been willing to recruit geography graduates into land management roles if they had undertaken an industry-approved postgraduate conversion course. However, some of these companies have recently opened up their graduate schemes to applications from geography graduates fresh from university.

    With further qualifications or training, job roles open to you include the following:

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    Salary Packages For Ba Geography Hons Graduates

    The BA Geography Hons scope and salary in India are very high and rewarding for the graduates owing to the relevancy of the education that they receive. The BA Geography Hons starting salary is not fixed for the students. The average BA Geography Hons salary in India, according to PayScale, is around INR 2.5 – 3 LPA. Listed below are some of the BA Geography job vacancies in India along with the salaries for the graduates:

    Job Roles

    How To Switch Your Career To Geography

    Explained a topic of Geography Honours (Syllabus). Semester V. 720p

    Geography professionals seeking a career change to a different job within the same field do not typically need to earn another degree unless their new job requires more advanced education. In most cases, professionals changing careers within geography only need specialized training or certification for their new job.

    Professionals coming from other fields may need to earn another degree. These individuals should especially consider going back to school if their new job requires a graduate degree. Professionals coming from other fields should also strongly consider earning certification from a geography-related professional organization.

    Training and courses in practical skills, such as GIS, can also be helpful.

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    General Skills For Geographers

    • Time Management. In a survey by O*NET Online, half of the geographers reported working 40 hours a week and the other half reported working more hours than that. Time management is essential to maintaining a work-life balance in this field.
    • Writing. Geographers will need to write many technical reports throughout their careers. They also need to publish their research in academic journals and so they must know how to write really well.
    • Critical Thinking. Professionals in geography must be critical thinkers. They must know what questions to ask and how to lay out a step-by-step plan to solve the problem.
    • Problem-solving. Geographers must be able to identify and solve problems quickly, especially during emergencies that they may be in charge of. They must be able to determine the available options, weigh them, and decide based on the probable consequences.
    • Computer and Technology. Geographers will work with software programs and technological equipment in acquiring, analyzing, and encoding data. They keep themselves up-to-date with emerging technologies to remain relevant in the job market.

    Can You Get A Geography Job With Just A Certificate

    Unfortunately, no. Geographers typically hold at least a bachelors degree. Further, more than 4 in 10 geographers hold a masters degree . Getting only a certificate will put you at a serious disadvantage in the job market. Many employers will look only among degree holders for this position due to its technicality. However, a certificate in geography can help you during the admission process in postsecondary degree-granting institutions. It will also hold a level of credit in your curriculum vitae when accompanied by a degree.

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    Improves Critical Thinking And Assessment Skill:

    One of the amazing benefits of literature is that it propels students to think critically and merge their existing knowledge with concepts ascertained in a piece of literary work. A literary piece of work is often seen to be rhetorical. In such a case, you need to put your critical thinking skills into action to conclude what the author has intended to portray. It would certainly help us represent our viewpoint and understand others viewpoints as a literary work usually possesses more than one interpretation. This way, literature helps us develop our thinking and assessment capability but shoves us to think in multiple dimensions.

    Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022*

    Honours Thesis done and dusted!

    The University of Plymouth has been named among the top 5% of universities globally in 2022 for its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals*, in particular, work on marine issues and on climate change. In the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, sustainability is at the heart of our research and teaching. From sustainable cities, affordable and clean energy, to climate policy, biodiversity, and natural hazards, our academic staff work with partners locally and overseas to help understand, communicate and solve fundamental and pressing sustainability challenges.

    Australia Field trip, May 2019.

    Geography graduates have high rates of graduate employment. The RGS notes ‘there is no such thing as a geography job rather there are multiple jobs that geographers do’. Employment areas directly linked to geography include working in consultancy, planning, tourism, local/regional/national government, NGOs and teaching others find the social and numerical skills learned lead towards management and finance.

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    What Is Ba Geography

    10 2 oran original examination in trades sluice froma honored board. scholars have to secure 45of marks to gain entry conditions forthis course. A chance can vary fromone council to another.Eligible campaigners can get an operation and apply forthis course online offline.Some of the majorconcepts available in this course are:

    • Physical geography
    • Human geography

    HumanGeography:This content focuses on the worldspopulation impacts ofthe globe and farther study in this field. Someofthe other motifs covered include profitable development,population growth, urbanization, geopolitics, land use,and resource allocation.

    GIS: In Geographic InformationSystem classes, scholars learn about operations of Civilians,digital mapping, spatial analysis, data collection and mining,and operation of Civilians in public policy.

    Career Opportunities After A Geography Degree

    A degree in geography from the University of Southampton opens many new doors in terms of your career choices. This section looks at some of the careers chosen by geographers and gives you some information about what the jobs can involve. You can also read profiles from some of our alumni who are in these careers, their routes into the jobs and their advice to you in your job searches.

    Researching your future career is important, as employers are increasingly looking for relevant experience. If you are looking to do further study or research it may also be important to think about selecting your modules early.

    If any of the careers here catch your eye, or if you feel you want more information, there are a large number of resources available in the Careers and Employability Service

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    Skills Gained With A Geography Degree

    Through earning a geography degree, students learn how to analyze human and physical data like census reports, survey data, and maps. They work with geographic information systems to gather data, design maps, and create visual portrayals of data.

    The degree builds strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Geography students analyze data and draw conclusions from their analysis. Learners also strengthen their computer skills, writing abilities, and communication skills.

    Famous People With Geography Degrees


    If none of these options appeal to you, there are plenty of other things you can do. These well-known graduates were once geography students:

    • Theresa May â initially worked in finance after graduating, before going into politics and becoming prime minister in 2016.
    • Prince William â studied at the University of St Andrews, where he met his future wife Kate Middleton.
    • Hugh Dennis â the actor and comedian studied at the University of Cambridge before becoming famous as the dad in Outnumbered and a regular participant on Mock the Week .

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    Core Geography & Urban Studies Skills

    • An understanding of the global process of urbanization and the ability to critically analyze the complex ways in which global issues play out as local communities struggle over resources, services and public spaces.
    • Development of research skills and analytical methods required by todays private and public sector employers.

    What Do Geography Students Do

    The top ten jobs held by geography graduates employed in the UK include, sales, marketing and related associate professionals, teaching professionals, business, research and administrative professionals, business associate professionals, architects, chartered architectural technologists, planning officers, surveyors and construction professionals, conservation and environment professionals and finance professionals.


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