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How To Create Chemistry Between Characters

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Andrew Lincoln And Danai Gurira As Rick And Michonne On The Walking Dead

How To Create Chemistry Between Romance Characters

Andrew and Danai’s natural chemistry could be seen by anyone who tuned into an episode of The Walking Dead, so it’s no surprise fans began to ship the two characters right away. Although Andrew and Danai often brushed off questions about Rick and Michonne dating, they eventually shared their first kiss in Season 6. “We wanted it to be these two grownups and warriors who love and respect each other. That’s a given,” Andrew began. “Then they get completely surprised in this moment. And then they look at each other and say, ‘Of course.'” The romance between Rick and Michonne is one of the biggest departures the series has taken from the comics over the course of its run. In the comics, Rick actually ends up with Andrea.

How To Make Your Readers Care About The Romance

You can put a lot of effort into the relationship between two characters, but that doesnt obligate readers to care about it. In order to make your readers care about the romantic plot, you need to make it interesting, and you need to make it meaningful to the storyline. Romance in a story shouldnt exist just for the sole purpose of existing. It should create conflict in the story, illustrate a characters shortcomings or personal development, or just create a fun dynamic that is interesting to read. Ask yourself: what is the purpose of this relationship? If you dont have a good answer, then you need to find a way to make it more integral to the way the story plays out.

In addition to having a purpose in the story, the relationship between the characters should be inherently interesting. In order to achieve that, you should consider a few different factors that would influence your readers perceptions of the relationship.

How Do You Build Chemistry Between Characters

Lets say you are writing a romance, how do you make the relationship seem real and believable?

How do you build a relationship to an audience, so they can feel that the two characters are not forced on each other?

On a basic level theres three easy things and really, these work for any situation not just romcom. 1,) The characters showing concern/compassion toward the others safety, emotions feelings, dreams/ambitions, and obstacles. 2.) A shared past that they look fondly upon and/or value each other for. 3.) Casual shit talking toward each other.

You want to weave these things in casually into their conversations.

Example… Character: I hope this isnt another one of your quick fix plans. Other character: No way. Not that you helped me a whole lot last time. Character: But its still a great story. Other Character: Oh yeah. Now help me pick this up.

I think about opposites. I have to evaluate and show the chemistry between all of my characters, and chemistry is a function of just how strong and unshakeable a characters personal nature/backstory is.

Depending on the characters themselves, romance is going to manifest in different ways. My main romantic pairing begins as near enmity because theyre both very strong willed, intense personalities.

Once you understand their relationship, it’s easier to write the two characters as expressions of that relationship from each of their perspective.

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Who’s The Character Creation Crash Course For

Anyone who wants to write three-dimensional, interesting, believable characters. We use psychological techniques that explain what makes us human to do the very same with our characters.

Courses are taught using a combination of pre-recorded sessions and live workshops. If you can’t attend the live recordings, don’t worry! You’ll get access to the replay.

Anyone who does attend live will get the chance to ask questions about their work-in-progress to solve their character or plot problems.

Love In The Little Things: Writing Love Subtly

Three Keys to Crafting Chemistry Between Characters ...

Love isnt something that everyone expresses the same way. Everyone has their own ways of expressing and cherishing love, so dont assume that theres only one right way to write about it. Some characters may show their love physically, with kisses, hand-holding, and running their fingers through their partners hair. Other characters may show their love through their actions, by staying up with their partner even when theyre exhausted, always giving them the best part of things they share, and preferring to do everything together rather than apart. Some characters may go to great lengths to act on their love for another character, such as changing bad habits, learning how to do things their partner enjoys, and showering their partner in gifts.

Characters showing their love for each other doesnt have to be dramatic. You can illustrate love between two characters in the thousands of little things they do for each other, in the way they look at each other, and the subtle ways they think and talk about each other. Hide hints of their feelings together in every action, every word they say, and your readers will understand their feelings without having to be told.

Remember, when characters really truly love each other, your readers will love them too.

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Are The Stakes Big Enough Is There Tension

In romance, plot and character are closely intertwined, and both can sink a manuscript quick if they dont hit the right notes. Are your characters passive or do they drive the action of your story? What do they have to lose at the start? How about in the middle of the story?

If a character isnt driven to change, nothing is going to happen and youll be stuck with talking heads for 300 pages and a whole lot of boring.

Think about the start of your story. Characters have mostly been hanging out, okay with whats been. But it takes something to shake that up – either a person or an event. Make it big. Make it count. And then do it again, and again, raising those stakes. Give your character two choices, and dont make either too easy. Let your characters make mistakes. Let them be messy humans. And please, for the love of Tom Hardys gorgeous lips, that applies to your heroines too, not just heroes.

Without tension, a story fizzles to a slow death. Tension is what drives characters to make decisions , its what drives scenes, and it helps amp up chemistry between your characters. More on this below. But remember this, you have two characters who have separate lives, fears, and desires who are crashing together as they tumble heart-first into love its not going to be a tidy process.

If youre feeling like your story is flat, go back to the basics here: are the stakes high enough to push the story forward and help your characters reach their HEA?

Kat Graham And Michael Malarkey As Bonnie And Enzo On The Vampire Diaries

Kat and Michael’s instant chemistry was so apparent that one small scene ended up changing the entire course of their relationship on the show. Creator Julie Plec explained that when the duo shared a scene at the front door of the Salvatore House, she started “quietly shipping” Bonnie and Enzo. So, when Season 7 rolled around, the writers decided to make Bonnie and Enzo a couple and gave fans a flash-forward where we saw them together. “I liked their chemistry and the fun potential of two characters who have every reason not to like each other,” Julie explained. “As Kevin always says, ‘Hate is just love turned inside out.'”

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Sexual Tension Through Contrast

Contrast is another element of sexual tension in bestselling novels.

There are lots of ways contrast can play out in your story. Below Ive listed a few of these ways that I hope will help you inject contrast into your narrative:

  • The two characters should be in contrast to each other
  • They should also act differently with each other than they do with other people in the story.
  • Their dialogue and manner of speech should be different and varied.
  • Each new scene an expression of sexual tension should be different and in contrast with all the other scenes.
  • If there is a love triangle in your story, the two choices for love interests should be in clear contrast with each other.
  • Setting can be another way to contrast characters or a scene. Consider putting your characters in settings that contrast their sexual tension . depending on your story and characters, this could be a bedroom, a boardroom, or a battlefield.

Make The Characters Individually Interesting

How to Build Romantic Tension Between Characters [FREAKY HOT Chemistry]

Long before you even consider the romantic relationship, you need to make sure the characters are interesting on their own. In addition to that, you need to make sure that your readers have time to get to know the characters before you rush them into a relationship with another character. You dont want any characters identity to be tied to their relationship with another personthey need to be complex and unique individuals, both within and outside of their interactions with other characters.

The process of making a compelling character is a little difficult to cover in just one short section, but fundamentally, you should establish several distinct things about each character long before you should consider how to make them fall in love. These things are:

  • Appearance
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Flaws

Each of those aspects is important, but I dont have the space here to talk about all of them. So, I will be focusing on what is arguably the most important point: flaws. Characters should have behaviors or fears they need to overcome, warped beliefs, or some sort of bad habit. These traits might make them confrontational, difficult to love, or even a bit dysfunctionalbut thats the whole point. No one in the world is perfect, so your characters shouldnt be either.

Some great character flaws that work well in romantic stories are:

  • Emotional coldness
  • Naivety
  • Fear of commitment

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Guide: Creating Romantic Chemistry

I want to start by saying that chemistry can exist in any relationshipnot just romantic ones. While this guide is specific to romantic chemistry, if you take out the romantic elements, some of these tips could apply to other relationships, too.

Specific to Anons question: You dont spot romantic chemistry between your charactersyou create it. As much as we like to think of our characters as real people independent of our imaginations, theyre not. Chemistry cant exist between two characters unless you put in all the necessary ingredients.

What is romantic chemistry? Romantic chemistry is a balanced exchange of physical, intellectual, social, or emotional energy between two peoplea constantly shifting dynamic of opposition and harmony. Its often said to begin as a spark or click between two people that indicates theres something special between them.

Romantic chemistry between two PEOPLE requires two or more of the following key ingredients:

1) Physical Attraction – your characters share a desire to touch and be touched. In romance, this is often but not always sexual.

2) Emotional Attraction – your characters share a desire to connect on a deeper level, to learn about each others feelings, beliefs, opinions, and experiences.

3) Intellectual Attraction – your characters share a desire to engage with each others interests, knowledge, and intellect.

Romantic chemistry between two CHARACTERS requires the following key ingredients:

Its All About The Little Things

You notice that new shirt they are wearing and you compliment them on it. You notice that they just had a new haircut thats making them look hot.

They remember you said you loved coconut chocolate so they will surprise you with that same chocolate next time. You remember how they take their coffee.

They can remember a story you told them a month ago and can even retell it if necessary.

The signs of chemistry are most noticeable if you pay attention to those small things.

The details everybody else misses but you keep track of because the other person is important and you are both more than interested in each other.

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What Is Meant By Chemistry Between Two Persons

Simply put, the chemistry between people can be defined as a combination of physical attraction, desire, emotional connection, passion, and crave you cant control. All in all, the best way to look at the chemistry between two people is by considering it as an enormous potential for a great long-term relationship.

According to relationship experts, there exist more types of chemistry : intellectual chemistry, the chemistry of love, and sexual chemistry but all of them together form true chemistry, which is one of the most intense things youll ever feel.

Its the first step toward something that could be amazing if there is compatibility between people who share, if they have really connected with one another when it comes to all these types of chemistry and if they are willing to work toward a relationship from that great chemistry from the beginning by putting in a mutual effort.

So What Is Romantic Chemistry

How to Convey Romantic Chemistry in Stories

Weve all heard romantic chemistry defined as a spark between two people, and this definition isnt wrong. Romantic chemistry is an energetic exchange between people that indicates that romance could exist between them.

Like all relational chemistry, a key ingredient in romantic chemistry is attraction, the pull that interests one person in another. But the types of attraction that create romantic interest will vary from person to person. In fact, there are four main types of attraction that you can use to craft a romantic profile for your characters. Lets take a look:

  • Physical Attraction: a desire to touch and be touched by another person, often in a sexual manner.

  • Intellectual Attraction: a desire to engage with someone due to their intellect and/or interests.

  • Social Attraction: a desire to interact with someone because of their social aptitude their confidence, humor, ambition, likability, and/or particular social personality traits.

  • Emotional Attraction: a desire to connect with someone on a spiritual level, an attraction often prompted by a persons emotional capacity, attitude, beliefs, or shared experiences.

  • On their own, each type of attraction can lead to great platonic relationships. But because romantic relationships are so intimate, romantic chemistry typically cant exist without the presence of two or more of these types of attraction, with emotional attraction often being essential.

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    Hook Your Reader From The Beginning

    Do you want to:

    • Never get stuck on your story again?
    • Create characters that jump off the page and hook your reader?
    • Turn two-dimensional characters into multi-dimensional human beings?
    • Tell stories that your perfect reader can relate to?
    • Dig deeper into your characters’ backstories, motivations, and beliefs?
    • Introduce your characters in an unforgettable way

    In this course, we explore how you can do all this and more. We delve deep into psychology and what makes us human so that we can create characters who feel human, too.

    Whatever type of stories you tell, this course is jam-packed with ideas, techniques, and activities to help you flesh out your characters or even create new ones!

    Lauren Graham And Scott Patterson As Lorelai And Luke On Gilmore Girls

    Originally, Luke was supposed to be a female character named Daisy, but the network asked creator Amy Sherman-Palladino if she could add another male character to the series. So, Amy simply took Daisy and changed her name to Luke. After filming a few episodes, Amy explained that the chemistry between Lauren and Scott was too amazing to ignore, so they eventually decide to explore Lorelai and Luke’s relationship. Speaking about their chemistry, Scott said, “I knew it from the moment we met, and I knew it was going to work on screen. We just had a rhythm.” Meanwhile, Lauren loved how Luke and Lorelai were opposites and found their way to each other.

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    You Are Always Focused On Each Other

    Remember how this person captured your undivided attention from the very first moment your paths crossed? Well, this never changes since this feeling is not a short-term attraction- its much more than that.

    You could be together for ages but theyll always be the center of your attention. Trust me- this is probably the only person in the world that will never bore you.

    When you are among a few friends or in a larger group of people, you always pay attention to what your other chemical half has to say, even in situations where all the other people choose to ignore them completely.

    At times, you notice that they are listening even when they show no sign of it because they are the only one giving you some kind of feedback.

    Not to mention that your sole focus is on them so there is no doubt that this strong chemistry is mutual.

    Make One Investigate The Other

    How to Craft Believable Romantic Chemistry Between Characters

    In season three of Teen Wolf, Scott and Stiles start investigating an unsolved case regarding a car crash and an unknown wild animal. Stiles dad is the sheriff, and if they dont solve some of his supernatural cases, he could lose his job. While investigating they discover Malia, a werecoyote who transformed during the car crash and has been an animal ever since. Malia doesnt want to have anything to do with Scott or Stiles, but theres too much at stake for them to let it go.

    To set up an investigation, start by giving Snowball important stakes in it. Maybe Snowball is a journalist trying to break into a tough industry, or maybe they want to recover an important item that was stolen from them. Then put Lava at the center of it. Lava could be the prime suspect or a witness who wont tell anyone what they saw. Now Snowball has every reason to get closer to them.

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