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How To Study For Physics Olympiad

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What Is The Basic Mission Of The Usa Physics Olympiad

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Overall, the basic mission of the USA Physics Olympiad is to promote and demonstrate academic excellence through preparation for and participation in the International Physics Olympiad.

The United States physics team is committed to fulfilling the following goals:

  • To encourage excellence in physics education and to reward students who show outstanding ability in physics
  • Expand awareness of and participation in the program
  • Provide meaningful scientific and cultural experiences for team members such as great opportunities to network and meet new people, as well as gain exposure to some of the greatest physics minds on the international stage
  • Win medals and compete successfully at the international level

How Can I Participate In Science Olympiad

To participate in Science Olympiad, popularly called the International Science Olympiad , students have to register themselves with Indian Talent Olympiad. Fill in all required details and select Science as your subject. The organization welcomes individual as well as school registrations. Visit the Monthly Olympiad section to be a part of the weekly test series. Students can also refer to Science Olympiad books for practice. These books are available for classes 1 to 10. All of these books offer chapter-wise questions, detailed explanations, and in-depth information. These books can be used to study for school science exams as well. It builds scientific knowledge of all participants. It helps them to apply scientific principles taught in books. Get in touch with Indian Talent Olympiad to know more about the registration process for Science Olympiad.

Who Is Running The Program

MPOP is entirely student run! Abtin and Vincent started it after having met at the Canadian Physics Olympiad of 2016 in Vancouver. Our goal is to share our passion for physics while providing guidance and an environment which we both would have benefited from when preparing for the Olympiads. Right now, the team and initiative has grown in order to best prepare local students.

Abtin Ameri is a Honours Mechanical Engineering student from Toronto at McGill minoring in Physics . He scored fifth on the 2016 CAP Exam, giving him the opportunity to compete in the Canadian Physics Olympiad in Vancouver. Abtin believes in the importance of MPOP as it gives an additional boost to students who are preparing for prestigious physics competitions. It also gives the students an opportunity to meet other like-minded people who share the same passion as them.

An Vuong is an Honours Physics student at McGill University originally from Vietnam. He graduated from the Vietnam National University – High School for the Gifted with a major in Physics. He received training for 2 years at his home high school, 3 weeks of extensive training in Hanoi and ranked 42nd nationwide in the Vietnam National Physics Olympiad. With experience from his previous training, An hopes to provide Quebec students with all essential resources and help them be well-prepared for Olympiads in Canada.

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Practise With New And Unfamiliar Topics

Tricky topics that often come up in Olympiad papers include unit cells and organic synthesis. However, students can be extra prepared for these topics by working through our explainers. Each resource begins with an introduction to the chemistry before providing some past Olympiad questions and worked examples to practise on.

Collect All The Required Resources

How to prepare for the International Physics Olympiad

Students can start the preparation from any of the study material they have. However, only relevant material can lead to cracking the Olympiad exam.

So, here the question is how to choose study material for the Olympiad exam?

To choose the best study material, students can check the points below:

  • Always choose the study material, which has a proper explanation of all the topics in a simple yet effective way to better understand.
  • Always go for quality over quantity. Sometimes a study material might have fewer pages, but it can have the best tricks to solve questions.
  • Recommended Books for Olympiad Preparation

    To crack the Olympiad exams, students also need to refer to some recommended books by experts. The books for different classes are different. So, check below a list of Olympiad books to study from:

    Name of the books

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    Does Chemistry Olympiad Look Good For College

    If your student is passionate about science and chemistry and is looking for an exciting new extracurricular that will expand their knowledge, give them fantastic experiences, earn them lifelong friends, and help them gain acceptance to the university or college of their dreams, then the US National Chemistry Olympiad

    United States Physics Olympiad

    The United States Physics Olympiad is a high schoolphysics competition run by the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics to select the team to represent the United States at the International Physics Olympiad . The team is selected through a series of exams testing their problem solving abilities. The top 20 finalists are invited to a rigorous study camp at the University of Maryland to prepare for the IPhO.

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    How Does It Work

    We hold training sessions approximately once a week and last around two to three hours on the McGill campus. Sessions cover special topics in physics found in Olympiads and problem-solving strategies. For homework, participants are assigned challenging problems, some of which will be taken up in the next lecture solving the problems is ultimately the responsibility of the student. Participants can either join the Stream 1 or Stream 2 program, which are geared for CEGEP levels respectively.

    Managing Time For Each Topic

    How to Prepare for Physics Olympiad along with JEE Advanced

    When preparing for the Olympiad exam, time management plays a significant role. The students are advised to use every second efficiently. The proper division of time between all the subjects/topics will help in covering the entire syllabus. Work on the weaker sections. Apart from this, last-minute preparation must be on the students schedule to avoid missing anything before appearing for the Olympiad exam.

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    Get Your Head Around Some Worked Answers

    The next step is to let the experts guide you through some real Olympiad questions. Our Chemistry Olympiad worked answers are split into three difficulty levels and each question has a video explaining how to get to the answer. Students can give the questions a go themselves and check their answers, or watch the video whenever they get stuck.

    For more worked answers, have a look through the Chemistry Olympiad support booklet, which gives a written overview of how to answer each question.

    How Much Does It Cost

    MPOP is free of charge! If youre a passionate CEGEP or high-school student and would like to learn more than whats taught in your physics classes, then you are more than welcome to join us! We are also planning on providing food during the session thanks to the McGill Physics Departments generous donation.

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    Setting And Marking Papers

    We recognise that teachers are busy and aim to make our competitions as easy as possible to run in your school. Most examination papers require just one hour, either in lessons, after school or at home.

    The Physics Challenge, and details of how to enter our other competitions are sent to all schools in September.

    The Physics Challenge, Senior Physics Challenge and Intermediate Physics Challenge are supplied with easy-to-follow mark schemes and are marked in school. Any queries are dealt with promptly by the Administration Office. Certificates are emailed out to schools. Almost all of the competition papers are FREE to enter for UK schools.

    The BPhO Round 1 and later rounds are marked by a team of experienced markers at Oxford.Schools in China must participate through ASDAN China. To register please visit, or contact for more information.

    I learned a lot about the science and phenomena behind Astronomy which I found really eye-opening and fascinating

    • The Institute of Engineering and Technology
    • National Physical Laboratory

    Adhere To The Olympiad Exam Syllabus

    How is Pathfinder for Olympiad and JEE Physics by Pearson ...

    Before starting the Olympiad exam preparation, it is advised to the students to go through the syllabus and exam pattern. The authorities hold the Olympiad exam for six different subjects. So, students must refer to the relevant subjects syllabus. The official syllabus of the Olympiad exam is available on the official website. The syllabus is provided for class I to XII for all the subjects. By referring to the exam pattern, students will get an overview of the test paper. School students willing to appear and crack the Olympiad exam can check the topics here.

    International English Olympiad Class 1 to 12

  • Word and Structure Knowledge
  • International Commerce Olympiad Class 11 and 12

  • Business Studies
  • Accountancy
  • Achievers Section
  • The syllabus is prepared in such a way that it encourages students to learn about the basic concepts. Hence, it is crucial that they thoroughly go through the Olympiad exam syllabus and then plan their preparations strategies.

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    What About The Uk Team Competing In The International Physics Olympiad

    Students are required to:

  • Attend a secondary school, sixth form or FE college within the UK,

  • be a UK citizen OR have had the majority of their education within the UK – If you teach a student who is not a UK citizen, but would like to enquire about their eligibility contact the BPhO.
  • Round 2 : Students will be invited to take part in this competition paper only if they are eligible for the UK team.

    Oxford Training Camp: Only students who are eligible for the UK team at the IPhO will be invited to the Oxford Training Camp in April.

    Level of study: Students who have finished their school examinations in the year of the competition can be members of the team as long as they have not commenced their university studies.

    Age restriction: The age of the contestants should not exceed twenty years on June 30th of the year of the competition.

    Stage Ii: Indian National Physics Olympiad

    NSEP is the stepping stone for all the INPhO. NSEP is conducted in order to reach out the maximum number of deserving students in Physics from across the country. The Questions and problems to be attempted in National Olympiads are usually non-conventional and of high difficulty level, comparable to International Olympiads. Only 35 students will be chosen for OCSC Physics. If there is tie at the last position, all students with the same marks at the last position will qualify for OCSC at the respective level.

    Stage III: Orientation cum Selection Camp in Physics

    COCSC in physics is organized by HBCSE every year tentatively in April to June every year. The camps involve thorough understanding of topics through theoretical as well as practical i.e… Experimental tests and lectures. At the beginning of the function, orientation is provided to students while the programme ends with a valedictory function where distinguished scientists are invited to speak to the students. The students are ranked on the basis of the total scores achieved in all the tests in the camp. For this ranking, 60% weightage is given to theoretical tests and 40% weightage is given to experiments. Performances in previous stages are not considered for the preparation of the merit list and awards of the OCSC physics. The top 5 in the OCSC physics merit list will be special merit awardees and will be members of the Indian team for IPhO.

    Allen’s BOOT Camp :

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    Studying For The F=ma Exam

    The F=ma exam is the first round selection exam for the US Physics team, which selects five travelers to compete in the International Physics Olympiad.

    • Conceptual Physics by Paul Hewitt. This book is a basic introduction to physics.
    • Thinking Physics by Lewis Carroll Epstein. This book contains hundreds of conceptual problems. Only some of the problems focus on mechanics.
    • Problems and Solutions in Introductory Mechanics by David Morin. This is the single most-important book for F=ma training. A few of the problems require calculus , but anyone who works through this entire book should be well-prepared for the test.
    • Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Krane This is a calculus-based textbook that is very thorough, and good for getting a deeper understanding. It has thousands of challenging problems, and is useful for those who have covered the basics of mechanics and want to go deeper. It also covers many other topics in physics and will carry forward to the USAPhO exam.
    • Former F=ma exams are available from AAPT on their website. There is also a solution manual to some of these exams. If your goal is to advance to USAPhO, you should solve all of the problems on all of the past exams.
    • Try IsaacPhysics for additional practice problems.
    • Take the AoPS F=ma Problem-Solving Series course for additional practice, problem-solving forums, an original practice exam, and personalized guidance from expert teachers and assistants.

    How Is The Usa Physics Team Selected

    Q& A: Cambridge International Student and IPhO (International Physics Olympiad) Contestant

    AAPT is responsible for recruiting, selecting, and training teams each year that compete in the International Physics Olympiad. The selection process for these elite teams being each year in late January when high schoolers register for the F=ma exam.

    • What is the scope of the F=ma exam? The F=ma exam focuses on mechanics such as kinematics, statics, Newtons laws, momentum, energy, orbital mechanics, fluids, oscillations, and elementary data analysis. In the exam, all problems are expected to be solved using calculus, however, some questions may be shorter calculus-based solutions.
    • What is the best way to prepare for the F=ma exam? The best way to prepare for the F=ma exam is to study using past exams to test yourself. By using these test exams, you will get the chance to test yourself and compare your answers to the solutions. The AAPT also encourages students who are interested in taking the F=ma exam to study with fellow classmates and students who excel in topics related to physics. Even though this competition is taken as a team, it is encouraged that every individual involved builds a strong knowledge and skill base.

    From everyone who takes the F=ma exam, the approximately top 400 scorers advance to the USA Physics Olympiad team exam.

    It is there that they take part in a rigorous 10-day session of studying, testing, and problem-solving. At the end of that 10-day course, just five students are selected for roles in the traveling team.

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    What Are The Major Subjects In The Olympiad Exam

    The major subjects in which Olympiad exams are conducted are. Although Olympiad exam is conducted in many subject but maths and science are most common subject on which the competition is very high and number of students are huge. Q-1.How do I prepare for Olympiad questions? Ans -Take notes while you are preparing for the Olympics.

    Stage I: National Standard Examination In Astronomy

    NSEA is the first stage of selection of students in the astronomy Olympiad Programme which is organized by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers . Every student aspiring to go through successive stages of the programme must enroll for NSEA. NSEA will be held at a large number of centres in the country.

    Date of NSEA 2014 : 23 November 2013

    Time of NSEA 2014: 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm

    Last Date for Enrollment for NSEA: 15th September 2014


    All Indian students who are born on or after January 1, 1995 and, in addition, are in Class XII or lower as of November 30, 2014, are eligible to appear for NSEA 2014 2015. If they qualify in the NSEA they will be eligible for subsequent stages leading to participation in International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics 2014.

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the eligibility criteria are satisfied. In case at any stage of the programme it is found that the student does not satisfy the eligibility criteria, he/she may be disqualified from the program.


    The syllabus for NSEA is broadly equivalent to the senior secondary level of CBSE.

    There will be greater emphasis on physics and mathematics and elementary astronomy.

    This is only a rough guideline, and there is no detailed syllabus given for NSEA.

    Question Paper:

    NSEA emphasizes comprehension of the subject, not rote memory. Its format will be as follows:

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    How To Crack Olympiad Exams Last Minutes Tips

  • Do not panic while writing the exams, even if they do not understand the questions. Stay calm and solve the next question. Complete all the answers and then try to solve the questions that they have left.
  • Strengthen the basics concept. If students understand the concepts well, they can answer any question, no matter how complicated.
  • Revising as much as possible is another important aspect of preparation. This will help in memorising and understanding every concept.
  • To make the concepts crystal clear, the students must strictly follow their schedule/plan every day.
  • Even students are preparing and studying hard they need a minimum of seven hours of sleep. If they are sleep-deprived, then they will not be able to complete the exam paper. They need to have a fresh mind, and for that, they must sleep.
  • How Often Do Students Take The Chemistry Olympiad Exam

    How to prepare for the International Physics Olympiad

    Local Chemistry Olympiad Exams. Nearly 16,000 U.S. students participate in Local Chemistry Olympiad competitions. Over 70% of Local Sections use the Local Section Exam prepared by the ACS Chemistry Olympiad Examination Task Force. Exams are administered annually in March and students are nominated for the U.S.

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