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How To Log On To St Math

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How Do I Buy St Math

How to Log into ST Math at Home

ST Math is available for purchase by schools, school districts, and homeschool families. Schools who would like more information can contact sales, and homeschool families can access the program for FREE through June 30, 2022, directly here. Interested schools and homeschool families can also call us, toll free, at 888-751-5443 or email .

Teaching With Mhs And Zoom

Making the transition to online teaching can be a difficult one. In this video, we show teachers how to create a web conference using Zoom and how to invite their students from your MHS teacher account. We also demonstrate how to teach an online class using the proven methods of teaching that they are accustomed to.

How Does St Math And Mind Research Institute Protect Student Privacy

MIND Research Institute is committed to upholding student privacy. We will not use, disclose, sell, or share any personal or sensitive information contained in student records for purposes unrelated to the operation of ST Math.

MIND Research Institute is compliant with the Student Online Personal Protection Act , is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, and our full Privacy Policy is available for more information.

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How Do I Create A Class

If your school is rostered, your district takes care of your student and teacher accounts for you. You will not be able to add students to your pre-populated class manually. See for more information.

You can add a new class by logging in to your account and clicking “Add” above the list of classes. Each of your classes needs a unique name to help you tell them apart.

Select the grade level of the class from the dropdown menu. This will be the starting grade for all students added to this class. However, you can change any individual student’s grade to give them a different experience. You can see this article for instructions –

Rostered schools have classes that are created and populated when your school or district uploads files that contain student, teacher, class, and school information. However, teachers can still use the steps above to create custom classes in ST Math directly. This can be useful for differentiation, or for creating intervention groups. Teachers at rostered schools can link student accounts to these custom classes, but can not create new student accounts. Student accounts must be created through the school or district rostering system.

Take The Weekly Massmath Challenge ST Math: School Version: Appstore for Android

Challenge for July 13 – July 17: Its time to put those problem-solving skills to use! Complete this JiJi Sudoku puzzle. Share a photo on Twitter or Facebook of your completed puzzle and tag @STMath, @Mass_STEMHub, #STMathMA for a chance to win a JiJi t-shirt.

Previous challenges:

Week of June 22 challenge: Go on a Math Walk! Share a photo on Twitter of something mathematical you notice in the world around you on your walk and tag @STMath, @Mass_STEMHub, #STMathMA for a chance to win a JiJi water bottle.

Week of June 15 challenge: Students draw a picture of JiJi and write how JiJi helps them with math

  • How to enter: Post a photo of the students drawing on Twitter by 3pm on Friday, tagging @STMath, @MASchoolsK12, @Mass_STEMHub, and #STMathMA
  • This weeks prize: A JiJi t-shirt!

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Does Mind Research Institute Offer Grants For St Math

With the generous support of its social impact partners, MIND is able to provide limited funding through its ST Math School Grants Program. This program aims to help education partners offset ST Math program costs through donor matching funds. Grant funding is available to select applicants that meet donor set criteria and is subject to availability. To learn more, please visit or contact .

Is St Math Available For Use On An Ipad And Other Tablets

Yes. If you are a school, school district, or homeschool family that has purchased ST Math, you may access the software on an iPad and other tablets. The current version of ST Math does provide apps in the Google, Amazon and Apple App Stores. The new ST Math, coming in the summer of 2020, will no longer need an app for tablets. The new ST Math will only need a supported browser to work. Check out our technical requirements here.

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South Shore Charter Public School

We are pleased to announce that we have added ST Math to our remote learning programming for all students in grades K-6. The program is available for students to use this summer to help keep them actively engaged with math and ensure the retention of content and skills acquired throughout the school year. Use of the program during the summer months is optional, but strongly encouraged.

ST Math is a visual instructional program that draws on the brain’s innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability to help children solve increasingly complex problems. ST Math games engage children as they develop mathematical problem-solving skills. The programs game puzzles start simple and then grow more complex as the student advances through the program. Students should attempt challenging problems and use the provided visual feedback to help them figure out why their answer did or did not work. This feedback helps students to build their skills. Answers to frequently asked questions about the program can be found here.

We recommend that students in grades K-1 spend 60 minutes per week on the program. Students in grades 2-6 should aim for 90 minutes per week.

Login Instructions – Grades K-2

  • Go and click Login in the upper right corner

  • Enter the visual password

On a tablet:

  • Once installed, click on the icon and enter childs visual password

Login Instructions – Grades 3-6

Is St Math Available Outside Of The United States

How to login to ST Math

ST Math is currently only available for purchase by schools, school districts, and homeschool families within the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We are happy to keep your information on record in the event that the program does become available for international use in the future: contact sales.

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I Forgot My Picture Password But I’ve Already Used Jiji This Year How Can I Get Re

  • Click on the JiJi icon to start the program.
  • On the JiJi screen, click on the red question mark on the bottom left.
  • “Which password characters do you remember?”
    • If you remember, click the picture, or . . .
    • Do this for all 13 pictures
  • If you miss two or less, JiJi will reteach you your password, otherwise . . .
  • Enter your FIRST name. Click the green arrow.
  • Enter your LAST name. Click the green arrow.
  • Select your grade.
  • A red frame will appear around your screen.
  • Ask your teacher for help.
  • How Does St Math Support Accessibility

    All touch interactions are large hit areas with high tolerance for motor control accuracy. No response time limits are imposed nor are fast reaction times required to complete the puzzles. For hearing impaired, no auditory components are required to solve the puzzles in ST Math. In fact, sounds are kept to a minimum to reduce distractions. High contrast visuals are used for students with low contrast sensitivity. Language is kept at a minimum, and when used, large high-contrast fonts are employed. All color differentiation is accompanied by luminance and texture differences so that color vision is not required. The visual interfaces are clean and free from distractions. When animating, temporal frequencies known to be problematic for people with photo-sensitive epilepsy are strictly avoided.

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    Four Tips For A Great Start With St Math

    This article features contributions from the MIND Success Team, which includes Danette Morse, Education Success Manager, and Huey Pham, Education Success Manager.

    Looking for an alternate way to play this video? Watch it on Vimeo.

    The beginning of a new school year means new possibilities, new challenges, and new innovations. Whether you are implementing ST Math® for the first time or kicking off another year using the program, there are ways to optimize your success using the program.

    One of the key components to using ST Math successfully is to develop a strategic plan for implementation. This involves identifying your goals, planning ways to get there, and checking in along the way to make sure youre on the right track. Implementing ST Math with fidelity, as well as having a successful kick-off, has a direct effect on your classrooms success.

    Danette Morse and Huey Pham, our MIND Success Team, are here to share four tips for a great start with ST Math to guarantee classroom success. These helpful tips to getting started with ST Math will enable you to start with fidelity and get your students up and running as soon as possible. And if youre an administrator, be sure to check out our Administrator’s Guide for Back-to-School Success with ST Math.

    If you have any questions, leave a comment below or give us a call. Were here to help! You can contact our helpful ST Math Support Team at or 491-6603 from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

    What Is Jiji Math

    ST Math Log

    JiJi is a 3-foot-tall penguin on a journey through the world of ST Math. Students help JiJi overcome obstacles by solving math puzzles and they associate JiJi with the thrill of challenge and success. JiJi crosses the screen every time a student successfully completes a puzzle, leading them to the next challenge.

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    Who Is Jiji

    JiJi is a 3-foot-tall penguin on a journey through the world of ST Math. Students help JiJi overcome obstacles by solving math puzzles and they associate JiJi with the thrill of challenge and success. JiJi crosses the screen every time a student successfully completes a puzzle, leading them to the next challenge. JiJi is curious, persistent, patient, and friendly. JiJis name means little chicken in Mandarin. Learn more about JiJi.

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