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How Does Quantum Physics Explain Spirituality

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What Are The Laws Of Quantum Physics

What is reality? (Explaining with Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality)

The new theory ignored the fact that electrons are particles and treated them as waves. By 1926 physicists had developed the laws of quantum mechanics, also called wave mechanics, to explain atomic and subatomic phenomena. When X-rays are scattered, their momentum is partially transferred to the electrons.

How Right He Was

Prior to this soon to be discovery by Bohr and some other Quantum physicists, it was believed, based on Einsteins discovery that energy existed as particles which when observed “appeared to be” a solid mass although it was only due to the high rate of vibration that subatomic particles create, giving them the “appearance” of solidity.

In other words they weren’t considered as “particles” like a grain of sand.

With Einstein believing that energy was particles, Young’s belief that energy was waves and now Bohr’s belief that energy could exist as a wave but also as particles, the scientific world remained divided.

As technology advanced, more equipment became available that enabled scientists to analyze and experiment with these wave/particles more closely. What was discovered as a result of this research and experimentation is that this energy, these subatomic particles DID consist of waves which behaved and turned into particles.

Here’s where QuantumPhysics get’s REALLY hairy…

In Other Words The Energy Being Studied Took Form Immediately Based On The Thoughts And Beliefs Of The Scientist Who Was Observing It If That Scientist Expected To See Waves He Did If He Believed He Would See Particles He Did The Profound Empowering And Hair Raising Conclusion Is That Energy Is Both Waves And Particles But Cannot Be Both At The Same Time

Are You GETTING THIS????? I mean REALLY getting it?

If so, you’ll begin “getting” how it can and does impact EVERY aspect of your life.

Although these particles that are “transmuted” from these wave forms aren’t really solid like you would think of a speck of dust or a granule of sand, when they were being observed, they would transmute from pure wave form into a highly intense vibration that took on the “appearance” of solidity.

The “observation” of the scientist converted wave forms of “probability” into “particles” of matter.

It’s also no wonder that Issac Newton came up with his conclusion. Since he was the only one studying these atoms, and his “belief” at the time was in alignment with them being solid, they DID appear solid based on his “Belief” concerning what they were.

I’m going to repeat this again to make sure you REALLY “get this”…

If a scientist studied this energy with the expectation of seeing particles, particles were observed. If another scientist studied them with the expectation of seeing waves then waves were observed!!

The conclusion then was that this energy, these subatomic particles acted and responded in exact proportion to the “thoughts” and “beliefs” that the scientist who was studying them had at that moment.

As discovered in the laboratories, this energy, when observed, acts in exact proportion to the way that it is “believed” that it will act and will provide a physical appearance based on the “perception” of the thinker.

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Here’s Where The Discoveries Made Via Quantum Physics Become Profound And The Seemingly Complex Puzzle Pieces Start Coming Together

Think about the implications here for just a minute. If ALL things in existence at their core are comprised of this same vibrating mass of pure energy, regardless if it’s waves or particles…and I do mean ALL things, both the seen as well as the unseen, INCLUDING YOU and ME, that means that what the most enlightened teachers in the history of the world have taught and which spiritual texts have shown for thousands of years, is true.

What is that “truth?” There are 3 obvious truths that come to my mind.

  • We ARE the “light of the world”
  • When we “decree a thing” the light DOES shine upon our ways, AND…
  • We “Really and Truly Are, ONE!!”
  • Take ALL the religious connotations out of it. This is about “spirituality and quantum physics”, NOT man made structured religion, which, in MANY cases, waters down and attempts to debunk the enormity and infinite nature of spirituality and quantum physics.

    Back to quantum physics…

    To make it a little easier to grasp, eliminate the “perception” of everything you see as being solid and do your best to see it ALL existing as a continuously vibrating mass of energy. That’s when you’ll begin to comprehend and see that ALL things, including YOU, me, your neighbor, your doctor, your preacher, your teacher and everybody as well as EVERYTHING else, is nothing more than a vibrating mass of pure energy that is intricately interconnected to everything else…EVERYTHING else.

    All Matter Originates And Exists Only By Virtue Of A Force We Must Assume Behind This Force The Existence Of A Conscious And Intelligent Mind This Mind Is The Matrix Of All Matter

    Does Consciousness Influence Quantum Mechanics?

    Ok, we’ve covered a lot of ground and although your head may be spinning and emotions running high, I encourage you to do your own due diligence and attempt to dis-prove what we have covered here. I don’t expect you to, want you to, and hope that you won’t, believe a single thing I say. I would much rather that you find out for yourself through your own due diligence and then put what you find to work and begin changing the life experience that you have had to this point if you should choose to do so.

    For some this deeper understanding concerning Quantum Physics combined with a side by side look at Spiritually based teachings will be enough to grasp the undeniable correlation between what Quantum Physics has discovered and what the greatest, wisest and most enlightened teachers in the history of the world have taught for thousands and thousands of years.

    Now, understanding the basics of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, all that you need to do to implement that infinite kind of power into your life is to, first of all, develop the belief that it’s true and second begin to “consciously” put it to work in your own life and you will become empowered to change those events, conditions and circumstances that you currently find to be unpleasant.

    “Now faith is the substance of things “hoped for” the evidence of things “not seen.”

    “Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray “believe” that ye receive and it shall be given to you.”

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    But It Gets Even Better Than That

    With that being the case why haven’t you become aware of it until now? If Quantum Physics has existed and these facts known for that long of a period, why wouldn’t you already know about it?

    Well…Unless you have taken an advanced college course in quantum physics you couldn’t know about it. Why? Simply because you have been inundated with many “partial truths” and in many cases, programmed, conditioned and limited by totally false beliefs and understandings of how things “truly work” since you were a child.

    In fact as mentioned above, most public education systems today in many parts of the world still teach the long since outdated Newtonian Physics theory in their schools.

    Basic Tenets Of Quantum Physics

    So what is quantum physics? From a historical perspective, the field was introduced to the scientific community around 1900, when German physicist Max Planck proposed that energy acts in a way that is similar to matter and was therefore quantifiable. Later, Albert Einstein built upon Plancks research, arguing that radiation is quantifiable, and he used this to discover the speed of light and that energy could move as waves and particles.

    To learn more about Einsteins fraught relationship with quantum physics, check out the documentary Secrets Of Quantum Physics:

    Warner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, and Erwin Schrödinger are some of the more famous scientists who were instrumental in developing quantum physics in the 20th century. Today, with concepts like string theory, modern physicists are attempting to entwine quantum mechanics with Einsteins theory of relativity to create a new way of seeing the world.

    Basic tenets of quantum physics include . . .

    • Something can be both a particle and a wave at the same time.

    A particle is stagnant, existing in just one place. A wave is spread out and lacks a specific location in space and time. According to quantum physics, quanta exist as waves until they are directly observed or measured only then do they locate themselves in space and time.

    • The universe is made of probabilities.
    • A particle can be in many different places at once.

    Image via

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    How Small Is Small

    We said above that quantum physics becomes relevant for small particles whereby we mean that naturally, quantum effects are only seen for small particles. However, the theory itself is thought to provide correct results for large particles as well. Why is it then, that quantum effects become increasingly difficult to observe for larger particles? Larger compound particles in general experience more interaction both within themselves and with their surroundings. These interactions typically lead to an effect physicists call decoherence which simply put means that quantum effects get lost. In this case , quantum physics and classical physics yield the same result.

    The Mysterious Power Of Consciousness11 Lectures 1hr 3min

    Part 1: David Hoffmeister – Quantum Physics & Spirituality – What is Quantum Physics & Spirituality?
    • The Purpose of Life: New Age and Buddhist interpretations of EvolutionPreview14:27
    • What do we attract into our lives? Psychology & NeurosciencePreview13:07
    • We are All Connected: Entangelement03:30
    • Do We Live in a Dream? – The Holographic Universe02:04
    • Consciousness Creates Matter + Changes the Past: Double Slit Experiments09:25
    • The Quantum Field and Parallel Worlds01:46
    • Summary: Consciousness is the Ground of Being01:31
    • Everything is Vibration – The Effects of Energy-waves on Matter07:32
    • Comparison of Spiritual and Scientific Concepts of Consciousness04:19
    • Paranormal Research: e.g.: Telepathy and Publication bias04:29

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    How Many Dimensions Are There

    The world as we know it has three dimensions of spacelength, width and depthand one dimension of time. But there’s the mind-bending possibility that many more dimensions exist out there. According to string theory, one of the leading physics model of the last half century, the universe operates with 10 dimensions.

    Why Is The Quantum Theory Important

    The discovery that particles are discrete packets of energy with wave-like properties led to the branch of physics dealing with atomic and subatomic systems which is today called quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is essential for understanding the behavior of systems at atomic length scales and smaller.

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    Altered States Of Consciousness

    What better way to study consciousness than by looking at it in altered states specifically the chemicals that achieve this, such as general anaesthetics. The only thing we are sure about consciousness, is that it is soluble in chloroform, said quantum biologist Luca Turin of the Alexander Fleming Biomedical Research Centre in Greece in 2014 . Turin noted that chemicals with anaesthetic capabilities have chemical and structural properties that are very different from each other, leading him to focus on the similar physics that these substances might share. Anaesthetics can bind to various cytoplasmic and membrane proteins. He proposed that anaesthetics facilitate electron currents in these proteins and that this might be demonstrated by looking at changes in quantum spin, where spin describes the magnetic properties of quantum particles such as electrons. What he found was that under the influence of xenon, the simplest of all the anaesthetics, fruit flies showed an increase in electron spin as measured through the use of electron spin resonance .

    Unlike Einstein And Young Niels Bohr Believedor At Least Had A Strong Hunch That Energy Could Be Both Waves Or Particles

    Pin by Kris on Spirituality

    In fact Einstein and Bohr debated over this difference of opinion quite often for many years.

    What an empowering debate it turned out to be!!!

    Based on work Bohr had done, he believed that matter could be separately analyzed as having several contradictory properties. In other words, that’s scientific mumbo jumbo that says energy COULD BE both waves AND particles.

    At that point though, it still wasn’t proven, although the fact that everything is made up of ENERGY, was.

    To put it another way, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which exists in the entire cosmos, when broken down and analyzed into it’s purest and most basic form, utilizing sophisticated scientific tools and instruments, is merely a vibrating frequency of energy which joins together with energies of the same harmonious frequency to form what we “perceive” to be reality. As a result, that, and that alone, determines what we experience as individuals in the physical world.

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    There Is No Place To Travel To

    A projection of energy in the U.S. can and does effect energy around the world instantaneously!!

    So what does this mean? It means that EVERYTHING in the entire cosmos is nothing but a huge vibrating ball of interconnected infinite energy, which has the ability to communicate into infinity with no regard to space and time, and that what this energy joins together to form is based only on individual THOUGHT!!!

    Even the U.S. Army conducted experiments and through the work of a scientist named Cleve Baxter, has since validated this more recent discovery by taking a DNA sample from a man’s mouth and as they manipulated his emotions through various visual productions on a TV while observing the DNA with sophisticated equipment, they discovered that the DNA responded and reacted immediately to the emotions of the man who it was taken from without ANY regard to space and time!!

    Although the Army ended it’s research there, Dr. Baxter later performed the same experiment with the subject and the DNA hundreds of miles apart. Even when separated from the man by several hundred miles, the outcome was the same. The DNA responded without ANY regard to space and time.

    Now that you have a little deeper understanding of Quantum Physics, you’re probably wondering what does all this have to do with you and what can you hope to gain from it that will enable you to begin using it to experience Abundance, Happiness and success in your own life?

    Here Are Three Ways Quantum Sciences Help Us Understand The Possibilities Of Ghosts:

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    1. In the search to find out what light is made of, we realized that light seems like a wave and a particle it has a dual nature.

    Kind of like when we have an adult and a young kid nature inside of us. Sometimes we behave more like the child, and sometimes we behave more like the adult.

    It’s the same with light. Sometimes it behaves more like we would expect a wave of light to move, but at other times, it looks more as if it were a particle or photon of light.

    2. Whether light seems more like a wave or a particle depends on us.

    Apparently, when we decide it moves like a wave, it does. When we decide its a particle, it is. This was called the observer effect, and launched a wave of new science, which began to take into account the role that our human consciousness plays in the creation of a physical reality.

    The implications of this are huge, including how important each of us is in creating this world.

    Even more mind-blowing is the finding that the observer effect works not only forward, but also backward in time.

    3. The wave aspect seems to be the blueprint for the particle aspect.

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    Who Invented Quantum Theory

    Niels Bohr and Max Planck, two of the founding fathers of Quantum Theory, each received a Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on quanta. Einstein is considered the third founder of Quantum Theory because he described light as quanta in his theory of the Photoelectric Effect, for which he won the 1921 Nobel Prize.

    The Great Dance: A Quantum View Of Spirituality

    What Is Quantum Mechanics & How’s It Different From Classical Mechanics? | Quantum Physics Lectures

    All that is made seems planless to the darkened mind, because there are more plans than it looked for. In these seas there are islands where the hairs of the turf are so fine and so closely woven together that unless a man looked long at them he would see neither hairs not weaving at all, but only the same and the flat. So with the Great Dance. Set your eyes on one movement and it will lead you through all patterns and it will seem to you the master movement. But the seeming will be true. Let no mouth open to gainsay it. There seems no plan because it is all plan: there seems no centre because it is all centre.

    C.S. Lewis, Perelandra

    In the novel Perelandra, the second of the Space Trilogy, C.S. Lewis tells the story of Dr. Elwin Ransom, a philologistwho embarks on a voyage to the idyllic, Eden-like planet of Perelandra in order to preserve its innocence. After an epic struggle, Dr. Ransom succeeds in saving paradise and the story ends in a vision of the Great Dance of creation . The Great Dance encircles and envelops God and invites the reader to find his/her own place within that vast cosmic swirl.

    Lewiss imagery inadvertently pays homage to a riveting scientific theory in physics. In its most basic implications, quantum theory asserts that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In his book Quantum Theology, Diarmuid OMurchu explains how quantum theory offers a fresh lens through which to view reality:

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    Put Another Way There Is No Objective Reality

    The Quantum Field is an “Infinite” field of potential. Anything and everything that has, does or will exist in the Newtonian world, begins as a wave in this “quantum field” and is transformed into the physical realm, limited only by what can be conceived as truth by the observer!!

    Who is this observer? YOU!!

    Let’s look at it in a more personal way…

    If you believe at some level, whether consciously or subconsciously, that money is difficult to come by, the projected energy emitted and broadcast will harmonize with energy of a harmonious frequency in wave form, transmute into particles which attract additional particles that harmonize with it and your life will reflect that of money being difficult to come by.

    Taken a step further, if you can conceive and believe in the materialization of your BIGGEST hopes dreams and desires, they already exist as a wave in the quantum field as a probability of existence only awaiting YOU to make them real.

    As Quantum Physics has proven it is YOU who are responsible for WHATEVER outcomes you are experiencing in your life.

    It REALLYIS That Simple!!

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