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What Does Quarter Your Total Mean In Math

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Math Help: How To Work Out A Fraction Of A Number

Math Antics – Angle Basics

Learn how to find any fraction of any number using the simple process outlined here.

Whether you’re a student doing homework, a chef working on a recipe, a wedding planner trying to lay out a budget, or just an average person strolling through life, chances are you’ll eventually need to figure out a fraction of a number. In this article, we’ll define a few simple terms, learn how to find any fraction of any number, and explore some example problems for practice. Ready? Let’s do it!

How Do I Add Work Search Effort Documentation To Okjobmatch

To record work searches on OKJobMatch, navigate to your home screen after logging in and click Job Search Activity on the left navigation menu. From that screen, select the tab labeled External Job Search Activity. Click on the button labeled Add Activity to fill in the information associated with your work search activity.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Debit Card

Your unemployment debit card will be mailed the day after your first eligible weekly certification has been filed. Please allow 10-14 days to receive the card. If it has been more than 14 days since you filed your first eligible weekly certification, and you have received confirmation from OESC that you are eligible for benefits and payments have been issued, please contact Conduent at 866-320-8699 to resolve your missing card.

If no payments are showing as issued, there may be an issue with your claim, and you will need to call our Unemployment Service Center at 405-525-1500 to speak with a representative or contact your nearest Oklahoma Works office for assistance.

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How To Find The Median

In ascending order the numbers are 3, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 15, 19, 27. There are 10 total numbers, so the 5th and 6th numbers are used to figure the median. /2 = 8.5

If there were 9 numbers in the series rather than 10 you would take the 5th number and would not need to average the 2 middle numbers. The 2 middle numbers only need to be averaged when the data set has an even number of data points in it.

The Meaning Of Percentages

What is Money?

Percentage is a term from Latin, meaning out of one hundred.

You can therefore consider each whole as broken up into 100 equal parts, each one of which is a single percent.

The box below shows this for a simple grid, but it works the same way for anything: children in a class, prices, pebbles on the beach, and so on.

Visualising Percentages

How many unshaded cells are there? What is the percentage of unshaded cells?

Answer: There are two ways to work this out.

  • Count the white cells. There are 17 of them. Out of 100 cells, 17% are therefore white.
  • Add up the number of other cells, and take them from 100. There is one red cell, two green, five blue, 25 purple, and 50 yellow. That adds up to 83. 10083 = 17. Again, out of 100 cells, 17 are white, or 17%.
  • It is easy to work out the percentage when there are 100 individual things making up the whole, as in the grid above. But what if there are more or less?

    The answer is that you convert the individual elements that make up the whole into a percentage. For example, if there had been 200 cells in the grid, each percentage would be two cells, and every cell would be half a percent.

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    What Is The Waiting Period And Why Is It Required

    All individuals filing for unemployment are required to serve a one week waiting period per Oklahoma law . The first week individuals file a weekly certification during which all eligibility requirements are met will be considered the waiting period and will have no payments issued. This will not subtract from your total benefit amount.

    Can I File Unemployment Or Receive Unemployment Benefits If I Work Part

    It is possible to work part-time and still draw unemployment. Full-time is defined as 32 hours or more. You must report the hours worked and gross amount of money you earned before any deductions were made. Earnings must be reported during the week you earn them, not when you actually receive the payment. Work means anything you do for wages during the seven days of the week you are claiming unemployment benefits.

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    If I Work Part Time Do I Still Have To Attend My Resea Appointments

    Yes, you must attend your RESEA meetings, even if you work part-time. UI claimants may still receive unemployment benefits while working part-time hours. Part-time employment is considered as working less than 32 hours per week. If you work 32 hours or more per week, you are considered a full-time employee.

    Interquartile Range And Five Number Summary

    Math Antics – Mean, Median and Mode

    Quartiles help to give us a fuller picture of our data set as a whole. The first and third quartiles give us information about the internal structure of our data. The middle half of the data falls between the first and third quartiles, and is centered about the median. The difference between the first and third quartiles, called the interquartile range, shows how the data is arranged about the median. A small interquartile range indicates data that is clumped about the median. A larger interquartile range shows that the data is more spread out.

    A more detailed picture of the data can be obtained by knowing the highest value, called the maximum value, and the lowest value, called the minimum value. The minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile and maximum are a set of five values called the five number summary. An effective way to display these five numbers is called a boxplot or box and whisker graph.

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    What If I Forget To File My Weekly Certification

    Weekly certifications must be filed within fourteen days of the week ending date to be considered timely. Weekly certifications which are filed untimely may not be paid.

    Contact our Unemployment Service Center at if you encounter any problems when filing your weekly claim. Additionally, you may also visit one of our local Oklahoma Works offices to receive assistance.

    Can Unemployment Debit Cards Be Expedited

    Cards can be expedited by Conduent, but there is a fee for the additional mailing costs. These will be deducted from the balance on the card. There is a limited number of debit cards Conduent can issue in a single day, so in rare cases claimants may be unable to expedite cards. To expedite a card please contact our Unemployment Service Center at 405-525-1500, your nearest Oklahoma Works office, or Conduent at 866-320-8699.

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    Can I Set Up Recurring Transfers For My Unemployment Benefits

    All unemployment benefits are issued to a pre-paid debit card provided by our card vendor Conduent. If you would like these funds automatically transferred to your personal banking account, you can do so after receiving and activating your card. To set up recurring transfers, contact Conduent at 866-320-8699 or visit their website at

    What Does The Triangle Mean In An Equation For

    Solved: 4. Calculate The Overall Total And Mean Number Of ...

    What Does Triangle Mean In Equation? Change is the most common word in mathematics that means change or the change. As an example, consider the case of x, which stands for the movement of an object. So, *x means the change in movement.. The mathematical meaning of delta is used by scientists in various fields of science.

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    Am I Required To Register As An Employer

    If you operate a business and employ one or more employees, you must register as an employer with us when you pay more than $100 in wages in a calendar quarter. If you are a household employer of one or more household workers, you must register with us when you pay cash wages of $750 or more in a calendar quarter.

    Employers who operate a business can be a person or a legal entity and include:

    • Sole Proprietors
    • Public entities
    • Schools

    Household Employers who hire household workers can be:

    • Private households

    Generally, a business must pay State payroll taxes when it pays more than $100 in wages in a calendar quarter to one or more employees. Wages consist of compensation for services performed, including:

    • Cash payments.
    • Bonuses.
    • Reasonable cash value of noncash payments for services.

    An employer must register with us within 15 days of becoming an employer who has met this requirement.

    Examples of when a business becomes required to pay state payroll taxes can include:

    For More Information

    You can learn more about wages, subject wages, and personal income tax wages from the following resources:

    Are Victims Of Domestic Abuse Or Violence Eligible For Unemployment Benefits

    If you are the victim of domestic violence or abuse and if it has resulted in your separation from employment, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Oklahoma law states: If the claimant separated from employment due to domestic violence or abuse, verified by any reasonable or confidential documentation, which causes the individual to reasonably believe that the individuals continued employment would jeopardize the safety of the individual or of any member of the individuals immediate family.

    For additional information and assistance, please visit your nearest Oklahoma Works office. For those transitioning between careers, OESC provides training, educational opportunities, skill-building, resume assistance, networking, and job referrals.

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    How To Calculate Quarterly Earnings

    Calculating your businesss quarterly earnings is an important way to measure your financial performance during the year. Each year consists of four quarters. Each quarters earnings equal the total revenues for that quarter minus the total expenses for that quarter. You report your revenues, expenses and earnings on your income statement. If your total revenues are more than your total expenses for the quarter, you will have a quarterly profit, or net income. If your total expenses are greater than your total revenues, you will have a quarterly loss.

  • 1.

    Determine from your accounting records the total sales revenues you generated during the quarter. For example, assume you generated $100,000 in sales revenue during the quarter.

  • 2.

    Determine from your accounting records all expenses you incurred during the quarter, some of which include cost of goods sold, selling expenses, administrative expenses, utilities and rent. In this example, assume you generated $50,000 in cost of goods sold, $5,000 in selling expenses, $10,000 in administrative expenses, $1,000 in utilities and $8,000 in rent.

  • 3.

    Calculate the sum of your expenses to determine your total expenses during the quarter. In this example, add $50,000, $5,000, $10,000, $1,000 and $8,000 to get $74,000 in total expenses.

  • References

    What Is A Benefit Year

    Maths – What is Average – English

    Your benefit year is the 52-week time period that your unemployment claim is considered active before you need to reapply. This starts when you first filed and were approved for unemployment benefits, and last for 52 weeks from when you were eligible. This does not necessarily mean you will be eligible for benefits all 52 weeks, which depends on your individual situation.

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    What Was Included With The Cares Act And What Were The Effective Dates

    The CARES Act created three new unemployment programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation provided an additional $600 per week to an individual’s weekly benefit amount between 3/29/20 and 7/25/20.
    • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation provided up to 13 weeks of extended unemployment benefits between 3/29/20 and 12/26/20 to individuals who had exhausted their traditional Unemployment Insurance benefits.
    • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance provided 39 weeks of unemployment benefits between 2/2/20 and 12/26/20 to self-employed, contract, and gig workers who are typically not eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits

    Look Up The Meaning Of Math Words

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    • Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
    • B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Hastings College

    This is a glossary of common mathematical terms used in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and statistics.

    Abacus: An early counting tool used for basic arithmetic.

    Absolute Value: Always a positive number, absolute value refers to the distance of a number from 0.

    Acute Angle: An angle whose measure is between 0° and 90° or with less than 90° radians.

    Addend: A number involved in an addition problem numbers being added are called addends.

    Algebra: The branch of mathematics that substitutes letters for numbers to solve for unknown values.

    Algorithm: A procedure or set of steps used to solve a mathematical computation.

    Angle: Two rays sharing the same endpoint .

    Angle Bisector: The line dividing an angle into two equal angles.

    Area: The two-dimensional space taken up by an object or shape, given in square units.

    Array: A set of numbers or objects that follow a specific pattern.

    Attribute: A characteristic or feature of an objectsuch as size, shape, color, etc.that allows it to be grouped.

    Average: The average is the same as the mean. Add up a series of numbers and divide the sum by the total number of values to find the average.

    Base: The bottom of a shape or three-dimensional object, what an object rests on.

    Base 10: Number system that assigns place value to numbers.

    Capacity: The volume of substance that a container will hold.

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    How To Register Online

    Use e-Services for Business to register for your employer payroll tax account number. Its fast, easy, and secure, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Select Enroll.
  • Enter the required information and select Continue.
  • Select the verification link in the email sent to you by us to complete the enrollment process.
  • Important: You will receive an automated email to confirm your account, which includes a link. Select this link to complete your registration. For security purposes, the link will expire within 48 hours.If you dont get this message in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folder.

  • Choose Register for Employer Payroll Tax Account Number.
  • Submit your completed online registration application to finish this step.
  • This process will create an employer payroll tax account number.

    Glossary Of Mathematical Symbols


    A mathematical symbol is a figure or a combination of figures that is used to represent a mathematical object, an action on mathematical objects, a relation between mathematical objects, or for structuring the other symbols that occur in a formula.As formulas are entirely constituted with symbols of various types, many symbols are needed for expressing all mathematics.

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    Are Unemployment Benefits Taxable

    All unemployment benefits are taxable. Individuals who filed for and received unemployment benefits will receive a 1099-G tax form from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

    When you file for unemployment, you have the option to choose to have taxes taken out at the time benefits are paid. If you opt to have the deductions taken out of your unemployment benefits, the standard deduction used is 10% for Federal taxes, and 3% for State taxes. When filing your yearly income taxes, you will include the 1099-G as part of your income documents and report accordingly.

    Working Out Percentages Of A Whole

    So far we have looked at the basics of percentages, and how to add or subtract a percentage from a whole.

    Sometimes it is useful to be able to work out the percentages of a whole when you are given the numbers concerned.

    For example, lets suppose that an organisation employs 9 managers, 12 administrators, 5 accountants, 3 human resource professionals, 7 cleaners and 4 catering staff. What percentage of each type of staff does it employ?

  • Start by working out the whole.

    In this case, you do not know the whole, or the total number of staff in the organisation. The first step is therefore to add together the different types of staff.

    9 managers + 12 administrators + 5 accountants + 3 HR professionals + 7 cleaners + 4 catering staff = 40 members of staff.

  • Work out the proportion of staff in each category.

    We know the number of staff in each category, but we need to convert that to a fraction of the whole, expressed as a decimal. The calculation we need to do is:

    Staff in Category ÷ Whole

    We can use managers as an example:

    9 managers ÷ 40 = 0.225

    In this case it can be helpful if, instead of thinking of the division symbol ÷ as meaning divided by, we can substitute the words out of. We use this often in the context of test results, for example 8/10 or 8 out of 10 correct answers. So we calculate the number of managers out of the whole staff. When we use words to describe the calculation, it can help it to make more sense.

  • TOP TIP! Check you have a total of 100%

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    Mean Median And Mode: Data Trends Detecting Anomalies And Uses In Sports

    – Guide Authored by Corin B. Arenas, published on October 17, 2019

    In school, we ask the average score for a test to know if wehave a good grade. When it comes to buying expensive products, we often ask theaverage price to look for the best deals.

    These are just a few examples of how averages are used inreal life.

    In this section, youll learn about the different types of averages and how theyre calculated and applied in various fields, especially in sports.

    What Is The Difference Between Quantity And Unit

    Algebra Basics: Solving 2-Step Equations – Math Antics

    If you are working science or math problems, the answer to this question is that quantity is the amount or numerical value, while the unit is the measurement. For example, if a sample contains 453 grams, the quantity is 453 while the unit is grams. In this instance, the quantity is always a number and the units are any measure, such as grams …

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