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What Is Ug In Physics

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Q What Is Muscular Force Physics

What is Simple Harmonic Motion? | The Physics Crash Course | Day 1 | NEET Physics | NEET 2021

Muscular force refers to the force exerted by muscles in the legs and arms. It is also the type of force produced by the action of the body muscles, which causes it to keep in touch with the surfaces. Strolling, sitting in seats, jumping, and weight lifting seems to be muscle force instances. Another example of muscular force is bouncing back from a fall. Whenever something is touched, and then force is applied to it, this is the type of force exerted.

To put it another way, muscular force is linked to body position. There has yet to be discovered a force that can represent muscular force. People continue to believe that only a few instances of forces can constitute muscle force, for instance.

Many people assume when two magnets attract each other, it is due to muscular attraction, but this is not the case it is due to magnetic attraction. The gravity force, not just the magnetic pull, will cause the fruit to fall.

Friction produces electrical charges, which are an instance of a frictional force rather than a muscle force. Even though the human body contains over 600 muscles, there are only three types of muscles that are vital to the muscular force. Cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles were examples of these types of muscles.


How To Prepare For The Neet Ug Physics In Hindi Exam

The candidates must be well versed and acquainted with the syllabus and the exam pattern. Select the areas where improvement is required and schedule your preparation accordingly. To ace this exam, the applicants ought to maintain speed with high accuracy. Practicing previous years question papers will help you understand the exam pattern and the level of difficulty of the exam. You need to hone your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. will aid you through the preparation and drive you to success. At, you can practice a complete set of test series along with a free NEET UG Physics in Hindi mock test designed by our expert faculty.

What Is Gravitational Potential

The amount of work done in moving a unit test mass from infinity into the gravitational influence of source mass is known as gravitational potential.

Simply, it is the gravitational potential energy possessed by a unit test mass

V = U/m

  • The gravitational potential at a point is always negative, V is maximum at infinity.
  • The SI unit of gravitational potential is J/Kg.
  • The dimensional formula is M0L2T-2.

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Expression For Gravitational Potential Energy At Height Derive U = Mgh

If a body is taken from the surface of the earth to a point at a height h above the surface of the earth, then ri = R and rf = R + h then,

U = GMm

U = GMmh/R

When, h< < R, then, R + h = R and g = GM/R2.

On substituting this in the above equation we get,

Gravitational Potential Energy U = mgh


  • The weight of a body at the centre of the earth is zero due to the fact that the value of g at the centre of the earth is zero.
  • At a point in the gravitational field where the gravitational potential energy is zero, the gravitational field is zero.

Gravitational Potential Of A Spherical Shell

NEET UG Physics Electrostatics MCQs, Multiple Choice Questions for Physics

Consider a thin uniform spherical shell of the radius and mass situated in space. Now,

Case 1: If point P lies Inside the spherical shell :

As E = 0, V is a constant.

The value of gravitational potential is given by, V = -GM/R.

Case 2: If point P lies on the surface of the spherical shell :

On the surface of the earth, E = -GM/R2.

Using the relation

Gravitational Potential = -GM/R.

Case 3: If point P lies outside the spherical shell :

Outside the spherical shell, E = -GM/r2.

Using the relation

V = -GM/r.

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Derivation Of Gravitational Potential Energy Equation

Consider a source mass M is placed at a point along the x-axis, initially, a test mass m is at infinity. A small amount of work done in bringing it without acceleration through a very small distance is given by

dw = Fdx

Here, F is an attractive force and the displacement is towards the negative x-axis direction so F and dx are in the same direction. Then,

dw = dx

Since the work done is stored as its potential energy U, therefore gravitational potential energy at a point which is at a distance r from the source mass is given by

U = -GMm/r

If a test mass moves from a point inside the gravitational field to the other point inside the same gravitational field of source mass, then the change in potential energy of the test mass is given by

U = GMm

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How Do I Prepare For Neet 2022 Physics

NEET Physics preparation 1. Make note of the NEET physics syllabus. 2. Collect all the NEET Physics resources starting from NCERT and then relevant sources. 3. Understand NEET physics weightage and prepare as per weightage of chapters, prioritizing high-weightage chapters. 4. Solve and practice as many questions and question papers. 5. Have a stronghold on concepts, the basics. 6. Get doubts cleared. 7. Frame questions from the topic in your own way and answer them.

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Laboratory And Computing Work

Practical work is an important part of the Physics curriculum at Imperial, and you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities as well as data collected from major experiments such as CERN.

Physics is a practical science and relies on data, so physicists need to understand how data is generated and how to analyse it. You will take laboratory classes to equip you with a wide range of skills such as using apparatus, conducting experiments, interpreting data, and presenting your results.

You will also gain a solid understanding of how to use computers as tools to help model and understand the physics of complicated phenomena. This includes using computers to make advanced calculations and analyse data, and how to use the programming language Python.

The Bachelor Of Science In Physics Typical Schedule

UG Physics

Note that the relatively low number of credits in each semester of the senior year leaves time for additional courses or other activities.

Open* Elective

Program Student Leaning Outcomes

1. BS physics majors will graduate with the mastery of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, thermal physics/ statistical mechanics and other topics expected for a professional physicist and needed for admission to a graduate program in physics and other professional paths..

2. BS Graduates will be able to carry out experiments, take measurements and analyze data to support or refute a scientific hypothesis.

3. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the methods of scientific inquiry, be skilled in critical thinking and problem-solving, and be able to formulate and solve quantitative problems using computational and analytical methods.

4. Graduates will have experience in research and demonstrate they can contribute to an experimental, theoretical or computational research effort.

5. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in communicating scientific concepts and results orally and in writing in styles appropriate to proposals, reports and formal publications.

6. Graduates will demonstrate their understanding of professional standards and ethics.

7. BS physics majors will be prepared for employment or graduate study in physics and aligned technical disciplines, as well as other professional career paths.

For more information, contact Prof. Gary Chottiner,

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Start With A Swot Analysis

Recognize your strengths, weaknesses, threats to, and opportunities for success. Once you know which subjects youre a master of, and what subject you lack in, the journey ahead will be a breeze as you will be able to choose the right study material accordingly. Thankfully, now you can easily get subject-specific online courses where you can join live online classes or can buy recorded video lectures for particular subjects.

Jee Books Pdf : Joint Educational & Examination Books Pdf Entrance Exams Overview

While exploring UG/PG level education, applicants are bound to come across some form of required examination or an aptitude test as being a requirement for admission. Some universities even go to the extent of indicating the sum of scores needed to make the cut off point. So what are these exams and what do they normally measure?

In most cases these tests are administered by an independent testing centre or a professional association. The main objective is to provide a common yard stick to measure the potentials of all applicants that might come from different backgrounds and curricular against a standardized set of skills that would be required by a specific program. It provides university and college admission counselors with a clear cut measure that is somewhat effective, in trying to assess the ability of candidate to join their program. There are schools that dont make these exams a requirement. But more and more schools are becoming inclined towards making them mandatory as these tests do give some indication about the applicant and therefore it is advisable to in most cases to consider taking these exams.

Entrance examinations act as qualification exams for admission to higher studies in various reputed institutions of the world. They can be of various types, actually.

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Visually Attractive And An Interesting Medium Of Learning

Watching an animated video of a biological process in play, or an explanation of any concept with examples in motion in live interactive classes is more likely to be easily recorded and registered in the brain than text. It is thought-provoking and brings out curiosity to know the topic further. Visual understanding will not only bring clarity to the concept but will give you an ability to imagine and form a picture in the head. This will additionally help you in linking the concepts.

Cuet Prep Guide Section: Ii Physics 2022

NEET UG Physics Laws of Motion MCQs, Multiple Choice Questions for Physics


  • Paper Book

Admissions to UG courses in all 54 central universities in the country will happen through Common University Entrance Test which will have 3 sections language, subjects, general test. To help science stream students with their preparation for the second section in Physics, MTG has come up with the book CUET Prep Guide Physics which caters well for this exam. The CUET Prep Guide Physics is based on the most recent exam pattern of CUET 2022 as indicated in the NTA notification that was released on 26 March 2022 and comprises the best theory and vast question bank.


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How To Ask For A Reference

At some point in your college career, you will most likely need to use someone as a reference. Before you begin the process of seeking references, read over the information below so you know how to get started. And best of luck with your scholarship, internship, or whatever you’re applying to!

  • Whoever you use as a reference should be someone you know in a professional setting who can write in detail about your strengths, personality, and accomplishments. This allows committees to learn more about you beyond what they can see by looking at your transcript.
  • Ideally, your reference will be a professor who’s taught one of your courses, a faculty or staff member supervising your research, a manager or boss of a job you’ve had, a supervisor of an internship or co-op you’ve completed, or a faculty or staff member who supervised a student organization in which you were actively involved.
  • Your reference should know you well enough to be able to:
  • Use adjectives like hard-working, reliable, dedicated, independent, enthusiastic, etc. to describe you.
  • Write about your ability to work independently as well as in a team
  • List specific, positive examples of your achievements .
  • It’s helpful if your reference knows you well enough to be able to talk about your career and academic goals.
  • Tips to keep in mind:
  • Ask sooner rather than later. It’s polite to allow your reference at least 4 weeks to write your letter or complete an online form before the deadline.
  • Gravitational Potential Of A Uniform Solid Sphere

    Consider a thin uniform solid sphere of the radius and mass situated in space. Now,

    Case 1: If point P lies Inside the uniform solid sphere :

    Inside the uniform solid sphere, E = -GMr/R3.

    Using the relation

    The value of gravitational potential is given by,

    V = -GM

    Case 2: If point P lies on the surface of the uniform solid sphere :

    On the surface of a uniform solid sphere, E = -GM/R2. Using the relation

    V = -GM/R.

    Using the relation over a limit of we get, V = -GM/R.

    Case 4: Gravitational potential at the centre of the solid sphere is given by V = × .

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    Resources For Your Job Search

    When applying for a job, you want to make sure you possess all of the skills the employer is looking for. You can develop new skills and strengthen current ones by getting involved in research, internships, student organizations, or a project team like Buckeye Bullet. Additionally, taking courses like Technical Writing or Communication 2110 will help you develop strong communication skills that employers often desire.

    When writing your resume, check with your Career Services Office for guidance on how to accurately reflect your skills, knowledge, and strengths. Career Services can also help you prepare for career fairs and job interviews.

    Looking for a full-time, internship, or co-op position? If so, it is recommended that you begin your job search by registering with one of the career services offices on campus. Here is what Career Services has to offer:

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    • Scientific Resume Writing

    Cuet Ug Physics Syllabus 2022

    Gravitation | One-Shot | NEET Physics | NEET UG | NEET 101 | Aman Singh

    CUET 2022-2023, is an MCQ based examination where most of your questions are from the NCERT 12th Grade book. It is vital to study and perform well to gain admission to some of the prestigious universities in India. Below we have mentioned the syllabus for the domain subject Physics. Take a look at it and read it carefully.

    Unit I: Electrostatics

    Unit X: Communication Systems

    To know more details about the CUET exam Syllabus, click on this link.

    CUET Physics Preparation Tips

    • To prepare for the CUET examination, It is vital you read and write questions carefully and attentively.
    • The CUET examination will be conducted in July thus it is important to start preparing for the exam quickly and efficiently.
    • To prepare for the examination you need to know the formulas properly. As it is a numerical examination.
    • Make an effective study plan. Ensure that you study from your NCERT physics text books.

    It is vital that undergraduates study well for their CUET examination. It is necessary to note that an ample number of students have been given a chance to appear for this examination as it is a centralized examination. You need to study carefully and attentively with fierce determination. To know more about the examination please read our articles from UPSC Pathshala and gain insights into the examination.

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    Policy On Additional Costs

    All students should normally be able to complete their programme of study without incurring additional study costs over and above the tuition fee for that programme. Any unavoidable additional compulsory costs totalling more than 1% of the annual home undergraduate fee per annum, regardless of whether the programme in question is undergraduate or postgraduate taught, will be made clear to you at the point of application. Further information can be found in the University’s Policy on additional costs incurred by students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes .

    What Is Force According To Physics

    In simple sense, force is synonymous to push and pull between two objects that come in contact with each other. If two objects interact or collide with each other, they are said to be exerting force on each other. Force can only persist when two objects come in contact. Without any contact, there is no force present.

    Forces can be contact forces or forces consequent to actions at a distance. When there is a physical interaction between two or more objects, the force exerted is known as contact forces. In contrast, when two objects are not in physical contact, the force present is force consequent to actions at a distance. Here, the force that is present is the gravitational force.

    Under the contact forces, there are several other kinds of forces classified in the same category. These are frictional force, normal force, applied force, air resistance force, etc. Under the forces consequent to actions at a distance, there are classifications too. These are magnetic force, electric force and gravitational force.

    Force is measured in a standard unit known as Newton. It is a vector quantity which indicates that it has both direction and magnitude. This means that force can move towards a particular direction or directions. It can range between lower, average and high magnitude, depending on how it has been exerted.

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    Ug Physics Self Study Alongwith Engineering Please Help


    Ug physics self study alongwith engineering….please help…..!!!

    And yeah, forgot to say, my interest lies purely in theoretical physics and no other subdivision of physics.

    metalrose said:string theory – b. Zwiebach

    metalrose said:is it possible to complete the study of the above books in 3 years at a rate of 3 to max. 4 hours a day? If not i could leave a few math topics….but roughly is it possible??Also, is it possible to be a pretty good student of engineering too, since my gpa will matter in grad. Admissions in u.s.

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