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Is Paris Jackson Michael’s Biological Child

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Who Is Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson On Her Traumatic Childhood

Paris Jackson is the second child and only daughter of the late pop legend Michael Jackson. Paris’ biological mother is Debbie Rowe, an ex-wife of Jackson, who signed over custody of Paris as well as her son, Paris’ brother Prince Jackson to Jackson, following the couple’s divorce in 1999. Paris and Prince’s youngest sibling is Blanket “Bigi” Jackson.

Prince Has Already Been Able To Achieve His Ultimate Life Goal

If there is one thing that many people have realized in recent years, its that Prince Jackson has already achieved what he set out to do, and thats to achieve things that would have made his father proud. Although Michael Jackson is gone, it appears that Prince never wants to forget his father. He has even admitted he has future plans to make his mark on the music world to honor Michael.

In 2016, Prince told the LA Times that his dads music helped shape who he has grown to become. To top it off, being a part of the Jackson family means that Prince has been inspired to become a producer. Apparently, he hopes to direct and produce his own movies before dominating the music scene.

Macaulay Culkin Is The Real Biological Father Of Paris

Michael had a famously close friendship with Home Alone child star Macaulay Culkin, who has regularly spoken out to defend him against abuse allegations.

Some people believe that Macaulay is actually the biological father of Paris.

Macaulay is Paris’ Godfather, and they once marked their close bond by getting matching tattoos of a spoon.

It’s rumoured that Michael was obsessed with Macaulay, and believed him to have been the most beautiful person he’d ever seen.

And some believe that Paris and Macaulay look just like each other, which is proof enough to them that it was his sperm used to impregnate Debbie, and not Michael’s.

But whatever the real truth is, we may never know.

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Blanket’s Surrogate Didn’t Know Who The Father Was

Michael spoke of protecting the identity of Blanket’s surrogate, but how far did he take it?

Michael’s lawyer is said to have picked the baby up from the hospital and delivered him to Michael.

There are also rumours that a Mexican nurse named Helena is the biological mother of Blanket.

And during the wrongful death lawsuit Michael’s family pursued after his passing at the age of 50, it’s said that Michael’s mother Katherine prevented the court from hearing evidence on the conception of his children.

Michaelnot The Real Father

Michael Jackson Daughter

Jason Pfeiffer, who once alleged he had an affair with Jackson told The Mirror, One day as we talked about his children and Debbie Rowe, he just came out and said that his children were actually fathered by Mark .

Pfeiffers statements echo those made by Mark Lester not long after Jacksons death. In 2009, , a retired child actor, gave an interview in which he stated he could be the biological father of Michaels eldest children.

He claimed that Jackson sought out multiple sperm donors from actors and other stars with notable credentials.

In further interviews, Mark Lester, revealed, I think had a problem with actually doing the physical act of sex and a very low sperm count as well.

He also revealed how hed been cut off from the Jackson family after claiming he was potentially related to the children.

Speculation about the biological origin of all three of Michael Jacksons children has followed the family since they were born.

Many claim that the children cannot be biologically related to the late singer because he was African-American and the children are much fairer than Michael was in his younger days.

Michael Jackson always maintained, at least publically, that the kids were biologically his.

Paris Jackson shared a rare photo of her youngest brother Blanket:

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Princes New Project Meant He Needed To Work With Someone Close To His Heart

At 22 years old, Prince Jackson officially graduated from college. This meant all eyes were on the youngster as everyone wanted to know what Prince planned on doing next. Just one day after earning his cap and gown, the youngster had news as Prince had settled on a new project. This time, he needed help from his younger brother, Blanket.

However, this wasnt the Blanket we knew, as he had already changed his name to Bigi by this time. The siblings announced they were starting a video social media channel where they would review various movies. The first on the agenda was the superhero flick Avengers: Endgame. Sadly, their joint project appears to have taken a back seat, but they still have millions of views.

Trying To Keep Things Normal Was A Huge Deal For Michael Jackson

Of course, being Michael Jacksons children meant that nothing would ever be normal for Paris, Prince, and Blanket. That didnt mean the King of Pop would give in and give them whatever they wanted. Michael allegedly always tried hard to make the childrens lives as normal as possible, including differentiating between his time on stage and his time as their dad.

Most of the time, the three had to cover their faces when they were out in public. However, there were some times that Michael thought they were safe in front of the camera, leading to some pretty normal-looking family photos. Tragically, that slice of normality was ripped away from the family and the children when Michael Jackson suddenly lost his life.

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Personal Life And Troubles

In early June 2013, several media outlets reported that emergency responders were called to Paris’ home following a possible suicide attempt. According to a report by, Paris was hospitalized after she “cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and took as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets.” She underwent treatment after this incident and has been able to move forward with her life.

How Old Is Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson’s Life With Michael Jackson Wasn’t All Glitz & Glam!

Paris Jackson was born on April 3 1998 in Beverly Hills, California.

Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe, a Dermatology assistant from Washington, gave birth to the now 23-year-old at Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic on the west coast of the United States.

The model and actress has one older brother, Prince Jackson, and a younger half-brother, Bigi Jackson.

From a very early age, the siblings wore masks in public outings in an attempt to be shielded from the intense public interest in their family.

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Michael Jacksons Daughter Needed An Equally Impressive Name

It was only a few months after Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe announced Princes arrival that they had more news: they were expecting another little one. This time, the couple welcomed a girl, as their latest arrival came in April 1998. It might come as little surprise that Michael wanted to name his daughter something as equally as iconic as his son.

In the end, the couple settled on Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. No one really knows if Michael had strong connections to the city his daughter is named after, but we have learned he wanted his and his mothers names to be Paris middle name. It wasnt long after Paris was born that she joined the rest of her family at the Neverland Ranch.

Paris Jackson Pics Of Michaels Beautiful Daughter

Paris has also jumped to Michaels aid in the past, writing, Unfortunately negativity will always sell. I urge you all to ignore the trash & the parasites who make a career trying to slander my father on Twitter. The father-daughter duo shared a bond that can only be summed up through THIS picture. Another rumor about Michael claims hes not actually dead, but hiding in the backseat of Paris car instead. Maybe his legacy will never disappear!

HollywoodLifers, did you ever have doubts if Paris was Michaels biological daughter?

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Losing Their Dad Gave The Three Siblings The Chance To Embrace A New Start

Their grandma, Katherine Jackson, quickly stepped up into her new role as Paris, Prince, and Blankets guardian. One of the first things she decided to do was move the three siblings out of the Neverland Ranch and into a gated community in Calabasas to try and give them all a new start and to rid the youngsters of any pain.

Another thing on the list of things to do was to get the siblings enrolled in school. Katherine didnt want Paris, Prince, and Blanket to go to public school, so she enrolled them in a local private school instead. Here, they could finally make friends in the real world and ultimately decide if they wanted to have their faces covered or uncovered in front of the media.

Family Members Say Michael Jackson Was A Great Father

Michael Jackson

Despite their divorce, even Debbie Rowe had glowing things to say about Michael Jackson as a dad, admitting she agreed to have the singer’s children as she believed he deserved to enjoy fatherhood.

“I didn’t do it to be a mother. I didn’t change diapers. I didn’t get up in the middle of the night, even when I was there, Michael did it all,” Rowe once shared, according to ABC News.

Paris Jackson memorably spoke about her father’s impact as a parent at his funeral in 2009. “I just want to say ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine,” an emotional 12-year-old Paris said at the ceremony, per People. “And I just want to say I love him so much.”

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Watching Michael Jackson Get Dragged Through The Media Took A Huge Toll On The Family

Thankfully for Blanket, he was too young to understand when the world started to turn on his dad. There were several reports about what Michael Jackson had allegedly been up to behind closed doors, and the pop star was soon a regular in court. Unfortunately, Paris and Prince were both old enough to understand everything.

The children also witnessed Michael breakdown as his legacy and mental health were severely impacted by all the negative press. Paris has since recalled how the Neverland Ranch was seized by investigators and the toll it took on Michael. This was already on top of everything else he was battling at the time. While everything affected the entire family, it always got to Michael the most.

Appearing Hand In Hand Showed The World How Close Paris And Prince Are

They might have spent many years making sure they make their own mark on the world, but that doesnt mean the Jackson children have entirely forgotten where they came from or what their father left behind when he passed. They often appear at awards shows to accept honors and awards on behalf of Michael Jackson and have been spotted together on the red carpet a host of times

. One of those times came in 2019 when Paris and Prince appeared hand in hand at a 60 Years of Motown Event. While Bigi opted to sit out of the event, the rest of the Jackson children couldnt wait to appear on the red carpet. Not only did they make their mark, but the brother-sister duo showed how close they are.

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Every Moment Of Prince And Paris Childhood Was Caught On Camera

For years, Michael Jackson had dreamed about nothing other than becoming a father so he could raise a family of his own. Thankfully, all of his dreams came true when Debbie gave the star not one but two little ones. It wasnt long before Michael decided to try and make every moment count, meaning he would follow his family with a camera to capture each stage of their lives.

As if that wasnt enough, Michael would pick out outfits for his children, so they always looked their best in front of the lens. However, the star later confessed he wanted the camera to capture their true essence, meaning every day was filled with fun at the Neverland Ranch. Paris and Prince have both since revealed they miss these days.

Is Paris Jackson Adopted Whos Paris Jacksons Biological Father

Paris Jackson Goes on the Record: Michael Jackson Is My Father

Was Michael Jacksons only daughter, Paris Jackson, adopted? This is the most asked question about the King of Pops daughter because she does not resemble her famous father, although the late pop star always mentioned that Paris and her brother Prince were his biological children.

In this blog, we will learn whether Paris is the biological daughter of Michael Jackson or was adopted? If adopted, then who is Paris Jacksons biological father?

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The Teen Was Quickly Asked To Take Part In One Of The Biggest Drama Shows Of The Time

It only took Prince Jackson a few months to go from being a guest correspondent to landing another role that certainly would have been enough to make Michael Jackson proud. It might have been a small role, but it was a part of one of the biggest shows of 2013. Thats right were talking about the drama show 90210.

Prince was asked to bring a character to life in the season finale and finally got to show the world his true acting range. Here, Prince played the part of a music lover who was supposed to be enjoying a concert when he was injured by the falling sage. The role meant Prince could meet some of the most prominent actors of the time.

Question: Is Paris Jackson Michael Jacksons Biological Child

Pop legend Michael Jackson is the biological father of Paris. She is the middle child and only daughter of the King of Pop, and the youngest child of her mother Debbie. Jackson was raised exclusively by her father, who was awarded full custody rights of Paris following his divorce in 1999.

Likewise, who is blankets biological mother? According to The Mirror, the mother of Prince Michael II nicknamed Blanket is a Mexican nurse named Helena. The woman was reportedly paid $20,000 for the surrogacy, while Jackson is said to have donated his own sperm for the child.

Moreover, who are Blanket Jacksons biological parents? The identity of Jacksons biological mother, a surrogate, is unknown. He is the third child of pop legend Michael Jackson and allegedly the only biological child of the pop star, but no confirmation has ever been made.

Considering this, who is the biological mother of Bigi Jackson? Bigi was born to a surrogate through artificial insemination but her name was not confirmed at the time of his birth. Some reports say a Mexican nurse named Helena is his mother. Debbie Rowe is the mother of Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph Prince Jackson.

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Bigi Jackson Is Learning How To Come Out Of His Shell

Being away from Hollywood doesnt mean that Bigi Jackson has stopped thinking about stepping into the limelight. It appears that one of the biggest things thats held him back all these years is how incredibly shy Bigi can be. However, thats something thats apparently changing. We got to see a rare glimpse of the star in February 2020.

That was all thanks to Prince, who shared a photo with his brother to celebrate Bigis 18th birthday. This was the first of many. Bigi has since agreed to let both Prince and Paris post his photo on their social media pages every now and then. Plus, Bigi has also appeared at a handful of high-profile events with his family, including Princes graduation.

Was Paris Jackson Adopted

Michael Jackson

Was the daughter of the King of Pop adopted?

Paris Jackson was not adopted. Paris Jackson is the daughter of Debbie Rowe who was once married to Paris father Michael Jackson. There is some speculation, as with all of Michael Jacksons children, that the late pop star is not the biological father. However, Michael Jackson always publically maintained that the children were biologically his.

Keep reading to learn more about Paris Jackson, and the speculation that she is not Michael Jacksons biological daughter.

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Debbie Rowe: Michael Is Not Kids’ Biological Dad I Don’t Want Them


MICHAEL Jackson’s two eldest kids face a tug-of-love battle after their mum Debbie Rowe confessed he was not their father.

In an astonishing interview Debbie – mother of Prince, 12, and Paris, 11 – said she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.

And she told how, despite Jackson’s death, she does not WANT custody of the children and NEVER expects to see them again.


EXCERPTS:Debbie said, “”I was just the vessel. It wasn’t Michael’s sperm. Just like I stick the sperm up my horse, this is what they did to me. I was his thoroughbred.”….

After Debbie gave birth to second child Paris, she couldn’t have kids again, “The delivery was so hard. My insides were all torn up and I was barren. When he knew I couldn’t have any more babies he didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Debbie says she will not fight for custody of Prince Michael or Paris, “I know I will never see them again. I was never cut out to be a mother – I was no good. I don’t want these children in my life. My children are my animals now.”

UPDATE: Roger Friedman of says that the News of the World story refers to a 2004 interview and that the only interview Rowe has done since Jackson’s death was with him.

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