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Geometry Dash 2.1 Info

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Geometry Dash Update 2.1 Sneak Peek

Geometry Dash 2.1 is definitely the game to play so let’s get to the work right now and make sure that you will find the perfect way to avoid dashing with your square, which will be permanently sliding on the floor of the game screen, into the other borders or different spikes, because this involves your death too. Let’s start this race as soon as it is possible so click or press the up arrow key, when you are closer to an ostable but do not press it when you are too close, because this way you risk to get stuck or get stung in the worst way possible. You must have played this kind of games before so you should know how to deal with this situation, so this is just another version of Geometry Dash, the 2.1 version of the original one. The square is black this time, on a blue background but the spikes are as sharp as usual. Good luck once again and become the greatest, applying your ability too and proving that you are the best when it comes to this cool and so incredible Geometry Dash game, dealing with this square! Let’s start right now and be a real master in this accuracy challenge, with geometrical shapes!

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When Will The Infamous Geometry Dash 22 Update Arrive We Investigate

Geometry Dash is a tough game that has formed a large community since launching over seven years ago. f youre curious what might be awaiting you in the games next update, weve had a trawl through the information thats out there.

Many fans are eagerly anticipating the Geometry Dash 2.2 update, but when is it coming? Unfortunately there isnt a solid Geometry Dash 2.2 update release date set in stone yet, but past updates brought fresh levels, achievements, and a new game mode. The last major update came over three years ago and primarily focused on quality-of-life improvements like bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and improvements to the in-game editor, but weve got big expectations for the upcoming release. Keep checking back, as well be sure to keep this page updated as new information drops.

If youre a big Geometry Dash fan and want to know more about the game, be sure to take a look at our Geometry Dash APK mod and Geometry Dash Scratch guides.

Geometry Dash 22 Update Release Date Speculation

RobTop Games has a track record of teasing upcoming updates well in advance of their release date. For example, work in progress images for update 2.0 were posted to the developers social media channels in December 2014, over eight months before the update was released.

The same is true for 2.2, which fans have been anticipating for years. A cryptic image hinting at an upcoming song was uploaded almost three years ago in February 2018. More recently, a new level editing system was showcased on the developers YouTube channel last January, teasing features like an auto-draw function.

RobTop Games also held an icon designing competition which ended in December, writing on Twitter last October that after 2.2 there will be another Icon Contest. Separately, a jet pack mode has been showcased on the developers Twitch channel.

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User Levels In Geometry Dash

User Levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels made by players using the built-in level editor. Depending on the complexity and quality of a level, ratings may be assigned to it. There are three different categories of ratings: star, feature, and epic.

Easy levels are those that end with a 2 star reward. Other than auto levels, these are the easiest levels to finish and have the lowest degree of difficulty.

Normal levels are those that end with a 3 star award.

Hard levels are levels that reward 4 or 5 stars when completed.

Insane levels are levels that reward 8 or 9 stars when completed.

Demon levels are levels that reward 10 stars when completed. They are the most challenging levels in Geometry Dash, and finishing them generally takes a lot of practice and effort. Update 2.1 further splits Demon levels into 5 tiers of escalating difficulty:

Interesting Comments By Other Players

Geometry Dash Sub Zero 1.0 (Todo Desbloqueado)

Viprin: Damn, I like the new ball icon! 😀

ray: youtube really gotta recommend this to us all after having to wait 4 years for 2.2

Vacuumelt: Crazy that Im getting this right now, as Im awaiting the 2.2 sneak peek

Anonymous: GD: You could not live with your own failureMe: Where did that bring you?GD: Back to me5 years and Im ready for 2.2 BRING IT ON!

Chiinuball: Its great that we got a sneak peek, but I think we still have to wait, the last time the update came only after more that half of a year after the sneak peek.

SoulsTRK: Wow! you really surprise me! awesome job 🙂

Longcowgaming: wow, this level looks so fun! i cant wait until 2.1 comes out

Owen Vivado: Fun fact: the dash orb effect from this sneak peek was later used for the other fireball in todays level editor

Gdashfan13 GD: Now looking back to this sneak peek seems nostalgic after the 2.2 sneak peek and man does it feel good 🙂

RedRagnarok : Me salio en recomendados justo cuando vi el Sneak Peek de la 2.2

Albb: Its here! The 2.2 sneak peak is finally here after FOUR YEARS

Jorge001YT GD: 5años Para la sneak Peek 2.2!!!!! valieron la pena!

Nicolas YouTube: Lets rewind the RobTop videos while were waiting for the new 2.2 sneak peek

Cooper: 2016?! Thats nostalgia man.

Tranquility: We finally got a 2.2 sneak peek. 5 years later.

Cocoa: Man this update looks cool, wonder when its coming out! Im sure the update after wont take too long either!

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What Will Geometry Dash 22 Contain

The developer has said little officially on what the update will contain and didnt immediately respond to our request for comment.

The problem with 2.2 is its a bad cycle. I add stuff and then it takes long and expectations get higher so I add new stuff and then I have a lot of new stuff, the developer said in an interview with GD Colon and Geometry Dash community members in December 2019.

During this interview, the developer hinted at a challenge mode potentially coming with the update, saying you wont see other people and play together you play against each other but you dont see each other so its like live multiplayer. However, the mode was still a bit rough at the time.

In August 2021, we were treated to this sneak peek at the upcoming update. Check it out below.

Official Trailer : Geometry Dash Update 21 Sneak Peek

Geometry Dash Update 2.1 Sneak Peek.

Watch the official trailer Geometry Dash Update 2.1 Sneak Peek for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Update 2.1 sneak peek. Thank you all for 1 million subscribers, youre awesome! :). Song: Fingerbang by MDK. Get Geometry Dash here. Follow for more info

At the time of writing this, the trailer has been viewed more than 10449233 times. This clip has more than 179568 likes.

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How To Play

The player controls the block’s movement via input in the form of a press or hold, with the objective of finishing a level by reaching its end point. If the player causes a collision with an obstruction, the level will begin again from the beginning. The only exception to this rule is the practice mode, , in which the user may add checkpoints to inspect or train the level without it being officially finished. The timing and rhythm of the music in the game are key aspects of the game that are often linked.

  • SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump
  • HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump
  • UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up
  • DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down
  • Don’t touch the spikes, or you will have to restart!

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