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What To Study For Tsi Math Test

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Can I Take The Tsi Assessment Again

Best TSI Math Review Study Guide (Video)

Yes. You may retest at any time, upon availability.

To retake your test via Examity, you will need another voucher from Testing Services to take the assessment again. Remember, TCC will only cover the Examity $25 proctor fee 3 times. If you need to take the TSI Assessment more than 3 times, you will be responsible for paying the $25 Examity proctor fee per assessment.

To help improve your scores, look for the Learning Locator code in your TSI-A score report, found in the ACCUPLACER Student Portal.

Tsi Assessment In Reading

The TSI Assessment in Reading is also a completely multiple-choice assessment which will cover literary analysis, main ideas and supporting details, inferences in a text or texts and authorâs use of language. There are typically around 24 questions on the placement test and 10-12 questions on the DE Diagnostic Test. The literary analysis portion will assess your ability to recognize and dissect a literary textâs ideas and elements. The next portion, main idea and supporting details, will test your skills to figure out the main idea of a passage, as well as, understand clear textual information. The inferences in a text or texts portion will determine your skill level in regards to coming up with your own ideas based on a connection or comparison between two passages and manifesting accurate inferences about single texts.

Lastly, you will be tested on your ability to understand the authorâs purpose, tone, organization, or rhetorical strategies. You must be able to make inferences to determine all of these by using the words the author uses, and the context in which he uses them.

What Does Prepterminal Offer

If you want to be well prepared for your TSI test, Prepterminal offers an online TSI Prep Course. The course is developed to provide you with all the resources and information you require to proficiently study for the TSI. Prepterminals TSI Prep Course features both written and video modules so you can easily follow along and remain engaged during your studies.

Stay on par with your peers. And, dont end up playing catch up. Ensure that when you enter university you can immediately take college-level courses. The best way to do this is through thorough preparation. Complete Prepterminals free practice tests and enroll in our TSI Pre Course to boost your TSI testing score. Take action and make sure your transition to college is smooth.

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Take The Tsi Math Test

Arrive at your testing facility at least 30 minutes before the start of the test for checking. Bring a valid form of identification . Examiners who do not present a valid, unexpired photo ID are not allowed to test. Cell phones, watches, and other electronic communication or photographic devices are prohibited in testing rooms. It is also forbidden to eat or drink or smoke during the test.

TSI Math Assessment test covers the following topics:

Our Recommended Tsi Math Prep Course

10 TSI Math Practice Tests: Extra Practice to Help Achieve an Excellent ...

Our team reviewed the best TSI prep courses available on the market.

MathHelp’s thorough topic coverage, engaging video tutorials, and detailed explanations make it our recommended course.’s sample TSI questions are an excellent way to study for your upcoming TSI exams. Our sample tests require no registration . The questions are categorized based on the TSI test outline and are immediately scored at the end of the quiz.

Once you are finished with the quiz, you will be presented with a score report which includes a complete rationale for every question you got wrong. We will be adding more sample test questions in the near future, so please come back often. If you like these TSI practice questions, please make sure to share this great resource with your friends and colleagues.

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What Kind Of Math Is On The Tsi Test

The TSI test is used to determine the level of readiness of incoming students for college coursework. All incoming students of the Texas college are required to take the TSI test unless they are exempted under certain conditions. Student scores on this test indicate whether the student needs remedial classes or not.

The TSI test is an untimed computer-adaptive test with multiple-choice questions. Upon completion of the test, the student will receive a score and information about their skill level immediately.

The TSI test consists of three parts: math, reading, and writing.

The math part of this test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. In this section, students are tested on four main topics:

  • Elementary Algebra & Functions
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, & Probability

What Is The Tsi

The TSI is required for all Texas high schoolers who wish to attend college once they graduate. Since it tests academic readiness in reading and English language arts, writing, and mathematics, it is a guide for colleges to decide if you are ready for the course load you will experience in college.

If you meet certain requirements from other tests, you may be able to test out of having to take the TSI. These requirements are:

  • Meeting the minimum score for college readiness on the:
  • Algebra II/English III STAAR tests given at the beginning and end of high school

*scores are good for five years, so they must be taken within five years before starting college*

  • Successfully completing college-level English and math courses or a high school college preparatory course
  • Enrolling in a level-one certificate program
  • Taking college courses without the intent to get a degree
  • Serving or having served in a branch of the military

If you succeed in English but not math, you may still be required to take the TSI math test and vice versa.

It can be difficult to know if you have to take one or both sections of the TSI test, but it is the colleges responsibility to contact you before you attend to let you know you need to take a section.

The TSI test primarily includes multiple-choice questions in the three areas mentioned above in addition to an essay section on the exam.

Here is how each section of the test breaks down:

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Maintain Your Peace Of Mind

Stress might impair your decision making and concentration. Being stress-free doesnt mean you shouldnt be worried about your score however, remember that no one needs a perfect score on the TSI. You only need to get your target score to avoid unnecessary classes. This means that you can drop at about 3 questions in each section without even thinking of it. You should still get a good score if you nail the rest of them.

4. Remember that the test is multiple-choice

This means that there are always clues within the answers that can help you solve the question correctly. You can also try to directly check the solution with any of the answers instead of trying to solve the question and only then check for the solution.

5. Guess if you have to

Even if there is a question that you do not know how to solve, take a guess. A guess has a 25% chance to be correct, while an unanswered question has no chances of being correct. In addition, increase your chances of guessing correctly try to eliminate answers which are definitely wrong, guess between the remaining options.

How To Study Effectively

Free TSI Math Review Practice Test – Texas Success Initiative

Your success on TSI test day depends not only on how many hours you put into preparing, but also on whether you prepared the right way. Its good to check along the way to see whether your studying is paying off. One of the most effective ways to do this is by taking TSI practice tests to evaluate your progress. Practice tests are useful because they show exactly where you need to improve. Every time you take a free TSI practice test, pay special attention to these three groups of questions:

  • The questions you got wrong
  • The ones you had to guess on, even if you guessed right
  • The ones you found difficult or slow to work through

This will show you exactly what your weak areas are, and where you need to devote more study time. Ask yourself why each of these questions gave you trouble. Was it because you didnt understand the material? Was it because you didnt remember the vocabulary? Do you need more repetitions on this type of question to build speed and confidence? Dig into those questions and figure out how you can strengthen your weak areas as you go back to review the material.

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What Does The Tsi Assessment Cover

The TSI Assessment in Mathematics is a multiple-choice assessment that covers the four content areas listed below. There are approximately 20 items on the TSI placement test and 10 items in each section of the DE diagnostic test. If you score well enough on the placement test, you will not need to take the additional diagnostic test. Personal calculators are not allowed however, you will have the option to click on a calculator link for select test questions.

  • Elementary Algebra and Functions measures your knowledge of linear equations, inequalities, and systems algebraic expressions and equations and word problems and applications.
  • Intermediate Algebra and Functions measures your knowledge of quadratic and other polynomial expressions, equations, and functions expressions, equations, and functions involving powers, roots, and radicals and rational and exponential expressions, equations, and functions.
  • Geometry and Measurement measures your knowledge of plane geometry transformations and symmetry and linear, area, and three- dimensional measurements.
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability measures your knowledge of interpreting categorical and quantitative data, statistical measures, and probabilistic reasoning.

The TSI Assessment in Writing is an assessment that contains a multiple-choice section and an essay section:

Multiple-Choice Section

Essay Section

How Prepterminal Can Help You With Your Tsi Exam

If you want to approach your TSI exam with confidence and optimize your test score, Prepterminal has the materials to help. Feel free to check out our free TSI guide, with an overview of the TSI test. And, try your hand at our other TSI practice tests, including our reading quiz and writing quiz.

Also, we at Prepterminal, offer an online TSI Prep Course. We developed this course to provide you with total and comprehensive information about the TSI exam. Our course covers everything you need to know to do well on your TSI test.

Our TSI Prep Course features both video and written course modules to help you prepare and improve your TSI test score. Give yourself the opportunity to proceed straight to college-level subjects. Dont end up playing catch up with your peers. Start your college journey on the right foot. Make sure you prepare for your TSI test with Prepterminal.

*Note: TSI and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with PrepTerminal or this website.

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Benefits Of Taking A Tsi Math Practice Test

Aside from showing you what questions on the TSI math test will look like, a TSI math practice test will also show you where you need to improve and what you already understand.

The TSI practice test math section will likely include questions that have appeared on previous versions of the test, so it is the best way to understand what the questions look like. This helps you feel less blindsided by the way questions may be worded on the TSI math exam.

Good TSI math practice tests will score the test for you and give you explanations to help you understand where you went wrong. This highlights what you know and helps you know what to remember and study more in-depth.

The main benefit of taking a TSI math practice test is to boost confidence while helping you study. If you already know youve done well on a TSI math practice test, you can visualize doing well on the TSI math test and go in knowing what you will see.

If you are ready to begin your TSI math practice test journey, we suggest you start by checking out the practice tests we have linked in the second section of this article.

Which Students Must Take The Tsi Assessment

College Level Math Practice Test TSI

Not all incoming students need to take the TSI Assessment. There are many ways you can be exempt. Qualifying for a TSI Assessment exemption means that you can enroll in any entry- level college course without restrictions. In other words, there are no prerequisites for enrollment in the entry-level college courses. In certain cases exemptions are subject-specific, which means you may qualify for an exemption in one area such as reading but not in another area like mathematics or writing. You may be exempt if you meet one or more of the following:

Texas Success Initiative Exemptions

  • Scored a 23 or higher on the ACT composite and a minimum of 19 on both the English and math tests
  • SAT administered prior to March 2016: Earned a combined SAT score of 1070, with a minimum score of 500 on both sections
  • SAT administered March 2016 and later: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing minimum score of 480, Mathematics minimum score of 530
  • TAKS scale score of at least 2200 on the math section and/or 2200 on the English Language Arts section with a writing subsection score of at least 3
  • Veterans, active duty personnel, and a student who is serving as and, for at least 3 years preceding enrollment, has served as a member of a reserve component of the U.S. armed services
  • Transfer from another institution having satisfactorily completed college-level coursework or
  • Enroll in a certificate program of one year or less at a public institution.

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What Is My Cost If I’m Taking The Tsi Assessment For Another Institution

If you’re testing for another institution, you will be required to pay the TCC TSI Assessment fee, and the $25 Examity proctored test appointment fee. TCC will not cover the cost of your Examity proctored test appointment fee.

Your fees must be paid before you can obtain a voucher and schedule your testing appointment.

If You Attend An Institution Other Than Tcc

To take the TSI Assessment at TCC for another institution, you must:

  • Have a TCC ID number,
  • Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity .

If you’re testing for another institution, you will be required to pay both the TCC TSI Assessment fee, and the $25 Examity proctored test appointment fee. TCC will not cover the cost of your Examity proctored test appointment fee.

Your fees must be paid before you can obtain a voucher and schedule your testing appointment.

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Tsi Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our TSI test study guide. The TSI Secrets Study Guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

I bought this for my homeschooler to practice for the TSI. We used this section by section and took each test one at a time as opposed to all in one day. I recommend this if you have the option. The practice tests here were a good practice and helped you identify your weaknesses. She passed all 3 parts of the TSI right on the mark and not a mark over. I attribute the success to these practice exams.

TSI Study Guide Raven

TSI Study Guide Alex

I am a retired Texas School Teacher with 29 years of experience. Since my retirement, I have been tutoring kids on the state exam and homeschooling a high school sophomore with a processing problem. I recently purchased your TSI Assessment Secrets Study Guide. Today, I began the process of organizing the information into separate daily lessons for my high school student. I have found this purchase to be most helpful and would recommend it to anyone who has a student preparing for the TSI.

TSI Study Guide Jean

TSI Study Guide Matthew

TSI Study Guide Christina

TSI Study Guide Cecy

TSI Study Guide Catherine

TSI Study Guide Customer

TSI Study Guide Tanya

TSI Study Guide Cheri

TSI Study Guide Carlos

Tsi Assessment In Writing

TSI study guide & TSI test info

The TSI Assessment in Writing contains both a multiple-choice section as well as an essay section. The multiple-choice section focuses on four specific testing areas: essay revision, agreement, sentence structure, and sentence logic. There are 20 questions on the placement test and the DE Diagnostic Test consists of 10-12 questions in each section. The essay revision portion refers to the assessment of your abilities to provide clarity, organization, and proper choice of words, as well as your ability to use evidence and rhetoric.

The agreement portion tests how well you understand the subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, and verb tenses. the sentence structure assesses your ability to recognize proper and improper sentence structures, such as comma splices, run-on sentences, improper punctuation, fragments and parallelism, and subordination and coordination.

Lastly, the sentence logic portion tests your skill in placing the correct phrases and clauses into sentences, as well as testing your written transition ability.

Hopefully, this article was able to provide you with a better understanding of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, and allow you to become better prepared for your exam. For further instruction and access to materials such as a TSI study guide, flashcards, and TSI practice tests please visit

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Make A Good Start Toward Your College Degree

Having to first take prerequisite courses or remedial classes may cause extra stress and is time-consuming. This TSI Assessment Study Guide helps college-bound students make a good start toward a college degree.

The content of this websites TSI articles and practice tests is covering everything students will have to deal with on the TSI Assessment.

Our free TSI practice tests will help students identify their weak and strong academic knowledge areas so they can center more on the fields that require their attention most.

So this TSI Assessment Study Guide is a great help to identify what students need to learn if they want to be successful at the TSI Assessment.

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