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Sacred Geometry Moon Phases Tattoo Spine

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What is Sacred Geometry?

A new age of consciousness, and its written in the stars.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, or the Golden Age we are certainly experiencing a change in global consciousness on the third-dimensional plane, affectionately known as Mother Earth.

Astrologers, philosophers, and gurus from all parts of the world, past and present, have long associated the winter solstice date of December 21st, 2012 as the pivotal point of our earths vibrational changes, and when she ascends, she is surely taking us with her.

Our societal changes have reflected on this new age of spirituality, one of which has been present in ancient texts for centuries. We have already seen a global increase in spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation as well as a stronger collective awareness of protecting the body of the earth.

There are more tactical activists campaigning to reduce plastic waste, raise awareness on our ecosystems, and a stronger effort to save the lives of sentient beings along the way by the ever-increasing vegan movement.

Another way to recognize a change in collective consciousness is via expressive art. There has been an enormous increase in visionary, geometric, and multi-dimensional art with the likes of bands and musicians using psychedelic imagery on their album covers as well as evident lyrics reflecting the collective ascension.

Were also seeing more spiritual tattoos being adopted from the bearded hippies right through to office yogis.

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Moon mandala, love the idea of incorporating the cycles of the moon! Book a free consultation at www.tattooabyss.com. Spine tattoo of the moon phases. *tattoo size approx 4.5 x.5 inches alphonse mucha moon phases book of shadows moon child light and shadow stars and moon sacred geometry magick vintage art.

Moon phases tattoo is a unique tattoo design that symbolizes the neverending cycles in life.

96 sales 96 sales | 5 out of 5 stars.

Spine tattoo of the moon phases found in tsr category ‘sims 4 female tattoos’.

The geometer’s aim, therefore, is to imitate the universe symbolically, depicting its central paradox by bringing together shapes of different geometric orders, uniting them as simply and accurately as possible and thus.

Geometry tattoo with hand drawn cotton vector.

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Moon mandala, love the idea of incorporating the cycles of the moon!

Spine tattoo of the moon phases found in tsr category ‘sims 4 female tattoos’.

2 moon phases temporary tattoos smashtat | etsy.

The Meaning Of The Unalome Tattoo

Youve probably seen a winding, single-lined symbol on someones body before and wondered what it meant? Well, wonder no more; its known as a Unalome, a Buddhist design that represents the life path toward enlightenment.

The spiral represents our struggle with life, while the straight line signifies harmony found through turbulence. Thus, Unalome tattoos are powerful symbols of spirituality, representing our journey through life. Its a bit confounding to think that such a simple figure can stand for something so profound, but once you understand how to interpret Unalomes, the meaning of these sacred insignias becomes as clear as a Zen masters mind.

Take a moment to admire some harmonious ink and enlightened people and get inspired by the;unalome;tattoo designs below!

Tattoo by Ronja Block #RonjaBlock#junglecattattoos#tiger#color#linework#unalome#flower#floral#Thai#pattern#thirdeye#eye#cat

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Sacred Geometry In Different Cultures

Sacred Geometry Moon Phases Tattoo Spine

When you look at sacred symbols from different cultures and compare them to geometric tattoos, the similarities start to jump out.

The cool thing about geometric tattoos is they are a way to embrace your appreciation for, say a Mandala, but do it in your own way.

Mandalas may be outside of your culture, but Venuss orbit as seen from earth has a similar structure and is something all of us earthlings have in common.

While were at it- isnt it wild how, before we could have known what each planets orbit looked like, we were drawing structures that resembled those orbits?

Another piece of inter-connectivity for you.

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What Are Spiritual Symbols

Spiritual symbols are symbols with special meaning, which represent a specific thing. Some of those symbols are widely popular and everyone knows their meaning. Others may not be as popular, but can be easily recognised by anyone interested in the spiritual. It is important to note, however, that each of them carries a certain energy. And if you believe in some sort of a higher power having a special tattoo with a deeper meaning can be a big deal. So, keep reading to find out which are the most popular symbols and the meanings behind them.

For any person a spiritual tattoo carries a deeper meaning

Neo Tribal Spine Tattoo

A gorgeous black and gray piece of the all-seeing eye adorned with sacred geometrical shapes and pattern. The all-seeing eye also symbolizes awareness. The symbol shows that the owner is always aware of his or her surroundings and never has his or her guard down. When using this meaning, people will often give their eyes a more open and alert look to make that meaning come through a bit better.

There are no rules for adding such visual magnetism to the spines columns, so the best way to yield a fashionable exterior is through artistic experimentation. For example, spiritually attuned tattoo lovers may explore the possibilities of adding their chakras.;;

I love the use of progressive ideas to build on the tenets of more traditional approaches to tribal tattoo art.;As Eastern methodologies such as yoga, meditation, and even Buddhist doctrines have increased in the West, so to have;cool ideas such as lotus flower and mandala tattoo design. When traced down the spine, a flower tattoo or mandala can be a beautiful tattoo.

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Tree And Spine Tattoo Art

Drawing a Geometric Lunar Calendar by Hand

I love the simplicity of these tree related tattoo ideas. They use black ink and the spines natural curve to create cool tattoo inspiration. It also shows that if a spine placement doesnt quite fit, then a new tattoo featuring the elegant curve of tree roots and branches they can be developed in a different spot.

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Dark Surrealism Spine Tattooing

This is a biomechanical piece of a spine which definitely does not look human. This reptilian creature has taken over the entire back of this human canvas, altering the organic make-up of his body, replacing it with this enormous spinal structure in layers of multi-dimensional creation.

This is a biomechanical tattoo on the neck, drawn freehand and customized according to the artists creative interpretation of the agreed concept. It has to be customized for biomechanical style of tattooing because every body structure is unique and the full and completed design most often is a result of an inspiration during the session.

The visual magnetism of the dark surrealism tattoo lovers and wider art movement is interesting. At times you cant look at these dark art tattoos without flinching, but once your vision is locked you cant look away either, such is their magnetic allure. Dark surrealism, the sub-genre pioneered by Master Tattoo Artist Paul Booth, makes for exciting spine tattoo art.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Ideas

Sacred geometrical shapes can look beautiful in tattoo form, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your design.

Here are some of our favorite sacred geometry tattoos.

Sleeve Sacred Geometry Tattoos

A sleeve is a beautiful way to tell a story.

If you want to link several sacred geometry shapes, or perhaps have the same one cascade across your body on a seemingly endless loop, we love a sleeve for its versatility.

The opportunity for winding shapes in a sleeve can also be very conducive to the looping concepts in sacred geometry.

Small Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Some tattoos arent for anyone but you.

We love the small tattoo trend because it allows you to have one demure design, or to build up a beautiful collection over time.

When choosing an artist for your small sacred geometry tattoo, be sure to work with someone who understands petite tattoos.

Theyll be able to tell you how much detail you can work with.

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Unalome Tattoos For Women

Sacred Geometry Moon Phases Tattoo Spine

If youre interested in a female unalome tattoo, there are certain elements in your design that youll want to pay special attention to, for example, making sure that the unalome spiral faces to the left. The direction of your spiral will dictate whether your unalome symbol is masculine or feminine in nature.

If youre interested in adding more feminine energy to your unalome design you can consider additional elements, creating a unalome moon or unalome lotus tattoo.

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Chinese Letter Ink And Asian Quote Tattoo Designs

This is a cool spine tattoo concept if you are a fan of adding scripts into your collection of tattoos. This specific design maximizes the use of the negative space and a variation of realism style of tattooing. These characters look like they have been scorched into the skin. These characters loosely mean, everybody dies.

Chinese name of their zodiac animal is a cool concept for a spine tattoo especially if this is a tribute piece for your roots or simply because of a strong affiliation to the rich and ancient Chinese culture. The symbolic meaning of the chosen zodiac characters is personal according to the preference of the owner or the story he wants to share. Like in this tattoo wherein several were chosen: tiger, ram, ox, rabbit and ox. It could be the animal zodiac signs of his entire family or entirely ornamental. These tattoos can be enhanced further by adding details to its aesthetic value like in this case wherein the characters were given a three-dimensional design.

Less is definitely more. These delicate Chinese characters enhance the aesthetic appeal of this gentlemans back. The design is minimalist, rendered in black ink and definitely one of a kind, since this is something that the owner can customize for him.

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Are Unalome Tattoos Disrespectful

Unalome tattoos can be considered deeply disrespectful if worn by a person who does not truly appreciate or understand the symbol’s esoteric meaning. Without knowledge of the Theravada school of Buddhism or traditional Thai Sak Yant tattooing, the unalome symbol can be viewed as cultural appropriation and even racism.

In the Buddhist culture, Sak Yant is considered a sacred form of Thai spiritual tattooing, a practice that is believed to bring magical qualities, otherworldly protection, and sacred power into peoples lives. It is believed that when someone ignorantly uses a sacred symbol like the unalome, that the power of that symbol is lessened, making purely aesthetic unalome tattoos highly distressing and offensive. This is why it is imperative to understand the meaning of the unalome before tattooing it on your skin.

Do Spine Tattoos Hurt

Drawing A Tibetan Skull With Sacred Geometry

In a word, yes! As far as tattoo pain goes the spine is right up there because theres a lack or muscle and flesh, and lots of bony knobs and nerved located just under the skin of the spinal column.;Also, its important that if you have or have previously had spinal issues or serious back pain that these have been considered before committing to getting a new tattoo.;

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This Is An Amazing Tattoo And It Is So Unusual

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Understanding The Unalome Symbol

To unravel the meaning behind the Unalome you must start at the beginning of the life path, represented by the spiral at every Unalomes base. This swirl symbolizes our burgeoning consciousness, the human mind in its infancy. Then, as you follow the line along its bends, which showcase lifes ups and downs, youll see the lines that depict a person struggling to find direction, trapped in uncertainty or fear, but growing ever wiser and worldlier along the way.

The longer the line wanders, the less wayward the journey becomes, and the closer the mind is to finding clarity. Eventually, there is no more room for the line to overlap. It goes completely straight, symbolizing the point when a person achieves Nirvana a release from the cycle of life and death.

Traditionally, Unalomes serve to represent the crown of the Arahants – or Arhat, the Enlightened Saints in the Buddhist culture. The spiral stands for the crown itself, not the wavering wander. The straight line of the Unalome symbolizes the direct path to Nirvana that the enlightened saints have achieved.

Unalome tattoo by tattoopondes #tattoopondes#unalome#fineline#sturnum#moon#symbol#buddhist#buddhism

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