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College Algebra With Intermediate Algebra

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College Algebra With Intermediate Algebra: A Blended Course1st Edition

Intermediate Algebra – Basic Introduction
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    This College Algebra course will cover fundamental concepts of algebra required to interpret a variety of functions and equations. Topics within this course include: linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, inverse functions and their graphs, linear inequalities, and linear systems of equations. Students who successfully complete this course will demonstrate increased ability in problem-solving and logical thinking.

    As a student in this course, students will: ****

  • Compute with and categorize Real numbers
  • Solve and apply equations and inequalities
  • Analyze and use graphs and functions
  • Solve systems of equations and inequalities
  • Compute with and factor polynomials and polynomial functions
  • Compute with rational expressions and solve rational equations
  • Compute with and simplify radicals, roots, and complex numbers
  • Solve and graph quadratic functions
  • College Algebra With Intermediate Algebra

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    Judith A. Beecher,Judith A. Penna,Marvin L. Bittinger,Barbara Loreen Johnson

    • Publisher : Pearson

    Lewis Hirsch and Alan Goodman strongly believe that students can understand what they are learning in algebra and why. The authors meticulously explain why things are done in a certain way, illustrate how and why concepts are related and demonstrate how ‘new’ topics are actually new applications of concepts already learned. The authors introduce topics at an elementary level and return to them at increasing levels of complexity. Their gradual introduction of concepts, rules, and definitions through a wealth of illustrative examples – both numerical and algebraic-helps students compare and contrast related ideas and understand the sometimes subtle distinctions among a variety of situations. Through this learning this author team carefully prepares students to succeed in higher-level mathematics.

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    High School Mathematics Courses And Curriculum

    % Math of Finance A&B PreCalc A
    # College Career Ready Math A & B
    # College Career Ready Math A&B ;
    ; ;
    * Intermediate Algebra A & B is for CORE Curriculum Students or for those on the College/Career Plan students that need another year of Algebra help prior to taking Algebra II.
    % Math of Finance A & B is for CORE Curriculum Students ONLY.
    # College Career Ready Math course is an elective only and will not count as a math credit.
    $ TCC courses – must be concurrently enrolled in TCC.

    Intermediate Algebra A and BHonors Algebra 2A and 2BHonors Geometry A and BMath of Finance A and B

    What Math Course Should I Take After Intermediate Algebra

    College algebra with intermediate algebra a blended course ...

    Upon completion of MATH 0930, there are several courses which will fulfill the college-level mathematics requirement.; Before you select a course, you should be certain that it will also satisfy the math requirement in your major at your next college by checking their catalog.

    MATH 1050 – Finite MathematicsThis class is designed largely to prepare students to take statistics.; This course is recommended for many social science, secondary education, and some business majors.; It fulfills general education requirements at most colleges and universities.; It also fulfills a Q2 requirement at UW.; Topics covered include logic, sets, matrices, linear programming and statistics.

    MATH 1100 – Theory of Arithmetic IThis course is for elementary education majors.

    MATH 1400 – College AlgebraThis class is designed to prepare students to take Business Calculus or Survey of Calculus.; Students not planning on taking Calculus may also take this class, as it fulfills the general education requirements at most colleges and universities.; This course is required for elementary education majors in the Valley City program. This class is recommended for students in a wide variety of fields including finance, science, nursing and education.; This course, combined with MATH 1405 , is the prerequisite for Calculus I.


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    Knowledge And Skills Required

    Questions on the College Algebra exam require test takers to demonstrate the following abilities in the approximate proportions indicated:

    • Solving routine, straightforward problems
    • Solving nonroutine problems requiring an understanding of concepts and the application of skills and concepts

    The subject matter of the College Algebra exam is drawn from the following topics. The percentages in parentheses indicate the approximate percentage of exam questions on that topic.

    Students will find the online scientific calculator helpful in performing calculations .

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