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How To Slow Down Biological Aging

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What Factors Turn Genes On And Off

The Science of Slowing Down Aging | WIRED

Although the overall pattern of DNA methylation is similar in most people, the amount of methylation can be increased or decreased by what we eat, by our physical activities, by disease, and by exposure to chemicals or pollutants in the environment. Atmospheric pollution is a concerning problem in many areas of the world and particularly in major cities. This pollution is mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels by factories, power plants, cars, and heaters, and also caused by cigarette smoke. For years, atmospheric pollution has been linked to diseases of the respiratory system, but now that scientists have some understanding of epigenetics, the way these pollutants affect us is better understood. For instance, changes in DNA methylation were identified in diseases related to lung functions in adults exposed to a pollutant called nitrogen dioxide . Also, in children and adolescents, cases of asthma linked to exposure to atmospheric pollution were associated with changes in methylation levels that could occur before birth, showing that pollution can have long-lasting effects on peoples health .

Fortunately, substances naturally contained in certain foods can combat some of the negative effects of pollution on the body. Several studies have shown that certain vitamins, particularly those of the vitamin B group, can decrease the damage to cells caused by atmospheric pollution. These vitamins act by maintaining a normal level of DNA methylation .

Can Aging Be Reversed: The Human Aging Timeline

Before delving into the possibility that scientists could reverse the aging process, its important to understand the human aging timeline. Every day, the cells in the body undertake many metabolic reactions. Although theyre essential to life, they produce toxic metabolites that accumulate, until eventually, they contribute to a frail state and death.

But thats not all, our genes and the environment in which you live also impact the human aging timeline. In fact, evidence shows that aging is governed by a balance between aging and the repair process in the body, as well as environmental factors and genetic variants.

Your genes could be responsible for up to 25% of your longevity, affecting cell metabolism and favouring processes which slow aging down, but there are many factors which contribute to human life expectancy. For example, smoking can reduce lifespan, whereas lowering your calorie intake and doing regular exercise may extend it.

Dr John Day Cardiologist

Dr. John DayDr. Day is a cardiologist specializing in heart rhythm abnormalities at St. Mark Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School and completed his residency and fellowships in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology at Stanford University. He is the former president of the Heart Rhythm Society and the Utah chapter of the American College of Cardiology.

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Why Do Some People Live Long Healthy Lives

Why are some people able to live healthy past 100? Certainly, no one wants to live longer, sicker, but what if you felt great and had a sharp mind, would it sound more appealing?

Currently, medicine is increasing the number of old people who are sick weve extended the time we are old, frail, and ill not fun.

Ideally, we would live longer, during the healthy phase of life by delaying the onset of deterioration and disease.

Ways To Feel And Look Younger

Slow down that aging now and look younger than your biological age you ...

Want to hold on to — or recapture — your youth? These simple steps promise maximum vitality.

Experts on aging agree — there are positive steps you can take to make your “golden years” healthier and more enjoyable. And, they might just add as much as a decade or more to your life… So read on, and act now!

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Lets Look At The Science Of Aging And Disease

The first aging enzyme were going to talk about is called mTOR . mTOR is an enzyme that has been likened to a speeding car without brakes, hence my car example above.

mTOR is further called a master determinant of lifespan and aging. For those of you who enjoy a little historical background, it was given its name when rapamycin was discovered on Easter Island, known by the locals as Rapa Nui. A bacterium was discovered on Easter Island that prolongs life. It does so by inhibiting the mTOR enzyme.

Identify Lifestyle Habits That Are Aging You Prematurely

We all know that certain lifestyle choices can lead to health problems down the road. But did you know that some of these habits can also accelerate the aging process?

For example, research has shown that smoking cigarettes can speed up epigenetic aging. So if you smoke, now is the time to quit.

3.Address Your Diet

The food you eat plays a big role in your overall health and that includes your biological age.

There are a few key nutrients that are especially important for slowing down the aging process. These include omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin D.

You can get these nutrients from foods like salmon, blueberries, spinach, and mushrooms. Or you can take supplements if youre having trouble getting enough from your diet.

Certain diet regimens can also help with aging. For example, following a ketogenic diet can increase mitochondrial function.

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Strengthen The Armor That Protects Your Cells

Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of each strand of DNA , and they affect how quickly your cellsand youage. When telomeres are too short, the cells stop working and become zombie .

In this state, they emit molecules that promote inflammation and peptides that accelerate aging. This doesnt lead to any particular disease, but it means you may succumb more quickly to whatever your genes and environment put you at risk for, whether its heart disease, dementia, or cancer. However, research shows that you can reverse many aspects of aging if you can prevent cells from becoming zombified.

One of the best ways to grow your cellular armor is to get moving exercise stimulates the production of the enzyme telomerase, which helps build up telomeres, says Nir Barzilai, M.D., founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY, and author of Age Later: Health Span, Life Span, and the New Science of Longevity.

In a Brigham Young University study of more than 5,800 men and women, those who jogged for 25 to 40 minutes five days a week developed telomeres the length of those in people nine years younger. In another small study, the telomeres in women classified as obese also grew after eight weeks on a resistance training and aerobic exercise regimen. And a review of several studies of athletes over 35 found that they had longer telomeres than nonathletes the same age.

Cellular Aging And Your Health

Healthy habits to slow down your biological age

Cellular aging is a natural and normal cellular process. However, recent research published in Journal of Biological Chemistry suggests that its speed reflects your biological age, which may better represent and influence your health than your chronological age.

Increased speed of telomere shortening is linked with higher incidence of chronic diseases, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, changes in the structure of the brain, and shorter life expectancy, says Axe.

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Reverse Ageing Whats The Point

An aging population puts pressure on the economy because as people age, their productivity decreases and their reliance on the health service goes up. Its nobodys fault, but getting older increases the probability of getting serious diseases that reduce quality of life and are expensive to treat.

Nowadays chronic diseases, to which older people are particularly susceptible, make up the primary causes of death around the world. Slowing aging can help prevent disease because it lowers the risk of:

  • type II diabetes
  • Parkinsons disease

So, what if reversing age was possible? Treating individual conditions is expensive, but targeting aging is more attractive: if we can slow down aging, then people will be stronger and less prone to illness. And its not a new concept, because many cultures have searched to find ways to slow down or prevent aging altogether.

Reverse aging technology has the potential to yield important gains for human longevity and health. The longer a human can live healthily, the happier and more productive they will be, and the better it is for society too, because it could alleviate the pressure on the countrys economy and health service.

Epigenetics: Turning Genes On And Off

The genetic information used to build our bodies and keep them working properly is found in our DNA. That information is organized in the form of genes. Genes are instructions used to make proteins, which are the building blocks of all our cells. This process of using the information in DNA to make proteins is called gene expression. However, cells do not express all genes at all times, so our cells need a control system to tell them which genes to express and which to switch off. That control system is called epigenetics and it is a very complex system.

One of the best understood parts of epigenetics is the process of DNA methylation. DNA methylation is performed by a protein called DNA methyltransferase , which adds small chemical units called methyl groups to particular places in the DNA sequence . The methylation of the DNA in this way switches genes off. The more spots that are methylated, the more firmly off the switch is. Genes involved with maintaining health are increasingly turned off as we age. Turning health-related genes off leads to a greater likelihood of developing diseases as we age.

  • Figure 1 – The DNA contained in each cell of the body can be methylated by a molecule called DNA methyltransferase .
  • DNMT transfers a chemical group called a methyl group , onto the DNA. Methylation of a gene switches it off. The more methyl groups on a gene, the more firmly off that gene is.

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Maintain A Healthy Weight

Many experts agree that chronic inammation is a characteristic of higher biological age. In people who are obese, fat tissue acts as an active endocrine organ, contributing to the production of TNF-alpha proteins, a biomarker of low-grade, systemic inammation. This inammation appears to explain the link between obesity and many co-morbidities, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Certain types of cancer.

Fortunately, Cenegenics helps patients lose weight if needed and maintain a healthy weight over the long term. We analyze specic biomarkers and perform in-depth body composition analyses, understanding that health is about more than just one number. We then provide tailored recommendations to help our patients control their weight. With this highly scientic approach to work toward getting your body perfectly tuned at the cellular level, we prompt ideal function and thus decrease and reverse biological age.

Short People In Ecuador Answer A Mystery

5 Ways Cannabis Slows Down The Aging Process

There is a group of individuals in Ecuador who are very short, under 4 feet tall when fully grown. They do not develop diabetes or cancer, despite a poor diet, and researchers feel they may be protected against heart disease and Alzheimers as well.

Science loves a mystery, and this was a good one. In fact it opened the door to understanding the action of IGF-1, a hormone that causes growth when young, but, like that car without brakes, keeps you speeding along to early aging and disease as life continues.

There are only 350 people in the world with the condition, called Laron Syndrome, and they are all descendents of a single ancestor who had the gene mutation. The natives cant bind the hormone IGF-1 and therefore cannot grow. The result? Short stature, but also protection against many degenerative diseases.

Obviously, such a genetic mutation is extremely rare, so the big question is, how do we decrease the production of mTOR and IGF-1 with a normal diet?

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Use A Supplement Regimen Designed Specifically For You

As you age, your nutritional needs change. And if youre not getting the right nutrients from your diet, it can lead to accelerated aging.

Buzzwords and viral quick-fix supplement solutions flood our social media feeds on a daily basis. It can be hard to filter and discern between what is a marketing ploy and what will actually give you results. Thats why its so important to use a supplement regimen designed specifically for you.

EternLFX contains the top two proven natural senolytic compounds. This supplement series is designed to not only target the senescent cells in the body but also increase the bioavailability of the supplements. This allows your body to better absorb and use the nutrients, which leads to more effective results.

Most importantly, the regimen is designed specifically for the person taking it. It is not a one-size-fits-all supplement, as every person is different and there are numerous variables to take into consideration.

EternLFX is a great supplement to take if youre looking for ways to slow down your biological aging.

To learn more about how EternLFX can help you, click here.

Telomere Length In Chinas Longevity Village

Centenarian In Chinas Longevity Village

As you know, my wife and I have led a research team investigating the health and longevity miracle of Chinas Longevity Village. Our experiences and the lessons learned were all described in our 2017 best selling book, The Longevity Plan.

As telomeres represent our own internal biologic clock, we were very interested in the telomere length of the people living in Chinas Longevity Village. As might be expected, many studies have shown that these people, with their exceptionally healthy lifestyles, have a very slow loss of telomere length. Perhaps this explains the unusual longevity and lack of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other conditions seen in the Village.

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Hiit Pause With Cardio Sessions

Research by the Mayo Clinic has shown that high-intensity interval training slows cellular ageing by boosting the regeneration of mitochondria by up to 69 percent.

It also enhances lung, heart and circulation health to keep your body young.

Cardio sessions like spin classes, sprints or CrossFit classes will keep your weight down and strengthen your heart and lungs, adds Lerwill.

Is Reverse Aging Possible With Diet

How to Slow Down Aging – What Slows Down Biological Aging

However, reducing calorie intake is difficult for a lot of people, and thats where intermittent fasting comes in. Its an eating pattern which, unlike dieting, doesnt tell you which foods to eat, but when you should eat them preferably within an 812 window each day.

But diet and exercise are just two features of a healthy lifestyle. There are many proven ways that you can help to increase your lifespan by staying healthy well into old age, even if it doesnt necessarily mean reversing your biological age.

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How To Find A Quality Omega

The best quality omega-3 supplements are from small species fish, and are triple distilled for purity. The distillation process removes toxins, and ensures a clean, non-fishy taste. We offer Norway Pure Omega-3 from Elavonne, a pharmaceutical-grade, odorless omega-3 fish oil. Norway Pure is third party testing by Eurofins. It is the highest purity and efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids for your body.

How Close Are We To Stopping Aging

Not that close yet. Reverse aging technology is still a way off, even though clinical trials involving regenerative stem cell therapy for diseases such as heart failure are underway. But even then, there are concerns that reversing aging in cells could lead to the uncontrollable reproduction of cells, resulting in cancer.

However, the good news is that there are certain aspects of your own life which you can take control of and that can help to increase your lifespan. Leading a healthy lifestyle incorporating plenty of exercise, a healthy diet, and good sleep can all go a long way to increase your productivity and health long into old age.

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Be An Empowered Health Advocate For Your Own Body

Dont just rely on the healthcare system to keep you healthy.

The traditional healthcare system focuses primarily on treating symptoms of diseases and not tackling the causes.

Currently, our healthcare system is more of a sickcare system that kicks into gear when its already too late: when you already have cancer growing in your body, or when you are having a heart attack and being rushed in an ambulance to the hospital.

If you want to stay healthy, you have to take action yourself and be your own health advocate.

Is It Possible To Slow Down The Aging Process

Hereâs Why You May Be Aging Faster Than Your Friends

Yes, it is possible to slow down the aging process. In fact, it might even be possible to reverse aging too. How? It starts within your cells.

There are more than 300 theories of aging, and the biological aspects of getting older are understandably quite complex. We won’t get into all of the cellular mechanisms and biological processes, but it basically boils down to factors like:

  • The health of each individual cell

  • The damage sustained to each cell due to disease, stress and oxidation .

  • The process of “replicative aging,” which refers to the limited times a cell can divide itself before it dies.

Those tell-tale surface signs of aging that were all so aware of fine lines around your eyes, changing hair colour, etc. reveal important changes happening at this deeper, cellular level. And the good news is that you have the power to influence your cellular health, and thus, can learn how to slow down the aging process.

When it comes to aging, one-way scientists measure the health of your cells is by looking at the length of your telomeres . As your telomeres shorten, your cells break down, which is why Stanford University says that lengthening and protecting your telomeres is like “turning back the internal clock“. In other words, it’s like reverse aging .

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