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What Does The Bible Say About Physics

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Quantum Mechanics Relativity And String Theory

Quantum Physics and the Word of God

What should be the reaction of Christians to weird physics? If a scientific model does not contradict the Bible, then we should be excited to see what new insights we can gain about the Creator and His workings. As with the question of origins, we must interpret the data through the lens of biblical revelation.

Harmless Helpful Or Horrific

Skeptics might argue that there is no spiritual danger in attending a seance. Audiences are frequently entertained, even skeptics with no personal expectations, but there are financial and emotional consequences of putting ones hope in potentially communicating with a dead spouse or parent.

The desperate widow or grieving child is vulnerable. Gods Word is a warning meant to protect us, but more than that: His glory is at stake.

Consumers play with tarot cards and Ouija boards, sold in toy stores alongside teddy bears and board games, believing them to be harmless. Some people read horoscopes without believing a word of these daily predictions, but God is not pleased. The Lord dispossesses and destroys those who practice these things requiring not only Dont do them, but also do not experiment with them.

Trending Faith: Is It Okay To Visit A Psychic For Fun

Is it okay for a Christian to visit a psychic just for fun?

On this weeks episode of Trending Faith, Grand Canyon University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, sat down to discuss this question.

It seems as though people are always looking for ways to entertain themselves. According to Pastor Tim, the media makes the dark side of life appealing to the public through movies, books and other forms. Therefore, thrill-seekers gravitate to things like this for entertainment.

So, what does the Bible say about psychics and the spiritual world? Pastor Tim discussed how in Scripture, people were accustomed to being around psychics, magicians and other individuals of the kind.

In Acts, the early church responds to those who are connected with these types of individuals. The church began to realize that these types of spiritual activities were not consistent with what they were learning about Jesus. Therefore, Christians were warned about opening themselves up to spiritual danger.

Going to a psychic just for fun may be like playing with fire. Even if a Christian goes into it with seemingly good intentions, one thing can lead to another, and they can find themselves in a dangerous situation.

To listen to the full discussion, watch the video below:

Do you have a question you want to be answered on Trending Faith? Send it to or use #trendingfaith. To learn more about Grand Canyon University, visit our website.


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Views Of Knowledge Of Mathematics

Non-Christian philosophers have tried to give an account of how we know that 2+2 = 4. Do we know it simply by pure reflection ? or by observing the world ? Do we gain the knowledge by remembering what we once knew but have forgotten ? by logical argument ? Or do we gain it by repeated experience of two apples and two apples ? Or some combination of these? Or is 2+2 = 4 not real knowledge at all, but simply a linguistic convention about how we use 2 and 4 ?5

Non-Christians have tried all of these answers. But, as we shall see, without the biblical doctrine of creation they cannot adequately account for mathematical knowledge.

Let us first look at the a priori answer. This answer says that we know 2+2 = 4 independent of experience of the world around us. In a sense, there are as many versions of this answer as there are philosophers, but I will oversimplify and consider them as all one answer.

Let us continue to press the questions. We grant that 2+2 = 4. But why should an admittedly contingent world offer us repeated instances of this truth, many more instances than we could expect by chance? If

p. 135

p. 136

eralize?) that 13+2 = 15 rather than 13+2 = 16 or even 13+2 = 13? Doubtless this seems natural to any educated person nowadays, partly because he was taught such things. But how did he come to know it at the beginning?

p. 137

What About The Magi

The Bible says " prove all things, hold fast that which is good/true."  I ...

Every year at Christmas, or shortly after, we encounter the story of the wise men following a star to locate the newly born King of the Jews . They are called magi and that indicates that they are from the area of Persia/Babylon and are experts in looking to the stars for answers. They are astrologers. How did they know to look for a star that would specifically reveal the birth location of the King of the Jews?

In all likelihood, when Daniel and his friends were in charge of the wise men of Babylon/Medo-Persia, they would have taught some of them about the coming Messiah. The magi were looking for this Messiah the only way that they knew how, via the stars. They did this faithfully for generations until God spoke in a way that their astrological hearts and minds could grasp. A star rose in the east.

Something within themselves compelled them to make a long and dangerous journey. Astrology just wasnt enough. They were looking for Jesus. God honors our desires to find the Messiah just as he honored theirs. In their journey, they moved from simply following a light in the sky to listening to messages from God in their dreams on what to do next in life. The magi show us the path that all of us take. We are far from God, we have a need that only he can fill, and if we commit to it, he will change us to be what we were designed to be.

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Remember That Good Can Never Be Absent

If I start to spin and cant get back to center, I often have to remind myself that I dont know why it has to look the way it does and just acknowledge with absolute certainty that God is All there is. I dont need to fix whatever it is that has me spinning, which often is my go-to response.

If Im inspired to action, Ill take that action not because I believe that God/Good is absent and I must do something to bring about Good thats gone MIA. I just have to acknowledge that Good can never be absent, and this whatever is showing up in my experience that has me off-kilter is the best way that I can see it in the moment.

Eventually I get to a place where I realize that whatever is showing up in my world is an invitation to expand my sense of all Good, whether I like it or not.

Bible Not A Science Book

We need to ask when reading any literature, what is its purpose? How is it written and for whom?

The Bible is not a textbook on science. That doesnt mean it is unscientific just that its primary focus is not a scientific explanation of the phenomena it describes. It does claim to be the Word of God. But does this mean every word should be interpreted and understood literally?

Think about it. Do you believe that God is a rock ? Did God send giant eagles to fly Israel on their wings to safety out of Egypt ? Could the Pharisees have swallowed camels ?

Obviously, these are not literal statements the biblical authors used poetic license, metaphors, similes even exaggeration to make their points. But this does not mean the Bible cannot and does not have divine authority.

God could have given us a detailed scientific explanation of creation. But, based on what we know now, such an explanation would have had to include quark theory, quantum physics, chaos and relativity, all operating in perhaps 11 or more dimensions.

It would have been thousands of years before anyone could have even begun to understand these ideas, let alone have the words needed to express them! Even now, most of us do not grasp the concepts of theoretical physics.

The people for whom Genesis was first written certainly didnt. They lived long before the scientific age. So why Genesis?

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Bible Metaphysics Of Proverbs : 5

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

The simplest translation is this quit thinking that you have it all figured out! And perhaps its easiest to explain these two verses by breaking them down a bit.

With your own understanding, youll just make stuff up about the situation through the filter of your beliefs, opinions, perceptions, and concepts. So dont assume that the way you see things is the Reality of them.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart Trust that only God/Good is.
And lean not unto thine own understanding. When you lean on your own understanding, youll just make stuff up about whatever you believe is going on. So dont assume that the way you see things is the Reality of them.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, Acknowledge that God/Good is the source and condition of everything and remember that there is no thing outside of God/Good.
And He shall direct thy paths. As you do this, you will have an intuitive awareness of the best course of action in any situation.

No matter what is showing up as my experience, the instruction from these two verses in Proverbs is to acknowledge God/Good as the source and condition of everything. Unless I am consciously doing that, my beliefs and opinions will have me thinking that Im experiencing something separate and apart from Good.

How Should Christians Address These Topics Today

Quantum Physics And Bible Prophecy | Science And The Spiritual Realm

This cannot be stressed enough God has made plain statements not only in the Law, but he has related to us throughout the Bible how these practices are detestable in the eyes of God. They are an affront because they show a willingness to disregard the loving teachings of God for our own convenience or power.

People look at their horoscopes every single day. As Christians, we should not be practicing any activity that supplants the trust relationship that God has created for us to enjoy with him. Why would we throw away something so valuable as a loving relationship with the Creator of the Universe? Because we want the power to control our destiny, and these activities give us a sense of control, thats why. In essence, we are at the foot of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil waiting for Eve to pass us a bite of forbidden fruit. We want the wisdom for ourselves so that we can be God. The only way out is to recognize the absolute dependence that we have on God.

Pixabay/Mira Cosic

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What Does The Bible Say About Heaven

Im frequently asked about the basis for my understanding of what heaven might be like. Ive studied and spoken on heaven and eternal rewards for years, and have a much different and deeper appreciation of this subject than I used to. Im glad to share my perspectives on Scriptures teaching.

One of my central goals in writing my novels Deadline and Dominion was to motivate people to think more about heaven, and to anticipate it with greater fervor and delight. If a brother or sister disagrees with some of my interpretations of Scripture, it does not matter, as long as he has been stimulated to give serious thought to his one true Home. I believe there is something inherently enriching about contemplating what the Bible says about heaven, something we as western Christians in the modern world have neglected to our loss.

Despite my best attempts to be careful with Scripture, my understanding is far from complete and is without doubt incorrect in some areas. But if the reader diligently investigates the Scripture passages referred to in this summary, he may discover to his surprise that some of his own notions and assumptions about heaven are in fact not biblical. In the process, he will gain a far greater understanding of this vital subject.

This summary of my understanding of the scriptural teaching on heaven constituted the guidelines around which I exercised my imagination to portray scenes in heaven:

1. Heaven is the dwelling place of God .

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Quit Trying To Fix It Its Not Broken

Ive found that the only reason I can ever have for being resistant to any experience is a belief that there is more than one thing going on, that something exists separate and apart from the Allness of Good.

It may not look that way initially. I might have very sound arguments about why something out there is bad or someone is wrong. And when I finally get to the root of whatever it is thats troubling me, I always find that theres an underlying belief that Good needs to look a certain way or else its absent from a situation.

The only nemesis in my experience ever is a belief that something or someone can exist outside of the Allness of Good. It doesnt matter the situation. The end result is always the same it doesnt feel good because Ive cut myself off from a piece of who I really am. Im ignoring some aspect of my wholeness. The only thing that ever needs to be fixed is my point of view my beliefs, opinions, concepts about something, anything, broken out there.

I can only ever be a victim of my own limited understanding of the things that Ive placed outside the Allness of Good. Its as if theyre knocking at the door of my awareness demanding to be recognized as what they really are expressions of the infinity of Good the best way that I can see them through the filters of my beliefs, opinions, and concepts about good.

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What Is Physics Bible

What is Physics Bible? The Feynman Lectures are the bible of physics. Because its the definitive and authoritative sacred text? Nope. Because everyone has it but not many people have actually read it.

What does the Bible say about matter and energy? The first verse in the Bible, Genesis 1:1 tells us that God has created everything including all matter and energy. This means that God cant be identical to the universe, nor can He be identical to any aspect of the universe.

What the Bible says about the laws of the universe? The ordinances of heaven and earth or what people call The Laws Of The Universe or The Laws of Nature are imminent, infallible laws that govern our universe, the universe that God created. Every plant, rock, animal, matter, and person is ruled by those laws.

Does the Bible support natural law? The term natural law never appears in the Bible, and there is no Old Testament Hebrew equivalent for conscience. Even in the New Testament, use of the Greek suneidesis appears only occasionally outside 1 Corinthians.

It Really Is All Good

Physics Love Quotes. QuotesGram

Whatever is showing up in your world thats troubling you is really just an invitation to broaden your understanding of Good, of what it means to be whole, perfect and complete. This is where not leaning on your own understanding is so important.

When the so-called negatives happen in the world from wars, to school shootings, to disease outbreaks and more I often have to remind myself not to lean on my own understanding. I have no earthly idea why things need to look the way they look. And if its all God, its literally all Good, regardless of how things look or whether I understand why the Westboro Baptist Churchs activities, and ultimate impact, being a perfect case in point.

That can obviously be a tough pill to swallow when Im mired in duality, believing in an evil or bad thats opposed to Good.

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So How Do We Prove God Exists

We have come to an intriguing crossroads in the search for understanding. The brilliant achievements of scientists have led them, inexorably, back to questions that rightfully belong in philosophy and in theology. That is a compelling reason why religion and science should lay aside their antagonism and work together in a spirit of humility and mutual respect.

Metaphysical Interpretation Of John : 3

All things were made by him and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In case the Bible reader forgets the message of Genesis 1, the first part of John 1:3 reinforces the point all things were made by God. With the second part of this verse, the writer covers all the bases, so to speak. There is no thing that is not of God/Good.

In case it wasnt crystal clear from Genesis 1, the writer of John spells it out for us, with no room for any ambiguity nothing exists outside of the Allness of God/Good.

Marrying Genesis 1 and John 1:3 yields God made all that was made and all that God made is Good. There was nothing made which God did not make.

So it really is all Good as confirmed by these 32 verses!

This is a key go-to for me whenever I start to spin about something going on in my world or the world around me. Acknowledging this takes me out of duality and gets me back to center.

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