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Why Is Physics So Hard

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Here There Are Some Reasons To Think Physics Is Hard

Why is Physics so Hard? (And how you can succeed) in 4 minutes
  • sometimes it acts as an experimental science.
  • Today, physics is a broad and highly developed subject.
  • Physics consists of many formulas and calculations.
  • Physics concepts related to everyday life.
  • Existence of various complex concepts.
  • The calculations are very serious.
  • Combination of science and mathematics.
  • Having a large syllabus containing laws, hand rules, vector quantities, and scalar quantities.
  • Remember many definitions and laws.
  • Difficulty manipulating laboratory equipment required for monitoring and testing.
  • Have to use algebra, geometry, calculus, and various other concepts to solve logical problems in physics.
  • Transfer from graphical to mathematical representation and vice-versa.
  • When doing a calculation, always think of something.
  • Having a large number of equations to solve.
  • Having boring titles instead of interesting ones for students.
  • Have to solve problems according to the laws.
  • Ex:-

    Know How To Express An Idea As Its Mathematical Equivalent

    Every term in physics can be described by a mathematical formula. This is by design, as physics is a discipline that describes the universe and the only way to do this universally and accurately is with numbers.

    You should be able to write a word problem as an equation or create a word problem from an equation. You will be better at solving problems when you can look at the numbers and immediately know the corresponding word to describe them. Likewise, when you see a word, you should immediately think of the corresponding formula or mathematical representation.

    For example, you should immediately look at the word momentum and not only see the formula that leads to it, but also catch how its different from force. The same idea holds for figuring out the difference between velocity and acceleration. When you can see the math that defines the word, the words no longer seem so similar.

    Why Is Intro Physics Difficult For Me


    jedishrfu said:Not taking it in HS would make it more difficult. You need to review the problems you had trouble with and identify exactly where you went wrong. Sometimes it’s a key concept, sometimes it’s your common sense interfering with the physics.How is your math? Are they using Calculus in the class?Are you getting lost in the variety of formulas and when to use them?

    • #8

    I feel like most of my time learning is by myself studying…

    javaNut said:Solving physics problems is like waking up and finding that you have been buried alive. You are in the dark, clawing and scratching for some way to get out. This “panic sensation” never changes , and you need to learn to train your brain to operate “in the dark”.

    physicsernaw said:I’m not kidding when I say, with a 5 course course load, I spend probably 50% of my study time studying for physics, and I STILL only pull off an average of 10/15 on tests . The average for the class is usually 8/15 but for me this grade is unacceptable. I’m used to getting good grades in high school, but in college is the average being failure a relatively common occurrence in the hard sciences and engineering courses?

    Did anyone else feel the same about their first physics course? Be honest even if it must be blunt!

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    Here Are Some Of The Basic Lows Contained In Physics

    • Newtons Laws Of Motion

    Newtons first law

    every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. This is normally taken as the definition of inertia. The key point here is that if there is no net force acting on an object then the object will maintain a constant velocity.

    Newtons second law

    The second low explains how the velocity of an object changes when it is subjected to an external force. The law defines a force to be equal to change in momentum per change in time. For an object with a constant mass m, the second law states that the force F is the product of an objects mass and its acceleration a:


    Newtons Third low

    The third low states that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, if object A exerts a force on object B, then object B also exerts an equal force on object A. Notice that the forces are exerted on different objects. The third law can be used to explain the generation of lift by a wing and the production of thrust by a jet engine.

    • Avagadros Law. In 1811 it was discovered by an Italian Scientist Anedeos Avagadro.

    K- The proportional constant k is called the force con

    • Bernoullis Principle.

    The sum of the pressure, the kinetic energy per unit volume, and the potential energy per unit volume are constant at any point in a non-viscous, uncompressed, unbalanced fluid.

    How Hard Is College Physics Compared To High School Physics

    Why is Physics so Hard to learn as an interesting subject?

    In general, a college course will be more rigorous than a class on the same or a similar subject at the high school level.

    Right off the bat, you can expect a college physics course to be pretty challenging.

    College professors expect a lot of their students.

    While a majority of people in the United States graduate from high school, the same cannot be said of college.

    In fact, only around 32 percent of the population of the United States holds a college degree.

    Colleges know that.

    Those diplomas arent free, and professors at the college level will be serious about their work.

    While some professors work closely with students to help them succeed, others will flunk those who fail to perform.

    Many professors in physics, chemistry, and mathematics are known for being tough.

    Its not uncommon for 50% of a class to drop an introductory chemistry or physics course.

    In high school, teachers will likely have lower expectations regarding student performance.

    Also, since public high schools strive for higher graduation rates, the teachers are generally more concerned with every student succeeding.

    Many students in college physics will often find themselves in a weed-out or weeder class.

    An informal term, the weeder class refers to those courses specifically designed to drive away the faint of heart.

    Most often, these classes are extremely difficult, and only the sharpest, hardest-working students survive.

    In high school, physics is generally a mandatory course.

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    Concepts Need To Learn For Basic Physics

  • Newtons laws of motion- every problem before you delve into the modern physical concepts like quantum mechanics and Einsteins Theory of Relativity, involves Newtons laws of motion. These three laws can be applied to all branches- whether classical or electromagnetic or sound waves.
  • Conservation of energy- first law of thermodynamics is applicable in almost all facets of Physics. Most problems deal with the total energy of a system- whether kinetic or potential. Problems in collision deal with the law of conservation of mass.
  • Why It’s Hard To Understand Quantum Physics

    The reason why quantum physics is so hard to understand is that the whimsical names of discovered particles during the sixties simply adds to the confusion. Humans think though development of a picture of the minds eye. So even though spin, particle are just names that have nothing to what the math equations are talking about. By simply naming – gives people the idea that these ‘things’ that the math equations are referring to actually do have spin, and mass – which they don’t.

    The rest of the hour and a half of lecture 1 is about vectors and matrices. Lecture 2 start with an overview of imaginary numbers.

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    Less Memorization More Problem

    They say that learning Physics is a lot like learning a language. The comparison makes sense, because, just like learning a language, you dont need to memorize as much as you would apply what you had learned. In Physics, its all about the application of all the measurements and formula that you just learned to solve the problems given. This makes Physics very much unlike the other subjects in school, which can make learning it particularly difficult because it is a different process.

    What Is The Hardest Topic In Physics

    Why PHYSICS is so HARD???

    The hardest topic in physics is quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the study and calculation of physical systems such as molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles. Quantum mechanics is such a difficult topic because it has abstract math and the concepts are difficult to imagine.

    Classical mechanics, general relativity, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, astrophysics, and tensors are some of the hardest topics in physics. Generally, the more difficult and abstract the topic is the more students struggle with it.

    Quantum mechanics is considered a difficult topic because the underlying theory is difficult to grasp. You need to have a strong understanding of advanced math and courses such as particle physics in order to understand quantum mechanics.

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    Learning Physics Is Tough Get Used To It

    In recent courses, I have noticed two troubling practices of physics students. The first is the student response to homework problems. I hear the following kind of statements all too often:

    “Oh, you are stuck on homework problem number 13? I found a solution on YouTube. That helped a lot. Just Google it, you can find all the solutions.”

    The second problem is partially my fault. When I give an in-class assessment, I leave the solution out on the front desk so that students can check their answers when they are finished. Instead of studying this and figuring out their mistakes, students will usually just take a quick picture of the solutions using their phone. Of course they ask if it’s OK to take a snapshot first, and I let them. However, the problem is that they think of the solution as something to collect rather than something to learn from.

    Here is the most important lesson for physics students . The learning process is difficult. If learning was easy they would call it pie . If a student is doing homework or studying and there is no struggle, there is no learning. Without confusion, the student either already understood it or never tried. This comes back to my favorite line:

    Yoda: So certain are you? Always with you what cannot be done. Do you nothing that I say?

    Overcoming Your Physics Complexity

    What makes physics difficult?Many students think and say, Physics is difficult. A major student-related factor, such as not studying more have the most influence on students success in physics. Students find physics difficult because they have to compete against different representations such as experiments, formulas and calculations, graphs, and conceptual explanations at the same time.Physics is cumulative. If you miss one concept, it is hard to grasp the next onePhysics is very abstractPhysics has theory & formulas to be learnedPhysics cannot be learned without mathematics background Physics as a discipline requires students to make use of a variety of methods of understanding and to translate from one to the other-words, tables of numbers, graphs, equations, diagrams, maps. Physics requires the ability to use algebra and geometry and to go from the specific to the general and back. This is what makes learning physics difficult for students. One of the many reasons that could lead to students downfall in Physics are:

    Lack of enthusiasm and interest and not studying moreNot reading the textbook and practicing many problemsWorking only assigned problems and not doing homeworkLack of prior experience and physics backgroundLack of higher level mathematics

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    Is Physics Hard How To Learn Basic Physics

    Once I made up my mind that I wanted to learn physics, I worked hard, studied, and figured out how to excel despite being so weak in the math necessary to major in it.

    Unlike most people who study physics, I was not naturally good at math. In fact, I barely passed most of my math classes in high school and had to take Calculus 1 multiple times as an adult.

    However, once I made up my mind that I wanted to learn physics, I worked hard, studied, and figured out how to excel despite being so weak in the math necessary to major in it.

    Since I wasnt a natural at mathlet alone physicsI had to figure out how to do well enough to keep up with everything in class. I figured out that there were certain core ideas that I needed to know and make second nature. Once I thoroughly learned these physics concepts, graduating was easy.

    This post covers the mindset and skills that you need to gain a firm grasp of introductory physics. But first, I want to cover something that terrifies many students who find out that they have to take a physics class.

    Why Is Quantum Physics So Hard To Explain What Are The Main Differences From Physics Of Micro

    Why is physics so hard?

    One of the key postulates of quantum mechanics is that if a system can exist in states A and B, it can also exist in any intermediate states that are combinations of states A and B. In the everyday world that we live in, however, we observe a picture where every object is characterized by some state, and if its in this state, it can’t be in another.

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    Keep Up With Reading And Studying

    Physics is one of those subjects where falling behind gets you in trouble. This is because its generally a series of linked principles that build upon each other. As a subject, physics is more interlinked than most disciplines. In history, if you miss a few lessons, you might not learn about a certain war. In physics, youre lost for the rest of the course.

    Take the time to keep up with assigned readings, practice problems, and homework as the content builds on itself. If you dont, youre setting yourself up for trouble!

    Be Able To Describe Things In Your Own Words

    Albert Einstein once famously said, If you cant explain it simply, you dont understand it well enough. Nowhere is this more true than in physics.

    Students who have trouble with physics tend to approach the subject as something that they can just memorize and regurgitate. As a result, they never take the time to really understand whats going on. When this student attempts to define any physics phenomena, they sound like theyre reading directly from a textbook or dictionary.

    They can recall the words, but they have no idea what they mean. I often noticed this when I began tutoring physics. Richard Feynman described this as fragile knowledge.

    Fragile knowledge occurs when a person can understand something in a textbook setting, but theyre unable to apply it to anything in the real world. When students have fragile knowledge, they cant effectively use what theyve learned. For many students, studying physics is the first time theyre unable to rely on memorization and regurgitation.

    The students could tell me the exact value of the gravitational constant, but theyd get confused when I asked them what is the acceleration of an object due to gravity. Most students memorize the former G = 9.81 m/s-1, but they dont realize its the same thing as the acceleration of an object due to gravity.

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    No Math Just Tell It In A Story

    We have all experienced spooky action at a distance. Remember your first magnets as a kid? Einstein was fascinated with magnetism as a child.

    Why is it easy to believe that fervent prayer will help heal a sick child but not that quantum entanglement or that the future affects the past? That’s because most people don’t believe that is a ‘prayer particle’ that travels to God. There isn’t an ESP particle that give you that gut feeling that cannot be vocalized into vertical thinking. The force alluded to in ‘Star Wars’ is a culmination of all other forces that can be separated by Fourier Analysis.. It’s called Quantum Entanglement and trying to understand with math is too hard. That’s why I recommended only watching the first five minutes of Leonard Susskind’s videos. To understand in human terms then it’s best to tell it in a story, as a thought experiment. The first book that I read on dimensional reality is called Flatland, written by E. A. Abbott in 1884. It’s a very small and skinny book that can be read in one sitting. Instead of trying to picture in your mind’s eye the fourth dimension, it is much easier to imagine a world of only two dimensions.

    Why Is It So Hard To Get Students To Learn Even Simple Physics Why Is It So Hard To Get Students To Learn Even Simple Physics O: O

    Why Quantum Physics Is so Hard

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    I have to agree with many of the above posters that the issue for physics in particular is the math. While motivation for any subject at any level is an issue for all educators, I think the importance of math and the difficulty of the level of math used in…

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