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What Jobs Are Related To Marine Biology

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What Does An Aquatic Veterinarian Do

9 Cool Jobs in Marine Biology (part 2) // Careers in Biology

Aquatic veterinarians are responsible for the health management of varied marine species. They are professionally licensed to diagnose and treat these marine animals, including fish, sea turtles, and other aquatic wildlife.

The routine work of these professionals may vary depending on the work environment. They may be treated, conducting basic tests and evaluations to take care of animals. They also give routine vaccinations, take samples of bodily fluids of animals. They work towards giving a proper medical examination of these animals to observe and evaluate their overall behaviours.

These professionals are also responsible for prescribing medicines and follow through with exams after the treatment is done. They work with various veterinary equipment helpful in the medical examination process.

The working hours of an aquatic veterinarian may vary from five to six days a week, depending on the project they are working on. The specific nature of the practice dictates the working hours for these professionals.

They may have to work in an outer environment with animals in horrid weather conditions like large tanks. Furthermore, these professionals may require a scuba diving certificate to work with marine animals. Strong swimming skills will eventually help them with their work and to be an asset to the animals.

Who Is A Marine Scientist

To become a marine scientist, you would require a graduate or higher degree in biology, geology, or environmental science. This is the minimum requirement to join in this field of work. Most employers will accept bachelors degrees, postgraduate, and even doctoral degrees. This required extensive on-field experience to gain insight into the field of study.

Individuals interested in this field are required to have a strong analytical side with reasoning skills. Technical competencies are also an essential part to consider in a marine specialist in software.

Practical skills like working underwater and handling varied marine-based vessels are also important. Diving is another skill that you have to learn to become a marine scientist essentially. Furthermore, you have to work within an extremely hazardous environment for conducting varied types of studies.

Jobs You Can Get With A Marine Biology Degree

Posted: Mar 22, 2021 · 10 jobs in marine biology. Here are 10 jobs you can get with a marine biology degree: 1. Horticulturist. National average salary: $39,926 per year. Primary duties: A horticulturist is a scientist who studies plant species and observes how they grow. Horticulturists can work in plant production to breed new plant species, but they might also …

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What Are The Various Qualifications Required To Become An Aquatic Veterinarian

Aquatic veterinarians are required to graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. This is regarded as a rigorous course that will prepare individuals for a particular field of study.

It includes the study of both small and large marine animals. Many programs offer the DVM degree for individuals interested in the field. Furthermore, there is a licensing exam that they have to clear to become a full-time aquatic veterinarian.

What Does The Ocean Have To Do With The Economy

Biology &  Biotech Websites

Consider the economy. Through the fishing and boating industry, tourism and recreation, and ocean transport, one in six U.S. jobs is marine-related. Coastal and marine waters support over 28 million jobs. U.S. consumers spend over $55 billion annually for fishery products. Then theres travel and tourism.

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Jobs Similar To A Marine Biologist

Posted: Oct 20, 2021 · The most similar career to a marine biologist may be that of a zoologist or a wildlife biologist who specializes in land animals. These scientists perform many of the same research-related job duties to study various animal species in order to more fully understand the animal’s physical and social characteristics, how it interacts with its …

How To Become A Scuba Diving Instructor And Underwater Filmmaker

To become a scuba diving instructor and underwater filmmaker, one would need the basic skill of generic photography. They need to have the knowledge set and skills required to become a professional photographer. This profession requires a lot of dedication to achieve the perfect shots within the aquatic environment.

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What Are The Qualifications Required To Become A Marine Scientist

Choosing a stream of study which includes marine science, geology, zoology, or even maritime studies could be a door to becoming a marine scientist.

However, for better and permanent positions in the field, you may require a PhD or a Masters in Science. In the postdoctoral research field, you are tasked with completing a particular project on a given topic of your choice. In addition, you have to publish it in an academic profile which will be essential for you in the long run.

Is Marine Biology A Good Career

Cool Jobs: Marine Biology

Most marine biologists do their jobs because they love the work. It is a benefit in itself, even though compared to some other jobs, they dont make a lot of money, and the work is not always steady. You will need to be good at science and biology to complete the education necessary to become a marine biologist.

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Explore Marine Biologist Career Resources

Dive into some of our favourite resources for marine biologists such as:

What Do Marine Archaeologists Actually Do

First of all, they have to learn scuba diving to be able to explore the ocean floors. These professionals also use tools developed and designed by marine scientists and engineers to explore the aquatic environment. They carry out their research on particular topics of exploration.

For instance, they may use magnetic and acoustic remote sensors to find and locate varied sites to study those places. Furthermore, this will be essential in keeping a record of the locations along with the discoveries made.

Moreover, these professionals have to handle, analyze, and record varied ocean floor discoveries. They have to conduct studies based on the ship logs using legal records and various records of explorers.

These professionals have to write and manage reports based on the recommendations made. They are handled with the task to navigate boats to different archaeological site locations. They are also responsible for writing articles and books for varied academic journals.

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What Do Scuba Diving Instructors And Underwater Filmmakers Do

Once an individual is fluent in the language of photography, they can be really confident about aquatic photography. The first thing they have to learn is scuba diving which requires certification.

The certification program is essential to enrol in underwater photography courses. There are many programs from which an individual can be assured of becoming an underwater filmmaker. Professional scuba divers will carry out the scuba diving lessons.

The fundamentals of photography and scuba diving can be cleared up during the training sessions. You will essentially learn everything there is to learn about underwater photography without any hassles. Furthermore, you can specialize in scientific photography with its varied techniques to clear your doubts. There are many courses dedicated to underwater photography, so that you will have no trouble in that regard.

Who Is A Marine Environment Educator/oceanographer

The career of_marine_biology_pp_2003[1]

A marine environment educator or an oceanographer is primarily a biological oceanographer, chemical oceanographer, or even a physical oceanographer. There are different job descriptions based on the type and work environment. These professionals work on researching and studying the ocean and sea life.

They also work towards gathering knowledge on the varied weather and climate of the ocean environment. Furthermore, they study towards preserving the ecosystem of the ocean and all the natural sources of water. They dedicate their professional life to predicting different weather patterns and determining the position of the tectonic plates.

Moreover, they can get different job positions based on the degrees they have. For higher-level jobs, they may require advanced training options.

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What Kind Of Job Does An Oceanographer Have

An oceanographer is a specialized type of geoscientist geoscientists study the physical aspects of earth, while oceanographers specifically study the ocean. They analyze the movements and physical and chemical properties of ocean waters, and how those properties affect coastal areas, climate and weather.

What Does A Marine Biologist Do

Their research typically involves conducting species inventories, testing and monitoring sea creatures exposed to pollutants, collecting and testing ocean samples, preserving specimens and samples of unknown species and diseases, and mapping the distribution, ranges, or movements of marine populations.

In some cases, they may recommend alternative industrial practices to minimize negative effects on marine species and habitats. They may also communicate their findings and recommendations by writing reports and scientific journal articles.

Some marine biologists specialize in marine biotechnology. In other words, they investigate the adaptations and advantages of marine species and how they might be applied to industrial processes. For instance, one biotech company has mimicked the structure of shark skin to create doorknobs that germs and viruses such as MRSA can’t attach to. This is a promising and interesting area of the field.

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Careers In Marine Biology

Specialising in a particular area is often required to progress in your career, whether that is a career in research, or any other career path. Even though many Marine Biologists hold degrees in various marine related subjects, the real key to getting into a career in marine biology successfully is gain experience relevant to what you want to do, or even in general. Work experience can be paid or voluntary, but voluntary work experience is often the best way in. There is a lot of competition for jobs in Marine Biology, meaning that experience can have a big influence on whether you stand out from the competition. Experience helps to prove your commitment and dedication, as well as enhance your skillset. Places that could help you gain work experiences are going through university departments, government bodies, marine related organisations, research institutes and applying to volunteer at local organisations. Attending events or conferences relevant to marine biology, or even science in general can be brilliant ways to learn and gain relevant skills. Wildlife trusts, local charities, marine conservation organisations, ocean cleans ups etc. can be excellent experience especially in terms of field work. Local or university societies can also help you connect with others interested in marine biology or already in the field networking is very important.

Not all marine biologist work in the field but some do! Image: MBA.

Additional Resources:

How To Become An Aquatic Veterinarian

Best Websites for Finding Marine Biology Careers // How to Find the Best Marine Biology Jobs

To become an aquatic veterinarian, one requires a board certification. This will include many years of practical training sessions. Moreover, they will be supervised by professionals in a particular field of study. Its their job to provide preventive measures towards animals.

They are supposed to give caregiving advice along with recommending policy changes that will benefit the aquatic population. These professionals need proper skills and knowledge to handle immunization programs, giving dietary change advice, and help endangered species.

Aquatic veterinarians may work for zoos, pet stores, or even aquaculture farms, organizations dealing with clinic jobs.

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Ocean Jobs: A Marine Careers List For Water Lovers

Posted: Is a Maritime Career Right for You? What are maritime careers? These are careers that have to do Careers in Marine Biology. Do you have a love for the ocean? Are you interested in jobs working Careers in Ocean Preservation. The preservation of our oceans and other bodies of water are not Jobs That Involve Diving and Going Underwater. Many marine jobs involve spending time in the Marine Jobs that Stay on Land. When people think of marine jobs, they often think of working Dive In Now that youve learned about careers related to oceanography, you understand some of See full list on

What Are The Qualifications Required To Become A Scuba Diver And Underwater Filmmaker

You need to have a diving certification for scuba diving to become a professional underwater filmmaker. There are divisions of programs offering you many choices of underwater filmmaking. First, there is a certification based on the basic levels, which more rigorous training sessions will follow.

Essentially, this will help you to prepare for a diverse range of filmmaking projects. You can become a diving master within just three months of learning scuba diving. Furthermore, there has to be proper utilisation of the knowledge gathered in the particular field of specialisation.

You need to have great skills in photography to go further into the career of being a scuba diver and underwater filmmaker. There will be much deflection of light and distortions due to the aquatic environment.

One needs to be aware of the harsh conditions within the depths and surface of the water during photography sessions. Its assumed that a skilled underwater photographer can capture ethereal images of aquatic mammals and the environment.

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Best Marine Biology Jobs

Posted: 255 marine biology jobs available. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New marine biology careers are added daily on The low-stress way to find your next marine biology job opportunity is on SimplyHired. There are over 255 marine biology

What Are The Top Marine Biologist Skills

Marine biologist

To give a snapshot of some common skills and experience employers are looking for, weve summarised key skills from 13 job descriptions for marine biologists posted over the past 4 years. These jobs include:

  • Olive Ridley Project
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • Data analysis, e.g. using R
  • Technical and report writing skills / preparing publications
  • Taxonomic skills
  • Dive certification at varying levels
  • GIS , GPS and spatial analysis
  • Project management including planning, funding, implementation and reporting
  • Animal husbandry
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to interact with a broad range of stakeholders / partners / audiences / technical backgrounds
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to work independently / with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • MS office packages, specifically Excel and PowerPoint
  • Delivering presentations
  • Experience with specific taxonomic groups


  • Living or working in a particular region or context
  • Working in remote locations and/or with limited resources and/or challenging situations
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Working with customers / guests / volunteers
  • Working with local communities
  • Knowledge of marine environmental regulations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Managing external consultants/contractors
  • Specialist experience such as bioacoustics

You can also check out , which gives real-life feedback to applicants for one of the organisations job opportunities.

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What Societies And Professional Organisations Of Marine Biologists Exist

  • There are 100s of societies and professional organisations for marine biologists worldwide. Here are a few to get you started:
  • Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. ASLO is a scientific society originally established in 1936 with the goal of advancing the sciences of limnology and oceanography. This vibrant community publishes journals, offers fellowships and travel grants, provides many resources , offers discounts on professional development opportunities and much more for very affordable membership fees.
  • . Active since 1884, MBA is one of the worlds longest-running societies dedicated to promoting research into our oceans and the life they support, with membership in over 40 countries. Membership includes access to publications, bursaries, networking, discounts, jobs and internships and much more. MBA also run a leading marine biological research laboratory where 7 Nobel prize winners have carried out their research.
  • The MarineBio Conservation Society. MarineBio is a nonprofit volunteer marine conservation and science education group active since 1998. They work online together to educate the world about ocean life, marine biology, marine conservation, and to provide a sea ethical that we should all attempt to follow.
  • . CSI is an all-volunteer, non-profit conservation, education and research organization working on behalf of cetaceans and their marine environment. They offer grants and resources.

A List Of Unique And Interesting Marine Careers

By MI News Network | In: | Last Updated on August 26, 2021

Fancy a career in the sea? Are you one of those who find a job that allows them to stay close to waters fascinating? Do you wish to be able to make your love for the thrill of the ocean into a profession?

Well, then the answers for you are simpler, and the good news is you dont have to be a mariner discovering new lands or a pirate to enjoy marine careers. The options in maritime careers today are immense.

As long as you have a passion for this line of work, you can expect to find something to your liking while keeping your passion alive for sure.


A Maritime degree today comes with options varying a lot, ranging from being a biologist to unearthing secrets of ocean beds. The diversity of maritime courses is so huge that there is something for everyone with any kind of interest.

Here are a few fantastic ebooks to get important maritime information in the next couple of minutes!

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