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What Is Psychology Of Women

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Where Are All The Women In Psychology History

Female Psychology: What Women REALLY Want

While studying the early history of psychology, you might find yourself wondering if all the early psychologists were men.

The dominance of male thinkers on lists of important pioneers in early psychology certainly makes it seem that way, but the reality is that women have been contributing to psychology since its earliest days. Estimates suggest that in the early 1900s, roughly 12% of psychologists in the United States were women.

However, many of these pioneering women in psychology faced considerable discrimination, obstacles, and difficulties. Many were not allowed to study with men, were denied degrees they had rightfully earned, or found it difficult to secure academic positions that would allow them to research and publish.

Women have made many important and groundbreaking contributions to the field of psychology, often despite facing considerable discrimination due to their sex.

These women deserve to be recognized for their pioneering work. The following are just a few of the women who helped shape psychology.

In Terms Of The Research That Has Been Done On Gender Differences In Cognitive Abilities Which Of The Findings Reported In Matlins Chapter 5 Was The Most Surprising To You Briefly Explain Why

The contention that men seek success to gain fame or money while women seek success for their own personal satisfaction is surprising. This could imply that men draw their satisfaction from external affirmations such as respect, position and power while women get their satisfaction from internal feelings of security and achievement. This could also imply that sources of motivation for both sexes are different.

From The Youtube Video Gcse Gender Stereotypes In Adverts What Are The Differences In Products And In The Ways These Products Are Promoted For Boys As Compared To Girls

Advertising tends to follow a certain format, a striking image or slogans that catch attention, the body contains factual information about the product, and the logo or pack shot reinforces brand identity. Gender stereotyping is presented through products associated with machines for boys and decorative products associated with household or kitchen equipment for girls.

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Women Who Helped Change Psychology

Psychology has long placed an emphasis on the contributions of male psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, B.F. Skinner, John B. Watson, and other thinkers.

Unfortunately, the important contributions of female psychologists are often overlooked in psychology textbooks. There were many women in psychology, however, who made critical contributions and helped shape the development of the field of psychology.

Human Relations And A Modern Perspective On The Psychology Of Women

Large Women in Psychology Poster

Despite the valuable contributions of women includedamong the neo-Freudians, and Horneys suggestion of womb envy as a powerfulcounterpart to penis envy, theories on the psychology of women remained framedwithin a psychodynamic perspective. Until, that is, the 1970s, when Jean Baker Miller and a group of womencolleagues created a revolution in our potential understanding of thepsychology of women.

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Loss Of Sexual Attractiveness

Psychologist David J. Ley, in the article “Why Do Women Stray?,” which appeared in the July 28, 2010 issue of “Psychology Today,” asserts that women often cheat in order to reassure themselves that they are still sexually attractive to strangers 23. In many cases this need is not the result of any lack of attention from their husbands–some women take their husbands’ admiration for granted and seek out new “conquests.” In other cases, the inevitable loss of infatuation that occurs as a long-term sexual relationship progresses drives women to seek out the thrill of a new admirer.

Being A Good Dancer Never Hurt

Anecdote number two: Im at a party and this short, moderately attractive guy with a great sense of style, great eye contact, and killer dance moves stole my heart.

He was like an immigrant from Bulgaria working as a hair stylist or something, but carried himself like he was a Serbian prince. His confidence and charisma set this magical mood that was okay to have fun and okay to feel attracted to him.

Dancing in public as a man requires serious confidence, serious dance lessons or both.

Not many men are good dancers so me and every other vagina in the room was vying for a spin on the dance floor with him, finally enacting the Sleeping Beauty / Cinderella-esque dancy fantasy weve had since infancy.

Use the fact that most men are horrible dancers to your advantage and let yourself stand out.

My last two humble pieces of advice are contradictory, depending on your intentions.

If you want to fling

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Describe Four Kinds Of Feminisms Discussed In Matlins Chapter 1 How Are The Similarities Perspective And The Differences Perspective Related To Those Four Kinds Of Feminism

Liberal feminists emphasize the gender equality goal to give men and women the same opportunities and rights. Cultural feminism is the proponent of the positive qualities believed to be more in women than in men. Radical feminism holds the view that the basic cause of oppression is rooted in the entire gender and sex system rather than in the superficial policies and laws. Women of color feminism contend that feminism must pay attention to the other human dimensions such as ethnicity rather than gender.

In Chapter 6 Matlin Summarizes Research Relating To Gender Differences In Communication Patterns Which Of These Findings Was The Most Surprising To You Briefly Explain Why


The claim that male leaders are likely to a greater extent to encourage their employees to develop their potential strengths is amazing. This claim may imply that men are likely to perform better as leaders as compared with women. It could also imply that women are more insecure to lose their position in the workplace than their male counterparts.

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Cultural Influences On Women

Throughout history, women have been regarded as the weaker of the sexes and afforded fewer rights, which include but are not limited to education, legal and career opportunities. For women, being a wife and a mother has long been regarded their most significant and only important profession. It was only in the 20th century that widespread countries finally saw women as a sex with a persuasive voice. In the 20th century, most women were afforded the right to go to school beyond elementary education and the opportunity to go to college, opening the door to more career opportunities than becoming a teacher or nurse. In that century, feminism also opened the door to women gaining a voice in politics with the right to vote, which in turn gave women the right to run for office. The cultural shifts and changes in attitude toward women began in the 20th century in almost every nation and continued into the 21st century, as the traditional roles of women in society continued to be rewritten.

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Avoid These Psychological Mistakes

Some men have the tendency to make mistakes in the psychology of seduction. Let us look at some of the common MISTAKES which most men make and what you should do to avoid them:

  • Trying to act as an extremely nice guy: women do not get physically attracted to you because you are nice. They get attracted to you because you are confident, optimistic, and successful. Be clear about the difference between being happy and being nice.
  • Trying to argue a woman into liking you: if a woman is not interested in you then do not use words to try to persuade her to like you. It does not happen and no matter what you say or do, it most definitely will not make women fall for you. It is simply not possible for you to persuade a woman to become attracted to you. If she is not interested then the only way you can change that is to genuinely forget her and get lots of other women interested in you. When you do that, she may change her mind, but only when you no longer care either way. So move on.
  • Telling her your feelings too soon: if you claim to be in love with a woman at first sight, or say anything that suggests that, she will probably run a mile. She will either think you shallow, or she will think you are lying to get into her pants. It is a well-known belief found in all women’s magazines that most guys affections change pretty fast and a guy who falls in love easily, falls out of it easily too. Never express your feelings at the beginning of the relationship.
  • According To Townsend Et Als Literature Review What Accounts For The Negative Sexual Health Statistics Among African American Girls

    (2019) Practical Female Psychology: For the Practical Man ...

    Studies have revealed that African American girls are at higher risks of involving in first intercourse than their Latina and European American counterparts. A study of high school students in 2005, also demonstrated about 11 percent of girls compared with 4 percent of boys having been coerced to sexual intercourse some time in their lives. Scholars have also linked the over-sexualized stereotypes of the African American women in the media and the broader society and the role of this in shaping the group view themselves and how others value and interact with them .

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    Give Yourself Permission To Sexual

    Im at a loss of words of how precisely to describe this, all I know is that it involves extreme eye contact, confidence, and subtle, non-skeezy touching. Set up a romantic mood right out front and dont let her get out if it.

    The best example I can give: A guy who went in for a kiss which I denied him. He confronted me immediately with: I want to kiss you. Nervous and surprised at his bluntness, I told him I didnt make out with people in public.

    I totally understand, he said, Meet me in the bathroom. He turned and left, not waiting for my response.

    Did I show up?

    If you want more than a fling

    The Psychology Of Attraction

    Many men dont understand why women have to be so complicated.

    I just want her to be honest with me! they say. Funny enough, shes more honest than you think.

    Women are honest with their actions, more so than with their words. Her actions never lie.

    This is often why men get confused. They see a girl say one thing, but then do another thing. Shes sending you mixed signals.

    Women want a man who is confident, and who embodies alpha male energy. But how does she know if thats you?

    She tests you, plain and simple. If you pass, she will reward you with all of her love. If you dont? She will lose all attraction for you.

    While this may sound harsh, its the bitter truth. Women are constantly testing men to see what theyre made of.

    Why is this? Again, let us refer to female psychology.

    Women are attracted to confidence, purpose, and direction in a man. But many men will fake it until they make it.

    Thats where a shit test comes in. She will say something or do something to see how you react to see if youre congruent.

    Women cant just ASK if youre truly a confident, dominant man they have to see it with their own eyes.

    Attracting women is really simple when you think about it.

    Be confident in who you are. Own yourself totally, and demonstrate high self-esteem.

    Lead her when she wants to be led. Dont be a chump, and dont be a dummy.

    Tune into what shes thinking, feeling, and experiencing. This is called empathy, social skills, or game for lack of a better term.

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    In Terms Of Womens Work Experiences Many Things Have Changed Over The Past Few Decades As You Reviewed The Materials In Matlins Chapter 7 Of Those Things That Have Not Changed For Working Women Which Was The Most Surprising To You Briefly Explain Why

    Most women in the U.S. who have been on welfare and then found jobs still live below the poverty level is surprising. It would be assumed that this group was likely to have improved their living standards as a result of an increase in income. It also implies that the groups poor living standards are determined by several other underlying factors other than income.

    In The Video Gods Lake Narrows By Kevin Lee Burton And Alicia Smith What Specific Stereotypes And Prejudices Does This Interactive Video Interrogate

    Psychology Of Women: 14 Proven Things Women Actually Want From A Man

    The video challenges the simple and stereotypic view of reserve reality. Kevin and Alicia juxtapose exteriors with interior photographs as they present the interesting facts as well as the personal expression of growing up in the area. They try to present the notion that although much has changed here over the years, there is a challenging history behind it.

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    Psychology Of Cheating Women

    Female sexuality differs from male sexuality in important respects. Traditionally, it has been thought that women are naturally more monogamous than men. Nevertheless, female infidelity is a phenomenon that has been recorded for thousands of years. When women cheat, they sometimes do so for reasons that are different from the reasons that men usually cheat.

    If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

    Understanding The Female Psychology As Explained By A Woman

    Ill admit that women are crazy. We are.

    But not all of our nuttiness is undecipherable. In fact, I firmly believe any guy can give a woman that swept off her feet feeling by following a myriad of relatively simple guidelines.

    When Christian asked me to shed some light on the female psychology and detail how a woman ends up making out in the coat closet with one guy while not giving the time of day to another, I thought Id focus on seduction Dos, not Donts.

    Here we go:

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    What Evidence Does Weisstein Use To Support Her Thesis That Psychology Has Nothing To Say About What Women Are Really Like What They Need And What They Want

    The basic failure in both academic personality research and the clinical psychiatry and psychology is the central assumption that human behavior rests on inner dynamics and the individual. This assumption is seen as one that is losing ground as psychologists fail to get consistency in terms of the assumed personalities of the subjects. Evidence has also revealed that an individuals actions and self-perception are generally a function of expectations from the ones around them and the situations presenting themselves to them .

    Nancy Chodorow’s Psychoanalytic Feminism And The Role Of Mothering

    The Psychology of Women by Margaret W Matlin

    In 1974, Juliet Mitchell suggested that Freudianpsychoanalysis offered an important means for understanding the psychology ofwomen, and that feminism should embrace Freuds theoretical perspective. She did not suggest that Freud wasnecessarily right about the psychological development of women, but she didemphasize the importance of object relations theory and the interactionsbetween mothers, their children, and families as a whole . Some 50 years earlier, Helene Deutsch hadsuggested that women do not seek to become mothers due to penis envy, butrather they want to replace passive femininity with an active role as a womanand mother . Deutsch wrote that she had great admiration for Marie Bonaparte as a person anda scholar , but Deutsch found little ofinterest in Bonapartes strict application of Freudian theory to the psychologyof women. The person best known todayfor attempting to combine elements of Freuds theory with an objectiveperspective on a psychology of women is Nancy Chodorow , asociologist and psychoanalyst who has focused on the special relationshipbetween mothers and daughters.

    Personality Theory in Real Life: The Experience of Mothering

    The womans relation to her husband and family, her economic situation, and the position of the child in her existence, give a personal color to each womans motherliness.

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    How Life Experiences Can Override The Psychological Nature Of Men And Women

    For example a girl who was raised in a family that didn’t make her feel that she was loved might grow to become an aggressive woman just because she thinks that everyone around her is her enemy.

    Here is another example, women are biologically wired to seek protection and to become attracted to the most resourceful man who can provide protection. Now if a woman had a severe self image problem then this instruction inside her mind might get overwritten and she might find herself attracted to the most handsome man with disregard to his status.

    In such a case winning the heart of the attractive man will prove to her that she is attractive and will help her feel good about her looks.

    In summary, the factory default settings of men and women can sometimes be overridden by external influences.

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    Why Do You Think Allen Felt It Necessary To Disclose Her Identity In This Article

    Allen disclosed her identity in order to challenge the wider assumptions concerning the relationship between knowledge production and identity. She attempted to elucidate the limits of framing the issue in terms of legitimacy to queer projects based entirely on the identity. Although she acknowledges the potential influence of identity on knowledge production, she was motivated to challenge the notion that identity determines how one is likely to produces knowledge .

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