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Bachelor’s Degree Without Algebra

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Courses After 12th Commerce Without Math In Canada

5 High Paying Jobs For Math Majors (That Aren’t Teaching)

Courses after 12th Commerce without Math in Canada

Going for a Bachelors Degree without math is definitely possible in Canada. Options are available after passing 12th Commerce without math.

How to do it?

Take foundation math subjects in 1st year & go for-

Pathway Institutions e.g. study 1st year at Fraser international college leading to Simon Fraser University and similar institutions WITHOUT increasing duration or cost and finish bachelors with one of the top-ranked universities.

BA with different specializations like and later on move to Bachelors of Business in 2nd year

Conditional Admissions

For e.g.- Math is required for pursuing Nursing in Canada but few Colleges/Universities give you admission in pathway programs if you didnt have math in 12th.

Alternatively, all you need to do is- pass a Math test, which checks your conceptual knowledge of class 10th Mathematics.

And then start your academic studies.

More Opportunities in Canada After 12th Commerce without Math Canadian universities & colleges offer many job-oriented courses as well to Indian students who have finished 12th Commerce without Math.

The basic requirement to apply to these courses is that the student should be 10 + 2 passed.

There would be English test score requirement as well.

These are few job-oriented courses in Canada after 12th-

UG courses in Accounting & Finance, Economics- Microeconomics & Macroeconomics- Costing, HRM, and Marketing & Business Administration.

  • Winter semester
  • Professional Certificates/other Forms Of Education

    There are a variety of reasons why a person may not have a bachelors degree. Maybe you couldnt afford four years of schooling, or you started but couldnt finish. Around 40% of students drop out of college, leaving a sizable minority with only a certificate or diploma. Dropping out of college is a normal occurrence that must be justified.

    Students may feel compelled to work for the time being because they need money, or they may have started a family, or they simply got bored with their curriculum. Regardless of the reasons, failing to obtain a bachelors degree is by no means the end of the path. Other options for obtaining an education exist.

    A professional certificate or credential from a community college is a popular choice among many people. An associates degree, which may usually be completed in 2 years, is another option. It is a short-cycle degree program designed for working students who want to advance their professions but cant afford to take a year off to complete a bachelors degree.

    Depending on your field of study, an associates degree can lead to either a bachelors or a masters. If you have maintained your education by earning certificates, this can help you apply for masters programs. When universities assess an applicants past without a bachelors degree in their transcript, they will look at post-secondary expertise and experience.

    What Are Some Careers That Dont Require Math

    Same as majors, tons of careers dont require math. In the same way that we talked about majors being grouped into categories such as humanities or social sciences, careers can be grouped in this way as well.

    Careers that rely primarily on writing, such as being a writer or editor, are not likely to require much math at all. The same goes for jobs in art, be it creating your own art or working in an art history position. Art and writing are the most likely careers to not require any math, but even these careers may require some math.

    It is worth discussing what type of math you are likely to find in your career. Since the world does function on money, you will need to do basic math in most careers. That being said, basic algebra is usually not the sort of math people really want to avoid when they say they hate math.

    Careers like anthropology or geography may require some math, but this entirely depends on your job within these fields. Along with many others, these fields are more than likely going to have a small amount of basic math required of most of their positions. However, this doesnt mean that you will be asked to do calculus or any advanced math.

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    Faq On College Degree/majors That Dont Require Math

    What Bachelor Degree requires the least amount of math?

    ArtsConsider majoring in the arts if you enjoy the arts but struggle with arithmetic.Arts courses often dont require many math courses, making them almost the exact opposite of degrees that emphasize math.


    Mathematics is a challenging subject for most college students. The instructions can be quite confusing, and grasping the subject matter is a perplexing task! Not everyone has the innate ability to quickly recall a multitude of equations, this can form a reason to pursue college degrees that dont require math.


    According to Occupational Information Network , a US Department of Labor database that compiles detailed information on hundreds of jobs, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary of majors that dont require math is well over $65,000.

    The Bachelor Of Arts In International Studies Program

    Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degrees

    This non-math major explores social, political, cultural, and economic disciplines to critically analyze and evaluate globalization processes at local, national, and international levels.

    As an international relations specialist, this non-math major will give you a broad set of career options in addition to politics, including in fields like economics, social systems, and the cultural life of communities.

    Youll have the opportunity to maintain positive diplomatic relations between countries, prevent international conflicts, and make sure things run smoothly between governments in our highly interconnected world.

    International Relations degree jobs include diplomacy work, lobbying, political analysis, international law, and intelligence.

    Average salaries in the US for popular International Relations career paths.

    Diplomat 87,000 USD/year, Intelligence Specialist 75,500 USD/year, Political Analyst 94,000 USD/year, Lobbyist 87,500 USD/year and Communication Specialist 55,000 USD/year.

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    Bachelors In Human Services

    Coursework in human services and policies helps qualify you for jobs with a range of administrative social service programs. These service sectors are usually related to employment and workforce development, housing, and community health and economic development.

    Majoring in human services may be a great way to get some very industry-specific insights and training. This degree may help you find entry-level administrative jobs in the nonprofit and governmental services sector.

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    With a bachelors degree and additional on-the-job training, you may find a pathway to many satisfying jobs that allow you to help individuals and communities in need.

    Bachelors In Homeland Security

    With a bachelors in homeland security, youll be positioning yourself for a career in the civil service sector or in public policy and advocacy work. You would most likely work with government or nonprofit agencies.

    The field of homeland security involves various areas of concentration, such as immigration policy and law, border enforcement, and detention and deportation operations.

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    With a bachelors degree plus other qualifying steps, you might work in federal civil services, in immigration law enforcement and policing, in correctional services, or in public policy and advocacy work.

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    Can You Get A Degree Without Math

    You can absolutely get a degree without math! There are so many different types of degrees out there, and, unlike in high school, where you were required to take all subjects, college doesnt function in the same way. If you choose to attend a liberal arts school, you may have more requirements, but very rarely is math a general requirement.

    When someone says that they got a degree, they are generally referring to an associates degree, also called an AS, or a bachelors degree, either a bachelor of science , bachelor of arts , or a bachelor of fine arts . Each of these undergraduate degrees will have its own requirements. While it might be more challenging to get a BS without taking any math classes, it is very feasible to get a BA, BSA, or AS without taking a math class.

    Even going on to get a graduate degree is totally possible without having to study math. Most graduate programs are so specific that unless you choose to study maths or a very technical natural science, you are unlikely to find yourself having to take any math classes for your graduate degree, but this isnt something to be worried about when you are just starting your undergraduate degree since there will be plenty of time to think about it later on.

    Can I Get A Math Degree Online

    Easiest Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2022! Graduate in less than 1 year?!

    You can most certainly earn your math degree online. If you choose SNHU, you’ll have the added benefit of receiving one of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.

    Opting to go to school online has many other benefits, too. It’s more flexible than a traditional in-person classroom, for one. You can log in whenever you want to complete weekly assignments, and never need to worry about the hassle of a long commute. This not only gives you the ability to study on your own time, but empowers you to advance your education without having to put your life on hold.

    “I had been searching for an all-online program to finish my bachelor’s in math,” said Luanne Dexter ’18. “I was not able to attend in person because of family obligations so I was never able to complete my degree.”More and more working adults with busy lives are choosing the path of distance learning. And with an accredited, respected, nonprofit institution like Southern New Hampshire University, you can rest easy knowing that you will have the support you need every step of the way.”It exceeded my expectations, learning online,” Dexter said. “And the way the courses were structured really helped me learn the information better than the traditional courses I had taken previously. Self-study and asking questions were a great way to learn.”

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    How To Find Majors Without Math Requirements

    Finding a major without math requirements is as much about the major as it is about the school itself. Many small liberal arts colleges and universities will require all students to take a broad range of classes, so some might require all students to take a math class regardless of major. It is worth considering the general requirements of the school when you are trying to get a degree without taking a math class.

    Once you have found a school that you like and doesnt require maths as a general requirement, think about going down one more level in specificity. This means looking at the requirements of a given college within the university or a given concentration of majors. If you are going after a science degree, you may be required to take statistics or some other basic math course.

    If you have found a concentration of majors, such as the humanities, that dont require you to take any math classes, you can then pick whatever major sounds the most exciting to you. More and more schools are now having students declare their major by the end of their second year, so you might even have some time to figure out which exact major you want.

    Bachelors In Graphic Design

    A bachelors degree in graphic design may be a great way to get some job-specific training for careers where you can apply artistic interests and aptitudes. Some graphic designers still work with more traditional design tools, but the majority are now adopting digital tools.

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    Combining your degree in graphic design with relevant industry software training, education, or certification could be a great way to launch a career in advertising, business communications, multimedia publishing, desktop publishing, or web design.

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    Bachelors Degrees That Require Very Little Math

    Often, but not always, the degree programs that have the least amount of math-related requirements are those with more of a liberal arts-based curriculum. At Thomas Edison State University, bachelors degree programs in English, International Studies, Liberal Studies and even Foreign Language have only one math requirement. Heres what you can expect to learn in these programs:

  • The Bachelor of Arts in English program connects literature and advanced writing using the principles of composition, rhetorical grammar, critical thinking, argumentation, and research methods and documentation skills.

  • TheBachelor of Arts in International Studies program explores social, political, cultural and economic disciplines to critically analyze and evaluate globalization processes at local, national and international levels.

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program is designed to combine course work in two or more disciplines within the liberal arts to create a multidisciplinary degree. Those concentrations currently include Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, General Management, Health and Wellness, Healthcare Management , Human Resources Management, Humanities, Labor Studies, Natural Sciences/Mathematics, Psychology and Social Sciences.

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts* program examines the historical connection between theater and culture while exploring the different types of techniques and skills inherent in theater production.

  • Bachelors In Foreign Language

    14 Online Bachelor

    An international perspective is crucial for many careers, and taking a bachelors degree in foreign language can give you in-depth exposure to other cultures.

    Youll usually specialize in a specific language. Aside from taking several language learning courses, youll also delve into the culture and literature behind that language. Some programs even offer internships or study abroad programs for better immersion. By the end of this degree, you could be fluent in your chosen language.

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    A foreign language major is applicable for interpreters, translators, language teachers, diplomats, writers, or anyone interested in international business.

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    Bachelor’s Degrees That Don’t Require Much Math


    Math is not for everyone. You may study as hard as you can and never get above a C. Not being math-minded, though, wont prevent you from succeeding in college. While general education requirements may suggest that students to take at least one or two math courses, several majors stop there when it comes to math. The minimal math requirements can often be fulfilled with a simple math course. If you want to be sure that your course load will require very little to no math classes, then your best option is to pursue a liberal arts degree.

    Explore this article

    Get Started Becoming A Math Teacher Without A Math Degree Today

    Are you passionate about students and mathematics? Are you interested in becoming a math teacher, but youre not sure exactly where to start? XR Technologies is here to help. We believe math education is a processnot just a person. Thats why we provide an all-in-one process as a service for schools who need assistance supplementing their math instruction. We believe in a future where all students have equitable access to an excellent education, and were hiring innovative educators, guiding them toward licensure, and matching them with schools throughout Indiana. If youre ready to make a difference in your community, check out our career openings.

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    Using Your Degree In A New Field

    Many students face the conundrum of having an undergraduate degree that is unrelated to the masters program they want to pursue. This isnt always the case, though. Many degrees accept an unrelated bachelors degree. The ability to get a graduate degree without having completed a relevant undergraduate degree can open several options for individuals.

    Perhaps you have changed your mind about what you want to study or what career you want to pursue, or maybe you know you want to get an MBA but dont want to study business for four years. Popular masters programs that do not always require a relevant bachelors degree include MBA, Masters in Counseling Psychology, Masters in Human Resources, Masters in Social Work, Masters in Journalism, and Masters in Nursing.

    If any of these programs interest you, then you can study masters degree without bachelors.

    Masters Degree Without Bachelors Canada

    American Takes British A Level Maths Test

    Unfortunately, this is the same as above, no school in Canada will admit you into a masters degree without a bachelors. To apply for a masters in Canada, it is mandatory to have a total of 16 years of education, that is, 12 + 4 years of education. Failure to meet this criterion wont get you into any masters degree program.

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    College Degrees That Don’t Require Math


    College degrees increase your earning power and employability. Although college success depends on dedication and hard work, aptitude also plays a role. You may feel nervous about pursuing a college degree if you struggle with particular subjects, such as math. Many college majors do not require a substantial amount of math beyond the general basic courses required by your institution.

    Explore this article

    Mathematics Degree Concentrations And Options


    Increase your competitiveness for jobs and graduate school by adding a designation to your degree.

    • Build a business perspective into your degree without adding the hours required for a minor. Learn about the Business Option.
    • Pursue an in-depth, long-term research experience that culminates in a final paper or thesis. Learn more about the Research Option.

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    Certifications In Math And Statistics

    People who are already professionals, or who would simply like to enhance their career path with a certificate in mathematics, would be wise to pursue an online or in-person program. There are plenty of online certificate in mathematics options available to prospective students at in-demand schools such as University of Wisconsin-Madison, Indiana University East, Cambridge College, Lesley University, and more. Certificates in mathematics are excellent investments because theyre often much less expensive and less time-consuming than degree programs. Certificates in mathematics provide much-needed skills students are often able to utilize in their workplaces right away. Types of mathematics certificates people can apply for include mathematics specialist, math teacher, and online graduate certificate in mathematics.

    For instance, the mathematics certificates program at Indiana University is an excellent program designed to enhance the careers of high school teachers who would like to be qualified to teach Advanced Placement courses, or students who plan to apply for a graduate study program in mathematics at some point in the near future. Indiana Universitys mathematics certificate online program requires the completion of analysis, algebra, topology, applications, and probability/statistics coursework. This online mathematics certificate program is flexible, affordable, and rigorous to deliver an amazing return on investment.

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