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How To Score 160 In Physics Neet

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A Gather The Best Reference Material For Neet And Aiims Chemistry

How to Score 160 in NEET Physics | Super Strategy NEET Preparation for NEET Physics in Tamil

Reference material is your main weapon in the quest to score 160+ in chemistry. If the weapon is in poor shape, forget about success. Get the NCERT books, they help you form a solid base upon which your building of preparation will stand. You can make use of other textbooks to supplement your preparation too, heres a handy list:

1. NCERT at your Fingertips by MTG publication

2. NCERT Examplar

3. 30 Previous years Questions of NEET and AIIMS

4. A to Z Chemistry Book for NEET – Cengage

If you don’t have handwritten notes, you can download our Free Chemistry Notes for NEET and AIIMS. Download these notes and take print out, read these notes thoroughly before practising the questions.

Class 11 Or Class 12 Which Is More Important For Neet Weightage And Important Chapters

NEET syllabus consists of topics and chapters from class 11 and 12. Whether a student starts NEET preparation in 11th or 12th standard, he/ she has to study a 2 year syllabus. Many students feel that NEET exam gives more weightage to a specific class syllabus, so they generally ask the below question : Which Read More »

Ii Thorough With The Pattern

Students must master the pattern of the exam, different sections, marking scheme, understanding and gauging the difficulty level of a question, and much more. This is a toppers tip, which you can make note of.

Also, students can make note that in NEET 2019, 22 questions were asked from Class 11, while 23 questions were asked from class 12 physics syllabus. Likewise, NEET 2020 witnessed 18 questions appearing from class 11 while 27 questions appeared from the class 12 Physics syllabus. This weightage fluctuates, but the NEET syllabus from both classes must be given equal attention.

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Too Many Books Isnt A Great Idea

If you feel that piling your study table with numerous books will help you in reaching your goal then you are completely wrong. Its not about too many books instead, its about the one right book. Once you are done with the NCERT then you can choose to study some other advanced level books. ETOOSINDIA offers the best quality books for the preparation of the chemistry section. These books are prepared by the top facilities of Kota and the best part is that they contains solved question of the NCERT curriculum. So make sure that instead of wasting your time, money and energy in buying bundles of books you treat yourself with the one right book.

Neet Physics 1800 With Bhaskar

How to Score 160+ in Physics NEET? Study Tips and Books to ...
  • 360 bite-sized lessons to solve 1800 questions.
  • Problem solving skills to gain maximum results in minimum time.
Bhaskar has been mentoring students for last 10+ years

I always felt Physics was very tough during my preparation for NEET. I was not well versed with it. During this phase Bhaskar Sir helped me a lot specially in clearing my doubts.His problem-solving techniques helped in making Physics easy for me and score 644 in NEET 2020.

Ronit Shah

Pursuing MBBS, Sion Medical College, Mumbai.

I thank Bhaskar Sir for being an amazing teacher and for all his great lessons. He developed my interest in Physics and helped me gain confidence by making me solve a lot of numerical problems. His incomparable guidance helped me to crack my dream of getting into VJTI. Indeed, one of the best teachers I ever had.

Mihir Chavan

AIR 153, MHTCET 2020

I was lucky to have Bhaskar Sir as my teacher. He was the constant motivation for me to crack JEE Advanced despite my batchmates giving up on it. I was able to prepare for one of the toughest exams only after starting with 12th, but with his constant guidance and inspiration I never gave up on my focus. The lockdown came as a blessing giving more time for preparation and I went from 18k rank in JEE Main to cracking CSE at IIT Patna.

Mihir Mantri

AIR 2531, JEE Advanced 2020

Suraj Singh

VMGMC Sholapur

Riya Kumari

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Master The Neet Pattern To Score 160+

In order to get marks above 160 in chemistry, it is essential to know well about its pattern. It is important to thoroughly go through the exam pattern, and understand the weightage of each subject. Along with this, an in-depth analysis of the exam pattern helps in understanding the difficulty level of the topics. It also helps them to get themselves acquainted with their examination. With a sound understanding of the exams, students will be able to work well on each topic of every subject as per the importance.

Stages Of Solving Physics For Neet To Score 160+ :

Stage 1- Your coaching modules.

Stage 2- Books like H C Verma or D C Pandey or both. The trend is changing every time. You never know when questions of JEE level can pop up in the NEET paper. And when youre prepared for the worst, the easy is a cakewalk for you. I myself solved full H C Verma and chapters like Mechanics and Electromagnetism from D C Pandey.

Stage 3- Mock tests and their questions. Mark the tough ones/ wrong ones for revising them later on.

Stage 4- Previous Year NEET, AIIMS and JEE questions Many a times a couple of questions are directly asked from previous year JEE Main paper. Practice them in the last few months of preparation.

Stage 5- Numerical based and single type correct questions of last 5 years JEE Advanced.

Stage 6- NCERT back questions and summary of every subject for theoretical questions.

Stage 7- Exemplar problems of NCERT.

In two years timescale I was able to complete Stage 1, 2, 3 ,4 , 5, 6.

Good luck aspirants.

Vibhas K. GuptaNEET UG 2019 Score 640/720, AIR-1674

Get the best score in NEET Physics by learning exclusive tricks from the best faculty and experts in Mystudycart NEET Online Courses.

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Which Chapters Are Important In Physics For Neet

Important chapters can be decided based on two factors difficulty level and frequency of questions from the previous years paper analysis. Some important concepts are:

Mechanics, Current electricity and electromagnetic induction, Heat & Thermodynamics, Electrostatistics & Magnetism, Ray Optics, Modern Physics, Rotational motion, SHM & Waves, Electronics

How To Score 650+ In Neet 2021

How to score 160 in physics Neet 2020
Preparation – Syllabus, Chapter Wise Weightage, Exam Pattern, Previous Year Qs Papers, Notes, Sample Papers

Scoring 650+ in NEET 2021 will push you up in the toppers category. Hence this path is not a cakewalk. It is filled with hard work, and you need a strong to achieve the target. But, where there is a will, there is a way!

With the help of experts and past NEET aspirants, we have devised a plan here that will help you score 650+, given that you are ready to take up the challenge. Let us see what it takes to be among those candidates who score 650+ in NEET.

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NEET 2021 is the only UG Medical entrance exam. It will be held at the national level and the candidates will be asked 180 MCQs from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The syllabus of NEET is prescribed by NMC/MCI and is of 10+2 level. Therefore the candidates have the advantage to prepare for NEET 2021 along with their school studies. Here is a plan for you:

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C Master The Chemistry Basics From 11th And 12th Class

Under the NEET and AIIMS chemistry section, you can categorize the questions under three parts: physical, organic, and inorganic and the secret of mastering them is to treat them as separate subjects and make different study plan. For eg. You can’t learn physical chemistry just by mugging up notes, you need to practice a lot of questions. While studying inorganic chemistry, you need to remember the facts, this can be done by reading notes again and again. Organic chemistry is based on learning the facts and apply them in the questions. So for organic chemistry you need to mug up the concepts and to practice the questions as well. Yes, make use of your textbooks and notes and divide them accordingly. This will help you grasp the basics of each part better.

Can A Student Prepare For Jee/ Neet Through Youtube

Can I prepare for JEE or NEET through Youtube? This is a question a lot of students ask these days. YouTube is a platform where many people upload video lectures on topics asked in JEE/ NEET exams. These people can be real teachers or self-acclaimed experts including college students. Students can watch these videos to Read More »

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Neet 2021 Study Plan For Biology

Biology is the core of NEET exam. The one thing to do first is befriend the NCERT books for class 11 and 12. You must know your class 11 and 12 biology NCERT books by heart.Here is what you need to do for the Biology subject:

  • Memorize the difficult and important terms and their definitions.
  • Practice all the diagrams and practice visualizing them in your mind.
  • Make notes and mark important parts of the topics while you read / revise.
  • Solve the previous year question papers for the biology section at least once a week.
  • Tale weekly mock test for biology section.

Mock test and previous year question papers will help you know the preparation level. You will be able to know what topics are yet to be prepared, and what topics are perfectly mastered by you.

NEET Biology
Practice Here

Foolproof Plan To Score 170+ In Neet 2021 Physics

How to Score 160+ in Physics NEET Exam

In order to score above 170 marks in the Physics section, one has to get at least 43 out of 45 questions correct. It is certainly possible with practice and sheer dedication. Here, with this article, we bring to you a list of steps which you must include if you wish to score above 170+ in the Physics section.

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How To Analyze Mistakes After Attempting A Mock Test For Neet

Analysis of your mistakes is very important after attempting a mock/ practice test for NEET. Without proper analysis you are bound to repeat the same mistake in the next test. When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and dont repeat it. Read More »

How To Score 160 + In Chemistry In Neet 2021

With a huge portion of theory, Chemistry is considered as a scoring as well as a difficult subject for students who are preparing for NEET 2021 examinations. Some people believe that Chemistry is a subject of parrot learning. Breaking down the notion, the subject is rather a field of abstract concepts and theories. Hence, students need to strengthen their imagination to understand the Science behind Chemistry. With this precondition, Chemistry becomes a scoring subject for students who are appearing for the NEET examination 2021. Every student who wishes to grow a future in the medical field wants to score good marks in NEET. It is important to obtain good marks in this National Level Entrance Test for getting admission in the best medical institutions of the country. For the same, they need to prepare MCQ type questions of all subjects rather than written answers. In this regard, it is a good option for students to prepare well for Chemistry to improve their scores in NEET 2021. In this way, it becomes more important for students to prepare Physics, Chemistry and Biology for clearing the Neet exam. For the sake of convenience of the aspirants, the article mentions some tips and tricks to score 160+ in chemistry in NEET 2021.

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How To Score 160+ In Neet Chemistry Do Or Die Chapters

Home » How to score 160+ in NEET Chemistry ? Do or die chapters

  • 10:44 am

Next to biology most scoring subject in NEET exam is Chemistry. Most of the students think that chemistry is very difficult. Is it true ? If you say yes, then i bet you after reading this blog you will understand how easy it is to crack NEET Chemistry.

First let us look at the weightage of all the chapters. We have made this tabular column based on last 10 years of NEET exam paper analysis. You will get 44% questions from Class 11 and 56% questions from Class 12.

Ok fine there are totally 29 chapters in chemistry in that these 12 chapters are very very important. You will get around 28 questions out of 45 questions only from these 12 chapters So give more time and effort to master these chapters. Once you are thorough with all these 12 chapters you can comfortably score 110 120 marks easily. Yeah it is true friends, without even touching remaining chapters you can comfortably score 110 120 marks, still you think chemistry is hard ? No friends chemistry is not hard as you think. But dont stick only to these 12 chapters, because they may ask difficult questions from important chapters and easy questions from non important chapters. My suggestion is to study all the chapters. And one more important point is WHILE STUDYING ALWAYS START FROM BASICS

If pillars is not so strong then the building will collapse easily

How To Score 150+ In Chemistry Neet Neet

Can I Score 160+ in NEET Physics 2022 If I Start from Today? | NEET 2022 Strategy by Sachin Sir

The entire Chemistry syllabus in NEET is divided into three parts 1) Organic Chemistry, 2) Inorganic Chemistry and 3) Physical Chemistry. The questions are distributed equally to each section. To score more than 150-160 in NEET Chemistry, you need to follow a right approach and strategy. For Biology, you have to read a lot of Read More »

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Vi Practice And Repeat

Physics demands rigorous practice. Regular practice will help you decode recurring topics, the pattern of the questions, the art of how questions are tweaked around topics, above all, it enhances your levels of speed and accuracy which are the most important metrics in competitive exams such as NEET.

Practising questions also help students to understand the difficulty level of questions, hence giving them confidence which only gets them surplus time at the exam hence propels confidence level. Always remember to solve mock tests under ideal exam scenarios. Every time you take up this test, take it up with the same intention which you would have while giving the actual NEET exam.

What Books To Refer For Scoring 160+ In Neet Physics

Ill state the materials which could be solved in stage-like order. The more you solve, the more youre likely to score in Physics. But mind it, youve to study other subjects as well.

Disclaimer- its the preference order which suited me.

Ideally you must complete Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4. They would be more than enough.

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Best Strategies On How To Prepare For Neet Physics 2022

NEET Physics preparation is crucial as it requires a unique NEET Physics strategy and schedule to cover up the syllabus. You know one of the toughest subjects to prepare for the examination is NEET Physics. It comprises innumerable theoretical concepts and numerical problems as well. Anyway, NEET aspirants require a lot of dedication and focus to prepare for physics for the NEET examination.

In this blog, you will find amazing strategies on how to prepare for NEET Physics.

The best way to study Physics for NEET is to give equal importance to the entire syllabus. The NEET aspirants should give due importance to both class 11 and 12 physics syllabi. You should create a timetable and follow it dedicatedly. It helps you not to miss any topic and prepare in a better way. It requires immense knowledge and commands over the NEET Physics syllabus to score brilliant marks in the examination. As a NEET aspirant, you can make the most of the below strategies to master all the concepts of physics and become thorough with numerical problems.

Best Strategies on How to Prepare for NEET Physics

If you study keenly you will find all the below-mentioned strategies very helpful. They will help you know how to score 180 in Physics NEET. And also how you can gain command over important physics formulas for NEET. Without further delay lets dig deep into the strategies now.

1. Organizing your syllabus systematically

2. Segregate the chapters as per their weightage

5. Important Physics formulas

Ways To Score 160+ In Neet And Aiims Chemistry Section

How to Score 160+ in Physics


Many students call me, message me, post comments on our video that how they can score 160+ marks in Chemistry section of NEET and AIIMS exam. So I am going to write few steps about your study plan of chemistry, if you follow these steps you can easily score 160+ marks in chemistry in NEET 2019.

There are several tips and tricks to help you score high marks in the NEET and AIIMS chemistry section. But, reading them all can take your head for a chemical reaction on its own. So, to help you out, weve gone through them and present to you the 5 best ones you can use to score the golden number of 160 or more.

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