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The Algebra Of Happiness Scott Galloway

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The Algebra Of Happiness Kids

Scott Galloway: The Algebra of Happiness

Keep your kids close and makes small investments every day to build up your relationships with your kids. Think about when you die, who do you want to be around you supporting you with your last breathe. You want your kids there dont you? Treat them nicely now and they will be there when you go.

You never know true love until you have kids. Do whats best for them even if its doing something you hate because those things now are just inconveniences in the presence of the people you love.

How To Deal With The End Of A Life

Think about the end of your life to make better decisions today. In the Algebra of Happiness, Scott Galloway states that in the end, parents want two things:

  • To know their family loves them immensely.
  • To recognize that their love and parenting gave their children the skills and confidence to add value and live rewarding lives.
  • Trade Closeness For Harmony

    Instead of being close with dysfunctional relationships with your family, strive to be harmonious. Scott Galloway shares that his dad, sister, and he are low maintenance, drama-free, and benefit to each others lives. Additionally, be a caregiver to your parents, children, and others the number of people you love and care for is the strongest signal about how long youll live.

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    The Algebra Of Happiness Success

    Galloway is a professor of business and has had decades of experience running failed and successful businesses. So its great to see his personal thoughts on the subject of success. After all, each persons definition of success is different.

    Heres a list of some of my favorite takeaways from the SUCCESS section of the book:

    Struggle porn is a myth that tells you that in order to become successful you must be miserable before you can be successful. In fact, you can experience a lot of reward on the way to success. Basically, dont be miserable, and if you are, do something about it.

    -The world is not yours for the taking, but for the trying.

    -The world doesnt belong to the big, but to the fast. You want to cover more ground in less time than your peers.

    -Spend more timesweating than others do.

    -Opportunity is a function of density. Get to a place thats crowded with success.

    Money can buy happiness up to a certain point. Once you get up to that certain point more money wont matter.

    Invest in the things that give you satisfaction and joy.

    -The definition of rich is having passive income twice the amount greater than your money going out.

    -Invest in experiences over things.

    Scott Galloway Reveals The Secrets To Happiness

    The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success ...

    At first blush, entrepreneur and New York University Stern School of Business Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway would not seem to be the ideal person to provide advice about happiness. By his own admission, he has spent large swaths of his life angry and unhappy. He grew up without economic security and got into college only by convincing UCLA to take a chance on a middling high school student. He repaid them by again under-performing. Somehow he talked his way into a job in investment banking. A theme emerged: he did just enough work to make it plausible for an impressive institution to take a chance on him, and then he did less with the opportunity than he should.

    Add to this that Galloway had a warped sense of what it meant to be successful. By his own admission, the idea was to make a big salary, to drink to excess almost on a daily basis, to be physically “jacked”, and to have random sex as frequently as possible. Fast forward a bit more, and not so surprisingly a lack of happiness and stability led to a failed marriage. Are you ready to listen to this man on what it takes to be happy?

    Peter High: You has a very successful book in . How did it occur to you to focus on happiness as your next book topic?

    High: You mentioned the whole notion of finding your gorilla and how important that is. Could you elaborate on that?

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    You Are Not Mark Zuckerberg

    In the Algebra of Happiness, Scott Galloway shares his four questions to ask to determine if you have the traits of a successful entrepreneur:

    • Can You Sign the Front, and Not the Back, of Checks?: You need to fund your company and work without getting paid until you make or raise money.
    • Are You Comfortable with Public Failure?: As most failures are private, you need to have the ability to handle public business failures.
    • Do You Like to Sell?: You need to be comfortable with selling products/services to customers, opportunities to investors, and positions to job candidates.
    • How Risk Aggressive Are You?: You need to take calculated risks in regards to decision making, strategy, market effects, etc.

    Why You Should Read This Book If Youre Under 30

    What I really like about this book is that it gives the under 30s young adult an indication of what adult life from 20-50 looks like.

    What leads to success or failure spoiler alert, working hard in your early years. What to look for when seeking love. What to look for in a career. How to think about wealth and family. And much more. As you embark on a self-improvement journey this is a great place to start. Insights are provided in a short, sharp, and fun narrative. With simple formulas and graphics to support the story, the insights are easy to remember.

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    The Algebra Of Happiness Key Idea #: To Enjoy Your Financial Security Youll Eventually Have To Shift Away From Focusing On Your Professional Life

    Imagine youre entering your golden years and youve played all of your cards right. You moved to a supercity. You worked your butt off for a company that builds waste treatment facilities across the great land in which you live. Its not exactly the career you were dreaming of as a child, but its made you a lot of money and youve invested that money wisely. Now you’re rich, in the true meaning of the word. Your work has paid off.

    But heres the thing: you wont enjoy that payoff unless you let yourself! Remember, the point isnt just to make lots of money its to make lots of money so that you can stop having to make lots of money! That way, you can work less and spend more time doing the things you love with your friends and family. This is the final objective.

    But that means, at some point, when you have the wherewithal to step back from work, you have to actually step back from it and that might be easier said than done. After all, by this point in your career, youll be at the very top of your professional game. Now youre suddenly asking yourself to abdicate your hard-earned, gold-plated throne to do things like playing with your kids and giving your time to good causes. That can be a tough pill to swallow for someone whos been a go-getter their entire adult life.

    When the author asked him why he did it, Careys answer was simple: I want to help young people, and Im sick of firing my friends.

    The Algebra Of Happiness Key Idea #: Achieving Financial Security Involves Redefining The Meaning Of The Word Rich And Acting Accordingly

    Scott Galloway Career Advice | Behind The Algebra Of Happiness

    Lets say youve earned an in-demand degree, moved to a thriving supercity and sorted out the question of whether you should be an employee or an entrepreneur. Now what? How else can you ensure you achieve financial stability for the later years of your life?

    The short answer is: to get rich. But to do that, you need to know what it really means to be rich. Its not just having a lot of money. Its having a comparatively high passive income and low expenditure.

    Why passive income? Well, passive income is money you automatically receive, often from an investment you make in some form of equity, like property or stock. It ultimately provides you with a steady source of income on which you can always rely.

    Your salary isnt dependable in the same way. Thats not just because you could lose your job its also because people tend to adjust their spending to their paychecks if your salary goes up, youll probably want to live a more affluent lifestyle to go along with it. As a result, you may end up burning through just as much cash as you did before you got your raise.

    To counteract this tendency, you should invest in property and stock as soon as you can. Even better, find a job that forces you to set aside some of your income for the future, either by funneling it into a retirement plan or by giving you stock options in your companys equity.

    If all goes well, youll have more than enough passive income to enjoy the rest of your life with your loved ones.

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    Scott Galloways The Algebra Of Happiness

    Scott Galloway is an entrepreneur and Professor of Brand Strategy at the New York Stern School of Business.

    I recently completed his second book the The Algebra of Happiness where he talks about his experiences and principles for a happy life that is well lived.

    Its an awesome read.

    Heres a flavour of the principles that got me thinking:

    Sweat more than you watch other people sweat

    The ratio of time you spend sweating to watching others sweat is a forward looking indicator of your success.

    Someone who watches champions league every week night, all weekend watching Soccer Saturday and Super Sunday, and doesnt work out, is on course for a future of anger and failed relationships.

    Someone who sweats everyday and spends more time playing sports than watching them, is on course for a happier life.

    Rich = money in money out

    Your income vs expenditure is a guiding light to how you will feel.

    If you earn £10k a month but burn 90% of that on a ridiculous apartment rent, expensive lease car and lavish consumer goods, then you are less likely to be happy than someone earning considerably less.

    Show us a man earning £3k a month but only spending half of that and saving the rest they will be mentally much richer.

    Dont become a servant to your lifestyle and stressed for the day the music might stop.

    Keep control of your costs.

    Get the small stuff right

    Show up early. Have good manners. Dont be a dick.

    IF youre young, get to the city

    Great vacation > great watch

    Have courage.

    After Finishing The Algebra Of Happiness

    After reviewing my notes and writing this review of The Algebra of Happiness I realize there are so many takeaways about life to be had from this book. Im grateful to have read it and was unexpectedly touched by Galloways attention to love and death, life and the future. Even though he sometimes comes across as a blunt, angry, and arrogant professor he seems to have a soft side.

    I got a lot from this book that I wasnt actually searching for in the first place and thats what made me love reading it. If you want to experience a similar feeling buy and read this book.

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    Some Basic Equations Of Success

    As defined by most dictionaries, success is the achieving of wanted or hoped-for results. Some wants and hopes are universal, while others are uniquely related to your character and being. Either way, to be successful at anything, they are prerequisites. After all, how would you know if youve reached the finish line if youve never bothered to draw that line? The following few equations should help you draw it right away:

    Relationship To Other Eruditeable Books

    The Algebra of Happiness af Scott Galloway

    #3 Atomic Habits.While Galloway discusses the importance of getting the easy stuff right, this book provides guidance on how to habitually get the easy stuff right.

    #4 The Defining Decade. While Galloway discusses the importance of working hard in your 20s to set the foundations for later life, this book will provide practical guidance on why and how to do it.

    #5USA Set for Life.While Galloway discusses the importance of saving and investing early and often, this book provide guidance on why and how to do it in the USA.

    #5AUS The Barefoot Investor. While Galloway discusses the importance of saving and investing early and often, this book provide guidance on why and how to do it in Australia.

    #8 The Magic of Thinking Big. This book will open your mind to be able to see the many employment/promotion opportunities that are all around you. In addition, you’ll learn many things to help in your personal life to overcome adversity, or realize personal dreams.

    #14 Peak. While Galloway discusses how to think about choosing a career, this book shows you how to think about how to becoming world class in that career.

    #15 50 Etiquette lessons. While Galloway discusses the importance of getting the easy stuff right to give you the capacity and opportunity to succeed at the hard stuff, this book will show you how its done.

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    “Scott Galloway is Christopher Hitchens with an MBA”

    The COVID-19 outbreak has turned bedrooms into offices, pitted young against old, and widened the gaps between rich and poor, red and blue, the mask wearers and the mask haters. Some businesses–like home exercise company Peloton, video conference software maker Zoom, and Amazon–woke up to find themselves crushed under an avalanche of consumer demand. Others–like the restaurant, travel, hospitality, and live entertainment industries–scrambled to escape obliteration.

    The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning draws on Professor Galloway’s mix of anecdotes and no-BS insight to share hard-won wisdom about life’s challenges, along with poignant personal stories.

    Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are the four most influential companies on the planet. Just about everyone thinks they know how they got there. Just about everyone is wrong.

    The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning draws on Professor Galloway’s mix of anecdotes and no-BS insight to share hard-won wisdom about life’s challenges, along with poignant personal stories.

    Ratios: Of Personal Life To Work And Of Sweat To Sweat

    Everybody knows somebody whos got it all. They are not only successful and revered in their career, but also have a picture-perfect family, play in a band and volunteer at several humanitarian organizations on the weekends. Contrary to what some self-help books will tell you, these people are not mythical creatures, but inhabitants of the real world. However, they are even rarer than unicorns they are the exception. Your happiness starts when you assume you are not one of them.

    Unless you are a genius or are somehow sure that you will be blessed with a lot of luck down the line balance should not be your priority in your youth. Unlike the have-it-alls, balance when establishing a career is a myth what is not is that later-life balance is a function of the lack of it in your 20s and 30s.

    Those years are not going to be easy. Looking back, just like Galloway, you wont remember anything but late-nighters at your office and deadlines met at the last second. But, like many other things, balance is a trade-off and theres a price you have to pay if you want to have more of it in your life. If you cover more ground than your peers in your 20s and 30s, youll have the luxury to relax afterward. Conversely, if you relax in your youth, chances are youll fall behind the fast and the persevering people later in life. Dont expect to find a user manual or a shortcut, and remember that strategy and endurance are more important than talent, when establishing a career.

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    Key Insight : Get The Easy Stuff Right It Will Give You Time And Space For The Important Stuff

    The best made plans can fail for the simplest reasons. Forgetting to send the invite, turning up late to a presentation, failing to follow up with an important client. None of these mistakes are difficult to avoid. Where should you start? How about showing up on time, doing the work expected of you or agreed by you, being ready to contribute or discuss when required, paying your bills on time, having good manners, and following up when you should. From Galloway again:

    Getting a good job, working long hours, keeping your skills relevant, navigating the politics of an organization, finding a work-life balance these are all really hard. In contrast, respecting institutions, having manners, demonstrating a level of humility, these are all easy.

    Get the easy stuff right. In and of themselves, they will not make you successful. However, not possessing them will hold you back and you will not achieve your potential.

    Key Lesson #: You Dont Have To Follow Your Passion

    The Algebra of Happiness: Scott Galloway Unleashed!

    Embrace adulthood. Dont get sucked into the narrative of following your passion. Find something youre good at and become great at it. Once youre great at it, the emotional and economic rewards of being great at it will make you passionate about it.

    Stay hungry. Whatever that thing is, it must sustain your hunger. Chasing symbols of success that dont make you hungry will simply wear you down in the long run.

    You are not Mark Zuckerberg. Before you dive into entrepreneurialism, think through the implications carefully. Are you comfortable with public failure? Are you an adept seller? What is your risk profile?

    Resilience / Failure = Success. Success in our chosen field requires us to embrace failure and learn from rejection. As Galloway puts it, Serendipity is a function of courage.

    Get the easy stuff right. But if we dont get the basics right, we stand little chance of significant success. The fundamentals: Show up early, have good manners and follow up.

    Know how to react to an economic crisis. Even when we get it all right, economics can imperil our success. We must respect the inevitability of economic crashes and recognise when weve overpaid. We must know when to sell and seek to maintain diversification. Keeping some cash aside can enable us to exploit upcoming opportunities.

    You, not the market, should be the arbiter of diversification of your assets.

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