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Fun Geometry Projects For High School

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Radical Equation Hot Potato

Hands-on Activities for Triangles in Geometry Classes : High School Geometry

Explain to students that this activity is similar to the traditional hot potato game, with a minor modification of adding a radical equation challenge. To do this activity, youll designate an object that will serve as a hot potato. This could be a small object, such as a small beanbag or even a real potato.

Create several cards with radical equation challenges to be solved by students, such as:

= 1 or 5 = 0.

Now ask students to sit in a circle and start handing the hot potato. You can choose the student that you want to start with, give them the hot potato, and ask them to pick a card from the pile of cards. Just make sure the cards are facing downwards.

Once they get a radical equation to solve, they hand the hot potato to the person next to them, and they try to solve the radical equation before the hot potato has been passed around by everyone in the circle and comes back to them.

If they dont have the correct answer by then, they lose one point. If they have the correct answer, they win one point.

Assign A Job + Bills With Due Dates

At the beginning of the month, assign your high school students one of four jobs. Based on the job they get, theyll be assigned a list of bills with due dates, and a blank monthly money calendar.

Let your students know theyll be paying bills over the course of the next month, according to when they are due. Also, tell the students there will be two paydays for the month, and that theyll be paid pretend money on these days .

Theyll take their bills sheet, and correctly fill in their monthly money calendar with each of the due dates, plus their paydays. They are then responsible for paying each of these bills by the due date .

You can choose how to keep track of everything, but I would recommend a bill pay pocket chart.

Heres how I set mine up to test everything out:

These two items were enough for a class of 30 students:

What Math Classes Do Architects Take In College

High school geometry projects can help students apply theoretical concepts to real life applications of geometry. This not only helps students understand and remember principles of geometry but also stimulates their interest and their desire to continue studying mathematics and science subjects. Teachers can also use advanced high school projects as a stepping stone between high school and college to help students get used to college-level expectations and skills in a high school environment.

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Geometry Activities To Engage Students Across Grade Levels

If you look around your classroom, theres a good chance you can spot geometry everywhere in squares on the calendar, long hexagonal pencils or rectangular rugs.

Geometry is full of important foundational concepts, but not all students learn best through lectures and endless practice problems. Luckily, its easy to connect your geometry lesson plans to real-world applications! Geometry activities can give your students hands-on experience and engage them in the learning process.

Try these 15 fun activities to help you teach geometry and shape your students into curious, excited learners.

Build 3d Shapes With Toothpicks And Playdough

Geometry Roller Coaster Project

Provide students with toothpicks and playdough or marshmallows, and challenge them to build 3D shapes like prisms and cubes. Its a great way for students to understand the properties of 3D shapes in real life!

Plus, students can use this activity to bring 2D shapes to life and understand relevant concepts like vertices, angles and sides.

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Add An Artistic Component For A Steam Approach

Your artistic and visually minded students will appreciate math lessons that allow their creativity to play a colorful role. This Mandala Math template combines art, math, and meditation in a way that will give each student practice measuring, using a compass, calculating radius and circumference, and expressing their individuality.

Ideas For Maths Project For Class 7

Some of the ideas for the projects on mathematics for class 7 are:

  • Practical Applications of different chapters

  • As stated above, maths is a practical subject and it is very important to understand the concepts. The best way to do this will be to allow students to undergo practical examples related to different chapters and come up with creative problem statements, ideas, and solutions. For example, the student can find out the average amount spent on the purchase of different items, or he/she can find out the profit or the loss of the shopkeeper, etc.

  • Formula lists

  • Making a formula list will be a great project work because it will not only help the student in the short run but also facilitate his/her learning before the exams and in the case of higher education. This will serve both as a research and as a document of reference.

  • Puzzles and brain teasers projects

  • Puzzles and brain teasers are a very dynamic way of inculcating knowledge, fostering creativity, and facilitating practical viewpoints. This helps a student to think and come up with answers along with reasons to support it. It helps them in a better decision making process.

  • Algebraic expressions

  • Students are exposed to a new field of mathematics in class 7 which is algebra. Good project work can help a student to develop a strong base in understanding different algebraic equations and expressions. This project work can include a number of numerical, interesting problem statements, and mental math calculations.

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    Adding Binomials Snake Game

    Create a game based on a narrative to get your students practicing adding two or more binomials. Youll need to print out boarding passes, worksheets with math problems for each student, as well as the answer keys to all worksheets .

    Start by creating the worksheets. Create several sets of worksheets for each group. The worksheets for each student in a group should be the same, but they should be different from other groups.

    Each worksheet should contain 6 binomial addition problems, including easier ones, such as adding two, three binomials with a single variable, as well as more difficult ones, like adding three binomials with multiple variables.

    Draw airplane seats on the worksheets and write one binomial problem per plane seat .

    Include a short narrative at the beginning of each worksheet:

    Youre a passenger on a plane and your plane is infested with snakes. The snakes are hiding under some of the seats in the plane, but its not known where exactly. In order to find out if theres a snake under your seat, youll have to add the math binomials written on your seat. Remember, the snakes are only hiding under the seats for which the answer is 0.

    Then, make sure to include at least one math problem in each worksheet for which the answer is zero such as: + .

    Help Your Students Get The Most From Your Geometry Unit

    Isometric Drawing Activity for high school geometry

    Theres something for every student in your geometry unit hands-on practice, real-life applications, and opportunities for engaging classroom games.

    Use these 15 activities to reinforce key concepts and keep students excited about the learning process. Soon theyll be geometry masters!

    Join Prodigy Math Game for more ways to deliver fun, curriculum-aligned geometry practice. Your free teacher account includes tools that help you align the questions students answer as they play with what youre teaching in the classroom! Plus, get student insights and easy differentiation in just a few clicks.

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    children’s bible lessons on fear

    About high school geometry triangle project

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    Create Line Segments With Geoboards

    It might surprise your students to learn that, in math class, a line isnt just a line. Whether youre studying perpendicular lines or line segments, use geoboards to display different concepts in a hands-on way.

    There are lots of words to know when it comes to geometry, so use the geoboards to reinforce new vocabulary and encourage math talk in your classroom.

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    Brought To You By Hmh Mathematics

    Find more unique and cutting-edge ideas for teaching algebra at HMH Mathematics.

    If youve ever struggled to keep your students attention during your middle or high school algebra and geometry classes, you know just how important it is to mix it up a bit with creative teaching ideas. Thomas Edison said, Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. So here is your chance to dress your lessons up in some fancy finery that looks more like a game, a work of art, or a barrel of laughs. The best thing about these out-of-the-box math ideas is that your students will learn the same important skills that they might have overlooked on the pages of their math textbooks.

    Math Games & Puzzles Worksheets

    The Secondary Classroom can be fun too.....: End of the ...

    games & puzzles> math games & puzzles worksheets

    Below are a number of printable worksheets of math games and puzzles for high school students.

    Math puzzles and games can be very unusual and entertaining. They’re great as a classroom warmup or post exam activity. Use them as mind-stretchers and a way of developing the logic side of the brain.

    High School Teachers – you’re welcome to copy these worksheets for classroom use. Parents – if you’d like to help your child learn math we suggest you start with our math tutorial section before returning to use these worksheets.

    • Spend one million dollars exactly.
    • Year 6 to 8
    • Use of mathematics in professions.
    • Year? Any

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    Fortify Skills With Geometry Worksheets

    The internet is a wonderful tool especially when it comes to finding geometry worksheets. Just head to your favorite site and print some off as a homework activity or for early finishers.

    Use geometry worksheets to have students practice concepts at a level thats right for them or use Prodigy to send an online assignment they can work on at school or at home.

    • The highest number of circles

    Or anything else you think they could search for in your classroom!

    For more learning, have students calculate the surface area of shapes, record their finds in a math journal and describe their properties independently or in small groups.

    Bonus: Tradeoffs And Prioritizing Money

    To increase the budgeting part of this, you could come up with things that pretend money can buy.

    This would mean that the students need to prioritize their money and make sure they have enough of it left to pay for each bill by its deadline.

    For tight budgets, you can use privileges.

    Such as:

    • $10 buys you 5 extra minutes on an educational computer game
    • $15 buys you one late homework pass
    • $XX buys you XXX

    Could make things more interesting!

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    Can Be Used With Virtual Students

    In the spring of 2020 when we were virtual becauseof the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the Google Slides presentation, Ialso required that each group make a video of them talking through their Google Slides presentation. Students posted their videos on Padlet.com. Eachstudent was also required to watch and comment on at least two other groups videos.

    I did not take the time to walk through the creation of the spreadsheet when we were virtual I didnt want to keep them on theGoogle Meet for that length of time. I posted my master spreadsheet on myclass website for them to download and use. I also did not require the students to visit “the bank” to ask for a loan. I gave every group the same terms for the loans.

    It was trickier in 2020 for thegroups to work together and they told me later it was more challenging to keepup with the deadline. But I was pleased with the final projects they produced.

    Great Games Apps And Sites For Geometry

    Fun Activities on Square Roots for Middle School : Math Concepts

    Whether your students are studying shapes, parallel lines, triangles, or trigonometry, this hand-picked list of geometry resources has something for you. Students will begin to learn many foundational skills as well as some of the problem-solving, spatial-reasoning, and logic skills that are used by architects, engineers, and other professionals. From picking out new furniture to buying the right amount of paint, the practical uses of measurement and space will become apparent quickly. Try a new tool and help your students’ geometry knowledge take shape!

    Interested in seeing how two of the best geometry apps, The Land of Venn and Dragonbox Elements, compare? Check out our EdTech Showdown.

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    Abc’s Of Geometry Project

    In this geometry project, students create a booklet that demonstrates their mastery of geometry vocabulary. Students find a geometry vocabulary word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Then they write the definition and draw a picture representing that word.

    I give points for creativity. color, and neatness. Also, I make sure to tell students that the definition should be in their OWN WORDS, not copied from the internet! I also remind students that the words should only relate to geometry. For example, D is for Derivative would not work.

    Some useful websites for students to use are Math Words and Math Glossary. I usually supply paper, markers, and crayons for this project. If you dont have these supplies, you could alway make this a digital project. Students could create a PowerPoint presentation instead of a booklet. I personally like the booklet better because I see more of the students creativity.

    Art Of Geometry Project

    This project is perfect for those artistic students in your classroom. Students will create a 3-dimensional art sculpture using geometric shapes. They must use color, a variety of materials, and creativity.

    I also assign a writing component to this project. Students must write 2 paragraphs about how they made their project and their inspiration for their project. This gives me an idea of the time and energy they spent on their sculpture. I love reading about their inspiration, too!

    I do not supply any materials for this project. Some students use styrofoam, wood, metal, paper, paint, etc. The possibilities are endless. I tell students that they dont necessarily have to buy the materials. They could use things around their house .

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    Geometry Projects Idea #: Teach A Topic

    This is a simple project that makes a big impact. In the classroom, when I struggle to come up with a project suitable for a unit, this is my go-to. Depending on the unit, I either assign or allow students to choose a topic, and then I have students create a poster. The direction I give is to create a poster so that someone that never learned the topic before would understand it. A variation of this project that I sometimes use is to create a slideshow. With distance learning, students could create an infographic using online applications like Picmonkey or Canva, or students could create videos of themselves explaining their topics. The possibilities are endless, and this is easily adaptable to your student population.

    For each of these geometry projects, it is up to you what parameters you want to set. Do students have to incorporate at least 5 different constructions? Do they have to find at least 6 different geometry terms in real-life? I suggest keeping it simple for grading purposes. Bonus project idea: You could offer students an option of two or three projects so students can play to their strengths.

    Pick 3 Scenarios To Create A Budget Around

    What Does a Math Teacher Do in the Summer?

    Either pick three scenarios from the brainstormed list that every student in your entire class will work on, or let your students pick three different scenarios theyre thinking about living out after they graduate.

    Hint: one of the scenarios can be to create a teen budget for their life right now. Then, they can choose their ideal scenario to budget around, and finally their backup plan scenario to budget around.

    Help your students to first brainstorm the budget line items for each scenario.

    For example, for a first-apartment scenario, they would want to include:

    • Rent
    • Etc.

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    Looking For Math Project Ideas

    The final weeks of the school year have arrived and finding ways to keep your kids actively engaged in the math classroom is more challenging than ever.

    Having students work on math-related projects is a great way to keep their attention and break up the monotony of the normal classroom routine.

    The following list of project ideas can be modified to appropriately challenge and engage math students at the elementary and middle school levels.

    So, which project are you going to share with your kids?

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