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What Jobs Can You Get With Geography

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What Else Can A Geographer Do

What can I do with a Geography degree? // 10 REALISTIC and INTERESTING careers!

Human geographers may take market research as a career option. Analysts in this field collect and interpret data to create or improve company products and services. BLS reports an 18% increase in employment in this job position between the years 2019 and 2029.

Medial Annual Salary: $65,810

Atmospheric Scientists

One great way to expand ones realm of expertise is to move from geography to atmospheric science, from earth to sky. Given already existing knowledge on different regions of the Earth, geographers can certainly take it to this next level. They will be wise to do so as there is a projected growth of 6% in the employment of atmospheric scientists .

Annual Median Salary: $99,740

Postsecondary Teachers

Postsecondary teachers design and implement lesson plans, instructional materials, and assessments for their students. Geographers may choose this path for full-time or part-time employment to share their expertise with future professionals in their field. As of 2019, there are 4,800 geography teachers in America .

Median Annual Salary: $80,790

What Careers Can I Follow With Geography

Studying geography can lead to careers in areas such as:

  • Environment and ecology

Owain, hydrologist, Environment Agency WATCH NOWOwain did a geography degree and now monitors water quality. He started work with the Environment Agency as a temp and from there was able to apply for internal jobs.

Nicole, planning enforcement officer, Westminster City Council WATCH NOWI liked all three subjects Geography, economics, and design & technology is a mix of what makes town planning, so I thought, Ill do town planning. After her GCSEs Nicole wanted to become a dancer but was put off by the fees of performing arts school. Before going to university, she looked after people with learning disabilities and worked as a waitress.

Joanne, education ranger, Forestry Commission WATCH NOWMost of my work is with school groups so you do need to be able to communicate with children and enjoy being with them. Joanne took geography at A-level and went on to study ecology and economics at university. She now works with school groups and runs woodland events for members of the public.

Kati, head of digital media, V& A Museum WATCH NOWKati took a geography degree and later studied history of design. She has found a career which combines her different interests.

Explore more icould videos on geography careers. Hear what its like to work for employers including The Eden Project, The Met Office, and The National Trust, as well as energy providers and local authorities.

Planning And Development Surveyor

The responsibilities on planning and development surveyors are to advise clients on all aspects of site planning, conservation, transport options and development. You will need to consider economic, social and environmental factors when presenting to clients and be aware of financial considerations. Some of the day to day tasks include creating and presenting proposals, assessing land and property use requirements, and ensuring compliance with planning policies and legislations. Once you gain experience in your role, you will be able to hone your skills and specialize in a particular area.

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Explore Careers & Build Networks

Career Exploration 101

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a great way to connect with professionals in a career area of interest and gain valuable insights about a particular career, company or industry that would otherwise be difficult to find in books or online. Check out our tip sheet to learn more.

Alumni Profiles

Check out our Alumni Profiles page with submissions from UTM grads to find out how their experiences have affected their career direction.


Attending career panels, networking events, employer info sessions, and career fairs is a great way to meet professionals and learn more about careers, companies, and industries. Login to CLN and click on Events & Workshops to see what’s coming up.

Talk to Professors

Connecting with your professors can be a great way to explore the different paths a major can lead you to, as well as learn about possible opportunities for research, volunteering or becoming a TA. Drop by during their office hours or request an appointment.

Student Organizations

Join a student club or an academic society at UTM to meet like-minded people, explore your interests, and make valuable connections. To view a list of current clubs and societies, visit the Centre for Student Engagement’s website. Some organizations you may consider are:

  • Student Association of Geography and Environment
  • UTM Students’ Union


Professional Associations

Famous People With Geography Degrees

Careers in Geography poster  The Poster Point

If none of these options appeal to you, there are plenty of other things you can do. These well-known graduates were once geography students:

  • Theresa May â initially worked in finance after graduating, before going into politics and becoming prime minister in 2016.
  • Prince William â studied at the University of St Andrews, where he met his future wife Kate Middleton.
  • Hugh Dennis â the actor and comedian studied at the University of Cambridge before becoming famous as the dad in Outnumbered and a regular participant on Mock the Week .

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Best Paying Jobs With A Geography Degree

  • Highest Paying Science Careers
  • Are you interested in making maps, addressing environmental issues, weighing in on political and economic problems in modern society, or using computer programs and high-tech equipment? A degree in geography could put any of these paths within reach. The study of geography brings together inquiry in the natural sciences and social science, as well as practical skills in the use of computer systems to analyze spatial data.

    In many of the diverse career paths available with a degree in this field, geography majors enjoy high earning potential.

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    Where Geography Graduates Work

    Geography graduates work across the private sector, including data mapping companies, power companies, global logistics and transport companies, public sector organisations, city and regional councils and science-based crown entities. Recent Geography graduates have worked in organisations such as:

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    Below Is A List Of Fields And Jobs You Can Pursue:

    Geomorphology: Soil and Plant Specialist, Water Resources Specialist, Environmental Scientist, Geophysicist

    Weather and Climate: Climate Change Analyst, Weatherization Installers/Technician, Atmospheric/Space Scientist

    Biogeography: Natural Sciences Manager, Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist, Forester, Biological Science Technician

    Natural Hazards: Emergency Management Specialist, Forest Fire Inspector, Environmental Consultant, Risk Assessor

    Economic Geography: Community Resource Specialist, Market Researcher, Business Developer, Real Estate Appraiser

    Political Geography: Community Organizer, Policy Consultant, Policy Researcher, Lobbyist

    Cultural Geography: Tour Guide, Ethnic/Cultural Studies Teacher, Interpreter/Translator, Historic Preservationist

    Population Geography: Market Analyst, Urban and Regional Planner, Demographer, Public Health Officer

    Human-Environment Interaction: Tour Guide, Accredited Land Consultant, Sustainability Manager

    Cartography: Cartographer and Photogrammetrist, Surveying and Mapping Technician, Civil Drafter, Graphics Editor

    GIS : Geospatial Information Scientist, GIS Developer, Logistics Analyst

    : Cartographer, Commercial Pilot, Surveyor, Photogrammetric Compilation Specialist, Geodesist

    Remote Sensing: Geointelligence Specialist, Remote Sensing Scientist/Technologist, Radar and Sonar Technician

    Field Methods: Surveyor, Water Quality Scientist, Soil Scientist, Field Interviewer, Environmental Health Specialist

    Geographic Information System Manager

    Jobs in Geography

    GIS managers oversee the work of GIS specialists, who use specialized computer systems to create geographic data. They plan and administer computer programs for any GIS-related projects, and they develop GIS software. They’re also responsible for providing employee training and managing timelines and budgets.

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    General Skills For Geographers

    • Time Management. In a survey by O*NET Online, half of the geographers reported working 40 hours a week and the other half reported working more hours than that. Time management is essential to maintaining a work-life balance in this field.
    • Writing. Geographers will need to write many technical reports throughout their careers. They also need to publish their research in academic journals and so they must know how to write really well.
    • Critical Thinking. Professionals in geography must be critical thinkers. They must know what questions to ask and how to lay out a step-by-step plan to solve the problem.
    • Problem-solving. Geographers must be able to identify and solve problems quickly, especially during emergencies that they may be in charge of. They must be able to determine the available options, weigh them, and decide based on the probable consequences.
    • Computer and Technology. Geographers will work with software programs and technological equipment in acquiring, analyzing, and encoding data. They keep themselves up-to-date with emerging technologies to remain relevant in the job market.

    How To Switch Your Career To Geography

    Geography professionals seeking a career change to a different job within the same field do not typically need to earn another degree unless their new job requires more advanced education. In most cases, professionals changing careers within geography only need specialized training or certification for their new job.

    Professionals coming from other fields may need to earn another degree. These individuals should especially consider going back to school if their new job requires a graduate degree. Professionals coming from other fields should also strongly consider earning certification from a geography-related professional organization.

    Training and courses in practical skills, such as GIS, can also be helpful.

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    What Does A Geography Degree Involve

    Geography is the scientific study of the Earth’s physical features and how humans affect and are affected by these features. A geography degree teaches you about the natural and physical sciences and provides you with analytical and mathematical skills.

    Geography courses also teach students how to study, interpret and create maps. Students who receive a degree in geography can work in different fields of research, planning and consulting, using their knowledge of geography to collect and analyze data.

    Industries Can You Work As A Geography Professional


    Geography professionals can find jobs all across the country with employers such as the federal government or colleges and universities. Below, readers can learn about the top industries for careers with a geography degree.

    According to the BLS, the federal government, colleges and universities, state governments, and architectural and engineering firms employ the most geography professionals. In the following section, readers can explore each of these industries in greater detail.

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    How To Advance Your Career In Geography

    Most careers for a geography major require either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree for entry-level work. Advancement can bring better job titles, better pay, and more responsibility in the workplace.

    Below, readers can find more information about advancing their careers in geography. The following sections explain certification and licensure, continuing education opportunities, and benefits of joining a professional organization.

    Occupations In Geography By The Numbers

    There are hundreds of occupations that require knowledge of and skills in geography, and the diversity of career opportunities available to geography graduates continues to grow every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median wages for geographers were $81,970 in 2019. Even the lowest paid 25% of Geographers made $63,300 annually, far exceeding the median wages for all income earners.

    The interactive bar chart below highlights just a handful of geography-related occupations with high-growth potential through the foreseeable future. Select items within the legend to simplify the data for comparison.

    *Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment figures are for 2018 projected growth is for the period 2018-2028 median wages are for 2019

    Find a Mentor

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    Which Certification Is Best For Geography

    Certifications are a great addition to ones list of achievements and credentials. In this section, three of the best certification programs for geographers will be discussed.

    The Certified GIS Professional Certification

    To get this certification you must take and pass The GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam, which will measure your knowledge in the following areas:

    • Conceptual Foundations
    • Certified Mapping Scientist, Lidar

    The Insights Professional Certification

    This certification offered by the Insights Association is perfect for survey researchers. There are varying levels of examination that candidates may be eligible for depending on years of experience:

    What Jobs Can You Get With History And Geography

    10 Jobs in Geography you Probably Didn’t Know About

    4/5Career Information for Careers in History and Geography

    • Historians. Historians study various time periods, historical events or figures, ancient cultures and other topics by using historical documents, artifacts and other sources.

    Typical careers in geography

    Secondly, what is the highest paying geography jobs? Highest Paying

    • Environmental Planner. IMAGE SOURCE.
    • Geographic Information System IMAGE SOURCE.

    Herein, what careers can you do with history?

    Take a look at a few career ideas below that history graduates just like you have reported as being enjoyable and worthwhile.

    • Human Resources Manager.
    • Supply Chain Manager or Logistician.
    • Legal Assistant or Paralegal.

    What do you do with history?

    Experts on careers for history program alumni say that the following types of jobs are common among these graduates:

  • High school history teacher.
  • College or university history professor.
  • Government historian.
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    How To Start Your Career In Geography

    A geography degree provides valuable skills in data collection, analysis, and research. Geographers examine qualitative and quantitative information to understand the earth, its land, and the distribution of populations. The skills gained during a geography degree prepare graduates for multiple geography careers, depending on their degree level and interests.

    Professionals with a bachelor’s in geography can pursue careers in cartography, surveying, research, and data analysis. With a master’s degree, graduates can work as geographers, survey researchers, and urban planners.

    Pursuing a certification or minoring in a related area like environmental science, urban planning, or public health can help geography majors expand their career opportunities.

    What Employers Hire Geography Graduates

    There is a wide range of employment options for job seekers with a geography degree. You can solve a wide range of environmental, political, humanitarian and economic challenges in the public or private sector. The skills you can obtain through a geography degree allow you to pursue a career in several fields including education, transport, commerce, industry, and tourism.

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    Consultants In The Environmental Field

    Earning potential. $71,272 median salary

    Environmental consultants might benefit from the knowledge of physical geography. Government agencies and private corporations both use environmental consultants.

    They utilize their knowledge in environmental geology and science and their abilities in the application of geological technology to advise organizations on the possible environmental effects of their policies and projects.

    Types Of Information Captured With Gis Technology

    Careers in Geography poster  The Poster Point

    GIS technology can use any information that includes a location, allowing you to compare and contrast a range of information, including:

    • the location of rivers, roads or power lines
    • the position of streets and buildings
    • information about soil type and vegetation
    • data on people, population distribution, education and income.

    The data is used in most sectors of government, commerce and industry, for example, defence, meteorology, oil, gas, telecommunications, transport and infrastructure, to make decisions about long-term planning and development.

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    Typical Career Paths In Geology

    Because an educational degree in geology provides students with a diverse education, there are also many career paths that someone interested in geology can pursue. Some careers may require additional education, including an MA or Ph.D. Other careers can be obtained with a BA. Many geologists work with fuel or petroleum, but there are other industries in which a geologist can work.

    Here are a few options:

    What Can You Do With A Geography Masters Or Doctorate Degree

    With advanced degree in geography, you can secure job positions as:

    • Surveyor: They are responsible for taking earth measurements, determining land boundaries, as well as taking measurement of land properties.
    • Transportation Analyst: They specialize in the design and management of transport systems. They manage supply lines for movement of people and goods, ensuring efficiency of transportation.
    • Environmental Consultant: They provide professional advice to clients/companies regarding the management of environmental issues, such as land/air/water contamination, waste management.
    • Geography Instructor: With a Masters or Doctorate degree, you can occupy an academic position as a Professor or Associate Professor in a college teaching undergraduates the concepts of geography.

    A geography degree consequently offers career opportunities and jobs you can do in a wide range of sectors with attractive remunerations.

    You can decide to start your geography career with an Associates degree, get one of the jobs it qualifies you for, and then continue your studies with a higher degree program to advance your career.

    What do you think about the jobs you can get with a geography degree? Which one of them would you like to do? Please share your thought in a comment below.

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    Employable Skills Of Graduates

    Geography programs can teach you a set of skills as well as a knowledge base that is unique to the major, and highly employable in geography-related careers. Some of these skills include:

    Ability to effectively use geospatial technologies, such as Geographic Information Systems , computer mapping, remote sensing and others

    Ability to use geographic concepts and skills, such as cartography, geographic information systems, statistics and qualitative methods

    Ability to understand the natural and social processes that form our environments, as well as the changing interrelationships between environment and society

    Ability to perform geographical analysis of social, physical, and cultural issues

    Ability to manipulate geographic data and working with maps, graphs, and diagrams, using related computer equipment and software

    Career Opportunities After A Geography Degree

    Do I Need a Degree in Geographic Information Systems

    A degree in geography from the University of Southampton opens many new doors in terms of your career choices. This section looks at some of the careers chosen by geographers and gives you some information about what the jobs can involve. You can also read profiles from some of our alumni who are in these careers, their routes into the jobs and their advice to you in your job searches.

    Researching your future career is important, as employers are increasingly looking for relevant experience. If you are looking to do further study or research it may also be important to think about selecting your modules early.

    If any of the careers here catch your eye, or if you feel you want more information, there are a large number of resources available in the Careers and Employability Service

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