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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Geometry

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Mycorsa Is The New Crown Jewel Of Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra (Team Teve Blad NOS colour theme) Sram Etap Neo Retro Dream Build

The new Corsa modern steel range is the new crown jewel of the Eddy Merckx range. Its the ultimate way to honour Eddy, and his career as an athlete and frame builder. MyCorsa offers custom geometry and will therefore feel like an extension of your body, like it reads your mind when your pedaling. Add the custom paint job option and you understand this modern steel horse to be a huge headturner. #ModernHeritage

Eddy Merckx Mx Leader

The last steel Eddy Merckx model was the MX-Leader in the 1990s. The frameset was built with oversized and specially formed Columbus Max tubes. It is famous for its power transfer, its comfort and safe handling. Merckx MX-Leader was also often used by professional cycling team – e.g. Team Telekom.

An example of an Eddy Merckx MX Leader that belonged to Udo Bölts of Team Telekom

The Eddy Merckx 10th Anniversary bicycle was produced in 1990 and has special paintwork on the Columbus SLX steel tubes and is equipped with Campagnolo C Record groupset.

An example of an Eddy Merckx Corsa 10th Anniversary equipped with a Campagnolo Record Groupset and Delta Brakes

Eddy Merckx Hageland Affordable Steel Disc Brake Gravel Bike

A completely new concept for Eddy Merckx Steel is the new Hageland gravel bike, which is also the only of the new Ready Made steel bikes to feature disc brakes. It apparently takes inspiration from where Eddy grew up on the Belgian gravel roads that formed the Dwars door het Hageland race and give the gravel bike its name.

The Hageland also gets traditional external downtube shift routing, and adds in a set of downtube guides for the rear brake hose as well. The carbon fork does however, route the front brake internally for a clean setup.

The Hageland also features an oversized steel tubeset with an internal tapered headset. The bike has flat mount brakes, 12mm thru-axles, plus full front & rear rack & fender mounts.

The gravel Hageland is also available in five stock sizes . Geometry for the Hageland also is adapted from the carbon Merckx line here with the same angles from the Strasbourg71. The steel gravel bike though gets a slightly longer Reach numbers paired with a bit taller Stack to create a better all-rounder ride.

A machined chainstay yoke provides extra space for wide tires and the ability to run either road compact double or 1x drivetrains.

With that the Hageland is available for 2500 complete with a SRAM Rival 1x build, or for 3000 with a Shimano Ultegra double drivetrain both with hydraulic disc brakes. Both builds are also available in either the glossy Mist gray with brown metallic & dark gray details or this sand tan and Prussian blue.

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Eddy Merckx Criterium Affordable Steel City Commuter Road Bike

Last up, the Criterium was always meant to be the most affordable steel Merckx. It remains more of a traditional road bike, built from a low-cost & versatile steel tubeset.

While the Strada & Hageland are fully modern performance bikes, this is meant to be a budget roadie to zip around town. It features a lugged crown fork and a straight 1 1/8 steerer with an external headset.

Cable routing is external, and the bike features long reach rim brakes, plus braze-ons for full coverage fenders and rear rack mounts for commuter versatility.

The budget Criterium comes in an abbreviated four sizes, but still generally covers the same wide 48-60cm fits of the road Strada, just with bigger steps between sizes. It also gets race-focused handling, adapted from Merckxs premium road bikes.

The 900 Criterium is all about affordability, and gets a Shimano Claris 2×8 road compact with a shiny silver FSA crankset and other polished aluminum components for classic looks.

All of the new steel bikes are available through select shops out of the Eddy Merckx dealer network. So, you can either check if your local shop is a MyCorsa shop via the new steel bike website, or get in touch with them directly to see if they have the new Ready Made bikes in store.

Eddy Merckx 1986 Corsa Extra

What is my bike worth? 57cm Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra 10th Anniversary ...

Restoring and building a 1986 Eddy Merckx corsa extra

Acquired on the vintage bike fair of Dessel in 2017 from J.Wuyts. Traded it for a repainted Merckx MX leader Telekom frameset , I could not spend anymore but could not walk away from this beauty either, so I had to give that one up. The frame set was sold to me with a bottom bracket that was stuck .

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Eddy Merckx Motorola Corsa Extra With Dura Ace 25th Anniversary

This is a special Merckx Mondays treat. Sean from Team Dream recently acquired an Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in the Motorola livery, laced with a beautiful NOS Dura Ace 25th Anniversary group. Ive personally never seen this group on a bike, in person before, so it was a real pleasure photographing it. Sure, there are a few blemishes on the kit, like the insertion marks on the seat post, which were like that before Sean acquired it, but overall, this bike is a real gem.

Sean also has the case for the 25th group, which came with the fabled wrist watch. Once he replaces this group with a modern Campagnolo Athena kit, hell be displaying the 25th in its case at the Cub House, along with the bike itself. If youre in the South Pasadena area, make sure you roll through the Cub House and check it out in person because no photos do this bike justice in real life!

Eddy Merckx Century Problem

View Full ProfileView Full ProfileGeometryCyclesMakaronExplanation: Since the topic of EMC frame geometry is interesting and popular, there are a lot of entries on the web concerning angle measurement . Unfortunately, there were misunderstandings resulting from the existence of… 3 systems of recording measured angles. Recording 72°51′ equals recording 72.85° recording 73°57′ equals recording 73.95° . In other words, the first record uses a conversion rate of 1°=60′ and the second is the decimal system. Unfortunately, there is also an incorrect 72.51° rounded to 72.5 – a half degree difference can cause some confusion…

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Eddy Merckx Strada Affordable Steel Rim Brake Road Bike

The Eddy Merckx bike brand started with the premium Corsa Extra road bike, but by the late 80s a couple of more affordable road bikes were introduced with the same racing heritage the Strada & Criterium. And now both are back.

The Strada continues to be more of the everyday road bike for those who dreamed of racing a Merckx Corsa.

The new Strada is now a modern performance road bike, welded from light Columbus steel tubing, with oversized tubing, a carbon fork with tapered steerer & internal headset, and traditional external cable routing.

The new road bike is only available with rim brakes, and comes in five stock sizes . Geometry is directly inspired by Merckx carbon race bikes, sharing the same angles & Reach as the Stockeu69 race bike, but with slightly longer chainstays & a few extra mm of Stack to accommodate the steel construction.

At only 2500 complete, you can pick the Strada with either a Shimano Ultegra mechanical rim brake build, or a Campagnolo Potenza gruppo. Both options are available in the white with candy red details or this Molteni brown with dark blue & beige details, both with a high gloss finish.

Got Questions Call A Ride Guide

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra and Dura Ace 7400 build

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, email us or give us a call.


I love this company! My beautiful bike arrived promptly, was packed brilliantly, and tuned perfectly. It was exactly as described. Kari K.


In the past month, I purchased a road bike and MTB from TPC. Very happy with the price and condition of both bikes! I was riding the bikes 10 minutes after I received them. David H.

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Davids Merckx Corsa Extra Extra Read All About It

There is something about mixing a classic steel bicycle with modern components that usually ends up looking either REALLY cool or REALLY meh for some reason. Its a definite hit or miss thing that happens whenever mashing two different generations of anything together, but when done correctly it can be great. From an aesthetic standpoint, traditional steel bicycles are hands down the prettiest to look at and modern components offer a much more civilized choice of gear ratios. All of that steel beauty can easily be lost when paired with a build that is too busy with space-aged looking parts. if you disagree, then your opinion most likely sucks Regardless of how it looks this trend of old with a touch of new is continuing to grow and understandably so. The idea of modern functionality on rolling piece of art/history does sound quite appealing.

Colnago Crystal Vs Merckx Corsa Extra

thanks brewster


good point“I’ve courted brain damage like some courtesan of darkness.”-The Good Doctor

precisa forks

ylwgto said:is ease of production the rationale behind colnago’s straight blade forks? i was under the impression that the straight blades were designed to provide better lateral stiffness and a more agressive 43mm rake? although it would seem easier to make them than a beautiful sloped crown traditional style fork, i thought that the design was purposefully implemented to provide a tighter wheelbase and a slightly shorter downtube due to a lessened head tube angle. these were just my assumptions, so if anyone knows the facts please correct me. thanks for the input.

precisa fork

really“I’ve courted brain damage like some courtesan of darkness.”-The Good Doctor

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Eddy Merckxs Surprisingly Affordable Readymade Steel Road & Gravel Bikes

Posted on July 31, 2019 by Cory Benson

On Monday we got a glimpse at the return to full-custom, premium steel MyCorsa road bikes made by Eddy Merckx, after one was ridden in the Paris finale of the Tour de France. But if your budget isnt limitless, you still can get a high quality steel Merckx bike, thanks to their new Ready Made complete road, gravel & urban bikes.

From The Pros Closet Museum: Norm Alvis 1992 Team Motorola Mxl Eddy Merckx With Dura Ace 7400

www.twohubs.com: Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Campagnolo Potenza Shamal ...

Longtime readers of this website will recall our weekly Merckx Mondays posts that began back in 2008. Well, let me just get this out of the way and say dont get your hopes up for its return, but I am very excited to share this Eddy Merckx with you, on a Monday, as a part of a little sub-category of vintage bikes well be doing at the Radavist over the next few months.

Last week, I traveled to Boulder to see the Pros Closets new facilities and their forthcoming bicycle museum. After years of being stored in boxes, over three hundred bikes are being unpacked, built, and displayed at their new facility just outside of Boulder. I spent two days there learning all about their operations and browsing their extensive bicycle collection, while sneaking off to document a few I thought the readers of the Radavist would enjoy, so lets jump right in

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Eddy Merckx Ready Made Affordable Steel Road & Gravel Bikes

c. Eddy Merckx Bikes

The new made-to-order custom Eddy Merckx MyCorsa road & gravel bikes look great, but at 3300 for the frameset alone, they are beyond the budget of most cyclists. But dont worry Merckx is bringing back a wider range of premium steel bikes, at much lower prices. Sure, these arent made-to-order in Belgium, but every one of these complete bikes is cheaper than a custom MyCorsa frame, and still delivers that modern, lightweight steel ride.

Johns Eddy Merckx Slx Telekom With Dura Ace 7400

Its a Merckx! On a Monday! and its been a while.

During a period of frustration with parts shortages as I was trying to build up a forthcoming review bike, I began browsing eBay looking into building up a classic timepiece. I figured if modern parts are in short supply, vintage parts have to still be available. I wanted a bike that would be a centerpiece in my office that I wasnt afraid to ride. Something that I could do easy road rides on, not pushing myself or the bike to the limit at all, but rather just a simple machine with downtube shifters, a steel fork, and 7 speeds. Kind of like driving an older, vintage vehicle stripped-down elegance and damn sexier than anything new on the market. With my longtime love of Merckx frames, I knew where to begin, but I wasnt expecting to find one of my favorite liveries, in such great condition. Check out an in-depth look below

Reportage By: john watson

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Riding As Ceremony: A Vintage Road Bike Is All You Need

At some point earlier this year, I came down with the vintage bug. I used to comb swap meets in search of a 58-60cm bike, NOS Campagnolo kits, hard-anodized wheels, and pantographed parts but it has been a while. Perhaps its because I feel so inundated with new tech announcements claiming lighter, stiffer, faster, more aero and at a certain point, it just gets to be too much. In the same way, I enjoy riding a rigid or a hardtail 90% of the time over a full suspension. Recently, I began to feel tech fatigue when it comes to drop bar bikes and have been looking at ways to simplify that riding experience

Ish Merckx Corsa Extra Geometry Chart

I Got Another Bike! – Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Team Stuttgart

View Full ProfileT-MarIf you’ve got the frame, just measure it, as they could vary slightly from published specifications. If you don’t have the frame, we’d need to know the size, as the geometry changed with the size.I just realized the frame is from 1998. For some reason, I had read 1988! I know I don’t have anything from the very late 1990s.FYI, you can buy digital protractors/angle finders for under $20 US. They make head and seat measurement easy, provided you have a horizontal top tube. You place the unit on the top tube and zero the setting. Then it automatically reads the correct angle when placed on the seat or head tube. It’s a valuable tool if you’re an n+1 type of person and absolutely need know your frames’ angles.There are also phone apps out there that work reasonably well.T-MarA phone app! Good grief, this is C& V, where n+1 tools is only 2nd to n+1 bicycles. You can’t impress your riding buddies by hanging an app on peg board! Seriously though, good idea, depending on their accuracy.There are also phone apps out there that work reasonably well.T-MarA phone app! Good grief, this is C& V, where n+1 tools is only 2nd to n+1 bicycles. You can’t impress your riding buddies by hanging an app on peg board! Seriously though, good idea, depending on their accuracy.dddd

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Nos Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Telecom Frame Set 56cm 550

  • pullingteth

    I was convinced Id never sell this, shipped over from Holland many years ago as NOS.Apparently been in a bike shop for years , it does however have the odd annoying chip from storage .Its been in my loft for a very long time , Im of the opinion Ill never get around to building it now .Too many classy frames to chose from and it really deserves some use .56cmChrome chain stay and dropoutsColumbus SLX Corsa ExtraBB stamped L 6AThen C ****

    Now I think I can remember roughly what I paid , but Ive no real idea what its worth .What would you have to pay for a newly built Columbus frame in SLX and then paint like this ?It does have some annoying chips , its NOSPick up only in TW11 as Id be keen for the buyer to check it out first.Dare I ask £600 OnoFeel free to chirp in if Im way over , but with average ones on the bay looking around £400 I thought it was worth it .I will post some better pics if youll allow me , the paint is lovely , a pearlescent look to the whiteNOW REMOVED FROM SALE .

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

The Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra was a development on this- featuring the letter X on the frame – in essence, the same bike with the same construction method but was made with Columbus SLX tubing for professional use. The majority of professional cycling teams were using Corsa Extra and the frameset was available in many team colors.

An example of an Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in the notorious Team 7-Eleven paint scheme

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Throwback Thursday: 1990 Eddy Merckx Corsa

A perfect pairing: Molteni orange and a 50th-anniversary Campagnolo group

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