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How To Study For Igcse Biology

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How to achieve A* in IGCSE biology

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Plant Structures & Functions

This unit will provide information about the internal structure of plants, including the different types of tissues present in the roots, leaves, and stems. The processes of photosynthesis and transpiration will also be explored, and the factors that affect their rates of reaction. Finally, translocation, the important process of food transport throughout plants will be explained.

Unit 6

Igcse Biology Paper 1 Tips

Each question tests just one thing. You have about 1 minute to read and answer eachquestion.

Some questions test what you know and understand. For example What part of the eyedetects light?

Some questions test if you can use what you have learned to understand new data. Thesequestions will often have a diagram, graph or table to use.

Try to decide what the question is testing as you are reading it.

Sample Question 1: Content Question

Q: What is a characteristic feature of all living things?

A: You need to know the characteristic features of living things. If you know a quick way ofremembering all seven then you can jot it down on the question paper. e.g. MRS GRENfor Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition, orthe first letters of Real Elephants Grow Massive Red Feet Slowly,

Sample Question 2: Content and Inference

Q: In which vessel will absorb alcohol first be found?

A: You need to think about what the question is asking you.

Is it about digestion? Is it about excretion ? Is it about the circulation?The question is asking about something absorbed from the gut to be transported, so it isabout circulation. Which vessel carries substances absorbed by the gut? Answer The Hepatic Portal Vein.So you have to choose the letter which labels the hepatic portal vein.

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Tip 6 Make Use Of Every Minute

Every minute during the examination is very precious. Even when you have finished the paper, remember to check the paper again. Run through all the questions and make sure you have not overlooked certain keywords or key points the questions are looking for.

Suggestion: Start checking from the back of the paper where most marks are allocated to. This way, even if you do not have enough time to check for the MCQs, you have time to check those heavy weightage questions.

Have A Grip On The Key Concepts:

Cambridge IGCSE Biology Workbook 3rd Edition

Do you want to know how exactly to find all the key concepts for Biology?

I will walk you through the step-by-step process to find them. But for now, let me tell you what key concepts are.

Key concepts are the important concepts and ideas that you should know to understand a topic. In simple words, this is the information that you should know.

In fact, every topic has its own key concepts.

But, how do you find them? Here is the complete procedure.

  • Firstly, contact your experienced Biology teacher .
  • Then, ask them about the topics they think are the most important.
  • Dig deeper and try to find out the most important concepts .
  • If this sounds vague to you, do not worry .

    Think about this. Your teachers have been teaching the subject for years. They know which topics appear the most in the exams. Therefore, try to get as much knowledge as you can.

    So, make a list of the topics your teacher advises you to prepare the best.

    When you are done consulting , go back to your syllabus. Now, compare these key concepts with your syllabus outcomes. With this, you would now be familiar with some of the important things you should know.

    Now, you may read that respected topic from your book or use notes from the internet. In fact, I have done this hectic work of preparing notes on all topics for Biology. Some of the useful resources are listed below so that you can see our work.

    More Resources:

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    How To Use These Tips

    These tips are based on some common mistakes made by students. They are collected undervarious subheadings to help you when you prepare for your examinations.

    Make sure you read all the general tips. These can be important in any of the papers you do. Make sure you know which examination papers you are taking before you look at the tips for the different papers All of you will take paper 1, which is all multiple choice questions. You may be taking paper 2, which is Foundation OR you may be taking paper 3, which is Extended. You may be taking paper 5, which is a practical examination in a laboratory OR you may be taking paper 6 which is a written paper about practical work.

    General Advice

    Answering questions. The questions are meant to let you show the biology you know. There are no trick questions. When you are writing your answers remember that another person has to be able to read it.

    Writing in you own words. You sometimes have to write two or more sentences to answer a question.

    Key Points To Learning Biology Terms

    Terms are the names used in biology. These will be used in questions. You will getmore marks if you can use them correctly in you examination. Ask your teacher if you areunsure of the different meanings between biological terms.

    Try to use the correct spelling. The person marking your answer will try to recognise whatword you mean, but if the spelling is wrong, then they cannot allow you a mark.

    Some biological terms have very similar spelling. One example is ureter, urethra anduterus. If your mis-spelling is uretus, it could be ureters or uterus. Other commonexamples are ovum, ova, ovary and ovule, testes and testa sucrose and sucrase.

    Do not try to mix the spellings of two words when you are not sure which of them is thecorrect answer, e.g. meitosis, when you are not sure whether the answer is mitosis ormeiosis, or urether, when you are not sure if the answer is ureter or urethra.

    Writing in your own words. You sometimes have to write two or more sentences to answer aquestion.

    Use short sentences. If you write long sentences you can get mixed up. It is hard to findcorrect statements in a muddled answer.

    You are often asked to write down something you have learned. Make sure you have learntthe meanings of the common terms used in biology, e.g. photosynthesis, osmosis,fermentation.

    You also need be able to write down the meaning of more complicated ideas, e.g. level oforganisation, natural selection, global warming, eutrophication.

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    Levels Of Organisation And Digestion

    Our bodies are incredibly complex. This unit will describe how single cells can organise themselves to form different tissues and organs. This information will then be used to understand the different levels of biological organisation in animals and plants. Further depth will then be covered learning about the process of digestion in humans, including which organs are involved and how these organs are adapted to perform their functions.

    Unit 3

    Use Good Gcse Biology Resources

    How To Get A 9 In Your Biology Exams | GCSE & IGCSE Biology

    One of the best resources for revising GCSE biology is practice tests. As well as helping you become familiar with the types of questions you could be asked on the day, they also help you get used to the layout of the test papers.

    At Exam Papers Plus, we publish GCSE biology revision packsthat can help boost your confidence and enable you to perform at your best on exam day.

    Our biology packs cover all eight topics in the GCSE biology syllabus and have been created by former GCSE biology examiners. As part of the process of creating our packs, we thoroughly analysed examiners reports from previous years to ensure we have every question type covered. To prepare you for every eventuality, weve even included some of the most difficult questions that youre likely to come up against in the exam.

    When taken under exam conditions, our practice tests can help improve your time management skills. The more timed tests you do, the more youll get used to answering questions quickly and under pressure.

    Our packs focus on the key skills that you need to do well in higher tier GCSE exams and include detailed mark schemes for every question. Each question is labelled to identify the relevant exam boards.

    Wed highly recommend the following resources to help with your GCSE biology revision:

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    Combine Topic Revision With Practice Questions

    One of the most effective ways to study for GCSE biology is to incorporate practice tests early. We recommend that you use practice tests at the end of every topic revision session to put theory into practice. For example, if youve just finished revising bioenergetics, aim to answer questions on the topic from your practice tests. This way, the topic will be fresh in your mind and youll have an opportunity to see what types of bioenergetic questions youre likely to be asked on the day.

    Combining topic revision with practice tests provides a more holistic approach to studying than simply revising topics and then completing past papers a few weeks before the exam. It takes time to perfect your exam technique and the sooner you start, the better youll be at answering questions under pressure on the day of the tests.

    How Do I Book My Exam

    Roughly 6 months before your chosen exam date, you should book your place at an exam centre to take the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Biology exams.

    Your exam centre could be a school or college that’s also submitting its own students for the exam, or it could be a private exam centre. Our partner centre, Tutors & Exams, has five exam venues across England and offers various discounts to ICS Learn students.

    Edexcel publish a list of exam centres that accept private candidates. This wont cover every available centre, so if theres nothing shown in your area, we recommend contacting local schools and colleges directly.

    Your exam fees arent included in the course cost as theyre paid directly to the exam centre. Theyll vary depending on which centre you choose.

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    How To Get An A* In Igcse Biology

    If you want to get an A* in IGCSE Biology , you will love these tips I am about to share with you. In fact, I used this exact strategy to ace all my Biology exams.

    But before moving into the tips, remember one thing. This is that you should focus on studying smarter rather than studying harder .

    So, lets dive into these step-by-step instructions without further introductions.

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    How Would You Choose Igcse Subjects

    IGCSE offers more than 70 subjects to choose from. Students are required to take a minimum of 5 or a maximum of 14 subjects. The core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science. Students can choose other subjects ranging from social sciences to Arts and Technology

    Students are awarded one IGCSE certificate for each subject. The number of subjects needs to be taken varies from school to school and also depends on individual preference.

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    Unit 1

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    Tip 1 Have A Good Nights Rest

    The best way to study for IGCSE is the night before your IGCSE exam, you do not want to be burning the midnights oil and sacrificing your sleep for tomorrows examination. Sleeping is not just resting your body and mind, sleeping helps you to retain information that you have taken in during the day.

    According to Sleep Foundation, Scientists think that when we sleep, memories and skills are shifted to a more efficient and permanent brain region, making for higher proficiency the next day.

    Stay Calm And Motivated:

    How To Study Cambridge Biology (IGCSE & AS Level)

    This is the most important tip I can possibly give to someone.

    It is sad that how many well-prepared students do not achieve their desired grade only because they panicked at the last moment. You should not be one of them.

    I know that nervousness is very common during this stage. But, you have to try to stay as calm as possible. Let me tell you how.

    The main reason why students panic before an exam is because they are scared of the consequences. This means that they have a fear of disappointing their family and teachers .

    To counter this feeling, just give yourself 10 minutes before going for an exam. Then, talk to yourself. Tell yourself that how much effort you made to succeed in this exam . This will boost your confidence.

    Below are some other tips that may help you stay calm during before and during your exam.

    • Revise only those concepts which you have a firm grip on. This will increase your confidence, and your mind will think that your preparation for the paper is good.
    • When making your notes, try to add heading and sub-headings. Try to go through them when you are short of time.
    • Take a healthy meal before you go for an exam .
    • If you want to tackle the tricky questions, you have to sleep well. Studies show that students who sleep well perform better than those who do not sleep .
    • If you are unable to solve a question, come back to it later. Then, read it at least twice . Take a deep breath and think about the topic calmly. I bet you will find a way out.

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    Who This Course Is For:

    • Students who are studying the IGCSE Biology syllabus.
    • — Instructor Rating

    I have a bachelor of science degree offered by the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in 1976. Then I got a teaching appointment to serve as an advanced level Biology teacher in a government school. Then I obtained the certificate of Diploma in Education from the University of Colombo in 1983.

    I have 23 yrs of experience in teaching Biology for Advanced Level classes. In 1994 I have passed the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service exam and worked as an assistant director of education. With this promotion, I evaluated the teaching-learning process of A/L teachers. Further, I lead the team that prepared question papers for the subject Biology for term tests in A/L classes. I have published 3 question and answer books for A/L biology students.

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    Regular Assignments

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    Unravel The Secrets Of The Natural World

    Want to get a better understanding of the world surrounding you? Our Biology course is your chance to comprehend common biological concepts and strengthen your knowledge.

    Facts & Concepts

    Using our Augmented Reality and video features, you will get a close look at living things of all kinds and sizes so you can understand significant biological concepts and scientific facts.

    Principles & Theories

    Besides the practical aspect of the course, you will also have the chance to enhance your theoretical background, learning basic Biology principles.

    Multiple Choice Tips For The Igcse Biology Paper

    Cambridge IGCSE® Biology Practical Workbook

    Do not try to find a pattern in the letter order of correct answers.

    The same letter could be correct for several answers in a row.

    Letter A might be the correct answers for more questions than are B, C or D. Or there couldbe fewer correct answers shown by letter D than any of the others.

    Do not let what you have chosen for the previous questions influence what letter youchoose.

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