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Algebra 1a Unit 2 Test

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Algebra 1 Course: Unit 2 Worksheets

Algebra 2 Unit 1 Test Review Functions
  • This set of worksheets will test your mastery of Algebra 1!
  • Use the worksheets with the Algebra 1 Course Lessons.
  • Every worksheet has answer key.

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Worksheet 1: Negative Numbers and Absolute ValueWorksheet 2: Adding Real Numbers on the Number Line, Part 1Worksheet 3: Adding Real Numbers on the Number Line, Part 2Worksheet 4: Adding Real Numbers, Part 1Worksheet 5: Adding Real Numbers, Part 2

Worksheet 6: Adding Real Numbers, Part 3Worksheet 7: Adding Real Numbers, Part 4Worksheet 8: Subtracting Real Numbers, Part 1Worksheet 9: Subtracting Real Numbers, Part 2Worksheet 10: Subtracting Real Numbers, Part 3

Worksheet 11: The Distributive Property, Part 1Worksheet 12: The Distributive Property, Part 2Worksheet 13: Adding and Subtracting Like Terms, Part 1Worksheet 14: Adding and Subtracting Like Terms, Part 2Worksheet 15: Multiplying Real Numbers, Part 1

Worksheet 16: Multiplying Real Numbers, Part 2Worksheet 17: Multiplying Real Numbers, Part 3Worksheet 18: Multiplying by Reciprocals, Part 1Worksheet 19: Multiplying by Reciprocals, Part 2Worksheet 20: Dividing Real Numbers, Part 1

Worksheet 21: Dividing Real Numbers, Part 2Worksheet 22: Dividing Real Numbers, Part 3


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Alg12 Linear Equations Inequalities And Systems

In this unit, students expand and deepen their prior understanding of expressions, equations, and inequalities. Students reason about equations, inequalities, and systems of equations and inequalities as ways to represent constraints, and they reason about the process of solving equations and inequalities in terms of finding values that satisfy those constraints. The process of finding solutions may involve rewriting and manipulating equations. Students learn to explain and validate the steps to do so. Throughout the unit, students practice reasoning about situations and mathematical representations, interpreting expressions and numbers in context, and using mathematical tools to model quantities and relationships.

Presentation On Theme: Algebra 1 Unit 2 ~ Part 1 Test Presentation Transcript:

1 Algebra 1 Unit 2 ~ Part 1 TestReview Game

2 Please select a Team.1.2.HobbitsElvesDwarfsHumansOrcs3.4.5.

3 Which of the following sets of ordered pairs represent a function?, , , , , , , , , , , ,

4 The graph below describes the number of cars sold over 6 monthsThe graph below describes the number of cars sold over 6 months. What is the relative maximum?454025June

5 Team Scores100HobbitsDwarfs88.89Humans66.67ElvesOrcs

7 Participant Scores 100 Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4

8 g = 2 – 2 g = 2 – 2 g = 2 + 4What is the function for g which is the transformation for = x2 shown at the right?g = 2 – 2g = 2 – 2g = 2 + 4g = x2 – 2

9 Team Scores100HobbitsDwarfs88.89Humans66.67ElvesOrcs

10 Which of the following terms are matched correctly?dependent variable x axisindependent variable outputindependent variable y axisdependent variable output

11 Participant Scores 200 Participant 4 100 Participant 2 Participant 3

12 g = 4 – 3 g = 4 – 5 g = 4 + 5The graph of = x4 is translated 5 down and 3 unit to the left to create the graph of g. Which is the equation of g?g = 4 – 3g = 4 – 5g = 4 + 5g = 4 – 5


14 Team Scores 200 Hobbits 188.89 Humans 183.33 Elves 175 Dwarfs 155.56Orcs

15 Evaluate the function = -4x 1 for the domain .

16 Team Scores 300 Hobbits 283.33 Elves 244.44 Humans 211.11 Orcs 200Dwarfs

17 What percentage of your current points would you like to wager on the next question?100%

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Linear Equations Inequalities And Systems

In this unit, your student will analyze constraints on different quantities. For example, the amount you spend on a bicycle may be limited by how much you have saved. To qualify for a sports team, you may need to practice at least a certain number of hours, or lift at least a certain number of pounds.

Here are some ways to write constraints using mathematical notation:

\. An apartment building only allows dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds.

\. A casserole recipe calls for four cups of vegetables. You have mushrooms, green beans, and broccoli.

\. In order for a concert to be performed, the artists need to be sure of \$1,000 in ticket sales. Tickets for children under 18 are \$12.50, and tickets for adults are \$15.

\. You need \$1.50 in coins for a parking meter. You have a bunch of nickels and dimes in your pocket.

For this last situation, we can see that using more dimes to make \$1.50 means that we can use fewer nickels, and vice-versa. A graph allows us to see this relationship even more clearly.

Each point on the graph represents a combination of nickels and dimes that totals $1.50. For example, if you use 8 nickels, you will need 11 dimes.

Here is a task for you to try with your student:

Priya is saving money to go on an overnight school trip. The cost of the trip is \$360. She has a job at a convenience store, which pays \$9 per hour, and sometimes babysits for a family in her neighborhood, which pays \$12 per hour.

  • What are the coordinates of point \?
  • Solution:

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