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Trek Madone 6.5 Geometry

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How Useful Is A Bike Geometry Chart When Choosing A Bike

All-new Trek Madone SLR

A bike geometry chart can be useful in a number of ways, including ascertaining your most suitable frame size, complete bike fit, component compatibility and handling characteristics of the bike if you know how to read the information, Coates says.

I say can be because, for many people, the geometry chart doesnt tell them anything other than how sizes or models have different numbers, says Coates. Learning how to understand those numbers will help you choose the right bike for your needs, he says.

As a result, understanding a geometry chart will help put you in the right ball park to determine whether a particular model of bike is suited to be your needs, whether thats the fit or the handling. However, as Spurrier explains, a geometry chart is only truly useful in determining whether a frame is the right size for you if you know your individual measurements which he says are best arrived at through a bike fit.

At the very least, you will learn where your saddle and handlebars should be positioned, as well as understand ideal width of bar and crank length, he says.

A specialist bike fit will often involve further investigation into any biomechanical issues you may have, and any long-term injuries or weaknesses, which will also have an effect on the measurements youre looking for.

What Is A Bike Geometry Chart

A bike geometry chart is a table, usually accompanied by a diagram of a bicycle frame for reference, of the key measurements of a particular model in a manufacturers range.

The information displayed in a geometry will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it will generally always include the main tubes lengths, and the angle of the headtube and seattube. It will also likely include spatial measurements such as the wheelbase , chainstay length, and stack and reach, which well come on to.

The chart will also show the various sizes of the frames available, so you can see how the size of the frame affects the critical values which dictate if a bike will fit.

Additionally, a geometry chart may show measurements like rake and trail , as these can assist in determining what type of geometry the bike frame has and, potentially, its intended handling characteristics. Well cover that later. However, while all geometry charts will show basic information like toptube length and headtube height, not all will show rake and trail.

Should You Just Focus On These Measurements Then

While basic measurements like toptube and headtube length give an indication of how a bike will fit you, they cant be taken in isolation as an absolute indicator of whether a certain frame in a certain size will actually work for you. Confused? Spurrier explains with a clearer analogy.

Its rare that any two manufacturers will design and build their frames in line with each others geometries, he says. For example, take three pairs of jeans from different brands into a changing room and it is likely that one pair will suit you better than the other two.

When looking for a bike, it may be that you find a frame you like, with an appropriate length toptube, but the brand favours a taller headtube and thus your handlebars would be positioned too high.

Again, this is why stack and reach have become a popular way of sizing bike. Coates also points out that while geometry charts can indicate how a bike will fit, it doesnt necessarily follow that itll ride as you expect. Its important to look at the overall picture, he says.

A great geometry with either too little or too much stiffness might not ride very well for you, he adds. This means there is no hard and fast rule for what makes a great riding bike other than expertise, and trial and error.

That is why it is so important to make sure you are working with a reputable bike shop and manufacturer, Coates concludes. Not all bikes are created equal.

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The New Trek Madone 65 Has Arrived

The new 2013 Madone is getting rave reviews as a light, stiff, aerodynamic riding machine.

Trek Bicycle just launched an entirely new generation of its eight-time Tour de France-winning road bike with the all-new Madone line. Adopting the mantra of fast is everything, the new Madones offer a rider major advancements in three key areas: aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness. Most notably, the 7 Series Madone saves its rider an enormous 25 watts at 40kph, over the previous generation. Available in 5, 6, and 7 Series OCLV Carbon frames, as well as a 2-Series aluminum version, the Madone brings world-class racing performance to riders of all levels, with no compromise in ride quality. The new Madone line is complimented by a complete line of Domane endurance road models, from the Strade-Bianche winning 6 Series, as well as OCLV carbon 5 and 4 Series, and a 2 Series aluminum option.

The 2013 Madones are coming available throughout the summer. The Bike Lane in Reston just got in the Madone 6.5. Come in today and check it out.

Treks Director Of Road Bikes Explains The Tech Behind The New Madone

Trek Madone 6.5 C H2 Road Bike 2013

Treks Jordan Roessingh discusses the development of the Madone with BikeRadar

Its been said many times that performance aero race bikes now all look the same deep tube sections, dropped seatstays and one-piece integrated cockpits typify the modern aero road bike.

That changed with the launch of the new seventh-generation Trek Madone though its radical seat tube design, with the saddle cantilevered over the rear of the bike and its cut-out at the top of the seat tube, helps to set it apart from other options on the market.

It needs to be a bike you can just look at and say wow and thats differentiated from everybody else. Our industrial design language helps the bikes performance as well, says Jordan Roessingh, director of road bikes at Trek.


Trek says the new Madone is also very efficient, losing 300 grams of weight from the previous model and gaining 20 watts of aerodynamic advantage. This adds up to a saving of around a minute for every hour of riding over a range of speeds, according to the brand.

We talked to Roessingh about the development of the new Madone and its benefits.

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Greater Usability For A Wider Range Of Riders

Trek has looked to make the seventh-generation Madone usable for a wider range of riders, not just the pros.

It needs to be not just super-fast, but a bike that you can ride. We think of it as an everyday, all-day bike, says Roessingh. Our pros wanted a really fast bike that was still comfortable and way lighter. Those are the things that the everyday racer whos racing on the weekends or doing group rides wants too.

Ashley Quinlan / Our Media

That means Trek has stuck with its H1.5 geometry for the Madone.

H1.5 sits halfway between its H1 geometry, which was developed for the pros and applied to its previous generations of pro-level bikes, and its H2 geometry, which it uses for mainstream riders.

H1.5 geometry balances accessibility for the vast majority of riders and accommodation to our professional fits. The pros have adapted to more modern, traditional fits rather than the extreme fits of 10 years ago, explains Roessingh.

Trek Madone 65 Road Bike

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Recommended Rider Height:5’10” – 6’1″ Sizing Guide

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SRAM Red, Caliper – Side Pull
Bontrager RXL Alloy, 31.8mm x 110mm, 7°
Seatpost Bontrager Ride Tuned Seatmast Cap, Frame Specific
Vision Team 35 Comp SL Aluminum, Vision
Front Tire Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Graphene 2.0, 700C x 23C
Rear Tire Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Graphene 2.0, 700C x 23C
Tire Type
Wheels are not tubeless compatible

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Average Price For Aero Bikes

Our math shows that the average cost of a dependable Aero bike is 4025$. However, even though the average price of an Aero bike is lower, you might still be able to get a top-quality bike. To make sure you dont pay a higher amount than normal for your bike, always do some components analysis and read reviews.

Proven In The Big Races

Trek Madone SLR 2023 Review: How Fast is it Really? With Wind Tunnel Testing…

Although launched just ahead of the Tour de France and used in only a few races prior to that, the new Madone already has an impressive list of wins.

That started with a victory from the breakaway on Stage 13 of the Tour de France by Mads Pedersen and was followed by another three stage wins and his domination of the points classification at the Vuelta a España.

Pros have always tended to be very conservative about changes. Witness the reaction to disc brakes and the reluctance to switch from tubular to tubeless clincher tyres.

However, Roessingh sees that changing with the younger generation of riders. Treks pros have been quick to see the benefits of the new Madones radical design solutions.

If you can show a distinct performance benefit, a lot of the riders are really interested in trying those ideas out and getting all of those incredible benefits so that they can win more races, he concludes.

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A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

The Trek Madone SSL 6.5 Photo ©: Paul Henderson-Kelly

The Trek Madone is not just a single model, but rather an entire family of premium carbon fiber road race models. Steve Beletich discovers that the second-in-command Madone SSL 6.5 offers nearly all of the benefits of the top-level SSL 6.9, but at a significantly reduced cost.

Any cyclist who has ever turned the pedals in anger is familiar with Trek Bicycles: long-time bike provider to Team Discovery Channel and sponsor of Lance Armstrong . However long before the Lance relationship began, Trek was a pioneer of carbon fibre frame technology and has remained at the forefront of the material ever since.

Satellite-grade stuff in your living room

At the heart of the latest Trek Madone SSL 6.5 is a frame made from Trek’s OCLV 55/HM carbon fibre. This is code for Optimum Compaction Low Void, High Modulus carbon fibre sheet, each square meter of which has a mass of 55 grams. If that sounds light, that’s because it is. Trek’s other two OCLV materials are already exceedingly light, each weighing just 110g or 120g per square meter. While this may suggest that the swap in material should yield roughly a 50% weight savings, the actual difference on the SSL frame is more subtle as it uses a greater number of those lighter OCLV 55 layers to achieve the desired properties.

Trek continues to stand behind non-integrated headsets. Photo ©: Paul Henderson-Kelly

Tried and true

Go, go, go!

Lance lite

Weight: 7.02kg

What Key Measurements Will Indicate A Good Fit

In speaking to both Coates and Spurrier, its clear there are a few standout measurements you should pay attention to and keep in mind when reading a geometry chart and how the measurements will impact on fit:

This measurement will give an indication of the length of the frame and allow you to calculate what length stem you might need to pair with it, says Spurrier. This is a key factor in determining the reach, which you can read about in point three.

  • Headtube length

This is a vertical measurement of the tube at the front of the frame, and is one of the key factors in determining whether the frame you are looking at will be able to achieve a suitable handlebar height , Spurrier says. Endurance or touring bikes will generally have a taller headtube, to allow for a more upright position, while race bikes will typically have a shorter headtube, for a more aggressive fit.

Headtube length influences reach , though handlebar height can be further adjusted according to the length of the steerer tube, which can have spacers fitted above the headtube to raise the handlebar.

  • Stack and reach

Stack is the vertical distance from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the headtube, while reach refers to the horizontal distance from the centre of the bottom bracket to the same point of the headtube. Take a look at Mason Cycles geometry table further down the page.

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A Shift Away From Isospeed

Treks solution to add compliance to previous generations of the Madone was IsoSpeed.

This system decouples the seat tube from the top tube/seatstay junction. However, an early design decision with the new Madone was to move away from this.

provides a lot of compliance, but its not the lightest way to provide this. Feedback from riders was that oftentimes they werent using the adjustability and even the everyday racer didnt need the amount of compliance that IsoSpeed provided, says Roessingh.

Ashley Quinlan / Our Media

The trend to wider tyres has also meant frame compliance isnt as important a part of the comfort equation as it used to be.

The tyre is doing a lot more of the work than it was 10 years ago when you were on a 23mm tyre at 120psi, says Roessingh. Now, you might be on a 25mm or 28mm at 75 or 80psi theres a dramatic difference in how that tyre performs and how much it absorbs.

We incorporated that into our product development we can get away without IsoSpeed as were using bigger, lower-pressure tyres than we were.

Which Measurements On A Geometry Chart Help Indicate The Handling Characteristics Of A Bike

Madone 6.5 H2 Compact  2014

As Coates says, the ride quality of a bike is a sum of more than the measurements a bike geometry chart can offer. However, the following numbers can provide an indication of what to expect from a bikes handling.

  • Front-centre length

This is the measurement from the front axle to the bottom bracket, and helps to indicate how direct your inputs to the handlebar will feel. It therefore dictates how responsive the front end of the bike will be both while steering and when leaning on the bar when out of the saddle. It can also have an impact on how direct road vibrations can feel through the bars.

  • Rear-centre length

This is the measurement from the rear axle to the bottom bracket, and has a similar effect as the front-centre measurement. The longer it is, the longer and slower the bike will generally feel to respond from power inputs and with regards to handling.

A lot of people talk about headtube angle but in fact, its the headtube angle and the fork rake combined that influence the way the front end of a bike handles, says Coates. This combined measurement is called the trail. In essence, more trail will be more stable while less trail will usually result in quicker handling at the front end of the bike. Trail figures will typically range from 50mm to 70mm.

  • Chainstay length

As a rule of thumb, longer is more stable and less nimble, Coates says, and its usually an indicator of the frames tyre clearance too.

  • Bottom bracket height

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For Sale: Trek Madone 65 Project One

So, I got an M-B team bike a couple of months ago. As you may have noticed from the TDL photos, Im not riding it. Turns out, even though it weighs a couple of pounds more and isnt nearly as good looking, I really, really like my 2008 BH Connect. Turns out, Im an uber-picky bike snob.

As a result, I am trying to sell the Trek. Its a gorgeous bike, and everyone loves them, but I just dont like it as much as the BH. Kitted out in SRAM Red and RXL Clinchers, its in the 14 pound range.

Other stuff: its got 172.5mm cranks, 40cm wide bars , 105mm stem, performance fit geometry, and very few signs of wear . I rode different wheels/tires on it , so those have almost no wear at all.

Heres the geometry chart: Madone Geometry

Asking price is $4900. If you need it shipped, thatll be $100 extra.

Here is a gallery ofà photos:

  • i am interested in buying your trek madone. Do you still have it?

  • bensays:

    What year is the bike? How many miles are on the frame? Thanks.

  • Geoffreysays:

    If u r interested in $2500 for the bike let me know. I know its a low offer. Best I can do.Geoffrey

  • Fundamentals Of Correct Bike Size

    The following chart provides a rule of thumb approach to determine your 2021 Madone bike size based on your height. This is a simple approach to a complex situation, but it is accurate in the majority of cases. Of course, the length of your limbs is not factored into the table below and long or short limbs or torso can play a big role in determining the right bike size for you.

    In addition your riding style can influence your choice if you like a more aggressive bike, you may prefer a smaller frame if you prefer a more upright position, you may prefer a large frame. If you are ‘between sizes’, give this consideration when making your selection.

    The 2021 Trek Madone is produced in sizes 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62

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