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Sacred Geometry Metatron’s Cube

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Sacred Geometry And The Metatrons Cube Explained

Metatron’s Cube – Sacred Geometry

Simply explained it is a 2D geometric figure created from 13 circles. All of which are similar, one to the other. The Lines are drawn to pass through each of the circles at the centre. A principal circle stands at the centre, and the straight lines to the other 12 circles pass through its centre. Six of the thirteen circles are arranged in a hexagonal form around the central circle. The remaining six extend out along the same radial lines.

In its complex sacred geometry structure the metatrons cube contains the sacred shapes known as five platonic solids: Star Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron

There is a 2D resonance agreement between the Flower of Life and the Metatrons Cube geometric shapes. The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry figure, and its name refers to Metatron mentioned earlier and in apocryphal texts, like the Book of the Palace and the Second Book of Enoch.

Connection To The Teachers Of Light

I invoke the use of Metatrons Cube whenever I feel like I need to be taught something, or want to channel information from the Teachers of Light.

Channeling, not only Archangel Metatron, but also other Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, and spirit guides becomes much simpler when using the spiritual power of the Flower of Life and Metatrons Cube.

Ascension to the 5th Dimension and Becoming a 5th Dimensional Master also becomes much easier when you use such sacred geometries as the Merkaba and Metatrons Cube.

You can activate your living light body through the use of the Merkaba , and by turning on your transpersonal chakra systems to ascend to the 5th Dimension.

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Who Is Archangel Metatron

  • References for 9 Surprising Uses for METATRONS CUBE Sacred Geometry
  • Ascended from the human prophet Enoch, Archangel Metatron is known as the scribe or voice of God, and is one of only two archangels who were once human .

    Having met and worked with Archangel Metatron several times in my own dream travels, I can only describe him as an intense presence.

    His voice is strong and booming, and he himself, is full of extremely powerful light.

    In fact, he has to partially cloak himself to keep from knocking me to the ground in my dreams, which is something Ive never experienced with Archangels Sandalphon, Michael, or Azrael. .

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    Metatrons Cube In Sacred Geometry Its Meaning Origin And Uses

    We will be discussing Metatrons Cube, one of the most important sacred geometry symbols, in todays post. What does the symbol represent? Why is it named after the archangel? What are the common uses for it? The answers to all these questions and more are given in this article. Without further ado, here is all you need to know about Metatrons Cube, its meaning in sacred geometry, origin and uses.

    How To Use Metatrons Cube

    Sacred Geometry Contemporary Art Metatrons Cube Digital ...

    Metatrons Cube follows an energy pattern that begins from its center. With prayers through a powerful archangel, it helps soothe an anxious mind, eliminating the issues that are troubling your soul. The cube shakes off the negativities of even the most challenging of days, saving us from its adverse effects and creating a positive atmosphere. This spiritual symbol has many uses and depending on where you are, a Metatron Cube will constantly fit your life.

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    Accessing Energy Through Metatrons Cube

    Sacred geometry is beautiful but knowing how to use it in your spiritual practice isnt always obvious. Metatrons Cube is an excellent example of a complicated-looking sacred shape that has rather practical uses.

    First, lets break down this shape and discuss who Metatron is, then Ill share some ways to start using this symbol in your spiritual practice.

    Faqs About Metatrons Cube

  • How do you use Metatrons cube for meditation? One of the most popular uses for Metatrons cube is in meditation. You can place an image of the cube on the floor or wall and gaze on it as you meditate.
  • Who created Metatrons cube? The exact origins of the cube are unknown, but according to myth, the angel Metatron created it out of his soul.
  • Is Metatrons cube 2D or 3D? The cube can be viewed as a 2 dimensional illustration of a 3 dimensional cube.
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    Metatrons Cube Meaning Sacred Geometry

    Metatrons Cube starts with the Fruit of Life shape, and connects all 13 circles with straight lines. Metatrons Cube includes all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe. Its named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides a connection to the divine. Metatrons Cube is balanced and provides a visual focal point for meditation. It can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Read on to find out more about Metatrons Cube meaning.

    Sacred Geometry Of The Metatrons Cube

    Metatrons Cube 3d with Magnets Sacred Geometry Art

    The Metatrons Cube has great significance in sacred geometry, which is the study of mathematical formulas and shapes to understand the universe. But how was it introduced to the world, who discovered Metatrons Cube?

    The Cube was first discovered by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, and its three-dimensional graphics is considered to have roots in the so-called Natures First Pattern.

    Metatrons Cube is depicted by a Fruit of Life shape or a central circle. This circle is surrounded by six same-sized circles forming a shape of the flower, the Flower of Life. Each of these circles then gives birth to one circle of the same size, making a total of 13 circles.

    These circles are connected to each other with a series of straight lines, which represents the flow of energy between all things in nature. These interconnected lines also form the shapes of the Platonic Solids, which are named after the famous Greek philosopher, Plato. The Platonic Solids are each associated with the main elements that the ancient Greeks believed made up the universe.

    These include the:

    Tetrahedron: The four triangle faces that are associated with the element of earth.

    Cube: The six square faces that are associated with the element of water.

    : The eight triangle faces that are associated with the element of air.

    Dodecahedron: The 12 pentagram faces associated with the element of fire.

    Icosahedron: The 20 triangle faces that are associated with the spirit.

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    Metatron’s Cube And All The Shapes In Creation

    Metatron’s cube contains every shape that exists in the universe God has created, and those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter. They are known as Platonic solids because the philosopher Plato linked them to the spirit world of heaven and the physical elements on Earth. Those three-dimensional shapes appear throughout creation, in all everything from crystals to human DNA.

    In her book “Metatron: Invoking the Angel of God’s Presence,” Rose VanDen Eynden writes that studying Studying sacred geometry “leads one to an understanding of how Creator has structured the physical world around us. Within this plane, certain patterns emerge that point to its unity and connection to a Divine Mind that created it. Timeless geometric codes underlie seemingly disparate things, showing the parallels between patterns in snowflakes, shells, flowers, the corneas of our eyes, the DNA molecule that is the building block of human life, and the galaxy itself in which Earth resides.”

    In his book “Beautiful Schools,” Ralph Shepherd sees the cube as a symbol of how God made shapes fit together throughout creation and how he designed people’s bodies and souls to fit together. “The cube represents the three-dimensionality of space. Within the cube lies the sphere. The cube represents the body with our third-dimensional reality, of manifested thought. The sphere within represents the consciousness of spirit within us, or, as is commonly known, our soul.”

    Meaning And Symbolism Of Metatrons Cube

    Metatrons cube wall art by Metal wall art gift. See it here.

    Many have used Metatrons cube to understand the intangible aspects of life. It might appear somewhat esoteric, but here are some of its meanings:

    • Balance and Harmony In sacred geometry, the symbol represents the balance of energy within the universe. If you look closely at the symbol, youll notice how all things are connected regardless of how seemingly small or insignificant they areand pulling one string will affect everything. The circles are connected by lines which show the harmony of all things. Its also said that the circles of Metatrons cube symbolize the feminine, while the straight lines represent the masculine. Many use the symbol as an inspiration for personal transformation.
    • A Symbol of Creation Metatrons cube is said to represent all the geometric shapes found in nature. Ancient civilizations and the mystics regarded it as the map of creation. Nowadays, some scholars still believe that the symbol is the building block of everything in the universe, and even reveals the inner knowledge of the divine.
    • Healing and Protection In some cultures, Metatrons cube is used for guidance, healing and protection. As a guardian of heavenly secrets and the highest of angels, Metatrons is said to be capable of attracting positive forces and dispelling negative energies.

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    Symbolism Of Metatrons Cube The Meaning Behind The Symbol

    Metatrons Cube is meant to symbolize the journey, transfer, and the interconnected nature of energy across the cosmos and the balance and harmony in the universe.

    The straight lines connecting the circles symbolize the feminine and masculine duality of nature that remain intimately tied together indicating that everything in the universe is interconnected with each other. If you pull one string, its vibrations will be felt in every connected string and element.

    Metatrons Cube is also a representation of the constant flow of the energy in the universe. Although the point of origin of the energy may be the Tree of Life that Metatron guards, the energy moves through the archangel and can travel to the furthest reaches of creation.

    Believers say that Metatron ensures that all energy maintains its proper balance so that all elements of nature remain in harmony.

    Since the Cube represents the equilibrium of elements and energy, it can be used as a tool to connect with the Archangel Metatron in order to promote stability and peace.

    Ancient scholars also believed that people can derive inspiration from the Cube which can be used for personal transformation. By contemplating the patterns of the Metatron Cube, people can achieve spiritual progression and enlightenment and gain inner knowledge of the divine forces that rule the universe.

    Understanding These Sacred Geometry Symbols And Their Meanings

    Sacred Geometry Contemporary Art Metatrons Cube Digital ...

    Meditating with these sacred geometry symbols will surely lift your spirits to a higher vibrational frequency.

    Once you have grasped the meaning behind each symbol, you can now use them as an anchor for your manifesting. For example, you can balance your chakras by using the Seed of Life.

    You can purchase a Seed of Life card, or you can draw the shape yourself. Treat each circle as your own chakra and color them with their corresponding hues.

    As you get to each circle, try tapping into its assigned chakra energy. You can also use other divinatory tools such as crystals when meditating with these sacred geometry symbols.

    Whats your favorite sacred geometry symbol? Share it with us in the comments below!

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    What Is Metatrons Cube

    Metatrons Cube is a very complex sacred geometry that begins with the Flower of Life. It contains all 5 Platonic Solids , and therefore contains ALL creative possibilities.

    Although the meaning of Metatrons Cube doesnt have the same deep religious and historical roots as the Merkaba in the Kabbalah, its spiritual significance is still very powerful.

    The Flower of Life is the fluidly moving perfected image for Creations Divine plan, but it is fluid. It is not solid. A new configuration for creation was needed in order to create in the physical realm.

    Metatrons Cube does just that, it creates a very stable feminine and masculine structure for the Flower of Life to blossom and fluidly create.

    Metatrons Cube thus provides a perfect balance for the expression of Universal Power to harmoniously create in the physical realm on Earth.

    How To Use And Create It

    Orthographic projections can create many of the lines connecting the circles in the Metatrons Cube. The lines are drawn in a pattern including a cube, a 3D projection of a tesseract. Projections of a double tetrahedron, stellated octahedron and an octahedron.

    Many icosahedron and dodecahedrons also fit the pattern of the Metatrons Cube. However, the vertices of the dodecahedral and icosahedral shapes do not have any coincidence with the central circle in the 13 circles that make it up.

    Given that the center of each of the circles is a node, and the nodes are connected one to the other. The process creates 78 lines. Many other shapes can also be formed within it. Like a 2D flattened version of the popular five platonic solids.

    The Metatron forms the pattern from his soul, according to early Kabbalist scriptures.

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    How To Draw Metatrons Cube

    Considered as a design of wholeness, Metatrons Cube is an image of elegance, simplicity, and nobility. Its majestic portrait mystically stimulates as the different aspects of its various lines and shapes bring up resistance that ultimately raises our spirits. For an image that includes an intricate series of lines and circles, illustrating the Cube is relatively easy. As it is a design staple for generation, grab your straight-edge, a compass, and pencil, and lets get drawin.

    What Can You Use Metatron’s Cube For In Your Daily Life

    The Secret of Metatron’s Cube and Sacred Geometry

    This complex symbol has a lot of uses, and depending on your needs you can find some aspect of it to fit into your life.

    One common thing Metatron’s Cube is used for is as a meditation aid. By following the pattern of energy, starting at the center, it allows you to follow the pattern as a guide. Looking through the complexity to find the simple shapes, and to see the interplay between them, can be very soothing. Additionally, though, it can help you unlock the issues you’re dealing with in your life, finding the hidden meaning that lies just beneath the surface.

    For others, Metatron’s Cube operates as a kind of cleansing device. By imagining the symbol not as a stationary thing, but moving in a clockwise direction, it repulses and disperses negative energy while acting as a kind of battery for you to draw energy from. This centrifugal force, even if it’s only in your mind, can allow you to shake off the negativity of a difficult day, and move forward with positive energy flowing into and through you.

    Lastly, Metatron’s Cube is thought of as a powerful symbol of protection against negative energy, or even darker influences. Putting it on your doors or windows would keep out unwanted influences, while allowing positive energy to flow into your home. Wearing it as jewelry, or getting it as a tattoo, is often used as a means of shielding yourself from all the negativity in the wider world, and plugging yourself into that flow of divine light.

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    Sacred Geometry And The Platonic Solids

    If you’re not sure what the term sacred geometry means, it refers to the study of shapes and mathematical formulas that appear in nature. For example, the hexagonal shapes of a honeycomb, or the spiral on many snail shells were seen by philosophers as providing clues to the underlying structure of the world. An idea that wasn’t exactly wrong, as early humans used these shapes to build classic structures like the Parthenon and the Great Pyramids, and modern humans saw that these sacred shapes repeat all the way down to the molecular level in nature. That’s the reason why certain shapes are regarded as unlocking the keys to understanding, if you contemplate them, and understand the meaning inherent in what they represent.

    One particular piece of sacred geometry are the Platonic Solids, which got their name from the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. These shapes represent all of the polygons that can be made with the same shape as all of their faces. The ancient Greeks associated them with the five elements , and it is this connection that made these shapes so useful as metaphors and symbols in explaining deeper truths about the world.

    If you’re wondering what they have to do with Metatron’s Cube, it’s because the Platonic Solids are the building blocks of this symbol.

    Christian Art And Ancient Civilizations

    The cubes have a track in Christian tradition. And it floats behind him or appear on his chest. Some consider it as a holy glyph also. It can be used to ward off satanic powers and demons when it is drawn around a person or an object.

    The ancient civilizations, sage, and mystics have revered this symbol through life. Its earliest history could be traced to some 13 billion years ago. And it is the big bang.

    It further explains the intelligence of God in giving birth to the universe. It also opens human eyes to the expanding field of creation in every direction of space and time.

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    This Is The Geometry Of Metatron

    This is a cubed pentagon, it has the exact same design as Metatrons cubeThe pentagon has 5 polar points that are 72 degrees apart360 / 5 = 72All polar points in sacred geometry must be whole numbers, the cant be irrational numbers

    This represents the tree of life from the 5 polar point, cubed pentagons perspectiveThis one is upside down as related to the cubed pentagon, but you can still see the connectionAll of the various geometries have a feminine aspect which performs the same function

    This is a 5 point flower of life

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