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How To Study Chemistry For Class 12 Hsc

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Th Chemistry Reduced Syllabus Maharashtra Board 2021


Maharashtra State Board Secondary and higher Secondary Education has decided to reduce the Academic Syllabus of 2020-2021 due to Covid-19.Every education board declared there reduced syllabus.It is observed that Education Board reduced the syllabus by 25% approxim.All colleges and schools was closed since last 5 months and are also closed now a days but there is hope colleges and schools will reopen it all up-to Government of India as well as state government.Some colleges and schools are taking Online Classes,the teachers are teaching on Online platforms to the students.

Deleted and Non- Evaluative portion of chemistry for Year 2020-21.

Maharashtra State Board Secondary and higher Secondary Board has successfully planned to reduce the Syllabus of primary classes as well as Secondary Class due to Covid-19. Maharashtra Board Reduced syllabus from 1st Standard to 12th Standard by 40%. We are here to provide you the reduced portion of Physics,chemistry,Biology and Mathematics of 12th Class.In this blog we will avail you reduced syllabus of 12th Chemistry Maharashtra board HSC.

Here is the deleted / reduced portion of 11th Chemistry Maharashtra state Board HSC

Chapter Name

How To Effectively Study For The English Hsc Trial Exams

Have the HSC Trials got you panicking? To make sure youre panic free when it comes to your studying for English Advanced, the Matrix English team have compiled a list of five top study tips.

For many Year 12 students, the HSC Trial Exam period is fast approaching . Consistent and targeted preparation is the key to conquering two of the most daunting trial exams, English Advanced Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Preparing For The Syllabus Of Class 12 Chemistry

In the class 12th syllabus, the syllabus starts with the introduction to the chemistry chapter. In this chapter all the basic concepts of topics of chemistry that you have previously studied in your previous class are covered. Topics such as states of matter, atoms, acids, bonding, thermodynamics, covalent bonding, the atomic structure of elements, etc. are covered in a brief way. Have a look at the effective way to revise all your syllabus.

The syllabus for class 12th chemistry is more detailed and has topics such as the solid states of materials which have the understandings of various molecular models, the concept of oxidation number, knowing the isotopes, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, etc.

All these concepts are made to understand with the help of the following chapters:

  • The solid-state
  • d and f elements
  • Coordination compounds

The most important topics in the chemistry of Class 12 are organic and inorganic chemistry. Both together have hundreds of chemical reactions to teach and they offer the study of types of chemical reactions that occurs in the periodic table of elements. Find out the HSC chemistry syllabus for class 12 here. Down below, we will understand about organic and inorganic chemistry in brief.

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Maharashtra Board Class 12th Chemistry Solutions

Maharashtra Board Class 12th Chemistry Solutions can be a great help to the students if they do self-study on the daily basis. These Books Solutions help students to have an instant answer whenever they need it. As the class 12th textbooks consist of some of the complex and advanced topics like Three-dimensional geometry, Vectors, etc. Thus sometimes it becomes a little difficult to solve such complex questions. Most students try to find out the Maharashtra Class 12th Maths Solutions so we are providing the Maths Solutions as well here. Apart from the Maths Solutions, we are giving all subjects books solutions here to prepare for the exam and help students to learn easily.

Using Superprof To Score Good Marks In Class 12 Board Examination

UP Board Class 12 Previous Years Chemistry 2019 Question Paper

Superprof is one of the biggest platforms from where you can study any kind of subject. It might be academics related, sports-related, or music-related. For your HSC chemistry syllabus, Superprof can be of great help. There are thousands of chemistry teachers that give online classes and private classes to the students that can help you to get good marks. Find out how to score brilliant marks in HSC Chemistry exams here.

Using Superprof, you can check out the profiles of all the teachers that are providing chemistry tuitions in your region. You can see what is their experience, where they are currently teaching and also you can check the testimonials of them given to them by the students. This is very helpful in picking the right teacher for you.

Also, Superprof gives you an added advantage to take a free introductory class from a teacher. This helps in seeing if there is the right compatibility between your teacher and you. Also, you get to understand the way a teacher is teaching and will they be able to help you in the right fashion.

The teachers picked from Superprof are highly experienced and know the ways of making a student study for the exam. They help in making the concepts of various HSC chemistry syllabus clear to the students. So it is advised to check out the Superprof website once and see what difference can be made by studying through an online teacher.

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Tip #: Do Past Exam Questions And Worked Solutions

This is probably one of our HSC Chemistry study tips that people tend to overlook completing past exams!

Sometimes you may feel as though you dont have enough time to have written your study notes, completed them AND complete a past paper but its the best way to practice!

Once you feel you have a significant knowledge base, its time to test yourself and jump into some practice questions.

Recommended tip: purchase the above book. It contains the last 15 years worth of HSC questions and exams.

Once you have a go completing HSC questions, its critical that you compare your answer with the actual solution.

Doing so will tell you how clear and concise the answers in the HSC are expected to be. Additionally, it also highlights how to construct your response within the allocated lines.

For example, you may think your answer for a two mark question is absolutely perfect.

However, if you find that you overcompensated and put in far too much detail, youve just wasted valuable time.

Getting a feel for answering HSC questions is critical and the earlier you can get started, the more its going to benefit you.

How To Use Chemistry Formula Of Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry is subjects of facts and applications so chemistry formula of inorganic chemistry is highly useful for the revision as well as retention of the subjects . Entrancei uploaded all topics of inorganic chemistry for the revision .Start Inorganic chemistry with chemical bonding chapter and try to understand the hybridation and shape of the molecules and learn the chemistry formula of different important molecules .For inorganic chemistry follow NCERT text book and take help form NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry .This will be helpful in all chapter of chemistry . Start with periodic table and learn all chemistry formula given in periodic table and trend of acidic and basic properties . Entrancei uploaded all important points which are required for all topics.

Why Entrancei is best for Chemistry Formula?

The experts of the chemistry have drafted this study material. The team at Entrancei is all the way available to assists students with their doubts in chemistry. Since we truly believe in sharing information to needy students. All the Chemistry formulas are provided completely free on the website. The students can also share this Chemistry formula among their friends. All students need to do is register on our website and access to world-class study material.

FAQ For Chemistry Formulas

Q-1. Who can Use the above Chemistry formulas?

Q-2. What is the best way to use Chemistry formulas?

Q-3. Are the chemistry formulas being chapter wise?

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How To Get Above 90 Marks In Chemistry: Preparation Strategy

Your preparation strategy for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry should be a smart one. You should consider your strengths and weaknesses as well as the chapterwise weightage before creating your Class 12 Chemistry study plan.

1) Students who are weaker in Mathematics and calculation should concentrate more on Organic Chemistry. Chemistry is a scoring subject. According to Chemistry question paper of past few years, it has been seen that all questions are directly or indirectly asked from the NCERT books. So, NCERT books should be read in a proper manner and one should remember it very well that there is no substitute to hard labour. Organic Chemistry carries 18 marks and it is one of the most important units in Chemistry for every student who wants to get better marks in the Chemistry.

2) In Inorganic Chemistry, p-Block Elements and d-Block Elements together constitute 13 marks. Though it a tough ask to mug up both the chapters in a quick time, it would be ideal to study the notes of these chapters. The questions from the inorganic chemistry are directly asked. Students should practice the structures of different chemical compounds of p-block elements properly because they are often asked in the board exam. In summary, inorganic chemistry should be read in discrete manner and regularly. Because irregular study of inorganic chemistry can cost you very much and you may forget even the already learned topic too.

What Are The Benefits Of Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Chemistry

Unacademy KCET | How to Study for HSC Chemistry | Class – 12 | Crack Karnataka CET

There are some key benefits of Samacheer class 12 Chemistry. They are:

  • Get a detailed explanation of all logical questions
  • Systematic solutions of chemical equation-based questions
  • All answers were verified from experienced subject matter experts
  • Get concise and direct answers to theoretical questions

Go through the Samacheer Kalvi 12th Chemistry thoroughly to master all the chapters. Solve all exercise questions to score well in your board exams.

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Preparing For Organic Chemistry In Class 12

In the HSC chemistry syllabus, the most important topic to be considered for getting good marks in exams is organic chemistry. For starting with the preparations for your boards examination, the first step is to solve all the exercise books of NCERT. The most important topics that you should pay the most attention is on Ethers, Alcohol, Ketones, Phenols, Aldehydes, and Carboxylic Acids.

Primarily, you must study and understand the concepts of all these topics. Once the concepts are clear to you, then you should start by solving the NCERT books and their exercise worksheet. Once done with that, then there are several other books like modern chemistry where you can find hundreds or numerical and chemical equations to solve.

Also, you can refer to the sample papers at the back of the book or from an online source that may help you to cover the organic chemistry thoroughly. Some of the topics that have high chances of coming in the HSC 2020 Exam are Sandmeyers reaction, Electrophilic, and Nucleophilic substitution reaction, Gatterman-Koch reaction, Rosenmud reduction, Kolbes reaction, Wolff-Kishner reduction, etc.

Discover various chemistry courses on Superprof.

How To Write Hsc Chemistry Study Notes In 5 Simple Steps

Writing HSC Chemistry study notes might seem pretty simple, but once you sink you fangs into it its always a surprise to see how much there actually is to it!

On top of the differences between handwritten and typed notes, highlighters and coloured pens and loose-leaf paper versus bound books, every subject seems to want theirs written differently.

So to help you out with at least that last one, weve put together this handy guide to make effective HSC Chemistry Study Notes.

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Maharashtra Board Textbook Solutions

Maharashtra board Chemistry book Solutions is created by strictly following the textbooks and its syllabus. These solutions that are available here are the best for exam preparation. It helps maha class 12th students to get an instant answer without asking anyone. And they can even easily comprehend the steps and their concepts very easily. It is because the solutions are prepared by the subject matter experts that follow the guidelines very strictly.

Looking For Extra Help With Hsc Chemistry

CBSE 2017 : Chemistry Class 12 Board Question Paper ...

We pride ourselves on our inspirational HSC Chemistry coaches and mentors!

We offer tutoring and mentoring for Years K-12 in a variety of subjects, with personalised lessons conducted one-on-one in your home or at our state of the art campus in Hornsby!

To find out more and get started with an inspirational tutor and mentor get in touch today!

Give us a ring on 1300 267 888, email us at or check us out on !

Kate Lynn Law graduated in 2017 with an all rounders HSC award and an ATAR of 97.65. Passionate about mentoring, she enjoys working with high school students to improve their academic, work and life skills in preparation for the HSC and what comes next. An avid blogger, Kate had administrated a creative writing page for over 2000 people since 2013, writing to an international audience since her early teenage years.

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Tip #: Revise Notes On A Regular Basis

Revising regularly is essential to retaining information and consolidating knowledge.

Make sure you stay organised and set yourself up to revise chemistry on a specific day or days each week.

For example, you set yourself up so that revision of Chemistry is on Tuesday and Friday from 4-530 PM.

Due to the content-heavy nature of chemistry, revising regularly is vital to staying on top of your work and succeeding in assessments and exams.

Tip #: Leave Your Strengths Till Last

It can be very tempting to just go for content youre confident with.

For example, if youre really confident in Acid/Base Reactions but completely weak in Organic Chemistry, dont solely focus on Acid/Base Reactions to try and get and even better mark you want to make sure ALL your modules are strong.

Now, dont get me wrong, Im sure this has worked in the past.

But its a colossal gamble.

You could, conceivably, perform very well using this. But suppose that the questions in Organic Chemistry are very specific and hard, and you can only manage to answer a few questions.

Youve just cost yourself a huge amount of marks, since Chemistry papers are marked holistically that means your mark is relative to the performance of your peers.

So you should spend your HSC Chemistry study time making yourself as well balanced as possible.

Use short-term memorisation techniques like repeatedly writing the content out or using rhymes or songs to encode it into a smaller form to maximise retention.

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Tip #: Write Syllabus Notes On Every Dot Point

The syllabus is your unofficial Bible.

The key to succeeding in science subjects is to follow the syllabus closely and make clear and concise notes on each dot point in the syllabus.

Doing so provides you a comprehensive summary of all the knowledge youre required to know. Additionally, it also covers the range from which exam questions are written.

Its recommended that you add in related images whenever you can. Labelled images allow to you visualise the content and saves you a lot of writing.

The above image is a perfect example of what I was saying. A thoroughly labelled diagram such as the one above highlights all the major aspects of a galvanic cell in an exemplary fashion.

Whenever you can, try to incorporate images into your syllabus notes. Itll save you a lot of time and energy.

Its as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words!

Another important thing to remember is to never skip ANY syllabus dot points!

HSC Together is a fantastic resource for revision with FREE videos explaining each HSC Chemistry syllabus dot point and its important concepts check it out here!

Even the most obscure of dot points could find its way into your HSC exam, so dont skip any!

Never make the mistake of summarising the textbook instead of following the syllabus. Contrary to common belief, the textbook doesnt cover everything you need to know and often contains content you dont even need to know.

Look For Connections Between Syllabus Dot Points

organic chemistry à¤à¥à¤¸à¥ पढ़à¥? / How To study and Understand organic chemistry? / 11th & 12th / HSC

I know this was stated at the start but it really is an important step to developing a well-rounded understanding of chemistry!

A lot of 6/7 markers in the Chemistry exam can involve information from more than one syllabus point and this can even extend across multiple modules.

For example, a question can encompass both solution equilibria concepts from Module 5: Equilibrium and Acid Reactions and testing precipitations from Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas

Try to find any two syllabus points that express high synergy- as there is a good chance that the new HSC exam will question you on both of them at the same time.

To work on our Analysis of Inorganic Substances example, we might need information from:
  • 5.4.4: Ksp is an indicator of the solubility of a compound. High Ksp indicates high solubility while low Ksp indicates low solubility.
  • 5.4.5: A compound with a lower Q value than its Ksp will not form a precipitate while a compound with a higher Q value than its Ksp will form a precipitate.
  • 8.1.2: Precipitation tests is one qualitative way of analysing the presence of a toxic ion in a sample. The Q value when compared to the Ksp of a compound can determine whether it can be detected through a precipitation test. If a compound has lower Q value than Ksp, it cannot be detected through precipitation test and therefore may go undetected.

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Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Chemistry Guide Book Back Answers

We hope that the following Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Chemistry Book Answers Solutions Guide Pdf Free Download in English Medium would be of use to you. Answer material is developed as per the latest exam pattern and is part of Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Books Solutions. You will not miss any topics or concepts discussed in the book and will get more conceptual knowledge from the study material. If you have any questions about the Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education New Syllabus Class 12th Class 12th Chemistry Guide Pdf of Text Book Back Questions and Answers, Notes, Chapter Wise Important Questions, Model Questions, and so on, please contact us.

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