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Why Do People Study Psychology

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Why study Psychology?

The discovery of the extent of peoples blatant hypocrisy goes back to 1930s America and the work of a Stanford sociology professor, Richard LaPiere .

In the early 30s he was on a tour across California with some close friends who happened to be Chinese.

LaPiere was worried that they would encounter problems finding welcoming restaurants and hotels because of his Chinese friends.

At that time in the US there had been lots of stories in the media about how prejudiced people were against Chinese people.

LaPiere and his friends were, therefore, pleasantly surprised to find that out of the 128 restaurants and hotels they visited, all but one served them courteously.

Nowadays the fact that one place refused to serve them would rightly be considered an outrage but those were different times.

So it sounds like a happy ending: perhaps the papers had just exaggerated peoples negative attitudes towards Chinese people?

Studying Psychology Helps You Understand Yourself & Others

Psychology courses provide insight into human behavior which help students gain a deep understanding of themselves and others. Students also learn about the complex relationships between human behavior and the world in which we live, how culture impacts us, what motivates us, how our personalities influence our daily actions, and so much more.

Many psychology majors learn a lot about themselves during their studies, including what type of personality they have and how it contributes to their behavior, what drives them, and how they relate to their environment. Through these findings, many psychology graduates gain a deep sense of empathy and thoughtfulness which helps them in their careers and personal connections.

Nice Life Benefits From Studying Psychology

Can studying psychology help you in everyday life? Absolutely. Here are 8 nice ways that learning psychology benefits you personally.

We surveyed psychology graduates to find out the lifelong advantages from studying the subject at university. These top 8 benefits were identified. They can all help you in ordinary day-to-day life. And they can help you throughout your career even if you dont become a professional psychologist.

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To Better Understand Yourself

Finally, people always want to have a better understanding of themselves in order to see what they are capable of and why they think and behave the way they do. Humans are constantly growing and developing, so understanding your own psychology can help you change in the ways you want to and work on the areas you need improvement in.

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, and psychology is a great tool for understanding how we function as individuals. For example, if you want to work on your self-confidence, understanding the psychological concepts of self-image and self-esteem can give you a better understanding of how to approach that goal.

Psychology is a wonderful field of science that helps you understand people much better and improves your critical thinking. Youll grow your communication skills and have greater abilities when it comes to research. There are huge chances of creating a career and specializing in the many fields psychology offers. Many go down this road to help others as well as to have a better understanding of themselves!

To Become A Registered Psychologist

Understanding the importance of trading psychology

In Australia, general registration is available to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements under section 52 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act of 2009, which enables an individual to use the title ‘Psychologist’ and work in any area of psychology within their scope of competence and training.

All psychologists holding general registration must meet the minimum standard of education and training set out in the Registration standards by Psychology Board of Australia, which is the psychology branch of AHPRA.

To be eligible to work as a psychologist in Australia, individuals are required to complete a four year sequence of undergraduate psychology study followed by at least two years of practical experience as a registered provisional psychologist. The necessary practical experience can be obtained by completing an approved postgraduate degree or higher . Alternatively, practical experience can be obtained by completing a 4+2 or 5+1 internship program .

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Psychology Helps You Handle Real

Studying psychology has prepared me for a multitude of real-world applications. One of my modules, Abnormal Psychology, helped me to understand the signs behind a psychological disorder, and the important considerations for seeing a practitioner.

This has helped me assist my friends in accessing mental health resources, and to be a better friend. Im often the go-to person for advice when my friends face challenges because of my understanding of human behaviour.

Ive developed good knowledge on different types of people, how to work effectively with people and different styles of working. Ive also learnt tips and tricks for managing stress and how to learn more effectively, which has helped me do better during examination periods.

A Catalyst For Change

The incredible transformation I have experienced in my own life from the power of the therapeutic relationship motivates me to immerse myself in my studies and move closer towards my goal of becoming a psychologist. Recognizing how the quality of my own life has been profoundly enhanced by self-reflection, the invaluable lesson of how to learn from suffering, and coming to a deeper understanding of who I am, encourages me to try and be a catalyst for this kind of change in otherâs lives. Iâm motivated to empower people to feel confident enough in who they are that they donât feel the need to bring others down.

When life as a student feels exceptionally challenging, I remind myself of the impact that the work I wish to practice has on peopleâs lives and those around them. I strongly believe large scale change happens on the individual level first, and if we want to see a world where we value the earth and all the people living on it, we have to do the work with ourselves first. I want to help people in their transformation towards becoming more unconditionally loving, tolerant, and compassionate people. I think when people are more comfortable with, and accepting of, who they are, they are consequently kinder and more loving towards those around them. Encouraging this kind of growth first on an individual level, and ultimately on a global level, motivates me to not only get through, but thrive within my program.

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How Studying Psychology Can Help You Understand Others And Yourself

It may be considered a soft skill by many, but being able to get along with others is perhaps the most important trait any person can have, regardless of their profession or other factors. The ability to understand others is key to interacting in positive, constructive ways in any social setting.

Psychology is a word often used to describe the way people think and the motivations behind their actions. In terms of understanding others, why is psychology important? Lets begin with a definition of what it is and then continue on with an exploration of the benefits of studying psychology.

What Is Psychology?

According to the American Psychological Association , Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. The discipline embraces all aspects of the human experiencefrom the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged. In every conceivable setting from scientific research centers to mental healthcare services, the understanding of behavior is the enterprise of psychologists.

How Can Studying Psychology Help You Understand Others and Yourself?

Studying psychology can give you a better understanding of your children, helping you become a better parent as you learn to nurture their developing psyches. This, in turn, can make them well-balanced, psychologically healthy children destined to grow into well-balanced, psychologically healthy adults.

Are There Other Personal Benefits of Studying Psychology?

Why Learn Online?

You Can Positively Affect Someones Life As A Licensed Psychologist

Social Influence: Crash Course Psychology #38

Every career in psychology helps with human development in some way, making this to be one of the most fulfilling careers. Depending on which degree is pursued, psychology graduates can go on to excel at a myriad of careers such as a Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, and an Educational Psychologist.

Take a look below to explore how different types of licensed psychologists can make a positive impact.

  • Counseling Psychologists provide psychotherapy to patients with emotional and behavioral difficulties which improves their sense of well-being and self-confidence.
  • Clinical Psychologists typically work in medical settings and develop treatment plans for patients experiencing psychological distress.
  • Educational Psychologists may work on creating teaching techniques, research how children learn and retain information, and help students with ADHD or dyslexia.
  • Addiction Counselors work closely with patients to help them understand and overcome their addiction.
  • Behavioral Psychologists provide patients with treatment plans for issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and aggression. These psychologists use behavior-modifying techniques to prevent further destructive behavior and promote a more positive lifestyle.

Since there are a variety of specialties you can concentrate on in psychology, this leads to numerous career opportunities, all of which provide a positive impact.

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Better Understand Human Behavior

The goal of a general psychology program is to provide you strong preparation in the development of skills related to an understanding of human behavior a strong understanding of human behavior can be helpful in both your personal and professional life.

At work, you probably interact with a diverse range of individuals and personalities on a daily basis. A degree in psychology can provide you with simple techniques for navigating the challenges that this can occasionally present. It can also help those in leadership positions have more awareness of what motivates and inspires their employees, which can increase effectiveness in the workplace.

In your personal life, a strong understanding of human behavior can be leveraged to improve interactions with anyone, from family members to the cashier at your grocery store checkout.

An Intro To Psychology Class

You might be expected to take one introductory psychology class, which can be a great way to get a basic grounding in the topic. In an introductory class, you will learn about a range of topics including:

Sometimes your major might require you to take a class such as abnormal psychology or developmental psychology as part of your core requirements. Health majors, in particular, can benefit from taking such classes.

These topics can help prepare you to work with individuals who are experiencing some form of mental illness and teach you more about human behavior and development. By learning more about the symptoms and treatments of such disorders, you can develop greater empathy and understanding when working with people experiencing psychological problems.

Of course, knowing why your university requires you to take a psychology class doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. If you know little about the topic, or if you’re struggling in your class, there are a number of things you can do to find help.

Many universities offer free tutoring centers or academic assistance labs, but you can also turn to online resources to help you make sense of the subject.

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What Subjects Does Psychology Go With

Psychology is one of the most popular subject choices at A-level. It gives you experience of scientific theory, maths & research skills, history and essay writing, so it can compliment a range of subjects.

Some universities recommend that, if you study psychology at A-level, you should take it alongside at least one facilitating subject, like English, history or maths.

Facilitating subjects are the ones that universities most commonly require students to take for a range of degrees and they help students keep their options open when choosing courses.

For example, if you think you would like to study for a science degree at university, you should consider taking maths, chemistry, physics or biology alongside psychology.

Explore The Fascinating World Of The Unconscious

Peer mentoring

Our inner life doesnt always abide by the same rules as our external life. A big part of Psychology is figuring out why we behave the way we do in stressful or specific situations. What are the unconscious processes that seem to overtake us when we least expect it? What are they trying to say about ourselves? What are our dreams trying to say? And what do we need to change to lead a more fulfilling life? By attempting to answer these questions for ourselves and for others we help develop a more conscious way of living and aim to bring more meaning in our lives.

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Where Else Is Psychology Used And Applied

Education, particularly from preschool through high school, is heavily influenced by findings from psychology about how children learn, the role of intelligence, the value of testing, and the development of skills such as problem-solving and creativity. Many schools employ psychologists directly to help assess childrens abilities and to resolve problems that show up in the school setting.

Organizations rely on psychology in areas ranging from the selection and training of employees to optimizing productivity to promoting job satisfaction and creating productive work environments. Psychology also provides a foundation of management and leadership programs in most business schools.

Forensic psychology applies psychological knowledge to legal issues, from law enforcement to criminal investigations to jury selection. The fallibility of eyewitness testimony is one important recent finding of psychology to influence legal proceedings.

High-stakes performancewhether on the playing field or in the concert hallattracts psychologists who help highly skilled individuals function under intense pressure. Many sports teams hire psychologists full-time to work with players to maximize performance.

The military utilizes psychology to help troops to prepare for and recover from the stresses of combat, to maintain morale, and to understand enemy strategies. Military psychologists may engage in research as well as practice.

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Greater Understanding Of Human Relationships

Studying psychology will not convert us spontaneously into psychologically healthier, more successful or happier people . Psychologists also suffer from depression and anxiety. They are not immune to failures in their emotional relationships and even have their small phobias and limitations.

However, having all this knowledge makes them much more aware of what is happening to them, and around them. It makes them understand relational dynamics much better. It helps them know when to ask for help regarding how to best help themselves or other people.

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Why You Should Major In Psychology

Why do so many students opt to major in psychology? Choosing a college major can be a very difficult task, especially if you are torn between competing degree options. Psychology might interest you, but you also need to consider if related subjects like education, sociology, or even something like anthropology might be a better fit.

In order to select the major that is right for you, it is important to start by assessing your interests and goals. Psychology is one of the most popular degrees at colleges and universities throughout America, but is it the right choice for you?

Immerse Yourself In World

Social Thinking: Crash Course Psychology #37

The UK was one of the key locations in which modern psychological ideas took root, and weve been at the forefront of research and ideas since the 1870s. As well as having some of the oldest university departments in the world, the famous British Psychological Society was formed at University College London in 1901, helping to spearhead and guide what is now a huge field in the UK.

Today we have three of the best psychology departments in the world the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and the University College London. There are plenty more world-class courses up and down the country, though with almost 1,000 courses offering a psychological component, available at around 140 universities. So youll be able to find amazing expertise and ground-breaking research into everything from mental health to neuroscience and perception, with access to state-of-the-art testing labs to help you follow your own ideas.

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Study Psychology Anywhere In The World

Universities across the globe offer plenty of English-taught Psychology degree studies both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. You wont have to worry about a lack of options. If you find it difficult to decide, here are some of the most popular international destinations for studying Psychology in English:

Also, you might want to check out which are the best universities in the world for studying Psychology according to international rankings.

Prepare For Graduate Study

An undergraduate degree in psychology can be an excellent starting point for graduate study. Many students choose to earn a graduate degree in psychology, while others opt to further their education in a related field such as counseling, education, or social work. Having a background in human psychology can also lead to further study in areas such as law, medicine, or the life sciences.

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Why Is Psychology Such A Popular Major

The number of students majoring in psychology has grown tremendously in recent decades. On college campuses throughout the world, psychology frequently ranks in the top five most popular majors, and on many campuses it is the single most popular major.

So why exactly is psychology so popular?

Here are a few reasons why we think earning a psychology degree appeals to so many students.

Three Strikes Youre In


Jeffrey S. KatzAuburn UniversityPhD, 1998In looking back on why I became an experimental psychologist, my first thought was, Why not? What could be more important than understanding how the underlying mechanisms of the mind might work? Certainly, the problem was not going to be solved any time in the near future. I thought the complexities of how we think and behave and how that might differ from other species had to be as challenging as any problem that faces scientists in biology, chemistry, or physics.


That makes a nice story, but Im not confident I was that savvy in my thinking 15 years ago. For the academic, there is one clear global career decision: to become an academic, with smaller, critical, perhaps serendipitous points along the way. Here are two events that started me on the path and a third that kept me on it.

The first was discovering the information processing view. My first choice for an undergraduate major was computer science. During my sophomore year, I was enrolled in an experimental psychology class. At the same time, I was losing my passion for learning different data structures, search algorithms, and computer languages. When I learned that psychologists were using flowcharts to describe how memory worked, I saw the obvious connection between what I was learning in computer science and how that could be applied to human information processes.

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