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Is Psychology Bsc Or Ba

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Third And Fourth Years


On completion of the course, students must have taken at least one module from each of the five specified thematic areas .

The type of modules which have been offered within each of these areas include: Biological: Neurological Rehabilitation Preclinical and Clinical Models of Neuropsychiatric and Neurological Disorders The Brain Throughout the Lifespan Case studies in Neuropsychology Making Sense of Action Social: Social Neuroscience Advanced Psychology of Language Moral Development in Childhood Human Factors and Organisational Factors Social Psychology and Discourse Developmental: Child Development in Changing Family Contexts Applied Issues in Developmental Psychology Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology Child Health and Well-being Cognitive: Human Reasoning Creative Cognition Development of Perception Throughout the Lifespan Perceptual Neuroscience Personality and individual differences: Health Psychology Psychology of Criminal Behaviour Clinical Psychology and Intellectual Disabilities

In fourth year a large part of your workload involves carrying out an independent Capstone project under the supervision of a member of staff. Many students report that this project, while challenging, is one of the most rewarding parts of the course.

There are QQI/FET routes available for this course. Please see for details.

for further information on modules/subject.

Mental Health Problems And Crime

On this module, you will examine the association of mental health problems with criminal behaviour. As part of this module, you will be introduced to a diverse range to topics within the field of mental health and crime. You will explore research assessing the association of mental health problems with criminal behaviour. You will also discuss the efficacy of interventions that aim to prevent people with mental health problems from engaging in crime. As part of this module, you will be introduced to key debates within this field. Moreover, this will be discussed from a clinical and forensic perspective. Therefore, this module will incorporate elements of both clinical and forensic psychology.

Basic Eligibility For Bsc Psychology Abroad

There are two things a student have to keep in mind

  • A strong understanding of Science and Mathematics
  • A broad view and base in social sciences.
  • Major subjects in 12th- Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Some universities might ask you to write a GRE Subject Test for admission.
  • Note: This is the basic eligibility, however, the eligibility of the course varies from university to university.

    Abroad, the duration of the course is around 3-4 years. The course will help in developing a strong base in Psychology.

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    Top Reasons To Study With Us

    • Youll have the opportunity to gain a year’s experience on a psychology work placement
    • Employability and transferable skills are embedded within the curriculum
    • Youll be eligible for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership of the British Psychological Society, if you achieve at least a Lower Second Class Honours degree and pass the Project module

    Get Inside The Human Mind

    Areas Of Psychology BA BSC BS (4 Years)  Iftikhar Book Depot

    If you have a passion for psychology and a strong scientific orientation, we have the program for you. As it happens, it’s one of the top 100 psychology programs worldwide, according to the 2020 Shanghai World University Rankings. And it offers co-op, which is paid work experience, on top of that.

    Youll take a blend of psychology, science, and math courses with an emphasis on research methods and data analysis. In your third and fourth years, youll have the chance to work in small groups, get hands-on laboratory training, and work one-on-one with professors.

    Your Bachelor of Science in Psychology is the perfect launchpad for a career in behavioural neuroscience, forensic psychology, or cognitive psychology or for a medical career specializing in neurology, psychiatry, or pediatrics.

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    Advanced Experimental Methods And Lab Experience

    On this module you will learn about the more common advanced quantitative research methodologies and associated analyses employed in psychological experiments. The module aims to provide practical skills in research design and operationalisation, the analysis of data , and the interpretation, evaluation and subsequent reporting of research findings. In addition, you will learn about research ethics, and have the opportunity to apply these research skills to the core areas of psychobiology, cognitive psychology and the study of individual differences.

    Qualitative Psychological Laboratory Experience And Skills

    The module is designed to introduce you to the basic principles of qualitative research skills.On this module you willl learn about qualitative research methodologies, written and verbal communication skills and other transferrable skills within Psychology. You will plan, conduct and report qualitative research studies in both formative and summative assessments. In addition, you will learn about research ethics, good practice in research and demonstrate a range of transferrable skills including communication skills and an understanding of the role of teamwork.

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    Ba Vs Bs In Psychology

    The difference between BA and BS in psychology is that while the former is an arts stream subject taken up for higher studies in colleges and universities, the latter is a science stream subject taken up by students in colleges and universities for their higher studies and future career prospects.

    BA in psychology refers to the higher study career choice opted by Humanities and Arts streams students to obtain a bachelors degree in the subject. The course includes various modules involving the theories and philosophy related to how the mind works not only of humans but of other animals as well.

    BS or BSc in psychology refers to the higher study career choice opted by Science stream students to obtain a bachelor degree in this subject. The course includes the more logical and analytical study of the minds of humans and other animals rather than the theoretical approach of the BA course, as stated above.

    Differences Between A Bs And A Ba In Psychology

    IS PSYCHOLOGY RIGHT FOR YOU? WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? Introduction to Psychology for BA and BSC students

    Standard curricula between a BA and a BS in psychology vary, but both generally cover psychological theory, principle, and practice. Choosing between a BS or a BA in psychology depends on a students personal interests and professional goals. Degree specializations within each bachelors program, considered briefly below, also allow learners to distinguish between curricula so they can opt for the degree that best meets their needs.

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    First And Second Years

    As a first and second year student, you will take foundation-level modules in a range of areas such as: Foundations in Psychology Social Psychology Perception Psychological Disorder Developmental Psychology Cognition and the Brain, the Psychology of Language Thinking Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Behaviour Evolutionary Psychology Personality and Individual Differences Research methods and Statistical Analysis.

    You will also be given the opportunity to take modules from other programmes across the university.

    Ba Psychology: Entrance Exam

    Several Colleges Offer Entrance Examinations for the Admission Procedure. The Candidate will need to score the min qualifying marks. The selected candidates will be called for Interview or counseling rounds and will be finally given admission.

    Some of the colleges which conduct Entrance Exams are Banaras Hindu University, Delhi University, Rama University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and many more.

    The top Entrance Examinations conducted in India for admission in BA Psychology courses are: BHU UET, DU-ET, JMI, JNUEE, JET, RU ET, ITM NEST, JU ET, CUCET, etc.

    BA Psychology: Entrance Exam Dates

    Some of the important dates of entrance examination are:

    Entrance Exam 2021
    INR 11,38,602

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    Fee Structure And Facilities:

    The fees structure is very minimal. No huge amount of money is required as admission fee. at the comparison of other colleges , the fee of this college is nothing The first year fees, which is the admission fee, that is Rs.5,600/- two years, the fees is Rs.2,200/-. All it amounts to Rs.10,000/- at the end of three years.

    Topics In Forensic Psychology

    Psychology BA &  BSc

    On this module, you will explore a range of topics to develop an understanding of the approaches to research and knowledge generation in forensic psychology. You will learn about Serial Killers, Sex Offenders, Psychological Profiling and Polygraphy, exploring questions such as What makes a serial killer? and What underlying factors drive the behaviour of sex offenders? These will be approached scientifically with reference to published research and theoretical frameworks. Discussions will examine the contribution made by forensic psychology research to our understanding of the causes, treatment and prevention of criminal behaviour in tandem with theoretical models, and cultural beliefs and practices.

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    Who Should Pursue A Ba Psychology

    • Post Completing BA in Psychology, various job opportunities like Researchers, Associates, Writers, Social Workers, Teachers & many more are available for a Candidate
    • After B.A in Psychology, candidates can go for further higher education in the same specialization which will develop their knowledge regarding the subject as well as increase job opportunities.
    • Candidates can get placed in Top-Notch Private companies Post Graduation in BA arts
    • Candidates can also prepare for Government Jobs after completing BA in Psychology

    Neuropsychology And Cognitive Science

    The module is designed to introduce you to theory and empirical research into the study of neuropsychology and advanced cognitive science. You will learn how traditional behavioural methods and neuroscience methodologies can be used in tandem to explore key issues and concepts . You will learn to consider and evaluate theory and develop an understanding of the strength and weaknesses of a variety of methodologies. Importantly, you will explore and develop knowledge related to the application of neuropsychological and cognitive research to a range of psychological processes. For the neuropsychology component the module will sample from the following topics: neuroimaging, face and object recognition, emotion processing, hemispheric lateralisation, attention deficits, language disorders and developmental neuropsychology. For the cognitive component the module will sample from the following topics: methods of studying cognition, language learning andcomprehension, social cognition, concepts and categorisation, reasoning, decision making, cognitive modelling and musical cognition.

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    Additional Costs And Financial Support

    There may also be some additional costs to take into account throughout your studies, including the cost of accommodation.

    Course-related costs

    While studying for your degree, there may be additional costs related to your course. This may include purchasing personal equipment and stationery, books and optional field trips.

    Study Abroad

    For more information on tuition fee reductions and additional costs for studying abroad, please visit our study abroad pages.

    Accommodation and living costs

    For detailed information on accommodation and living costs, visit our Accommodation pages.

    Financial help and support

    Our Funding Advice team are here to help you with your finances throughout your degree. They offer a personal service that can help you with funding your studies and budgeting for living expenses.

    For advice on everything from applying for scholarships to finding additional financial support email

    Course highlights

    Personality And Health Psychology

    BA IN PSYCHOLOGY OR BSC IN PSYCHOLOGY which is better? | Difference between BA and BSC in Psychology

    On this module you will learn about the basic principles involved in the study, investigation and explanation of personality and health psychology. You will be introduced to the major theories and models of personality and health psychology. You will learn about the core issues and debates involved in the study of personality and health psychology through the understanding of the historical and contemporary development of the concepts and an evaluation of theories. You will explore methods of measuring personality and problems you might encounter in doing so. You will also explore the relationship between society and health by focusing on health promotion campaigns, doctor-patient communication, social class, gender, culture, and lifespan issues. In workshop discussions you will develop communication skills and begin to understand the role of teamwork. You will also learn how knowledge of personality can be used and applied in the real world by health, clinical, occupational and forensic professionals. From this you will begin to be aware of and develop career interests. Similarly, as you begin to understand the role of health promotion campaigns the module will provide you with insight into real world career opportunities.

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    Psychology : 90 Credits

    Residency requirement: a minimum of 30 course credits and at least half of the course credits required in each undergraduate degree program major/minor must be taken at York University.

    Graduation requirement: all graduates must complete a total of at least 90 credits with a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 4.00 .

    General education: a minimum of 18 credits as follows:

    • six credits at the 1000 level in approved Faculty of Health general education or humanities categories approved by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
    • six credits at the 1000 level in approved Faculty of Health general education or social science categories approved by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
    • six credits at the 1000 level in natural science offered by the Faculty of Science

    Note 1: it is strongly recommended that students complete the general education requirements above within their first 54 credits.

    Note 2: students may complete a maximum of 30 credits in general education, any additional credits not being used to fulfill general education may count toward electives.

    Note 3: general education requirements are satisfied by taking natural science courses, approved humanities or social science categories courses and Faculty of Health general education courses. For further information please visit .

    Psychology courses must include:

    What After Ba Psychology

    After completing Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Candidates will have various scopes available in every sector. Candidates can prepare for government sector jobs or can apply in the Private sector. Candidates can also continue doing higher education in psychology for better job opportunities in the future.

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    Psychology: The Course For You

    The School of Psychology aims to offer a knowledge base and a set of skills that not only equip students for the many careers that exist in psychology, but also prepare students intellectually for other careers.

    Psychology is a branch of science that demands clear, rigorous thinking, numeracy and the ability to define, study and solve problems in complex, changing settings. It is also an applied science that deals with how people act and behave in the real world and provides support for people in their social life and work, for example, through clinical and counselling interventions. If you are interested in the factors influencing human thinking, feeling and behaviour you will enjoy this course.

    Advantages Of A Bachelor Of Science Degree In Psychology

    Processes Of Psychology And Applied Psychology BA (3rd ...

    Bachelor of science in psychology degrees emphasize biology, chemistry, and other natural sciences alongside mathematics and statistics. Students who seek to train as psychiatrists often earn a BS in psychology, as do learners interested in pursuing healthcare or organizational careers. Many BS programs feature degree tracks in business with additional coursework in leadership, management, and human resources.

    A BS program serves as a stepping stone to graduate study in psychology by training students in research methods and data analysis. Learners may have the opportunity to observe psychological professionals and gain insights into the field, as well as take extensive upper-division coursework in psychology.

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    Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology

    Aside from the dozen or so psychology courses a student takes while pursuing a bachelor of arts degree, the student must complete core courses and electives. The electives could be that foreign language, classes in art or music, or even literature. Humanities courses, as the name suggests, focus on the human influence on society and, by extension in this instance, the field of psychology. Most schools develop a curriculum that doesnt present psychology in a vacuum. Savvy instructors know that psychology is an elastic discipline and that the rules dont apply equally to every person. The best instructors teach critical thinking skills as well as chapter and verse of psychological theory.

    How To Choose Between A Ba And A Bs In Psychology

    A bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science in psychology trains students in foundational psychological theories and practices, human behavior, mental health conditions, and cognitive processes. With a BA or BS in psychology, graduates may work in human resources, business, sales, or education as they apply analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills alongside their degree knowledge.

    BA and BS degrees in psychology offer students opportunities for exciting careers and foundations for continued study. While they differ, one degree is not necessarily better than the other. Read on for more information about which one may be right for you.

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    A Typical Bachelor Of Arts In Psychology Degree

    A Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology will focus on general psychology classes. This will include classes on animal learning, human cognition, sociology and human relationships. For example, students may study the history of behaviorism and classical conditioning, while a Bachelor of Science student would actually design and conduct a simple lab-based experiment. Students will be exposed to the popular fields of social, clinical, cognitive and developmental psychology. In fact, students will learn the basics of all the major psychology branches, including forensic, education, personality, abnormal and cross-culture psychology.

    A Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology will focus on general psychology classes. This will include classes on animal learning, human cognition, sociology, and human relationships. For example, students may study the history of behaviorism and classical conditioning. A student earning a bachelor of science would instead design and conduct an experiment that seeks to test a hypothesis about the various psychological theories. Students will receive instruction regarding the fields of social, clinical, cognitive, and developmental psychology. Students will also learn the basics of all the major psychology branches, including forensic, education, personality, abnormal, and cross-culture.

    Bsc Psychology Entrance Exams 2021

    BA Psychology vs BSc Psychology – Differences? Which is Better?

    The entrance exam of the BSc Psychology program is conducted in both modes as an offline and online writing test. There are various university entrance or national-level examinations that are required for admission. The entrance exam of Psychology includes questions that are generic and more focused on 10+2 biology. Below is the list of some popular exams for BSc Psychology:

    • BHU UET – Banaras Hindu University organizes BHU UET examinations
    • MET – Manipal Entrance Test is a university-level entrance test organized by Manipal Academy of Higher Education.
    • GSAT – Organized by GITAM Institute of Science which is a part of GITAM university.
    • CUET

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